Use Ziplock Bags for Space Saving Storage


Ziplock bag come in some very large sizes now. I recently tried using a vacuum hose to suck the excess air out like the space bags that are advertised but are expensive. It worked! I'm now going to use these to pack my bins for the next move.

By notwrong


By Lizz 06/12/2009

I have finally tackled overwhelming stack of paperwork using the zip lock bags. One for URGENT bills, long term filing, get to when I am able bills, leisure notes (hobbies,etc.). I tackled the first bag yesterday and went through all the info for our bank switchover. This has been a tremendous stress release for me.

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By Marty Dick 163 955 06/15/2009

Once you finish a bag you can save it for use at another time.
I use them for my sewing patterns. A gallon size is perfect for that.

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By Sharon Bingham 1 11 06/24/2009

I have also used strong trash bags the same way for storing pillows, blankets, etc. Unless there is a tear in the bag it always works.

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By Ariel 2 08/07/2009

Wish I had used this idea. The space bags (especially if there from some company other than the original company like youronlinestore.com) are not worth the money! Air keeps leaking back in within the hour despite following directions. And this company return and refund policies is such a hassle and they make it so that you can't return them because of packaging issues!

Thanks for this idea! I do have these bags and will be doing it your way now.

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By Theresa Johnson 08/20/2009

So funny you posted about this. I purchased the kind they claimed you could roll to the end of it tightly when filled, and the air should go out. Right! Wasted money on those. Thanks for your tip. I will try this!

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