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Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I have a problem with acne on my face, back, and chest. It is ruining my life because I can't change in front of my friends in track, I can't wear certain bathing suits, and more. Acne is running my life and I want to take it back. There are so many products out there and they ether have side effects or cost too much. I need help fast before summer comes and it won't be a happy one with acne. What kinds of homemade things can I make? What can I do?

If anyone else has battled acne and can offer some advice, I would appreciate it.

-Jane doe


Acne On Face, Back and Chest

A pal of mine went to the Dr. and he gave her a list of foods not to eat that causes acne to flare up. I can tell when she's going by this guide and when she's not. Maybe this will work for you. Also, you might try some antibacterial soap. Best of Luck! (03/13/2005)

By badwater

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Please go to a dermatologist. I had acne bad in high school and college. My second dermatologist put me on Accutane when it first came out in the 1980s. It was a miracle for me. I assume it's still being used. I'm sure it isn't cheap, but worth every penny. You go on it for a certain number of weeks, then that is it. The acne does not come back. I strongly recommend this course of action. He or she will know what to do. They may try antibiotics first. If you have it that bad, and have tried other things, go to the Doc. Best of luck. BTDT.


P.S. When I was on it, I was warned that one is absolutely NOT to become pregnant. 100% birth defects. It was not an issue for me, but that may be a concern for you. Just a warning. (03/13/2005)

By Sheraldyne

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

2 of my cousins had horrible acne problems, and I'd definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist. However, one thing that really worked for them was drinking a glass of bitter melon juice every day. As its name suggests, bitter melon *is* bitter and is an acquired taste, so you might want to introduce yourself gradually to it - the mildest way to have it is cooked (stir fried with beef and black bean sauce is a typical Chinese dish), then move on to just steamed, and if you're determined enough, juiced raw in a fruit juicer.


Both cousins have smooth skin now (scars from the years of acne are still there, but seem to be diminishing), and have maintained their bitter melon regiment although less frequently. (03/13/2005)

By Tipster

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I have used Proactiv and found it to be quite helpful. My cousin went to a dermatologist who had her use Cetaphil to clean her face & witch hazel as a toner. I switched to these inexpensive products (found at any drug store or Walmart) & find them to be quite effective also. Don't over use them though, just once in the morning & once at night. Drinking a lot of water, keeping your hands away from your face, getting a little (not a lot!) of sun on your skin & believe it or not, changing your bedding more frequently should all help. Good luck! (03/14/2005)


By Suprajayne

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I want to let you know a little more about accutane. If you have any health problems it is no good. It increases your cholesterol, you can not drink alcohol while you are on it. if your insurance does not pay for it is VERY expensive and I used 3 cycles and it did not work. I have had acne since I was 15 and have tried everything now at 27 and 6 months after having my first child. I am using proactiv it is working if you start it now it should work by summer you have to be faitful with it but, my skin is so much better and they have all kinds of products at their website Just think about it. (03/14/2005)

By Danielle

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I agree that Accutane can have serious side effects, but if you can live with them while you are taking the drug, you will almost certainly have a change in your complexion that will be nothing short of miraculous.


My brother took it in the early 1980's and never had acne again. My son was taking it recently and decided to go off it. His complexion had gotten worse, then better as he took the drug. Unfortunately, he took it only about 8 weeks and his acne has returned, about as bad as it was before.

There is a generic version out (can't think of the name right now) that some insurance companies will cover at the generic rate of reimbursement. Because my insurance did cover the generic version, I paid only $10 for each month's supply for my son.

If your acne is as severe as you say, I think Accutane is probably the only treatment that will give you real, lasting relief. (03/14/2005)

By Katie A.

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I'm in my 40's and have had acne all my life. Several years ago I discovered Proactiv, and like those who posted above, have found that it works like a miracle. I can't recommend it highly enough. (03/14/2005)


By Faran

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Hello! I just read the many responses to see if any suggested Tea Tree Oil. I just recently was told about it for my roseacea, and if it can work for roseacea, I would believe it could work for "regular" acne. You can buy a cleanser with tea tree oil in it, and/or you can also buy the oil itself, and apply a couple of drops to a Q-tip and go over the worst areas. I have used a combination of both - what a difference it has made. You may also want to consider what is going on inside of you - sometimes "stuff" needs to come out, and it comes out through your skin. There are many books about this type of thing these days - You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, to name one...there are also people out there like Essa Alraune who address this in their work, so maybe you can find someone like that to complement your other efforts. (03/14/2005)

By Elizabeth

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Please check out Tea Tree Oil or products at a health food/supply store that contain Tea Tree Oil and are for acne problems. You can read about the benefits of Tea Tree Oil online. I purchased shampoo with Tea Tree Oil in it due to my husbands problems with breaking out on his scalp (as he is balding, it made the breakouts very noticeable). His scalp is now clear. This kind of shampoo also works very well for itchy, flaky scalps or dandruff. I started checking out Tea Tree Oil because I am an Independent Watkins Associate and we carry a dog shampoo that contains Tea Tree Oil, and people really like the dog shampoo and say it helps their dogs' skin, their coat to look wonderful, and also helps repel fleas. Anyway, I would suggest checking this out, and I think it would be very cost effective as well.

