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Dog Mange Remedies

Can anyone give me a cure for mange on my dogs? I just found out two stray dogs that I took in have mange. It smells bad and I really need a cheap cure, hopefully with out all the baths, both are outside dogs. Please help.

Thank you!
John from Huntsville, MO


Dog Mange Remedies

I found a lab x that has mange....She is about 85% cured.Heres what I am doing now.
I went to the feed store got some ivomec (Bovine)same as what the vet will give Ivermectin. I give her .1cc a week injected into her treat, once a week for 4 weeks. I also picked up antibiotic and do the same with treat daily. I put her on dog food Natural Balance Venison and brown rice formula. I also made her a shampoo that is Baby Castille soap (Dr Bronners) I added NEEM oil 10 drops its antiparasitic antifungal,fleas hate it and tea tree 5 drops, lavendar heals the skin and some ground calendula leaves.After her bath she gets a organic apple cider vinegar rinse. She gets a bath every 10 days.Her hair is growing back, she no longer stinks, she also had a yeast infection in her ears that I take olive oil and neem mixed and rub her ears with. The makeup remover pads work great. then I drop 2 drops in her ear every other day.


When we found her you needed a clothes pin to pinch your nose she stunk so bad. I believe she also had the yeast on her body as well because of all the sores she had.(secondary infection) I would say now she is a pampered pooch. I feed her 1 scrambled egg daily mixed with her food, to that I add ground flax seed and fish oil. When I was teen my dog Squeaky died from using the vets dip. I won't go to the vet for this, Shots yes, but mange no.Its all relative to diet and immune system. So far the ivomec is taking care of worms too. I have heard raw pumpkin seeds also expel worms never tried it but you never know. I wish I had taken a picture of her when we got her to show a before and after. But I am computer stupid and don't know how to download pics to computer from my camera.I also use the neem for eczema in my soaps I make.Hubby uses it for skeeter repellent. My cousin is a vet and I have consulted with her on this. (11/03/2006)


By hippychic

Dog Mange Remedies

I heard you can use neem oil in shampoo to kill the mites that cause mange ....good for the skin too
Neem oil should be available from herbal suppliers. It is not supposed to be toxic to animals. You may even be able to buy bar soaps with neem oil? (11/15/2006)

By mimmer

Dog Mange Remedies

Our dogs caught the mange when I was younger, my dad and brother used yellow sulfur to cure it. They put about 4 Tbsp of sulfur in each of their bowls and mixed 2 cups of dog food with it. Didn't take long and the dreaded stuff was gone. (11/20/2006)

By Kricket

Dog Mange Remedies

SEEK a vet ASAP. Sarcoptic Mange is contagious to your other animals as well as yourself (called Scabbies for humans). They will give him/her Ivermectin and possibly antibiotics if the irritation of the skin is bad. Also, they may prescribe a shampoo to ease the itching for the poor dog. (11/25/2006)


By Judy

Dog Mange Remedies

There are three types of mange. I'm not going to go into details-you can do your own research, but all are caused by mites. One is infective to humans, the other two are not. Most mange will eventually run it's course and disappear, but all are contagious to other dogs and some other types of animals as well. Some mites produce a chemical which inhibits the dog's immune system from controlling it. Don't think that home remedies really work just because the mange has disappeared-like I said some do just run their course and disappear. Keep us all safe (including other animals) as mange mites are very contagious- go to the vet and get the proper medication.

