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Help For Severe Eczema

I have had allergies, asthma, and eczema my whole life. I just celebrated my 28th birthday by staying home because I am embarrassed to be seen in public. My eczema was very severe from birth until I was about 5. In my teenage years, it was bad on the back of my legs only.

About 4 years ago, I got a severe sunburn on my face, neck, chest, and shoulders. I had to go to the hospital to be treated for it. Now, my eczema is all over my body but the most prominent spot where I was sunburned. I have been prescribed lots of creams and ointments and I am allergic to everything I have tried. Even if something works at first, I seem to develop an allergy to it.

My face just looks terrible all the time. I can't wear makeup anymore. I can apply moisturizer 7 times within 1 hour of getting out of the shower and my face still dries right up. It is flaky and red and I have scratched sores in it from itching so bad. If my face sweats, it instantly makes my eczema go crazy. The dryness in my face has started to cause deep wrinkles and I look much older than I am.


The only medication I have taken that clears it up and makes me look normal is prednisone. I know it is bad for me in the long run and in the past it made me gain a lot of weight but I don't know what to do now. When I take the last prednisone pill, I feel like I start itching from the inside out. My skin will still look normal from the prednisone treatment but it will be burning and itching so badly I can't stand it!

I have done elidel, protopic, cortisone, eucerin, Lubriderm, Crisco, dermatop, mineral oil, olive oil, and a million other things I can't even think of. I also have a baby girl who will be 2 next month. I don't want her to suffer because of my skin. It is not a vanity thing although I would like to feel presentable, it hurts all the time.

There are no more good days and it seems like no one can help me. Please help me if you have any ideas or advice. It is getting very depressing.



Eczema Help

My son had the same thing when he was an infant. Oddly, the breakouts would be confined to small areas of his hand and side of his face. My pediatrician recommended an over-the-counter cream called Eucerin...worked wonders!! (03/04/2005)

By Patti C

Eczema Help

Two suggestions to try that may at least help with the itching: 1) Crisco solid shortening, and 2) Noxzema cream. Good luck!


Tori (03/04/2005)

By truerblue

Eczema Help

Here is some information that may help you. I will try to find some more. You may try putting some Noxzema on the itchy ear, or don't laugh, Vick's salve can help alleviate the itching.

To prevent or reduce eczema flare-ups, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, dry air, harsh soaps and bubble baths. Use blankets and clothing made of cotton instead of more irritating fabrics, such as wool, or stiff synthetics, such as polyester. After showering or bathing, pat dry (rather than rub) so you leave a little moisture on your skin. Then apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to trap moisture in the skin. Use a humidifier to add moisture to indoor air during the winter heating season.

To help to prevent contact dermatitis, avoid skin contact with irritating chemicals, plants, jewelry and substances that trigger skin allergies. If you have severe varicose veins, you can help prevent stasis dermatitis by wearing compression stockings and by elevating your legs if you sit for long periods. Be alert for any reactions within 48 hours of using a medication. Antibiotics applied to the skin and taken by mouth can trigger a skin reaction such as hives on more sensitive skin. If this happens, call your doctor to get a substitute medication.


Your doctor usually will review your skin care routine to make sure you are doing everything possible to prevent symptoms. If, despite these measures, your eczema is bothersome, your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid ointment or cream for you to use on the affected area. In atopic dermatitis, mild or medium strength topical (applied to the skin) steroids generally are used, while the strongest steroids may be needed to treat allergic contact dermatitis. To relieve severe itching, your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine. If there are signs of bacterial skin infection, antibiotics usually are needed.

Sometimes, in very severe cases of eczema, your doctor will prescribe a short course of oral steroids or stronger medications that decrease the activity of the immune system. However, steroids taken for prolonged periods and other drugs that suppress the immune system can have serious side effects. They must be used cautiously. In some people, treatment with ultraviolet (UV) light is another option.

Seborrhea in adults is best treated with dandruff shampoo and, occasionally, with prescription antifungal facial creams or rinses. Cradle cap in infants eventually clears up without treatment, though it can last several months. The crust usually can be loosened by applying baby oil to the scalp 30 to 60 minutes before brushing with a soft brush and then washing with baby shampoo.

When treating a contact allergy in a child, avoid topical treatments containing antihistamines (such as calamine lotion with diphenhydramine) because too much antihistamine can be absorbed through the skin. Some children have a skin reaction to these treatments.

When To Call A Professional

Call your doctor if you have an area of skin that is red and very itchy, or skin that is cracked, blistered or painfully dry. Ask your doctor for an urgent evaluation if you have signs of infection an area of skin that is painful, has yellow drainage or has streaking or spreading redness.


The prognosis varies from person to person, depending on the type of eczema and its response to treatment. For example, most contact dermatitis heals within two to three weeks, while most stasis dermatitis lasts for years. Among children affected by atopic eczema, about half still will have the problem as adults.

