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Freezing Plums

Frozen cherry plums.

Freezing is a common method of preserving excess fruit and vegetables. So if you have an abundance of plums from your garden or found a great sale at the market consider freezing some for later use. This is a guide about freezing plums.



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Question: Keeping Plums from Turning Brown When Freezing

To prevent plums from turning brown I've read that you can wash them in a solution of water and lemon juice. True or false? Does it work and what's the amount you use of each, water:lemon juice?



Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [39]08/29/2012

You can use about a teaspoon of lemon juice added the the plums that you are preparing to can. Not sure about the ratio for a water lemon wash.

Question: Freezing Fresh Plums

How do I freeze fresh plums?

By GreenEyes


Most Recent Answer

By Becca J [2]07/24/2010

According to an old Farm Journal cookbook I have, plums are better canned for dessert than frozen however here ya go:
Wash and cut the plums in half, removing the pits or leave whole. Pack in syrup made with 3 cups sugar to 1 qt. water or pack dry. Remove as much of the air as possible and freeze.
Note: packing dry without syrup works well if you are planning on making jam from the plums (otherwise they get a little mushy when thawed).

Question: Freezing Plums

Can you freeze plums and how do you do it?

    By LindaT [1]

    Question: Freezing Plums

    Can you freeze plums?

    By Audrey

    Question: Freezing Plums That Don"t Have Flavor

    If I use apple juice to freeze the plums, will they taste OK later when I want to make jams?

    By Sheri

    Question: Freezing Plums

    Can I freeze Victoria plums?

    By Janette

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    Archive: Freezing Fresh Plums

    Can I freeze fresh plums?

    Carmen from Fairfield, California

    RE: Freezing Fresh Plums

    You can, but then you'll be learning to make jam and jelly. Quickly rinse the plums, put them on a cookie sheet with sides AND a silicone sheet and freeze, then bag. You'll be able to take them out individually if you wish. good luck (07/15/2008)

    By 2oma

    RE: Freezing Fresh Plums

    I freeze them for later use. I wash, slice in half, remove the pit, put the halves in a freezer bag, a tablespoon of lemon juice, squish the bag to get lemon juice on the cut sides, add white grape juice or apple juice and squeeze out the air and freeze. They are good in baked goods, puddings and sauces. I also freeze peaches and cherries for later. (07/16/2008)

    By scott E.

    RE: Freezing Fresh Plums

    I froze them by just putting them in the bag and putting them in the freezer. They are a little mushy when you thaw them but good just to eat on a cold day, slightly frozen or to put into fruit salad or make a cobbler out of them. You can do almost anything with plums you can do with peaches. I also freeze peaches this way if I do not have time to peel them and slice them. (07/17/2008)

    By Pat

    Archive: Freezing Fresh Plums

    Can you freeze fresh plums? What is the best method? Can they be frozen with the skin on and the pit inside?

    By Dolly from Marion, TX