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Front Loading Washer Reviews

We have received a lot of negative feedback about front loading washers. We are currently in the market for a new washer and dryer and we are trying to decide which brand to buy. The front loading washers are supposed to be very efficient but I wanted to see if anyone had any positive feedback about a particular brand? Feel free to share negative feedback or brands to avoid as well. They are so expensive, I would hate to buy a lemon.


Thank you,
Susan at ThriftyFun


Maytag Neptune

We bought a Maytag Neptune set 4 years ago and love it! It uses half the water and at least half the detergent. I've found liquid detergent to rinse out better. I can't believe how much I save between the water and the detergent. The set was very expensive to purchase, but I know I've already made up for it in water and soap. Good luck. (10/04/2005)

By holly


I have had a front loading washer for 6 years and absolutely love it! The brand is Miele (German) and my friends are tired of me bragging about how wonderful it is. It only uses 13 gallons of water per load compared to 30 - 40 in regular top loaders.

The dryer is the bonus - It does not work with heat. It's slightly warmed air only and will continue to rotate the clothing when dry to keep the wrinkles out.


Nothing fades and nothing shrinks! (10/04/2005)

By Annie


We have a Kenmore front load washer for almost two years without having any problems. In fact, my husband actually noticed that his work shirts were cleaner. He was right. Since they were white, I compared one washed in my old washer and then in the new one, they were noticeably cleaner.

My only complaint is that it holds a bit of water at the bottom of the gasket around the opening of the washer. The technician stated that nothing could be done about it. I just keep a cloth handy to wipe it.

When we shopped for a front loader washer, all the sales people "pushed" for the large expensive models. We found that the smaller type worked just as well as our old extra large washer. It didn't seem to look that big, but since it doesn't have an agitator you can fit more in than what it appears. I wash bedding that consists of a heavy weight king size bottom and top sheet plus four pillowcases. I was told it's not about the amount of clothes but the bulk.


Also, the tech said oversudsing can cause a lot of repairs and problems. He advised to use the HE detergents. I don't use them, I just buy regular (Tide or Aldi's) liquid or powder and use about one quarter of the cap or scoop for a extra large heavy load. A lot of suds does not mean a cleaner wash. He checked my washer to see if I was using too much detergent and said it was fine.

You have to take into consideration what type of water you have. We have very soft water, so I can use less. The clothes come out clean so I know I am using enough. I use a vinegar rinse every now and then. It is important to load it properly. It's hard to explain but you can't mix heavy clothes like jeans and heavy sweat pants with light weight type clothes. I don't do this but my daughter has learned not to because the washer will become unbalanced and will stop.


My washer takes about one hour for one extra large load. Again it will depend on the load. My washer has a presoak cycle. It is different type of soak not like a top load. Another point is that I used to dye clothes in my top load machine, you can't with a front load. Basically, I do recommend it but it will be different than a top load. Also, they are loud, ours has extra insulation for the noise.

Another thing to consider which I didn't know was if they need service, it is more costly. We are just hoping that we will not have any problems since we weren't aware of that information.

They definitely use less water and electricity. They do operate differently, but overall I feel they clean better and would recommend purchasing one. Just keep in mind all the differences between front load and top load and then decide what is important to you.



By mkymlp

Kenmore HE

We have had a Kenmore HE front loading washer for about 2 years and I love it. I have had no problems. It get clothes cleaner and uses less water than my previous washer. It has saved us a lot of money. I did pay extra to have an extended spin cycle and it heats its own water, extra hot. My clothes are so much cleaner. I use regular detergent but use much less of it. My water bill went way down and I can see a decrease in my power bill also. I did not buy the dryer to match, this washer spins the clothes so much dryer than my old washer did. It does not take much time to dry clothes at all. I recommend it all my friends and family. (10/04/2005)

By Villageanne

Kenmore Stacked Washer and Dryer

I would never buy a front loading washer, as if you forget anything, you can't put it in. I bought a Kenmore stacked washer and dryer (super size) this spring. Not only is it as big as the single size, but you don't have to bend over to put the clothes in the dryer or take them out. It is not in any ads, but they have them at Sears on the show floor. They have certainly saved by back and also a lot of space in the laundry room for more shelves and storage.