Additional Info


By Kentucky-lass

Eczema Help

My daughter had eczema right under her eyes and in her eyelash line. Her doc told us to try baby shampoo. It doesn't have to be an expensive brand, any baby shampoo will do (I used some unknown brand that was less than $1). She washed under her eyes, as close to the lash line as she dared, and within 2 weeks it was completely gone, and it hasn't come back in the 2 months since. I don't know how or why, but it worked wonders! I really hope this helps.


terry (03/04/2005)

By terdralynn

Eczema Help

i am 42 yrs old and also right now have a outbreak of eczema ,around my eyelids. the best stuff to use is aveeno. i use the bar soap and lotion on my face. it seems that he could be alergic to maybe a certain shampoo or maybe a deodorant soap you are using.or maybe hot showers could trigger it also. also another lotion is aquaphor, over the counter.and is the makers of eucerin lotion. (03/04/2005)

By soccermom1019

Eczema Help

This condition varies from person to person. Tough call! Cetaphil
to wash and I believe they do make a lotion. Trying so many products could be the source of the problem. My son had white/pink spot on his eye lid and cheek under eye area about the size of a rectangle. It is now more like a square. We used hydrocortizone. We avoided sun when possible and never forgot the sunblock. He still has it but it is more noticiable in the summer as skin darkens. My advice is to seek a dermatologist. skin conditions vary so much individually. I suffer from acne and I use absolutely no lotion on my face, neck or back but I can on my arms, legs, sides,feet and buttocks. Go figure! I use Eucerin lotion and cetaphil wash for face and body. I can use Dove White. But no product with perfumes. Avoid those products. Go with basic products.Good luck! Skin conditions are difficult to control (03/04/2005)

By jjager

Eczema Help

As a baby I was covered with exzema. The pediatrician told my parents to bathe me in epsom salts water. My friends father was told by an old country doctor to mix boracic acid in vaseline and use as a salve.
Sometimes the old remedies are as good as the new ones. (03/04/2005)

By shirley

Eczema Help has a cream called Relief cream. The base of this cream is whole leaf Aloe Vera. Aloe has been used for centuries as a medecional plant. Relief cream is very good and inexpensive. good luck. jmouse (03/05/2005)

By jmouse

Eczema Help

Perhaps you could try an antifungal, such as athletes foot cream. (03/05/2005)

By Judy

Eczema Help

I too was recommended Eucerin - over the counter and used on newborns in the hospital, or so my Dr. told me. Also, nivea cream in the small round container is thick and works well. I've also found that St. Ives collegin elastin works wonders. (03/05/2005)

By Kelly

Eczema Help

AVEENO is a great non-stinging lotion. I have a skin disease and this is the only thing I've found that doesn't hurt. It doesn' "cure" anything, but it helps with itching and drying (03/05/2005)

By Mae

Eczema Help


Red Clover is a good substance for skin problems. I am an Independent Watkins Associate, and we carry a product called Red Clover Salve. It contains Red Clover Extract, Bee Pollen Extract, Vitamin E, and Beeswax (to help prevent reopening of any healing tissue) and these are in a base of olive and safflower oils. Lots of folks use this product for eczema or other skin rashes/problems, and it really helps. It's also good for cracked or chapped skin, cuticles, etc. It has a really nice smell to it as well. Let me know if you would like me to send you a catalog.

Trudy Powell (03/05/2005)

By Trudy Powell

Eczema Help

I get eczema on my chin. The Dr. prescribed Desonide Ointment 0.05%. This has cleared my eczema completely. (03/05/2005)

By Lois

Eczema Help

My daughter has eczema and the doctor told me to use reguar old petroleum jelly. It worked well, but she has it all over though and the Vaseline would stain her clothes and mine. So I have tried other things and found that Aquaphor and Corn Huskers oil work pretty good as well. (03/06/2005)

By Jennifer

Eczema Help

I am intrigued by Terry's daughter's experience with baby shampoo. This sounds like it's worth a easy, cheap, and harmless.

I'll tell you what worked for me. I lived with mild but persistent eczema on my abdomen for about a year before I decided (having read that sunlight helped) to try a tanning bed. I saw an immediate improvement, and after my third visit, it was completely gone. (I stayed in only about ten minutes each time; the goal is not to get an actual tan.) That was nine years ago, and it hasn't returned. I haven't been back in a tanning bed, either. I know they are not considered safe, which is why I suggest this only as a last resort. (03/07/2005)

By Papillon

Eczema Help

Try" Willard Water", they have a website you can check out. (03/11/2005)

By darween

Eczema Help

TANNING BED, it really does work! I have mild eczema and it of course gets worse every winter to the point where I scratch in my sleep. 10 minutes 3 times a week in a bed will definitly do the trick. Start off with 7 minutes as gradually move up. Just be sure your not in a ULTRA bed that will burn your son. Another helpful hint, avoid hot water. It makes it worse. In fact my dr. suggested avoiding a "complete" bath everyday. (03/23/2005)

By shaun

Eczema Help

If everything else fails. You gotta try (b)Skin-E-Dip(/b).
I know it sounds like a funky name but it reallyreally works. They have incredible results and testimonials. Its also very safe and has no steriod or antibiotic ingredients.

