Rusty Roast Pan


Does anyone have a tip for getting rust out of a roast pan? It's a black one with white speckles on it.

Tori from Oshawa, Ontario



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By jean (Guest Post) 01/22/2007

Speckled pans are usually enamelware. It depends on how bad the stains are, and whether they are on the surface of the enamel, or on areas where the enamel is chipped. If it is surface rust, steel wool pads, cleanser and elbow grease should do the job. Bartender's Friend is a good brand to use. If the enamel is chipped, it will have to be sealed in some way, or the problem will return. Try sealing with appliance enamel, available in paint/hardware stores.
You could try sandpaper with a sanding block on the flat surfaces, and use your fingers to get into corners.
If you have access to a hobby tool called a Dremel, it could be used to polish the rust away. Maybe even a regular drill or sander with very fine sand paper might work.

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By Paula 14 328 01/22/2007

I use steel wool on rusty spots, then I immediately dry the pan; if you let it sit in a dish drain it will just rust again. I rub vegetable oil on the spots to keep them from rusting again. I got a cast iron griddle out of the free box at a garage sale because it was totally rust. A good scrubbing and vegetable oil rub and it is as good as new!

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