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What Can I Use to Soften My Feet?

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What can I use to soften my feet?

By Gail from MA


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By Granny2889 [6]04/23/2011

I have found a product called HeelTastic. I saw it advertized on tv and thought nothing about it. One day I saw it at a local drugstore, Walgreens (I've seen it at several since). I was pretty desperate then so I bought it. It was 9.99. After my shower I use a cuticle brush to remove the dead skin then use the HeelTastic and then put on my socks. I'd do this at night but I can't tolerate socks in bed. I have found the product works great and have a noticeable difference. I can wear sandals now. God Bless!

By Marilyn J Ference [4]04/23/2011

All of the prior suggestions are great and you also may want to try soaking your feet in Epsom Salts (in warm water). Not only is it a relaxing soak but it will help soften your skin so that a pumice will work even better. Please make sure you dry inbetween your toes too - you'd be surprised at the number of people who don't do this and end up with a type of athlete foot fungus between their toes. Got this info from my podiatrist and was surprised when he said that not many people DO dry as I just said.

By looneylulu [14]04/22/2011

1st make sure you don't have a yeast problem. I suffered from rashes and very dry cracked skin on feet. Used a over the counter yeast infection remedy and to my surprise my dry cracking skin started getting better. I have fibromyalgia and one of side effects in yeast infection problems, so tried over the counter it worked so well talked my doctor into prescribing rx for yeast infection and now dry feet has completely cleared up.

By Betty [1]04/22/2011

Lather your feet up with Vasoline and put on a pair of white socks each evening before you go to bed. One morning you will wake up with beautiful feet. Vasoline and white socks are cheap. I heard this on TV as something models and actresses do so I tried it and it works.

By Doris [2]04/21/2011

A good heavy non greasy cream, like Neutrogena Norwegian Skin Formula, is great. Not too much is needed, just enough to "feel" it, under a pair of peds overnight, and after one or two nights you'll feel the difference. Repeat as often as needed, and eventually, just a little cream before you slip into dreamland is all you need-no socks necessary. Concentrate on your heels.

By AvaElizabeth [4]04/20/2011

I used to soak my feet in warm water with a capful of Avon's Skin So Soft oil before I used a pumice stone on my feet and it worked like a charm. It really softened my feet and heels so the pumice stone could clean up the rest of the dry skin.

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