By Taylor Shane

Eczema Help

I have exzema on my scalp. Anybody have any ideas to treat it without staining all of my bedding? Thanks, Authumn (04/08/2005)

By Authumn

Help For Severe Eczema

I've had the same skin condition for years. Ive had it on my back, arm, legs, ankles & head. When i was a infant my parents would take me to the hospital for ultra violet treatments. That helped but not for long. I was also given shots & creams but that too didnt last long. At one time the doctor told my parents to give me once a day some cooking oil to drink thinking that would help my skin. That didnt work. All that did was make me feel ill. Now iam 48 years old & only have a touch of eczema on my hand & finger. My doctor perscribed something new to me. Its called Clobetasol Propionate Ointment. Its amazing how fast this stuff worked for me. There is such a change in the appearence of my skin in one application. It takes so much redness out & smoothes the skin out. Hope this helps. (05/16/2005)

By sandy

Help For Severe Eczema

I hope this helps. I have eczema and all 3 of my kids have it. The doctor told me to limit the amount of acidic foods you eat. We don't eat a lot of high acid foods like anything made with tomatoes-- ketchup, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce. And don't eat too many oranges,lemons, limes, grapefruit and limit the juice you drink from these fruits. You can still eat them but don't eat them or drink them in excess. Maybe you could try it. It worked for us. (05/17/2005)

By luv2craft

Help For Severe Eczema

This link has a lot of information on possible things that are aggravating the problem that you might want to look into:

Susan from ThriftyFun (05/17/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Help For Severe Eczema

Are you sure it's eczema? It might be psoriasis. My sister has had that since she was 11 years old. There are special medications and treatments available for psoriasis - ask your dermatologist about it. (05/17/2005)

By tedsmom

Help For Severe Eczema

I've read that soaking in a bath with dead sea salts in it is very helpful ... (05/17/2005)

By Ela

Help For Severe Eczema

When I was 2 or 3, I had it so bad on my feet i had to wear plastic bags on my feet to keep the ointment on. Don't remember how it went away, but when I was 18, after Mother passed away, it came back with a vengence on hands and feet. Treated it with cortisone shots, about twice a year, but that just made it bearable. Then when I was 23, Dad passed away, and it came back again (ya think it may have something to do with stress?) on my feet. My dermatologist suggested putting smaller injections of the cortisone in the wounds themselves. I had nearly 100 shots on my toes and feet. Yes it was difficult and mildly painful, but nothing compared to what the scratching was doing. I had no top layer of skin. It has been 13 years now, and I have gone thru many more stressful times in my life, but it has not been back. Hope maybe this helps.

By Julie

Help For Severe Eczema

I had severe exzema as a baby. My parents just didn't have the money to keep experimenting with meds. An old country doctor said to bathe me in epsom salts.(worked for me). My friends father was told to put boracic acid powder in vaseline and mix thoroughtly. It worked for him. (05/17/2005)

By siris

Help For Severe Eczema

Try a nutritional treatment. I have had allergies all my life. That changed when I discovered megadoses of Vitamin C. Check for more info.

Vitamin A is also important for healthy skin. You need to look into the possiblity of spreading an A preparation on the skin. It is possible to overdose on Vitamin A taken orally. Good luck to you (05/17/2005)

By Barbaral

Help For Severe Eczema

My friend got rid off hers in a tanning salon. The heat must have done it (05/17/2005)


Help For Severe Eczema

Try castor oil!
Laww (05/17/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Help For Severe Eczema

I would like to suggest that you use coconut oil.
Read what they have to say about the type of coconut oil needed.
And if you find it doesn't work, you can always cook with it! The stuff lasts a loooong time on the shelf. (05/17/2005)

By Holly

Help For Severe Eczema

Another thing that helps my husb. who came back from the Gulf War with skin problems, flakes and dry, red, itchy. He has 4 prescription shampoos,
lotions gazillions...what helps sometimes when it is
really bad: Oatmeal buy generic oatmeal and put some in a clean white sock and use it while in shower
and in bath use. He gets it wet in bath and applies
it to his arms and such, we buy Aveno too but Oatmeal is cheap and helps.
I had a prescrip. meds called Attarax something like that really helped I scratched my face, arms raw, lots of stress did it to me this med helped and I keep the bottle for emergency.
GOOD LUCK! Let us know if anything helps we are
rooting for you!
Annie (05/17/2005)

By meoowmom

Help For Severe Eczema

try I pulled up 10 pages of articles on eczema on this doctor's site, he is a nutritional expert, very highly regarded. I have gotten his newsletter for years. If I had your condition, I think I would try the fish oil capsules. (05/18/2005)

By Levada

Help For Severe Eczema

I have tried many of the suggested treatments, some worked temporarily some didn't. The vaseline made mine much worse,since it has a petroleum base. Hot showers are bad.Zinc supplements work well, my zinc level was very low when tested. Noxzema has worked well for me.Found out I was allergic to soy, much better since eliminating that.Selsun Blue has cleared up my scalp completely, what a joy!Expensive prescriptions did nothing for my psoriasis. (05/18/2005)

