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Chinese Buffet Coconut Shrimp

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My family went out to eat supper at a Chinese buffet this past weekend and they had coconut shrimp. My family loved it and has asked for me to make it and I have searched everywhere for it. I even found other people asking for it, also. It was creamy white, no coconut flakes or tomatoes in it. Can anyone help me?

By sissy7575 from Gulf Coast, AL


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By chip01/30/2011

This is the best I have found yet. It is very close and taste great!

By susan winship [4]08/13/2009

Warning for the first yahoo recipe: coconut cream is sweetened, coconut milk is not...I think the recipe requires coconut milk not coconut cream, unless you want really sweet shrimp.

By lindy [1]08/11/2009

It sounds like maybe they use coconut milk instead of real coconut that is probably why there are no coconut bits in it.

By Claire Bebbington [1]08/11/2009

Went back to and got recipes. Pull it up and type in Coconut Shrimp - there are so many. My favorite is Neely's Jumbo Coconut Shrimp and their Zesty Dipping Sauce. Bobby Deen and Rachael Ray have good recipes for the C. Shrimp. Good Luck. Hope this helps!

Moldhater in SC

By Claire Bebbington [1]08/11/2009

I got 2 great recipes from
They also had a great sauce. I have misplaced my copy. When I find it, I can get back to you. I used frozen large shrimp with just the tails on. To bread them use Panko Bread Crumbs and the coconut to coat them after you dip them in an egg mixture. Sorry I don't have the recipe available.

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