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Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Please give me some cute original ideas on how to ask my boyfriend to my girls choice dance. I want to do something that hasn't really been done and I'd like to be creative. I'm usually a really creative girl and I think my guy expects something cute. He wouldn't be mad if I didn't do it creatively, but how fun would that be?




Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Spell it out in Candy conversation hearts?

Bake a cake with it in writing like an invitation? Or wrap an invitation up in plastic and place it between layers in a cake (giving him that piece of course).

Give him a bunch of blown up balloons that he has to pop with the note/invitation written on separate pieces of paper and he has to put it together like a puzzle? Or write it on a balloon or two and have him blow them to read what it says?

Good luck, and let us know what you decided to do! (01/25/2005)

By ElectricC

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

If your boyfriend plays a sport that involves using a ball like baseball or football, write on the ball asking him to the dance and throw it to him. (02/26/2005)

By Philly

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

You can have your teacher write out a detention slip and where it says date and time have the date of the dance and time when it starts, and then write him a message asking him to the dance and have your teacher or principal give it to him. (10/18/2005)

By Sam

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

I did this one my sophomore year and everyone loved it.

Okay, you cut out a bunch of different colored stars from construction paper and make them big. Tape them all over his walls and ceiling, then you take a couple bags of star burst and throw them all over his floor. On a big poster board tape it on his door saying "The stars would burst if you went to ____ with me."

Then you get a big card and write "I lay this letter on your bed, to help you find my name all in red!" (place that on his bed). Then you write a letter of your name on a red starburst and he has to look through all the red to find all the letters and put it together.


Hope that helped. (10/30/2005)

By Cera

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

A guy asked me this way, but girls can ask this way, too:

He had his little brother come to my house dressed as an old fashioned delivery boy. He gave me a package. When I opened it, it had the Harry Potter #4 (?) book with a page marked. The bookmark said that in the marked pages there was a hidden message. I read the pages, and it was the part where Harry asked Cho to the Yule Ball.

So if you like a boy that loves Harry Potter, or books or something, this would be a cute way to ask him.

Good luck! (11/01/2005)

By classicgirl

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Okay this may sound stupid, but one year I went to a store that had a little 25 cent machine, you know like the little ring machines, and anyway, I went early and got a ring and kept the little case and got rid of the ring and wrote a little note and put it inside of the case. Then I took my boyfriend to the same store and at the end of shopping I told him I wanted to get a ring (being cute and funny) and I bought another ring and slipped the one I already had with the note in my hand and said "Oh, it gave me two! Here you can have this one! " and gave him the one with the note. He read it and got a huge smile on his face. (11/05/2005)

By Lex

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

My friend called a radio station and asked his girlfriend to the prom over the radio.

But my other friends was better; he and the girl he wanted to ask were in the same class and they had a big test, so he had his teacher make one of the multiple choice questions say:

"Will _______ go to the dance with ______?"
a. Yes
b. Yes
c. Yes
d. All of the above


By Bloob

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

My boyfriend asked me out by sticking a pack of gum in my locker lock. The pack was all empty except for one piece and, when I pulled the piece out there was a piece of paper wrapped around it asking me to the dance. He didn't write his name so I was confused, and I turned around and he was there and asked me again.

I hope this gives someone ideas :) (11/27/2005)

By baystategirl

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

FORMAL: Have him help you with your chemistry homework. After you've worked through a list of problems, at the end you have one that says "2 mol + 2 mol = ___ mol" (formal..haaaa)

Yeah, but the best way to get creative is to tap into what the person you want to ask likes. That way it's personalized and he or she will feel special and all of that nice stuff. (11/28/2005)

By rawr

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Get a box of chocolates, and write a note that says; "will you go to_______with me? If your answer is yes, eat the chocolates and return the box. If your answer is no, eat the box and return the chocolates!"