By ScotFinn

Help For Severe Eczema

Have You tried Aloe Vera? sells several products that will help. There Aloe is grown in green houses and say that you cannot be alergic to it. They also have several Tree Tea Oil products in an Aloe base. Tree Tea is anti fungal and anti bacterial. One of the owners of the Company is a Nurse and practices Holistic and natural healing. They also have a money back if it don't help. Look them up, you can't loose. good luck and god be ith you. (05/18/2005)


By jmouse13

Help For Severe Eczema

I too, have had eczema all my life. I find it is definitely stress related. Also, I have seasonal allergies and I find it is worst this time of year as my body is busy fighting off the pollen I am allergic too.
Visit -- this is a company that sells lotions and body washes made with Dead Sea salt. Always helps me. Also, I find if I am able to visit the beach and stay out in the ocean for a while my skin is always soothed. Good Luck! (05/18/2005)

By Valerie

Help For Severe Eczema

Try Elocom. (05/18/2005)

By Lorz

Help For Severe Eczema

Hi. I'm 40 years old and have had really bad eczema, allergies and asthma all through my life. I know what you are going through because I was there too. I tried everything and nothing ever seemed to work and got really sick and tired of everyone telling me to try Product X or technique Y because "it works miracles". My only advice is to hang in there. Stress definitely exacerbates eczema. I finally found a regimen that works for me. Keep looking for better doctors who understand the problem and that it's just not a 'skin rash'. I finally found one and it was night and day. Good luck.

Oh yeah, in really really bad eczema, staph infections are a severe problem and can keep the eczema going. If your doctor doesnt' know this, get another one. (06/08/2005)

By Steve

Help For Severe Eczema

I'm 19 and I have had eczema off and on for a while. It gets so bad I can't wear anything short sleeved or short pants. I have sores all over my body. I find that neosporin works wonders no joke. It helps clear it up and it moisturizes. After I clear it up I go tanning regularly because the heat keeps my skin from being itchy. Anyways cover your face so you don't get wrinkles. Also use a lotion because it cooks it into your skin. Then moisturize afterwards. Also try removing foods from your diet like milk, eggs, and flour. Do this slowly and see if it makes a difference. Using steriods on your skin only causes it to thin and have stretch marks remember that and use it only as a last resort. OH another thing is I know this sounds dumb. But if scratching is a must either wear gloves to bed or go get acrylic nails. They won't break the skin when you scratch. Satin sheets also help. (06/14/2005)

By Nicole

Help For Severe Eczema

I've had eczema now for 17 years. Seems during stressful times or when I get an injury (like a rash, callus, scrap, or sunburn) I develop a new patch. I had one large patch all down my right leg that lasted for over 6 years. I finally go rid of it (all any my new patches) by getting some sun on my leg. It's the UV that does it, so don't use sunblock! I have to be REALLY careful not to burn myself because that would just make it worse, but by getting just a little bit of sun each day (or you can use a tanning salon in winter) and keeping it moisturized, it is completely gone and I have no scars. (06/15/2005)

By Trix

Help For Severe Eczema

i know how you feel, and it can be awful. i have had eczema my whole life. i am 37. it was very severe and spent much of my life on creams and oral steroids and light treatments, naturopaths, you name it, i tried it. at last i have found my answer, sounds weird, but it's noxzema! i wash with noxzema triple clean in the shower and then use the original noxzema as a moisterizer afterwards. i have been almost completely clear for 2 1/2 years now. i am not the only one, i have other friends who are also finding relief with this. as for the prednisone, try getting your dr. to prescribe you a antibiotic instead, i used to get both at the same time but hated the side effects of the steroids i thought i'd just try the antibiotics alone and what do you know, everything cleared up. i believe eczema has more to do with dealing with a skin bacteria rather than trying to suppress our immune system. so i can see there has been alot of ideas floating around here which is great, i hope one of them works for you and you find some relief as i did. good luck and you are not alone. (07/02/2005)

By nicola

Help For Severe Eczema

I use unrefined shea butter (make sure it's unrefined - basically just scraped out of the nut and plopped in the jar. do a google search and you'll find a number of places that sell it). It was like a miracle after years of steroids and other lotions and therapies. I've also found that noxzema helps if I get itchy. I do still break out occasionally, mainly from stress, and both of these methods have worked for me. Neither of which were mentioned by my dermatologists over the years. (07/28/2005)

By hennessey

Help For Severe Eczema

I understand the embarrassment and frustration you feel. For me Noxema wasn't good and I was severely allergic to that as a child. I recommend staying natural if possible. The pure Shea butter soap and moisturizer are great for the skin. Also, I swear by FRESH ALOE. Cut of a piece and rub your skin topically with the aloe, the gel part inside the plant. It'll sooth, peel the dead, damaged skin off. Do that until it heals. You can also use it as a part of your daily skin regimen. NOte you can take the aloe leaf and blend it in some juice, it's bitter but it serves to clean you internally including the blood, which people with eczema need. If you want add a little sugar and other fruits to mask the bitter taste. I hope this helps. You can e-mail @ if you want to talk further about these methods. I know this works but I'm using the aloe now on my skin and it's health and peeling the dead skin off, including any discoloration from the damage of be scratching etc.

