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Getting Rid of Drain Gnats

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I've read on this site, but can't find where, people put some kind of household and/or natural products down the house drains to stop those little flying insects from coming into the house.

Would anyone please post how to do this?

Thank you!

By metroplex from Houston, TX


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Question: Getting Rid of Gnats Around Drains and Faucets

Does anyone have a "cure" for those household gnats that frequent the areas around the tub drain, faucets, kitchen, etc.? They are in the house this year and we've never had them before.

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By HEATHER KNEEAND [14]06/11/2011

I keep all my fruit in the refrigerator, even bananas. I keep the used banana peels in the refrigerator too. I also have a spray bottle with bleach and water in it. I spray the gnats that I find around the sinks.

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