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Removing Dead Bromeliad Flower


I have a Bromeliad Vriesea plant, the flower of the plant has died off. What is the correct way to discard of the flower? Pinch it off or cut it close to the main plant? And when is the correct time to start pruning off the flower? Do I need to save the seeds for reproduction of the plant? This is a new plant species for me. I just love the uniqueness of them! Thanks for your help.

April from Demorest, GA



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By Marylee Struble 1 2 01/26/2009 Flag

I bought one at the market in Syracuse N.Y. last year and it lasted about 6 months. I asked them what to do when the flower died and they told me to throw it out they only bloomed once and they were done. I tried saving what I thoght were seeds and planting them, and altho I have a very green thumb they did not germinate for me. Sorry. Marylee

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By Anne (Guest Post) 01/27/2009 Flag

My experience with bromeliads has been that they bloom and send out "babies". The flower can be removed when it's ready - it will come right out. Do you keep water in the center? The mother plant usually dies in time, but you're left with the baby/babies. Don't overwater.

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By Lee Taylor 15 427 01/28/2009 Flag

It's true, after a bromeliad flowers, it usually dies, takes a long time for it to die and it should give you a "pup" or two (a new plant/shoot around it's base) which you can separate when big enough to pot and have a brand new plant! Check around the base where all the leaves meet and look for new'll look like a spike. After the new plant opens, you can separate it from it's mother plant and have a brand new plant. I have one bromeliad which has given me so many pups, I lost track! And then each new pup started making pups! I never need to buy a bromeliad again! Google bromeliads for more info and have fun!
-Lee in Florida

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By mc (Guest Post) 01/28/2009 Flag

Bromiliads: They send out PUPS alongside the flowering plant. They like to be crowded. Keep water in the "cup" and they will do fine. You really can't kill them - they are very forgiving.

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