If possible try and soak in a warm bath with dead sea salt, if you live near the ocean, then soak in the water for awhile. I find that this is extremely soothing for the skin, along with the aloe externally and internally. If you take it internally 2x daily for 5 to max. 10 days. If possible try and do it for the maximum time.

Best wishes (08/04/2005)

By Gina

Help For Severe Eczema

Dear Kori,

I have a friend who used to have very bad eczema for about 10 years. Recently, she has recovered from it, its amazing! She was so relief at last! She has been feeding herself with probiotic and it works wonders. It not only helped her with her eczema problem but also with her overall health and especially it has improved her immune system tremendously. Remember, powder and liquid form does not work, only the live one works ya. If you want, you can write to celinelimwk @ (remove spaces). She can give you more details. Hope you will recover soon! Cheers! (09/13/2005)

By Angeline

Help For Severe Eczema

I have eczema on my eyes as well. It is totally different from eczema on any other part of the body. The skin is sooo sensitive!! As of right now I have a horrible patch on my eye, I REALLY sympathize with you. I too have tried simply every remedy. I have found that long term treatment with hydrocotizone will thin the skin, so it is not good to use around the eyes, in fact many eczema products should not be used around the eyes. I am allergic to vitamin E and cannot use one product for too long because my skin will develop a dislike for it. I have been doing this for so long, if there were a cure I would know about it. Prednisone is horrible!! I also have asthma and have taken it every year. I cried when my doctor prescribed it for me again. I will never take it again, I feel like I am not in my own skin. The best thing has been mentioned and that is not to stress, or at least find a way that you can destress. It will have to be your own way. I like yoga, cooking and drawing. Especially cooking ; ) I also like a topical with SMALL amounts of menthol or camphor to help cool it, being very careful not to get it in my eye. Plain yogart also helped me, in fact for a while that was all I could wash my face with. I do Vippassana meditation as well. is where I heard about it. These are things that help me. The nicest thing to know is that we are made up of trillions of atoms that are are rising and passing a trillion times a second. We are constantly changing. This will not last forever.
Drink LOTS of water eat your veggies and fruits and do something you love. It really does help. If you would like to just chat you and e-mail me at nkzaccari @ (remove spaces). I hope you find some relief.

By Natalie

Help For Severe Eczema

wow, I'm sorry that you have such daughter is 13 and her eczema gets so bad when she sweats~she is a extreme athlete and it is hard on her~I;m wondering if tanning booths help~ (10/21/2005)


help for eczema

im only twelve and i have had exzema my whole life. my skin gets great during the summer but during the winter its horrible. my skin gets itchy and so dry that the skin will start flaking. i started going to a homopathic doctor who has helped me he gives out remedies that work just for you. my skin still isnt as good as i hope it would be but ive been hearing that tanning beds really help so i plan to go to one soon. to help u should shorten showers and make sure they arent real hot, the cooler they are the better and use greasy moisturisers. (11/01/2005)

By Rhiley

Help For Severe Eczema

I also suffered with allergies, asthma, and horrific eczema. The eczema haunted me into my late teens. I never eat eggs and I don't drink milk very often. This was true with my late teens so it makes me wonder if I have or had an allergy to them.

My son started out just like me with allergies, asthma, and eczema from birth. Not wanting him to suffer I had him tested for the causes of his allergies. He has quite a list but at the top were eggs and dairy products. He just turned 11 yesterday and has outgrown the dairy allergy but the eggs will set off the sneezing, itching, and a severe eczema break out.

I suppose my point to all this is have you had your allergies diagnosed? Maybe changing your diet will help? Best of luck. (11/02/2005)


Help For Severe Eczema

I do vinegar baths(sometimes infused with helpful herbs)
and alternate with salt baths ---
vinegar also relieves itching --I have a history of autoimmune problems (11/15/2005)

By patricia

Help For Severe Eczema

Hi Kori,
I know about eczema and have had a bit of it myself (not as bad as you though) It is uncomfortable and for you i understand it hurts your self esteem.
The reason I am responding is that there is a product in canada Called UMAC, it is 100% natural and from the pacific ocean! It has worked for MANY others with eczema and psoriasis.
I stumbled on this site because I am on the USA marketing team for this product, at this stage I am sure you are wanting anything to help you out. I am positive this will work for you please visit our website (it will redirect you to the canadian site) but I would love to hear from you call me at 1(250).244.3517 Or email me at

I know I can help!

