Removing Old Scars


When I was 15 years old I got an allergy that formed into black scar on my leg. 9 years have past already. I cannot consult a dermatology because I know it will cost too much and I don't have a large enough budget. What is the best solution of my problem?

By Gin from Pampanga, Philippines


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By SAT 2 75 02/24/2011

Argan or Moroccan oil 3 times a day might work. Also raw or unrefined shea butter 3 times a day. Takes 3-6 months to see some results and then use it until the results are what you want. You can even use a mixture of the 2. Use very sparingly. Both can be found on amazon. Make sure the shea butter is raw or unrefined. Shea butter comes from Ghana.

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By Alizaren 1 6 02/26/2011

The only product that has been proven to lighten the skin is hydroquinone, and it must be in 2% form and be packaged to keep out air. Paula's Choice makes a very good one, it has dramatically lightened a spot on my face that was dark red. You can buy that product at: www.cosmeticscop.com You can also read up on that ingredient there.

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By freshgreengrace 9 02/28/2011

Try, bio oil. In Australia it is sold in chemists. I think you call them drug stores over there! Ask your pharmacist but I know that this product is good. It's vitamin e, and regardless, it can't hurt!

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Archive: Removing Old Scars

How do I remove 30 year old scars on my legs?


RE: Removing Old Scars

Make an appointment with a professional dermatologist. (12/09/2008)


RE: Removing Old Scars

Try a product called Bio-oil. There have been advertisements in magazines and it is sold in drug stores. (12/11/2008)

By Janet

RE: Removing Old Scars

Well, I've found that vitamin E can remove scars, but it takes a while and you have to be consistent. You can pop vitamin E capsules and put it on the scars or look for lotions that have tocopherol in them. Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment or Palmer's Cocoa Butter both seem to work well. (12/20/2008)

By Ani

Archive: Removing Old Scars

How do I remove old scars on my legs? Does anyone care to share or give an idea?

By Lanie

RE: Removing Old Scars

You need to find a dermatologist that has the Fraxel laser. I have many scars on my arms, and I heard this on a talk show. I called a dermatologist and it was going to be $100 per scar. Can't afford it yet but I plan on it in the near future. (08/17/2010)

By peachynptc

RE: Removing Old Scars

Hi, I have some pretty bad scaring on my legs from surgery and being in a house fire where I had third degree burns on both of them and I have been using argon oil when ever I think of it (rubbing it in to the whole leg areas on both legs) and I am very glad to report that the scaring is going away, it has considerably disappeared and is now lightening the dark areas, and I have very soft legs.

The keloids have even gone away which kinda blew me away, I also use this stuff any where that is dry and even on my hair and face. It is like a miracle thing for me, I picked it up at Sally Beauty Supply for 7 dollars and a little goes along way. I haven't even got down half way over a year now and it smells divine also, I hope that it may help you. Have a pink rainbow day. Georgia in Ohio (08/19/2010)

By mypinkrainbow

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