Isolate your pet until the animal heals and follow your vet's instructions. The vet will have to do a skin test to know if the mites are gone. Sometimes it's hard to come up with the money to do the right thing, so ask your vet if you can make smaller payments until you can pay the vet back. The only real cure for mange mites is with your vet. The other remedies are just not real because most times the dogs immune system eventually fights it off and it only looks like the remedy worked. In the meantime the dog is highly contagious and may even infect you. Only a vet can tell which mite infects your animal. (12/10/2006)


By Shannon

Dog Mange Remedies

If your dogs have the dermotic mange then the following home remedy that I found on this site a month ago works really well. 20ml hydrogen peroxide in 2 ltrs of water and two table spoons of borax laundry powder. I treated my dog once a week with this but found it worked faster and more efficiently when applied twice weekly. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT! Use a sponge to get the mixture on the dogs head and make sure your dog is wet before pouring the mixture on. If however your dogs have scaroptic mange then this is treated differently. We have not had a dog with this but have had a wombat and by drenching him in normal cooking oil as often as we could, we cured his mange within a month. Sump oil also works but doesnt smell as good! (02/06/2007)


By Andrea - Nug Nug, Victoria Australia

Dog Mange Remedies

A new product much like Advantage (topical in the same way) called REVOLUTION will CURE Sarcoptic Mange with a single treatment! You can treat again after 14 days if you need it, but you won't!

Demodectic mange . . .I wash the dog with tea trea shampoo (health store type) and then sponge on a saturated solution of MULE TRAIN BORAX LAUNDRY SOAP mixed with 1/3 hydrogen peroxide. I WOULD ALSO RECOMMEND ADVANTAGE MULTI (a new product that is supposed to treat demodectic and sarcoptic mange TOGETHER!!!)


Amitraz dip or MITABAN is VERY VERY TOXIC and there are a lot of people online who tried it and seem to thing that in the long term it lowered their dog's immunity. Vets always recommend this...and they charge about 60 dollars for each weekly bath. I'm avoiding this in all my mange rescues. (06/27/2007)

By Erin

Dog Mange Remedies

I have been using a sulfur shampoo every other day to help my little pom with the mange that i just got all you do is use any kind of shampoo that is laying around the house mix a bit of sulfur in it and let it set on for 15 minutes then wash it off after that let her or him air dry out side in the sun. DON'T TOWEL DRY.

She has got scabies and now me and my husband are showing some signs of having them. Not sure on how to get rid of them. The sulfur shampoo is working well on her and at night when she starts scratching at her sides where she is still in the treatment i rub cooking oil all over her to help moisturize the skin and help her get a better nights sleep. Just take any kind of shampoo his or her dog shampoo will work add 3 tablespoons of sulfur to a little bit of the shampoo rub all over the dog and let set for 15 minutes then wash it off put her back out side to dry and all then when she starts scratching put some cooking oil all over her at night.

If she or he is kept outside the sun will cause the oil to burn their skin so be careful and wash it off with warm water the next morning. Then just repeat the shampooing every other day until you see that she or he doesn't need it. I have washed my dog twice so far in it and she is already a different dog. It is amazing and safe because it gets washed off in a short time so they can't eat it off or anything. I hope this works for y'all like it did me. (09/28/2007)


Dog Mange Remedies

Go to this website and you can buy this shampoo that will kill the mange. And it's cheap 14.99 a bottle. It's all natural too. It's called Botanical Dog Neem Dream shampoo. It has Neem Oil in it which kills mange mites. There ya go! (11/28/2007)

By Kgifts

Dog Mange Remedies

My dog caught the mange from a stray. I've tried everything. Even going to the vet. Only thing that has helped her is HAPPY JACK SULFUR TREATMENT. Burnt oil is a big NO NO!
It will take a bottle of Happy Jack a week, depending on the dog size. Use it until no signs of mange. Always keep a bottle on hand for hot spots and such. It's very stinky. Before treating the dog, prepare a nice warm or cool bed OUTSIDE. You will not want this smell in your house. But it does smell better than the mange.

Like I said I've tried it all and Happy Jack is the only thing that has worked for my dog. Good luck all.

PS Always bathe your dog before treating. I recommend off brand t-gel shampoo. Has a nice smell and also relieves itching. If you are itching, well, you might want to use same treatment as the dog. lol (12/05/2007)

By Tammie Williams

Dog Mange Remedies

I've been using an Ivermec mixture for my dogs for years. I have 12 large dogs, 55lbs to 120lbs.