UMAC Rep. (11/18/2005)

By Jesse

Help For Severe Eczema

i can just say that i have been there. it helps me to go to the tanner for a few first skin is more inflamed, but next day better. exercise helps too. i also get worse with sweat, but after exercising for a week, and just trudging through the worsening, it really gets better. my thought is that the exercise helps with the stress (life stress or just stress of dealing with eczema). also, confronting and dealing with any anger in your life, is necessary to truly recover for long periods of time. i really think that some people get ulcers, some heart disease, some eczema, as a result of genetics and stress. we can't control genetics (at this point), but we can deal with negative stress to at least somewhat help our eczema. it is not ever really curable, but manageable.
you will wear makeup again someday, i know it! (11/19/2005)


Help For Severe Eczema

I am 23 and just got diagnosed with having eczema....I can not believe that there are so many of you that have lived with it for years on end. I can not stand the discomfort. I am lucky as I work in a tanning salon and there fore can go whenever I can (as I've heard this helps) They just gave a a cream called elecom but i can only use it once a day!!!! it works for the first hour but the other 23 hrs are terrible my back will NOT stop itching. Are there certain creams that u can use to releive the itch???? and my big question is when tanning are you supposed to use lotion or would that make my sores more sensitive? If any one has the answer to that question pls let me know....u can email bernadett_p @ (remove spaces)
Thank you, and good luck to all of you that are dealing with this and hats off to those that have dealt with it for years......YOU ARE STRONG!!! (11/24/2005)

By bp

Help For Severe Eczema

My mom was told by a friend to try selson blue shampoo. All you do is rub some on the area, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off. You can do it as often as you need. I don't know if it gets rid of the problem, but it really relieves the itching. Also, aveeno oatmeal bath works. I used that for my baby when she had eczema. (11/27/2005)

By sweetiekayk

Help For Severe Eczema

That is great to hear...I have found the same thing - with no doctor to explain is amazing. It probably numbs the skin...but it must do is better than steroids...and even helps in scalp problems. And for sun burns it is the best too. Really amazing how it works...wonder if it has any negative effects - although I really doubt it is worse than cortisone which is the only other thing which works for eczema. BUT watch out the new "normal/dry skin moisturizer" in the same container and print and a disaster for someone with sensitive skin. It burns off the top layer of my skin. OUCH. The burn lasted about three I tired to figure out why this had happened. First I thought they had changed the recipe once they finally gave the ingredients... ...but then I found out the real reason. I had been fooled into buying something I had not intended. Original on the label is what one has to look for...NOT Normal. You must carefully read the base of the label to tell the difference. It is very difficult to read even though I have good eyesight. I hope the company changes their labeling of this new and inferior ("normal/dry..")product. I do not know why they replace a great Original product with a terrible one...I guess they do not know - or respect their long-term satisfied customers with very sensitive skin. There must be someone in the medical field out there smart enough to know why for decades Noxzema has worked so well for those with dermatitis ...especially eczema. I have yet to find a doctor world-wide who really understands this problem...although they are learning lots...such as the impact our nerves, stress and allergies and dry skin and opportunistic staph or fungal infections. Most of the doctors seem to still disregard how well Noxzema Original cream works in resolving eczema and preventing breakouts - and easing the itching and quickly healing the broken skin. It allows the skin to heal back to the barrier it should be...and prevents other problems. Customers should be aware that "normal" formula is not the same at all as the "original" version. Why did a good company create this confusing labeling? Go figure. The "Normal" is simply terrible for me...and likely others too. I shudder to think what happens when a busy mom who puts this caustic :normal" formula on their child (who would start screaming!) and did not notice the difference in labeling..and then elderly? Well there is no way they will notice the difference...fully expecting the soothing effect of Original Noxzema...and then wondering why they got burned...literally. It is really easy to make this mistake right now with their present labeling as of Dec 2005. There are so many Noxzema no-name clones that I have had problems with due to their ingredients...but unfortunately now I do not even trust Noxzema due to their "normal" problem. I have requested Noxzema correct the labeling...and hope they do. But in the meantime be careful not to mistake these products. Use original.
cheers...and merry Christmas or whatever is your thing.

By Dog Patch

Help For Severe Eczema

Your story is mine.
I understand. (01/13/2006)

By Guest

Help For Severe Eczema

I suffer severe eczema, which gets worse in the winter of course. It gets so bad i bleed all over the place. After 3 weeks of tanning the eczema is almost completely gone as well as my acne. Not only has my eczema improved the tan looks great. It works everytime just takes a little time. Each time I tan and take a break the eczema comes back, but not as severe... I wonder if I can kill it off once and for all? Good luck everyone, hang in there. (01/23/2006)

By Jeff

Help For Severe Eczema

I am 14 and in highschool. I had eczema as a baby and it came back again last year. I know how it feels, everyone looks at me passing by in the hallway. I using a really strong oil based steroid cream for about 3 days and my eczema has almost completely cleared up. I've stopped using it now and only put some vaseline on my face about twice a day. It hasn't come back yet and I hope it doesn't decide to anytime soon. Good luck everyone! (02/01/2006)

By Krista

Help For Severe Eczema

I am so relieved to finally find other people with my same problem! I have had eczema my entire life. I'll be thirty this year. I used to only get it inside my elbows and knees, my doctor always told me it would go away when I got older. He was wrong! Right now I have it on my eyes, mouth, neck, arms, chest, hands and legs. I have to wait a month to finally see an allergist and see what I am allergic to. I have tried all kinds of steroid creams, elidel, mymix( a new one), everything! I can't wear my contact lenses so I'm wearing my glasses and not wearing make-up right now. I know the feeling of being miserable and feeling unattractive. I'm going to try the probiotics. I live in south florida and this is still following me throughout my life! I wish all of you luck, and the sun really does help. (02/15/2006)

