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Feathers Coming Out of Down Jacket


I just purchased a down-filled jacket, on sale, for the price of $9.00! It's obviously not top quality, but for $9.00, why not, right? Well, I wore it to church last night, and when I took it off, my black shirt was COVERED in down feathers! (I see why it was so cheap!) Which leads to my question, Any ideas what I can do to stop the feathers from coming through the lining? For $9.00 I'll keep it, but it would be nice to find a solution.

Carol from Ontario, Canada



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By mcw 80 1,752 01/09/2008 Flag

Is there a chance that you can return the jacket for a refund? If you don't have the receipt, you might be able to get a store credit.

A down-filled jacket is not supposed to lose feathers no matter what it cost.

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By Pattie Hartley 2 104 01/09/2008 Flag

I am sorry I don't have a solution for you. I just wanted to say that I have previously owned 2 down jackets and both of them lost their feathers on my clothes. The first one that I had only cost about $40. The new one that I purchased this year cost $150. So I don't think the price of the jacket has anything to do with it. The one thing that I do if I am going somewhere special is to put on an extra long sleeve layer that I remove with my coat. This way the feathers should be attached to the shirt that you remove.

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By Janice C. 18 710 01/10/2008 Flag

How about making a flannel lining for it? I don't think feathers would work through flannel.

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By Tarra 1 01/22/2008 Flag

I have a down coat that is doing the same fact I found this site because I was browsing the internet looking for a solution. It's so embarrassing to show up for work covered in feathers! My coat was about $80, so I don't think cost has anything to do with it either. My mother thinks it just means it's time to get a new coat - however, I just purchased the coat last year, so I don't believe that theory. There has got to be something that can be solution was to find a coat to wear under my coat - which seems a bit crazy...guess I won't buy another down filled coat again.

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By GSA (Guest Post) 12/03/2008 Flag

I just got a nice down filled jacket and I paid $300. Within 2 weeks the feathers are coming out, so price and time definitly has nothing to do with it, but I'm looking for a solution as well, because the biggest problem is that the feathers are getting stuck on the outside and it becomes visible which bothers me a lot.

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By Mo (Guest Post) 12/29/2008 Flag

I'm going to try to spray scotchguard on the inside of my coat to keep them in. I figure if it keeps dirt out maybe it will keep feathers in.

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By Will (Guest Post) 01/14/2009 Flag

I have a mountain hardware sub zero down jacket. It'ssuper warm.

A single feather will NEVER leave the inside of the jacket. One escapes here and there on the outside of the jacket, but that's it. I was actually thinking of ways I could prevent that from happening. I had thought about doing scotchguard like you all had said. Also maybe some kind of seam sealer that you would put on a tent...thoughts? Would that be noticeable cosmetically on the jacket if I sealed the seams?

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By Steve G. (Guest Post) 02/13/2009 Flag

Has spraying it with "Scotchguard" or like helped? What has helped because even though I love the coat I can't wear it to anyplace nice. Thanks!

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By Jackie 1 03/29/2009 Flag

Price really doesn't matter, I have a Liz Claiborne down jacket and the feathers are ridiculous, all over my shirts. I like my jacket, but hate those darn feathers, spraying it with scothguard does not help. I would suggest a small jacket or thin sweater underneth if you can fit it. Maybe carry a small lint roller, but that to can be a pain.

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By Lonnie 1 12/10/2009 Flag

My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I said I was going to google my problem with the feathers! But I found this site. At least I know I am not alone. I am going to try the scotch guard. I love the jacket and hate to toss it! Thanks everyone.

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By cyberqtpi 1 02/06/2014 Flag

What I have learn is to never pull the feathers out. instead pull the feathers back in. pulling feathers out causes bigger openings in the fabric and resulting in more feathers to follow through.

Fluffing the coat in a dryer without heat for about 15 minutes seems to help. because most escaping feathers working their way out starts from the flat end, as a result from wearing and use. Hope i was able to help.

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By kirk.klag 1 11/17/2014 Flag

I have a members only coat that was "leaking" feathers. I sprayed the inside with a light coat of spray adhesive. It has been 2 weeks and seems to be working.

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By Fitparade 1 12/03/2014 Flag

I finally gave up on down coats/jackets and found a coat that is the equivalent in warmth of the down coat with modern technology. Columbia's Omni Heat is the thing. Wears well, is so light weight and keeps me warm in Minnesota!

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By cataze88 1 01/20/2015 Flag

I am going to sew a wind breaker lining into mine, (it's a cheapy one I bought to keep in my trunk in case of emergency torrential rains lol). The jacket has a plastic lining so I am going to turn it inside out before sewing it in. I'll post my findings for whomever may be interested.

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