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12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I need ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday party.

Tyieshaka from Houston, TX


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Another thing you could do is play this game called "I Never...". Each girl needs a bag of 20 M and M's. You take turns going around a circle saying things you've never done. Anyone who has done it, has to eat one of the M and M's. The person with the most M and M's left is the winner. If someone loses all of their M and M's, then they are out of the game. This is a great game to play, when everyone's just about ready to go to bed. (02/16/2008)


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My idea for a 12th year old girl b-day party is just have fun get a disco ball and some music and dance, dance, dance. (02/17/2008)

By Terry Lynn

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Have a friendship game party. Have your friends pretend to be someone else at the party (act like them, walk like them, talk like them, dress in their clothes, etc.) sometimes that doesn't last long but it is fun when it is going on. Also, for the friendship party you could have a game show, Example: Lisa goes on the games show as Tiffany. She has to answer questions, and whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

Have a music party where people form teams of four to six and get an assigned area in the room.They have a certain amount of time to create their own song, music, outfits, band name, makeup, etc. Also, for the music theme get black construction paper and cut out music notes and stick them on the wall with lyrics to your favorite songs.

An animal themed party. You choose an animal ( could be your favorite animal), and make food that would go along with the animal. For goodie bags give socks, earrings, and/or little stuffed animals. Example: I chose a monkey. So I had banana splits, green crepe paper hanging from the ceiling (to make it like the jungle), in the goodie bags I gave cute, inexpensive, monkey earrings, socks, stuffed monkeys, etc.

Have a mystery party. Borrow some 10-20 minute mystery books from the library and have the girls figure those out. For decorations, buy some cheap notepads and magnifying glasses and set them around the table and dim the lights. Have scavenger hunts. For food give hints for the food and have your guests guess what the food is. Example: For popcorn you might say: "This salty treat that melts in your mouth, starts out small and grows bigger."

I hope these help. These are great for all ages. My friends loved them! Julie (02/24/2008)


By Julie

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

You might be able to get a karaoke machine and you can sing in it! (03/02/2008)

By Ansley


It would be awesome if you had a Hawaiian party. My cousin had one and everyone loved it! She gave out plastic martini glasses filled with Smarties as a loot bag. It was so cool. (03/08/2008)

By Allison

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Let her and 4 friends sleepover at a awesome hotel or a big house. (03/16/2008)

By Maggie

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Buy in-expensive pillow cases at a craft store and buy permanent fabric pens. The girls can decorate their pillow cases and sign each others. Whenever you use the pillow case, you can read what your friends wrote and you will remember the party forever! I have done it many times and it makes me laugh to look at the ones I have from a long time ago.

Here is another thought. Play flash light tag. If you don't know how to play here you go: you should play at night outdoors, everyone hides while the person with the flash light counts. The point is to get away from the flash light. To get "found" the ray from the flash light has to hit you. I know it sounds stupid but, my friends and I had a blast running away from each other. Hope it helped. (03/25/2008)


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

What about having a sleepover with 5 or 6 girls invited? That's what I did for my 13th party and I don't see what's wrong with one for a twelve year old. During the day, we met at the movies. We watched a movie, walked back to my house while my mum set up all the food and decorations, etc. Well, because my friends and I like to have jokes we also played pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. Not sure your daughter would want that but I had tons of fun. After we had lunch and played games, we drove down to the fireworks display. After we watched that, we went home and watched TV. If your daughter has an older/younger sister/brother why don't you let them invite one friend, I did that and my sister had more fun! (03/26/2008)

By Jay

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I have some ideas:

  • spa
  • pool
  • make up
  • movie marathon
  • computer blasters
  • bedroom busters
  • karaoke
  • scrapbook
  • beading
  • knitting

By Victoria

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I have a good idea for a birthday party. Have a party in the house and play spin the bottle, and other great games and just have fun. That is what I did for my 12th birthday party. And who doesn't love cake? Have a small cake for many people and go out for dinner for your birthday. (03/30/2008)

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

In my opinion nothing beats a good old fashioned sleep over. The girls always seem to love them! (04/15/2008)

By Sherrie

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

A Pajama Jam is a good theme for a sleepover. You can also have them come in their pajamas. This helps get the party started and no time is wasted getting dress. They can go home in their pajamas and this saves water and time in the bathroom. You can try decorating t-shirts or, have someone come and give manicures after they do their own pedicures. Make some taffy from the marshmallows while watching a movie and don't forget to make the Rice Krispie treats later that night. Good luck! (05/19/2008)

By ms promise

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

One idea is to give everyone 5 dollars and head to the dollar store. Then everyone has 5 minutes to pick out their own stuff to make a funny costume. Then when you get back home, everyone puts it on! Whoever has the funniest, best, coolest, silliest, etc. costume wins a prize. Everyone gets to keep their stuff. No use for gift baggies, and it is much cheaper. (05/28/2008)

By ummm meeee

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some ideas for a 12 year old's party. Get a group of friends together, all girls or girls and boys, your choice. You could either like have a spa/sleepover night if it's a bunch of girls, or if you want have a movie night, order pizza and rent some movies if it's mixed. You could also do this for a girl's sleepover party too. Hope it helped. (05/31/2008)