By Amanda

Sun & Salt Water

When my sister was married, I talked to her make-up artist who suffered from eczema. He had a dermatologist who very honestly told him there was no real "cure" for it -- it would most likely recur -- but the best thing for eczema was sun and salt water. Because of this, the man took up surfing (we were in CA, so the Pacific Ocean) and his eczema pretty much disappeared. I also suffer from eczema, which is triggered mostly by stress though I also have allergies and asthma. Since moving to the Midwest, I have started taking baths with Dead Sea salts and it's very helpful. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do in the winter to help the fact that the sun doesn't shine as much and I'm layered with clothing. I thought this might be helpful, though, to those of you with access to sunny weather and salt water.

Also, I wanted to add that more than one dermatologist has recommended Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and Cetaphil cleansers to me during flare-ups. These are two products that are extremely gentle and have no allergic side effects. If the itching is unbearable, you might also want to mix a bit of hydrocortisone with the Vaseline in the palm of your hand before applying it. I'm very careful not to use many steriod creams bc prolonged use or use of very strong steroid creams can cause skin discoloration -- after awhile, they even become less effective. I also like Mymix quite a bit. It has to be prescribed but it's non-steroid and the first two ingredients listed are purified water and olive oil.

Some people may also want to experiment with their diet by eliminating sugar and dairy. I've heard it helps some.

Good luck. :)


Help For Severe Eczema

i just recently got eczema all over my face. at first i thought it was acne which was strange because my skin is typicaly flawless. now my pores are clogged and yellow, my skin looks and feels rough and uneven, and to top it all off, im oily and heavy moistuizing gives me more pimples. nothing has worked yet (elidel, tanning, lotions and herbal remedys) but i'm still hoping for the best, but i think the worst part is how bad my pores looks. has anyone else had that problem? (03/09/2006)

By Steph C

Help For Severe Eczema

I just wanted to say don't give up! It sounds like this must be hard to deal with on a social or emotional level. I know some days when my acne is bad and I can't get my makeup to cover it with out making myself totally orange I either don't go or arrive late to class. So silly of me.
I have exzima too. Had it when I was a kid used moisturizer all the time then it went away untill this winter. I'm in a very moist climate and don't know whats wrong. Maybe my diet or lack of sun. Its to the point of bleeding on the back of my legs, rashy all over my back and arms and bottom. Lately on my breasts too.... super dry there aswell. Any ideas?
I heard that a tanning session can help.I think I'll try that. It makes sense. I mean ezcima gets better in the summer so sun must play a role. (03/30/2006)


Help For Severe Eczema

I have eczema as well, all over my shins and on my left arm (for some reason it's more dominant on my left side). What I have found to help is a topical steriod: TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE OINTMENT. I apply it every morning and so far my eczema has been pretty managable. I also have pretty bad skin allergies, so I'm allergic to most lotions, but one that I've found is Eucerin. I'm also trying tanning beds, to see if that helps. But I have a question too:

From constant scratching, I've developed dark scars all over my there anything I can do to lighten them, that won't cause an allergic reaction (or the eczema to act up)? (04/07/2006)

By Jenna

Help For Severe Eczema

Ok, I have a daughter that is 11 soon to be 12 in july she has had severe eczema since the day she was born...i also have done all remedies...the only way to get this problem under control is what i have done.get it from the inside out....she takes on a daily basis 2 antioxidents olive leaf extract and green tea extract, fish oil, omega 3 oil, magnesium calcium and zinc...and vitamin D! Also last november I spent like $400 in drs cause she came home from school looking like she was burned from head to was another 1 of her many staph infections, she has been is all over her body!! allergic to everything...she has been put on all meds..for allergies and eczema but after a while she got imune to we were getting her hair cut in december of 05, and the guys that own the salon was lookin at her skin and said you know we have like 12 people that come in to tan for her i did some research on it and it is the same thing that the dermotologist uses for light therapy just $65 a visit or she started layin in the tanning bed in dec and has not been on ANY meds at all since...she gets a little red when she gets hot at the bends of her knees and arms but NO where near what it steriods no creams no nothing...has not been back to the dr since....she has to continue with a good lotion but that is its..she does lay in a more expensive bed but it is the ones that block97% of the UV rays...but she is healthier and i recomend it to anybody!! She lays in it every other day now...and she can play and participate in gym good luck (04/22/2006)

By sandy

Help For Severe Eczema

another helpful info...if you have an outbreak of eczema or just itching...what i have found that only works...before the tanning bed and herbs...and even now if she gets too soak in a bath of epsom salt, peroxide, and oatmeal...with about a capful of tea tree oil..also you can use vasaline, tea tree oil, and cocoa butter oil and as a rub! Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic so it works for everything... (04/22/2006)

