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The Different Types of Onions

Can anyone explain the difference between white, yellow, purple, and any other colors of onions? I'm especially interested in how strong they taste, what recipes the different varieties would be appropriate for, and so forth. Thanks for the input!

Tripleb from Greenville, AL

Recent Answers

By (Guest Post)12/04/2008

It was helpful.

By Ms.VIa Mattias (Guest Post)11/13/2007

Are there low carb onions- cuz i would like really like it if tghere was cuz im ,like, on a diet and i LOVE onions they RULE!

By Theresa (Guest Post)10/01/2006

I need to know the name's of the purple onions they are small like pearl onions I think Thanks

By christi (Guest Post)01/13/2006
this tells you all about onions hope this helps

By Nancy Horlacher01/13/2006

Check at and you can look on some of the gardening websites (like They will list the different types and other info.

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