By Me

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Be really inventive, try a theme or just have a classic slumber party. How about like an underwater theme or a tropical theme. My mate recently had an end of year tropical themed party. She got out a giant swimming pool, served classic Jamaican foods and we lit Tiki torches. We even hired sand! But it doesn't have to be as big as that. You can just do something mad. Have a dress up party and all come as something daft. As long as you're all having loads of fun, it doesn't really matter what theme you have. Just use your head though and always know what is going to happen at every second, the worst possible thing to happen is get bored. (06/02/2008)

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I just had this fantastic idea for a birthday party "for all ages". Have an award show. Everyone should have contests such as, best dare, fastest changer, heaviest sleeper, craziest prank, or most insane outfit. At the end of the night decorate a room with red carpets and big lights. Get everyone to dress up in their most over-the-top outfits and crazy make-up, even lads.

Have somebody such as a younger sister or brother, a parent or a neighbour to be a host. Print certificates to certify the winners of each award. It will be a really good night and everyone will enjoy it. Just make sure that everybody gets some sort of award so nobody is left out. Even if it is something like best listener to watch a movie. It will be an absolutely amazing party. Have fun! (06/02/2008)

Dear Catlyin

OK, I had a chocolate party for my 13th birthday party. It was featured in the American Girl Book "Snooze A Plaooza". It was a blast. But anyway, if you want an "Americas Next Top Model Party" that would be way fun. I would recommend recording all the shows possible of any cycle. You could get fun ideas from all the shows. Watching these recorded tapes would be a good "quiet it down, we're trying to sleep" from your parents, activity.

You all could give makeovers and make commercials of your favorite beauty product. Hold challenges similar to the ones on the show and have a photo shoot! You can also go online and research foods that are healthy for your skin to serve at the party as sort of a attention getter (though that's not the right word). Well, I hope this helps you! (06/03/2008)

By Sarah

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My niece is a shop-a-holic and when she turned 13 she had a shopping party. We made up store signs on poster board and set up her basement like a mall. Everyone was given $50 in play money to shop and a gift bag. It had an arcade (own video games) a jewelry store (from $1 dollar/$5 below store), music store, book store, food court, photo booth (digital camera/printer), $1 store, T-shirt shop ($1 store t-shirts with designs we painted on them or transfers), craft shop, a nail salon, and a Build-a-Bear store (kit ordered online). Parents were cashiers and worked the nail salon. Everyone had a great time. (06/03/2008)

By Lynda

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My mom planned the best party...a scavenger hunt at our local mall. It was a blast! Let me know if you want any details. Everyone loved it! (06/17/2008)

By Emily

11 year bday party

Great games to play are:

  1. treasure hunt
  2. limbo
  3. dance off
  4. karaoke
  5. pinata or truth or dare
  6. Chinese whispers
  7. water balloon toss
  8. water gun fight
  9. movie act (play out a scene off a movie)
  10. egg toss
  11. water balloon fight

By jaidipie

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

You should take 12 of her best friends to a vacation destination of her choice (ex. Maui, London, France, etc.) for a week. I took my daughter and her friends to Maui. We stayed at Four Seasons and rented a yacht. Of course, you don't have to stay at Four Seasons, or rent a yacht, it will be fun anyway. But remember, your daughter only turns 12 once, so make the party special. (06/28/2008)

By Francisca

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I don't like to paint my nails, or eat unhealthy food like pizza. On my birthday my mom invited my family (uncles, aunts, cousins) to my house, we shared a cake and a great picnic. My birthday party was the best! I did not have to get crazy. I really enjoyed being with my mom and family. My mom did not have to spend a lot of money. I have a lot of friends, but I preferred to spend my birthday only with my family. I am saving money to go to Italy for my sixteen Birthday. (07/07/2008)

By Natis

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I am having my daughter's party and having chocolate fondue. The theme is going back to the past when she was born. She has a cake with her picture of her as a baby. Maybe yours could be similar? Hope I could help! (07/07/2008)

By SaaraC

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I had a mystery party and we made mystery invitations. Someone stole some jewels and we had to answer some really cool clues. My friends thought it was the best. You could have popcorn, a ton of snacks, and have them dress up as weird characters. Then have pizza for dinner, always fun, with a pillow fight before bed and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I hope this helped. (07/16/2008)

By cool cat

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I have planned many parties for my daughter and the ones that always get the best reviews are those that are thrown at home. We had a costume party one year where everyone came dressed in costume. I converted our backyard into a haunted house, played games, and ate goulish but tasty foods.