By Trudy Powell

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Buy some antibacterial soap and some tea tree oil. You can get both at Walmart. When you wash your face put the antibacterial soap on your cloth and then put 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil into the soap. You can use a drop of straight tea tree oil on your worse breakouts. Just make sure straight oil doesn't make your face oily. (03/14/2005)

By klr2080

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Definitely see a dermatologist. After using a plethora of other medications and treatments, I used Accutane and it worked wonders. The biggest drawback about Accutane is that if you get pregnant while on it, it will cause birth defects. For this reason, some dermatologists will not give it to women of child-bearing age. (03/14/2005)

By Linda

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I've found that using baking soda to clean the areas and rinsing with mouthwash like Listerine--an antibacterial mouthwash has really helped me. I discovered the advantages of the mouthwash by accident. I use it to rinse my hair and it would run onto my shoulders where I had acne really bad. It started clearing up and I realized it was from the mouthwash. (03/14/2005)

By lighthouselady

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I too had acne as a child back then the doctors didn't know as much about it as today. Several things a doctor told me to do that helped was first us a pure soap IVORY the bar kind it will dry your skin a lot but thats ok then use an astringent like sea breeze or what you want then use a cream like clearasil. Also drink lots of water that will flush your body. good luck (03/14/2005)

By kathy ingram

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Just wait till you're a grandma with wrinkles AND acne! First, get checked out by your doctor. Then, research at the library or bookstore or online, any thing you can get a hold of that explains about the acid/alkaline balance in your body. Concentrate on consuming the alkaline foods & drinks. Too much acid causes MANY problems, acne being one. Good health comes from within, from what we put into our systems. Good Luck! (03/14/2005)

By darween

Acne On Face, Back and Chest


By cindi

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I had really bad acne for a while and tried everything over the counter, including proactiv. Nothing worked. I went to my primary doctor to get a referral to a dermatologist and he said that its just stress and to deal with it. So, I couldn't get accutane. But, a friend of mine heard a commercial about Nature's Cure (over the counter all-natural oral medication). I gave it a try and after a month, it cleared up. I told several of my friends and it worked for them as well. You can find it at the drugstore next to all the over acne medicine. It worked for me and I hope it works for you. Everyone's skin is different, so there are different remedies for everyone. Hope this helps, good luck! (03/17/2005)

By Maribelle

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I use white vinegar on a cotton ball for my acne and it cleared right up. (03/18/2005)

By Mysticdream44

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Here are a few suggestions:

- Try using either cider or malt vinegar diluted with water twice a day. (1 part vinegar, 4 parts water). Do NOT use any other type of vinegar, as it can irritate your skin. Moisturize after this.

- Salicylic acid/aspirin mask. Try this once a week. Crush 10-15 aspirin and add enough water to it to make a thick paste. Apply to your skin and leave on for about 15 minutes. Rinse. The salicylic acid in the aspirin will help minimize any redness from your acne and help exfoliate your skin.

- Anything with alpha or beta hydroxy acid will help clear your skin

- Chemical peels (03/20/2005)

By Girl

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

Go swimming. The chlorine will help dry up the acne. I'm 38 and still have acne. More so on my back and arms. Accutane worked for a little while. Be sure to bathe everyday. There is still the oldy but goody Witch Hazel. Here is some news for when you get older. If you have oily skin when you are young, your skin won't look so bad when you are much older. Just getting there can be a pain in the... (03/24/2005)

By Rose

Acne On Face, Back and Chest

I'm 49 and still have acne!

Make your own salicylic acid body spray at home using salicylic acid crystals from chemical lab company - cheaper than buying brands!

Also, try using wart remover (17% salicylic acid) and mix it in witch hazel and spray your body acne! Don't overdo it. You can also add some Nature's Cure benzoyl peroxide (least comedogenic) and tea trea oil. Add all to witch hazel with a little isopropyl alcohol, and you'll be killing bacteria and exfoliating the skin to reveal clearer skin!

Also, try using lactic acid lotion (AmLactin) 12% alpha hydroxy acid in addition to the wart remover and all of the above because the more you exfoliate, the clearer you'll be!

Acne is forever, but accutane is a scam! (04/17/2005)

By CusterKen

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