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Crafts Using Round Salt Boxes

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I need craft suggestions using those round containers that table salt comes in. It's such a sturdy little jar thingy. I want to make something out of it. Thanks.

By Ivette from Arlington, TX


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By Brenda J. Moore [1]08/28/2010

Why not make a cake or Christmas cake, baked right in the container.?
Wrap the outside in strong foil before you get started, for it to bake in.
Take the foil off once the cake is baked, then cover it with a pretty fabric or wrapping paper etc.

Cover them with great fabric, or contact paper, make a pincushion out of the top and create a mini sewing kit for someone away at college, etc.

Cut it into shorter heights, cover it and use as a dresser box.

I'm done. Good luck.

By kraftykaren [9]08/25/2010

Here's an oldie: If you have little girls at home, make a doll cradle. Using a sharp knife, cut about 1 inch from each end and then up the sides. Until it is like an open top cradle. It can be decorated with fabric, lace etc, Also hot glue some beads on the sides so it won't turn over and dump the baby out!

By Ivette Farah [1]08/21/2010

Thanks to all who replied, you got my crafting juices going. Great ideas! Why didn't I think of that?

By Carla Vaught [1]08/20/2010

There are several ideas that come to my mind. Cover with scrapbook paper and embellishments for making a Pen Holder.. Cover with sticks using a hot glue gun. Add a handle with yarn or wire. Cut a hole in the front towards the bottom and add Bird Seed for an instant Bird Feeder! Remove the metal "spout" cut hole big enough for a quarter to fit. Cover with paper and embellishments and you have a Piggy Bank! Add things to make noises like rice, rocks, old washers and bolts, and so on. Cover with paper and you have a "musical instrument" for a child to play with....Use as a base for a wind sock. Cut the whole top out (the end with the spout) Cover with Ribbon using glue gun. Cut strips of ribbon the same size. Glue side by side on the inside of box. Glue handle on with another ribbon and hang from porch or tree limb. Let the breeze do the rest and you have an instant Wind Sock!

By Frances Adams [11]08/20/2010

You could start with organization type items, by covering the box with either paper, contact paper, or fabric, and use in craft room, sewing room, or desk top for sort and store things like scissors, pens, rolls of ribbon, etc, anything that would fit. That is the main thing that comes to mind. My husband keeps all of the plastic coffee 'cans' now, to sort and store things like screwdrivers, nuts & bolts, washers, nails, etc in his outdoor shed.

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