I would never go back to the single washer and dryer. (10/04/2005)

By Pat in GA


We have a Frigadaire front loading machine and it is great. Cleans clothes with less detergent, less fabric softener (in fact I dilute the fabric softener with 50/50 water) and extra spin dry to save on my old dryer and electricity, go for it. (10/04/2005)

By Debbie/Canada

Whirlpool Duet

I have the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. Bought 3 years ago. I bought the front load washer as it has a sanitary cycle, that is great for my bedding as I am allergic to dust mites. I have found that I use very little detergent (Tide liquid), average loads take about 40 minutes to wash and same to dry. Bedding takes longer because of cycle. Clothes come out cleaner, use less electric, and seem to have less wear and tear from agitator. I would not go back to top loading ever. Good luck with your choice. (10/04/2005)

By Karen G

Fisher & Paykel

We have a Fisher & Paykel washing machine from New Zealand and we love it. It was fairly expensive ($599) but has only a few moving parts making it less likely to break down (our last washer broke down after 4 years) and it is supposed to last forever. So far after a year I love it. The clothes come out of the washer almost dry and only take a bit to dry in the dryer. It sounds like a jet engine not really loud, just different than a regular washer. Look on the internet in consumer reports about this brand. Everything is positive. Good luck (10/04/2005)

By TC in MO


We have a Kenmore front loader (the $500 model). I got it about 3 years ago. I love it. I did discover that I have to use the HE soap, but I use about half of what they recommend and everything comes out great. (We have hard water.) If you don't use the HE soap, eventually the soap will build up on your clothes and they become stiff and scratchy.

For those who complain that you have to bend over to load them, I recommend a stool. You can sit and load them. And it's a lot easier to transfer stuff into the dryer because you're transferring stuff across rather than out and down. (10/05/2005)

By Kathy K.


I have had the Gallery collection from Fridgeadare for about 7 years. I love it! Not had one problem, and I have stopped it, opened the door and added the forgotten item... just do it quickly! Clothes are much cleaner than with the regular models...and uses a third of a cup of liquid detergent! Way less water too. (10/05/2005)

By Mary.


In reference to Pat in GA's comment that she would never buy a front loading washer because you can't put anything in if you forgot it: I have a front loading machine and just about once a week have to add an item after the wash cycle has already started. No problem at all -- you just stop the washer, open the door, and throw in your item. The water level in the tub is way below the opening and it will not run out when you open the door.

My washer, BTW, is Kenmore, the $600 model, which I think is one of the cheapest ones Kenmore makes (manual controls, etc.).

Another thing to remember, the front loading machines usually have a spin cycle that is a whole lot faster than on a top loading machine. This gets out more water and your clothes will be dryer, which in turn will save you money because your clothes will take less time to dry in the dryer. (10/06/2005)

By Angela

Front Loading Washer Reviews

I learned about front loaders while visiting family in Scotland. I then purchased my front loading washer & dryer 2 years ago when I purchased my first home. (an old Victorian ) I got the LG front loaders because they were rated most energy efficient. I can tell you I am more than pleased, I have saved on water/electricity and detergent. I love the settings for my LG because it has every setting a household could possibly need. (10/14/2005)

By Tinabean


I thought I had to tell you about my machine. I have a Miele and it's 16 years old. The wash is cleaner, no pilling, uses less water and electricity. The price range of them is big, I just like the basic model, I don't need all the bells and whistles. The basic model is also the cheapest. My next one will be a Miele again. (11/08/2005)

By annette


I've got a Whirlpool Duet I bought last January. It hasn't worked in 3 months and Whirlpool can't seem to fix it. They also won't replace it.

I get F-11 errors left and right, and the last time they worked on it, they got the drum out of balance too.

I've even filed a report with the BBB. (11/27/2005)

By Tony

Whirlpool Problems

I bought the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer 2 weeks ago and Monday they'll be delivering my 3rd dryer. 7 towels and 3 wash rags take 70 minutes to dry. If the 3rd dryer is the same I'm going with a different brand. Also, Whirlpool is terrible to deal with, I found out. (06/17/2006)

By Dean

Kenmore HE

I have a Kenmore HE front loading washer and dryer and I absolutely love them. Clothes are cleaner, less water, less electricity. I fill the washer with a load while the other is drying. When the washer is finished the cycle my clothes in the dryer are ready to come out. I would never go back to the previous washer dryer I had. I love it. (09/12/2006)

By Chouchi

Kenmore he3t

Wrinkles... I have a Kenmore HE3t and it wrinkles everything. I will not buy another front loader. (11/05/2006)

By Frank

Kenmore HE3t

We also have a Kenmore HE3t. Everyone raves about it and my husband loves it, but the wrinkling drives me nuts. The tumbling wash and the high speed spin dry get your clothes all knotted up and twisted around each other. Even if I shake everything out before putting it in the dryer, things still come out wrinkled. Maybe there's a trick that I don't know about? I can't imagine that other people iron everything that comes out of the dryer, as I have been doing since we bought the Kenmore. (12/03/2006)

By Sarah

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