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13 Year Old Party Ideas

I'm turning 13 in 9 days and really need some party ideas.

Mary from San Francisco


13 Year Old Party Ideas

What are your hobbies? Do you want both boys and girls to attend? How about a sleepover and hold your own American Idol party. You could assign each person to be Paula, Randy, Simon etc. Decorate with those free AOL discs you find in fast food restaurants (specifically Burger King) and make a round cake that looks like a record/CD. Decorate a stage, have contestant numbers, etc. (01/04/2006)


By Angelique Farmer

13 Year Old Party Ideas

I'm turning 13 in June and here are a couple of ideas:

Have a cinema near you? Invite your friends there and watch a movie. Later on you can walk back home and play fun games for prizes or maybe just for winning. Want to try something different? How about horse riding? Everyone wants to ride a horse. Or maybe go carts? You can even take them to a theme park.
Got a lot of friends to invite? How about a house party? You can turn the music up and dance, or play around and have games or Karaoke.

There are thousands of ideas, these are just a few. Enjoy! (01/27/2007)

By Lolla

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Some kids in my class rented gyms for their 13th bday. Some of them had DJs and some of them just played CDs. They had food like pizza and chips and they had soft drinks and fruit punch. (06/14/2007)


By lindsay

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Last year I had a fear factor theme. It was really funny cause my mom made us eat some gross (looking) things. She made mashed potatoes and turned them brown and put fake poo in it (dollar store). She also made everyone roll a dice then she would write down the number we got. Then she brought out a whole bunch of baby food and made us eat the same number of scoops we rolled on the dice. Another game was we each got a baby bottle full of juice then we had to put on old lady diapers then split us into groups of 3. We had to race to finish the bottle. It was really funny! (09/03/2007)

By Courtney

13 Year Old Party Ideas

The best idea is a glow party. Hopefully you will have enough time to get all of the supplies, like glow dust for carpet. If within budget rent a DJ and believe me, you and your guests will love it. (09/18/2007)


13 Year Old Party Ideas

All of you sound so worried about your parties. Don't be, there are plenty of things you can do. For my 13th my mum and dad didn't have enough for a huge party so I had a sleepover at my house. We had games like " Swinging Bite " where you tie an apple to the ceiling with string so it dangles, but not lower than the tallest person's mouth, they have to take a bite out of the apple without using there hands. Extremely funny! Also my mum set up a treasure hunt. Sounds childish, but trust me it wasn't. The treasure hunt took us around the village and it was at night. The invitations lead us to cute boys' houses and they told us to crawl to the next clue. I loved it, and when we came back everyone went for a midnight bounce on my trampoline. It was the best party ever. I loved it. Hope I helped you. (10/02/2007)


By Excited =]

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Go rock climbing, scuba diving, or to the beach, or indoor pool. Sleep in tents, paint ball is also so cool, or if you don't like that, you can go laser skirmishing. (11/29/2007)

By sally

13 Year Old Party Ideas

My idea for a 13 year old girl birthday is to invite some friends and go to your neighborhood salon and get your nails and/or toes done (as in a pedicure/manicure). Hope you have a great time! (12/16/2007)

By Katherine

13 Year Old Party Ideas

You could do any of the following:

Buy a murder mystery kit and host a murder mystery party
Laser tag is always fun
Manicure/pedicure party
Make a list of things and go around to neighbor's houses asking them for the stuff on the list (scavenger hunt).


Scavenger hunt at the mall (take pictures of the stuff you find)
Fear Factor party (buy chocolate covered bugs over the internet, harry potters every flavor jelly beans, etc.)

Also, google teen party ideas. There are bound to be some more. Hope this helped! (12/30/2007)

By Alexis

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Well I'm turning 13 this coming march and I'm having a project runway themed party, because I'm really into fashion. We're going to have "a challenge", like in the real show; and runway shows. Take pictures and then the pictures will be in a "portfolio" [scrapbook]. Also we'll have a "fashion" scavenger hunt; and go out to dinner, and then go cosmic bowling. We'll come home and then we'll watch movies, do truth or dare, and stuff like that. (02/13/2008)


By Kaylee

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Hi, I'm Cristen. I'm turning 13 in April as well, and have a lot of ideas about themes. I didn't want to go over the limit with money but then again I want it to be great. It's going to be something like a dance party and other things. For my party I'm thinking of having a Hollywood party. It's actually really cool. You get everyone to dress up
and then serve fancy things and just dance.

Or, last year I had a survivor party and it was really fun. We had to have a scavenger hunt and then we were divided into teams, you won a point for every game. There were 4 games. The scavenger hunt was first, then we had to do actual survivor. Our first survivor meal, they had to nominate one of their team members to do that challenge.

The first one was called caterpillar, and we put beans in oatmeal, and then we tied their hands behind their back
and they had to fish out all the caterpillars with their mouth. The second one was called kitty litter. Got a foil tin and put graham crackers all broken up to make it look like kitty litter. Then we put tootsie rolls to represent the poo, and they had to get them all out with their mouths (and we hid them).

