Getting Rid of Web Worms on Pecan Trees


All the pecan trees in our area are wrapped up with these webs. Can someone tell us what these worms turn into? Do you know how to get rid of them?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Betty from NC


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By Julie 97 09/11/2010

That looks like fall webworm. It can reduce crops in pecans. Here's some info from your state university: http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/O&T/trees/note46/note46.html

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By Patricia Hamm 4 150 09/11/2010

Hi Betty, I live in North Carolina too and believe me I don't like these worms any more than you. I have had a great deal of success by spraying them with wasp and hornet killer. They are too high for me to climb to get them and most of my neighbors cut the limbs and burn them. I just use the spay and haven't had any now for two years. Good Luck Pat

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By Priscilla 1 47 09/11/2010

Betty, I live in Texas and have had the same problem with webworms. They will decrease the pecan crop on your trees. I have found the easiest for me it to take a long pole and in the evening poke holes in the webbing. The birds can get in then and will eat the worms and the web with dissapear. My crop has increased greatly since. That is much easier for me instead of trying to spray or use an oil type spray..
Hope this maybe of some help for you.

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By Litter Gitter 145 553 09/14/2010

Thanks for all the information. I had a can of hornet spray that had only one squirt left in the can. Sunday afternoon, I sprayed just a little on a web and the next day, the worms were dead.

The tree is covered with webs and all the leaves are about gone. Next year, if the tree lives, I'll get an early start on keeping these worms under control.

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