Another way is to get a box of doughnuts from Krispy Creme or wherever, and put a sign on it that says: "Doughnut you think it would be fun to go to _________ with me?" (12/10/2005)

By Shelley

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

My friend asked this guy out this way. Before he went into his class the girl had a huge poster board and wrote, "_______ would you like to join me at the dance?", or change the lyrics of a popular song and put it on the chalk board. I would make sure he doesn't get embarrassed easily though other wise the answer may be no. (12/25/2005)

By Kate

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

I just asked a guy to our winter formal last week by putting 300 glow in the dark stars on his ceiling with a sign that said " Of all the stars in the sky, you're the one who's caught my eye! Will you go to winter dance with me, _______?". He thought I was hilarious/awesome to have all the stars on his ceiling and answered back yes! (12/27/2005)


By mls

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

What you could do is get a fishbowl full of golden fish, then buy one little black one (or one that stands out) then write, "Out of all the fish in the sea, I want you to go with me to ______!".

By Christine

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

I got a build a bear and dressed it up in a tux and put a voice recorder in it that said, "Will you go to turnabout with me _______?". I put the bear on a table at his house and then made a heart, then my name out of Hershey kisses :)!

So I thought it was pretty cute! (01/04/2006)

By stevensonn !

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Okay there are a TON of cute things on this page and here are two that are pretty cool.

Order a pizza to be delivered to his house and give the delivery guy a note from you on the inside flap of the box. Then when he opens up the box he finds a pizza and also your invitation. If he doesn't say yes, then he is crazy!

And this one is kinda corny but it's cute if you like it.

Write a little poem that's like "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I need a prom date, How about you?" Put it into his locker when he's not around (oh make sure that you sign your name). (01/05/2006)

By Kelli and Kendra

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

My friend told me this cute creative way to ask a guy to a dance. Take all the butter out of the plastic container and on the bottom put a note. Put the butter back in the container and when he digs through it to find the question, it will read "Now that I've buttered you up, will you go to__________with me!?" (01/05/2006)

By Mal

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Okay, so this is kinda cheesy but what if he likes candy or something there's 3 different ones to do.

Swedish Fish- Start by getting a whole bunch of swedish fish and lay them out in his room or locker or wherever, then you put a sign that says "You're the Swedish Fish in the sea, will you go to MORP with me?"

Starburst- So, again you put them in his room or locker and you put starburst everywhere and say "My stars would burst if you went to MORP with me."

100 grand- Again with the locker and room you put 100 grands everywhere and have a sign that either says "I'd give up 100 grand if you would go to MORP with me." Or you put 10, 100 grands and say"I'd give up a million to go to MORP with you."

Aren't those cute? They work every time. Believe me, they do. (01/12/2006)

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Create a homemade puzzle and throughout the day give him piece by piece, and at the end let him put it together and you be there and ask him if he would go with you. Have some balloons or something. It would be really sweet. (09/19/2006)

By Molly.

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

One way I asked a boy to a dance was to do a little scavenger hunt around town. That's exciting and fun for both you and him :) To make it more exciting, get lots of people involved. Make your soon to be date have to complete tasks to receive the next clue.

One of my friends also made personalized pencils that asked her date to a dance. It's a cool idea but then you're left with a whole lot of pencils! (07/16/2007)

By Aubrey

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Make a giant coin and on it write:

"Heads we go to ____(dance), tails you flip again."


By rachrach

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Get a plunger and tape Almond Joys on it and say, "I would be overfilled with joy if you went to MORP with me"
:) (02/06/2009)

By hahaha

Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

We had homecoming coming up, it was two weeks away and my boyfriend hadn't said anything about the dance to me. I knew we were supposed to go with our friends but he hadn't mentioned it once. When I brought it up he ignored me and changed the subject. I started to get really frustrated with him. So one day I said, "If you don't want to go just let me know, because then I have to cancel our plans I made with everyone!". Again he ignored me. That night I was pretty upset and then at 4:30 in the morning my mom comes in and is yelling, "Alexis you need to get up! I need to get to work and your friends have made a mess again in the front yard".

My first thoughts were, "great, I got tape again". I used to get taped every weekend. I walked downstairs and looked out and I had caution tape all over the cars and trees in my front yard. Then I thought "A death threat". Well, I then saw something written on my driveway. I went to look and my boyfriend had written, "Adam would die to go to homecoming with you", and had outlined his body. It was the cutest thing ever. (02/18/2009)

By Alexis

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