If you want more ideas, go onto google and just put in party themes. It helps. I got a lot of my ideas there and then you'll probably find one. I hope that helps. (02/13/2008)

By Cristen

13 Year Old Party Ideas

This year I am turning 13. My friend and I are having a combined party. We are renting a local dance studio, renting speakers, and having a giant dance party. (03/02/2008)

By Flora

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Hi all - What do you guys think of this idea for my son's 13th birthday party? I was thinking of inviting 9/10 of his friends and arranging a DJ'ing lesson with a couple of local dance music DJs. Food and drinks as well, but recording their attempts at mixing music and burning off copies of the CD as gifts for the lads that attend. He doesn't go to a co-ed school so it will be all boys. Thanks for any advice! (03/12/2008)

By Scared

13 Year Old Party Ideas

Hey. How about "scenes from a hat"? My friends put scenes (when Barney met Elmo, when the grim reaper got a manicure, etc.) in a hat and people act them out. Like from the show "Whose line is it anyway?". (03/19/2008)

By Ashley.

13 Year Old Party Ideas

  • You could have a black and white party,
  • A backwards party (trust me, this is fun!)
  • Hire a bouncy castle
  • Go to movies/theme park
  • Hire out a limo
  • Pool party
  • Giant slumber party
  • Make everyone go as a celebrity, or a TV character
  • An Easter egg hunt/treasure hunt

    There are heaps of ideas. I'm leaning towards a dress up one, and a giant bouncy castle. (03/21/2008)

    By amy <3</p>

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    You can have it in a local country club ballroom or hotel ballroom. You get tables and have people set to a table but you let them sit where they want at the table. Then you have really nice napkins and balloons and stuff. You get a DJ and you have them play songs. Also you get some other type of entertainment like a magic man who just walks around to different people and does magic, or a comedy person.

    You also have games like limbo or what ever. Then you have a huge cake in a shape of a 1 and a 3 and you have your favorite foods for your dinner and chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dessert. And you just have the kids dance as much as they like. You have your mom's friend or something come and hand out boas and funky sunglasses to people who are dancing good. This is what I did. (04/05/2008)

    By Kylie

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    I had a celebrity themed party, with red carpets and posters and everyone dressed up. It was a lot of fun and my boyfriend went as Troy Bolton (HSM). It was funny. (04/18/2008)

    By .haley.

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    For my 13 birthday I had a bon fire at the beach. I had mine at 3, so people could swim. Then when it got late, we roasted marshmallows and took walks on the beach. Then we got a limo to take everyone home. (04/27/2008)

    By Teresa

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    Hey I have an awesome party idea. It doesn't even cost that much. Rent or buy a movie and invite some friends over. You make popcorn and all that good stuff. You can buy bean bags. It would be really fun. (07/30/2008)

    By Brook

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    I'm Amy. My 13th is in September and I have a good idea. Have your friends come in their pajamas (like a pj party) and have a sleepover. When they arrive, take them to a big room which is where they will be sleeping. Have a big table of food, lots of cool music, and play lots of fun games. Then get lots of popcorn and watch a few movies. Stay up all night playing truth or dare or any fun stuff like that. Hope this helped. (08/29/2008)

    By Amy

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    You should invite your close friends and have a little bonfire. Then maybe pitch a tent out in your yard and sleep there at night. Watch a movie too. (08/31/2008)

    By Cookies

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    Have an '80's dance party! If your basement isn't big enough, ask if a parent's friend can lend you theirs for the day. You don't have to get a DJ, just set up a stereo with an iPod. (09/21/2008)

    By Annie

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    I'm having my party soon too. I was thinking about doing a boot camp with a treasure hunt and an obstacle course. We may also go to the mall and hang out and watch a movie. Set up some video games so you can play all night (rock band, Wii, Xbox 360, ps3). Set out some food, pitch up a tent in any open space, in or out. Maybe make some ice cream floats, decorate shirts/bandannas. (09/29/2008)

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    My idea is the glamour games. Each team will do a mall scavenger hunt. Then we will have a fashion design contest and each member of the team has to make an outfit. To end the night we will have a dance contest and blast music. I'm going to invite about 6 people. I can't wait, my party is in a week. (12/04/2008)

    By Liz

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    I went to a game themed party. We played bunco and made dice out of Styrofoam cubes, different colors of felt squares that we glued on all sides of the cube, and plastic jewels that were the little dots for the numbers. For the goody bags we scavenger hunted around the house for ours and there was a pack of cards that were from walmart and were really cute. There was also some other stuff in the bags. Just a suggestion! (01/01/2009)

    By Breanna

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    How About a Chocolate Party?

    A 13th birthday party should have a theme, and it should be something fun and unique. Instead of having a typical sleepover, consider having a unique themed party. A chocolate-themed party is an excellent choice since most 13 year old girls absolutely love chocolate. Consider buying or renting a chocolate fountain or make a thick and creamy chocolate fondue. Dip strawberries, banana slices, cream-filled cookies, marshmallows, and any other sweet treats that are even better when covered in melted chocolate. You can also make up unique birthday goodie bags filled with various kinds of gourmet chocolates. I don't know of any girls that wouldn't love a fun and unique chocolate-themed 13 birthday party!.

