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Ideas for a Unique Lamp Post for Front Yard

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Anyone have an idea for making a unique lamp post in front of the house? I am so tired of looking at all the identical 3 inch metal poles or 4x4 wooden posts.

By Tom from Lansdale, PA


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By norma carlyon03/23/2011

Just remember you must ground the electricity, important. Plus waterproofing the wires that run inside the new pole, unless you are going to modify your existing pole, which is a good idea! You would not have to dig a hole, gravel the bottom, electrical, etc. just build up around the old one.

By Susan [3]03/23/2011

My grandmother had a standard metal lamp post, but she had ivy growing around it and out into the yard, trimmed into a circle on the ground. It looked especially nice at Christmas with strings of lights wound through the ivy.

At my house, the lamp post is a little unique. At one point there was a fabric dyeing and finishing plant in my home town, and I'm guessing it came from there. It is a roller used for printing fabric. The wires are run through the hollow center, and a standard light fixture is on the top.

By Sheilah Link [5]03/21/2011

Anything that is the correct height will work and it does not have to be straight. Newl (?) posts would work, plastic pipe or a set of them, chunks of wood in a stack (drill a hole through the middle for wiring and pipe), even an old car bumper, a tree trunk, be creative. Just look at various things and see where your imagination will take you.

By Myrna [15]03/21/2011

Here's one idea you might like from this website:

Also using creek rock and building your own around the lamp post. Add a clematis vine or small area garden around it would add charm too.

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