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Add Vodka to Your Shampoo


Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. The alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from hair, and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

By Debbie


By Jo Bodey 1 234 05/21/2004 Flag

Vodka 'removes toxins from the hair'???? Sounds like you've been doing more than just adding it to your shampoo Debbie! LOL! What are the 'toxins' in our hair? And even if you could name some - e.g. related to air pollution or something similar, how would they enter the body - our hair is dead, not living/able to absorb things into the body! What is the mechanism for vodka 'stimulating the growth of healthy hair'? Could you expand on this please?

I think I'll just keep drinking it and see does it promote the growth of a healthy liver!!!! LOL!



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By Joe (Guest Post) 05/21/2004 Flag

Alcohol is often an ingredient in various over the counter "hair tonics". It also is used in a lot of the "natural" soap and make your own beauty product recipes. It can be a substitute for isopropyl alcohol. I don't drink, so I couldn't tell you which is cheaper.

And I too am not familiar with the scientific benefits but it's common in beauty products and hair tonics.

Your hair does trap things, like some pullution, and its both attached to your body and touches your body if you have long hair so its pretty easy to transfer those into your body. More than that, I think some polution just makes you hair look bad. Sometimes even discolored.

Great questions! I would worry that the vodka might dry out the scalp but it probably depends on your skin type. Everyone is different so everything takes trial and error.

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By Jade (Guest Post) 05/21/2004 Flag

Apple cider vinegar does the same thing without drying out your scalp. 1 tsp in a cup of warm water after you shampoo.

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By brian (Guest Post) 06/11/2006 Flag

I'm wondering if vodka in shampoo can penetrate the scalp and get into the bloodstream? Does anyone know whether this is can be harmful to use?

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 06/11/2006 Flag

Alcohol can be absorbed through the skin. It would probably be a very small amount but it can enter your bloodstream from the scalp.

If you are an alcoholic in recovery, it wouldn't be a good idea. It probably wouldn't be good for children, either.

Susan from Thriftyfun

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By Barbara Huggins 8 209 10/28/2007 Flag

I would think that the alcohol would dry out your hair.
My hair dresser has told me to avoid any products that list alcohol in the ingredients.

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By Thin Hair SuckS! (Guest Post) 03/19/2008 Flag

I have very fine and thin hair and sometimes it seems almost as if it gets to a certain length it stops growing completely! I use Restoratives Pantene Pro V and it makes my hair very shiny and smooth, love it! but my hair still does not grow! i hear adding vodka to shampoo makes one's hair grow like crazy especially if it is thin but hearing your comments of it drying out does not sound exactly healthy. Please let me know if any of you have heard of this?

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By tony m. (Guest Post) 11/06/2008 Flag

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By teresa 6 26 03/03/2012 Flag

I agree with Jade but even white vinegar will do the same thing!

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By Betty 104 753 03/03/2012 Flag

I don't think I'd be using it on color treated hair. I use a sulfate free shampoo on my color treated and found that I can go longer between colors as my hair doesn't fade nearly as fast.

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