    Makeup Game Party

    If your friends wear makeup and have a good sense of humor, the makeup game is a fun and hilarious activity for a 13th birthday party. Have the girls team up in pairs, and each should have eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and a blindfold before beginning the game. The person wearing the blindfold will be the person applying the makeup! The finished makeovers will look totally hilarious, and whichever team did the best job is voted the winner.

    A Shopping Mall Party

    If you're short on funds and want to have a fun and unique 13th birthday party, have your birthday party at your local shopping mall. The girls invited to your 13th birthday will have a blast at your favorite hangouts, and you can celebrate with a pizza or anything else that sounds good. Give teens a list of items to search for, including the following:

  • 1. One signature from a security guard
  • 2. The name of a store in which the first letter is not capitalized
  • 3. A magazine that has a picture of a popular music artist, actor, or actress in it
  • 4. A free sample of something cinnamon-flavored
  • 5. The ugliest-looking cosmetic item you can find
  • 6. Something free from a store named after an itchy foot condition
  • 7. A coffee sleeve from Starbucks
  • 8. The cheapest item you can find at Claire's-get it and list the price
  • 9. A tropical-smelling perfume sample
  • 10. A mall directory
  • 11. A notepad with an animal on the front cover
  • 12. A straw with a wrapper that is not only white
  • 13. Write something in Spanish off of a payphone
  • 14. A picture of your entire group together
  • 15. The tiny sample spoon you get at an ice cream store
  • 16. A take-out menu
  • 17. What color is the hair of the center mannequin in Limited Too's right-side window?
  • 18. Anything from a 25 cent or 50 cent machine
  • You can even have a scavenger hunt if each of your friends bring a predetermined amount of money to purchase the items. Make a list of unusual but inexpensive items to purchase, and pair off into teams and have fun seeing who can find all of them before meeting in a central location at a specific time. Whoever finds the most items within the allotted amount of time wins a prize.

    Have a Mini Rave Party!

    Glow in the dark neon bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories are a lot of fun, and if you haven't decided on a 13th birthday party theme, consider a mini rave party. Provide all of the girls with an array of glow in the dark jewelry, play your favorite music, and plan on an evening of dancing and fun. You can turn it into the best 13th birthday party you and your friends could ever imagine! Serve fruit smoothies and all of your other favorite foods and goodies. No matter what activities and games you choose, with a little imagination your 13th birthday party is sure to be a great success!

    Bonfire Party

    For a great boy/girl party, one of our parents suggested creating a bonfire party. She stated that providing a bonfire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, as well as creating a dance area on a carport or garage was an inexpensive fun way to host a great party.

    Limo and Event Party

    Is there a concert, sporting event, or theater production coming to town? Make that the center of your teen's formal birthday party. Rent a limo and pick your guests up in style. Make sure the limo is stocked with teen-friendly food and beverages. Even if there is no event planned, you can still have a limo party. Just pick guests up and drive around or go to a movie.

    Blacklight or Laser Light Bowling Birthday Party

    Many bowling alleys offer special black light bowling (sometimes called "Glow Bowl" or "Pajama Bowl") during the day or in the evening. Usually the normal lights are darkened and black light up the pins, white clothing, and special paint on the walls. Reservations and arrangements need to be made in advance. Often, as well, bowling alleys will have a party room or snack bar where refreshments may be served. Ask if there are party goods and decorations available with a birthday bowling party package.

    Have a Teen Laser Tag Birthday Party

    What is laser tag? According to Laser Quest, with over 140 locations, "Laser Quest combines the classic games of tag and hide & seek with a high-tech twist. Donning the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available, the game is played in a large, multi-level arena featuring specialty lighting, swirling fog and heart-pounding music."

    Laser tag facilities are a bit challenging to find in some areas, but a few good games of this real-life, safe, action game is a blast (pardon the pun) for a bunch of friends at a birthday party. This fun activity involves two teams running around a padded maze (again, in the glow of black light) trying to "shoot" each other's target while protecting their own.

    Parents can play too, or can usually watch the game on TV screens outside the game room. Laser tag gaming areas are often placed with other fun amusements, such as video game arcades, and often have party rooms and packages available.

    Sport Game party

    Since the weather is generally good you can create a game themed party with many outdoor games. You can play volleyball, softball, frisbee, soccer, or any other sport while you eat, drink, and socialize. Having mini tournaments at the party is a fun way to bring a little competition to the event and maybe give fun prizes to the winners.

    By nicole

    13 Year Old Party Ideas

    My sister is turning 13 and I'm 16 so we usually like the same things. I planned her birthday party this year and I used the rave idea but, I put my own spin on it. I decorated the outside of my bedroom door in hanging beads and neon paper signs we made. Then I bought glow in the dark necklaces & bracelets. At her party the only light we are using is a black light and we are playing a lot if hip hop/techno for the "club" effect without costing too much money. I used this idea one year for my party and it was great. Classy drinks that are non-alcoholic add a nice touch too, by the way. (02/06/2009)

    By Lauren A.

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