For my daughter's 7th birthday, we had a Seven Splendors party, where guests arrived in pajamas, and upon arrival were given terry cloth turbans, facials, manicures, pedicures, karaoke, and specialty cake. Most recently, we had a red carpet Oscar party, where we set up a red carpet with runners and had a videographer and multiple photographers taking pictures of guests being interviewed as they came dressed as their favorite celebrities. We played trivia games where the questions were based on the celebrities careers. These parties are still talked about today. These are memories that consistently bring a smile to my daughter's face, making all the hard work worth it. Hope these ideas help. Have fun (07/29/2008)

By Mom SOS

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I was watching The Take Home Chef, and got an idea of a fun topping to put on ice cream. You tape 2 long sticks/rods wrapped in tinfoil on to your oven and cover the floor with newspaper. You melt a bowl of sugar so it almost looks like caramel. Then you take a spoon and dip it in the sugar so in starts to drip, than fling the sugar on the rods so it drips down like spider webs. Let it cool or wait for it to be good enough to gather in your hands. Gather it into a loose ball and put it on your ice cream. WALA you have a sugar icecream topping! (08/07/2008)


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

My problem was that I wanted a sleepover but could only have 5 girls like usual, and I didn't want to leave out my new friends. So I thought of a great idea: 6 p.m.= chinese order in 4 big meals for 11 friends, have a pot luck (when you take a bit of each food). 7 30 p.m.= make ice cream sundaes and gossip! 9 p.m.= night swim with music (which only works if you have a pool) if you have no pool than you could just have a dance party inside, or rent a movie. Then the normal 5 out of 11 girls stay while the others get picked up at 10 p.m. (08/26/2008)

By Sarah

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Also, If you don't have a theme- don't worry, you don't need one. I never have an exact theme and my parties have been great. If you really want a theme just say the theme is dance party, and play music, or a candy theme, and give out big candy bags! Have fun! (08/26/2008)

By Sarah

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I just went to my BFF's birthday and it was the best party I've ever been to! I live in Queensland so we went by barge to Magnetic Island and we went tubing, bussed around, had nacho's, went rock skipping, swam in the sea, went boogie boarding, and this was all done from 9:40am-4:10pm. The barge takes 1hr each way, but the ferry only takes about 15mins. We had to take the barge because we took the car as well. (09/01/2008)

By Kaitlyn

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

This year with be my daughter's 3rd annual Bunco Birthday Bash! It has been a big hit with all the girls since Zoe had her 10th birthday. This year it will be her 12th and all her friends look forward to it every year. The bunco gifts end up being the party favors, so each girl some how wins something whether it is most bunco's, or loudest screams, or most win's, etc.

I fix my daughter's favorite dinner, and last year even made a dice cake. It's their "Girls Night Out", just like Mom! If you are really crazy then have them all sleep over, last year we had 16 that slept, I mean, stayed over. Hope this helps! (09/14/2008)

By Susan

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

For my daughter's birthday (10th, I think), we hired a lady that advertised on the web who came with a big bouquet of balloons for the bday girl and a teddy bear. She gave the kids henna spray tattoos with glitter. She had books that they could look through and pick out the one they wanted. It was so much fun. My son even decided he wanted one too. We had music playing so they were dancing and waiting their turn.

Another party (11th?) we had at a bowling center. My daughter went to Target and got cool plastic drinking cups in different shapes and colors and filled them up with candy. Both parties were a lot of fun. (09/19/2008)

By Jen B

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Some great ideas are:

  1. red carpet (teen choice awards)
  2. helicopter ride
  3. BBQ party and when it gets dark, fireworks
  4. Arabian night
  5. squirt gun
  6. medieval
  7. cartoon
  8. Hawaiian
  9. candy
  10. blacklight
  11. Italian
  12. Broadway
  13. laser tag (09/20/2008)


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Hey about birthday ideas, you could even do karaoke or hoola hoops! (09/26/2008)


12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

We rented i-Nail machine for my daughter's birthday party. Girls can do their nails by themselves using the automatic manicuring machine called i-Nail. It can print incredibly high quality designs on your nails. We had a blast and all the girls had a lot of fun.

Check out their website for more info:

By Liz

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

I have a good idea!

  1. A few weeks before the party get your mum to go round the local shopping center and pick out a few things from like 25 shops then write them down on a piece of paper.
  2. Type them up on the computer and hand them out to your friends when they arrive.
  3. At the shopping center split into teams and do a scavenger hunt with the list and your mobile phone (just in case).
  4. Make a time and place to meet your mum and if everyone has written all the places they found the objects then they win the grand prize (which turns out to be a lolly pop).
  5. Go for a meal and have a smashing sleepover afterward! (10/08/2008)

By Kirsty

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

You could take them to a theme park like Luna Park which is in Sydney, or a water park. You could also take them to an aquarium or something. (10/18/2008)

By Solly

12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

You could have an iceberg thing with your daughter's name on it carved into a picture of her. I had that for my daughter's 11th birthday, it looks really cool. (12/09/2008)


By Mary

American Idol Party

My mom ordered this American Idol party pack that had lots of decorations with the American Idol theme. We had a table for 3 people to act like Simon, Randy, and Paula. Then we let everyone have a chance to sing and dance. We gave out golden tickets we made to win prizes. We had dancing, water balloons, and lots of costumes games. I think this was the best birthday ever. (02/07/2009)

By Jessica

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