Ivermectin will kill most any parasite that does NOT have a spine, that's why it is good for the mange as well. (but I can't remember what the dosage is for mange, I am thinking it is given in the regular dosage listed below but in two week intervals for 3 months instead of once a month, then back on regular schedule) As I stated I have 12 large dogs and I don't have problems with fleas or ticks. Just the other day I was scratching one of my dogs on the back and felt a tick, when I went to pull it off, I simply touched it and it fell off on its own and it wasn't even grown. So this is another plus to this mixture I use.
I mix .....19 cc/ml of Propylene Glycol to 1 cc/ml of Ivermec injectable. (Water does not mix well with Ivermec since it has a slight oil base.)

Shake the mixture well EACH time you go to use it, then give 1 cc/ml of the mixture to every 40lbs of body weight and given orally in some kind of food or treat they will eat without a fuss

DO NOT refrigerate or let get over 80 degrees, it will cause it to break down and not be effective.

It's been advised not to give to dogs under 10lbs, it's to hard to measure and easier to overdose, which could cause death or a allergic reaction. It is not recommended to give before the age of 6 months and it is not recommended for certain breeds of Collies, Sheepdogs and Australian Sheperds, but some other dogs may have a reaction.

My oldest dogs are now 6 years old and people stop and ask to buy them all the time because they are so pretty. I take the 3 oldest to the vet yearly and they have not shown ANY worms in testing including heartworms.

Yes, you should have your dogs tested for heart worms, but the truth is "Ivermectin" is what the vets use to KILL adult heartworms, but they use it in a higher dosage, that's why they make you sign a waiver that it's a 50/50 chance that your dog may die if you have to have them treated for heartworms. The simple breakdown of the larva and/or eggs could kill your pet when it tries to exit the body, or as one vet told me, if your dog has massive heartworm infestation when the worms die, it could leave enough holes in the heart for the animal to bleed out.
BUT....there's always a but, if you start your dog on a Ivermectin solution or mixture and they ALREADY have heartworms, then you should keep your pet calm for the first 2 weeks, don't instigate them to run, jump, play and do tricks, try to keep them calm as possible. This is because when the larva & eggs break up there will more then likely be A LOT of them trying to pass through the body.

Another bad thing about hearworms, a worm in the heart could move and cause your dog to have a heart attack and die. This happened to a friend of mine, her dog wasn't on a preventative and was just 2 years old.

I DID have a 4 year old dog, many years ago, with heartworms and I couldn't afford to have her treated then I found out about this solution. I started giving it to her and when I took her back to the vet a year later she was free of heartworms, at least the eggs and reproduction of them. When I told the vet what I was giving her, she wasn't to happy (they lose money)but she did state what the live span of the adults heartworms were.

The fact is the life span of an adult heartworm is 2 to 3 years, so if you start your dog on an ivermectin solution you WILL prevent eggs from hatching and the adult worms could become sterile, but they WILL die out gradually being less likely to cause the death of your pet.

Also, one other unknown thing, the heartworm pills you get is not good to give your dog if they ALREADY HAVE heartworms since it has other ingredients that may harm your pet relating to heartworms, some medicines can't be taken by your dog or cat if they already have heartworms.

One last thing, one of my Siberian Huskies did have a reaction to this mix. She is being taken off now. She got staggering drunk and briefly stopped breathing and I gave her mouth to muzzle, sounds funny and disgusting, but I had to do it.

Don't take my word on anything, research it to make yourself feel better and to be more sure in what you want to do or if you want to try it.

Good luck!

Ivermec/Propylene Glycol mix
19 cc/ml Propylene Glycol
1 cc Ivermec Injectable


1/4 for 10lbs
1/2 for 20lbs for 40lbs
1 1/2 for 60lbs
2....... cc/ml for 80lbs

check out this site: You can buy it premixed.

(b)(/b)(b)(/b)(b)(/b)(b)(/b)(b)(/b)(b)(/b)(b)(/b) (12/14/2007)

By texasborn

RE: Dog Mange Remedies

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