By sandy

Help For Severe Eczema

I am sixteen years old and have had eczema for my whole life. . . I found that using Vaseline Intensive Care: Healthy Body Comlextion lotion when I get out of the shower helps a whooooole lot. Also not drying my body and just letting it slef dry helps too. I am also allergic to chlorine so i don't get to go swimming a whole lot either but when I do -using vaseline:petroleum jelly afterwards(must take a shower when i get out of the water) also helps a lot too. I understand how all of you feel I once looked like I had chicken pox and the dermatologist told me that there was nothing that he could do becuase it was just my allergic reaction to chlorine. My eczema eases up in the summer and I think it is from the sun -I live in Kentucky and get a ton of sun in the summer- so I try to lay out and go to tanning beds so the uv rays will clear up a tough break out. They usually work and I think that everyone should know these facts before trying all kinds of crazy remedies--but one that works is grounding up regular oatmeal (like the kind you eat) and then dropping it into some steaming bath water and it will soothe your skin in the winter time. This past winter I have found that Eucerin cream also works- but I only put it on my face because it is extremely thick and irritates the rest of my body. If you find any other remedies or something new to help get through the tough years of eczema please, PLEASE, email me -- -- thank you for listening to my information to help you!! (04/22/2006)

By Hannah

Help For Severe Eczema

I had eczema when I was still a kid on my elbow and I had noticed that every time I had pineapple it would become very itchy. But reaching teenage it completely disapperared until the last 5 years but this time on my face between my nose and cheeks and also on my chest. Fortunately the one on my chest has gone completely....I really don't know how... but the one on my face has grown to parts of my eyebrows, chin and my ears. Sometimes there is no sign of it at if my skin is perfect but sometimes it will become red, sore and you can even peel the skin off from the areas, fortunately it is not itchy.
I have noticed that household chemical products is one of the reasons that arouse the irritation. Chillies and spicy food are another reasons but sometimes even without these reasons mentionned it will just appear. I have tried many cream like E45, Diprobase but with no positive result. Someone told me to use a paste of honey and cinnamon others would say to use paste of oats, honey and almond oil ....I have tried all but no great result. I have even been to a chinese herbalist who has given me some herbs to drink and some cream to apply on the areas. The cream was quite helpful but the herbs were quite expensive and I dont think it would have cured it so I ve stopped this treatment. Just recently I have been given two cream by a French dr which are very good - Efficort and Ketoderm. They are very good but unfortunately they do contain hydrocortisone. Now to add to my misery the affected areas are turning to a dark surface. It is mostly on my cheeks and nose ....I just hope it disapper just like the one I had on my chest. (04/27/2006)

By Kevin F

Help For Severe Eczema

I am 28 yrs old & I have had eczema for 15 yrs. They actually diagnosed me w/psoriasis first. For 10 yrs I was using the creams and medications for psoriasis. So I was drying myself out instead of moisturizing. In 2001, I went to see a dermatologist, and she found that I didn't have psoriasis, I had eczema. I had it really bad on my head. I would have clumps of scabs. I would pick at my head so bad it would bleed. She took my creams away and prescribed me new ones. I was using Protopic, Cutar, and Dermatop. She prescribed me 2 special shampoos. Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo and Nizoral. Nizoral you can get over the counter now. They really worked! The Protopic would burn my face, so she gave me Elidel. That did not work at all and burned my face more! Finally she gave me Dermatop. It does work, but you can only apply 5 days on 5 days off. Since it's steroid, obviously you can't use it that often. I do get Kenalog shots. That really helped! Last year was a bad year for me & I got 4 shots. I was feeling better but I gained 18lbs. Last year was the worst year I have had ever! As far as moisturizer, those name brand items don't work. Believe it or not I use Suave. They have this new one out for Sensitive Skin w/Aloe and Cucumber. They have all different types, but that's the one I use. It works great and it feels awesome. For my face, I use Aquafor. It's kind of like Vaseline. It works! I don't wash my face very often, but when I do, I use Aquafil (ask your pharmacist to order it, it's not prescription) or Johnson & Johsnon shampoo & I use baby wash cloths. They work! I also you the Johnson & Johnson as a body wash. It's soap-free. Also, PAT yourself when you dry. Don't rub your face! My face has been flaring up lately. I'm going to try the tanning thing and see what happens. During the summer, I'm fine, so we'll see what happens with the tanning. If anyone has any other ideas, please email @ shortee_18 (at) Hopefully one day we'll fine a cure! (05/11/2006)

By Dez

Help For Severe Eczema

Please look into Shaklee products for your personal and home cleaning. The personal products are designed to nourish, repair, and help skin with eczema and other issues. The supplements (EPA or Fish oil is vital for healthy skin, and all the B's) are backed by over 80 peer reviews and THOUSANDS of clinical studies. The home care products are organic and highly concentrated and can save you alot of pain (literally) and money. You can check out their website at I am an independant distributor that has had my own results, and everything is 100% money back guaranteed, even if you use it all. You can email me at or please check into a local distributor in your area!

Kelly (05/11/2006)

By camo_angels

Help For Severe Eczema

For all of you psoriasis & eczema sufferers, or loved ones of psoriasis & eczema sufferer, there's hope. check out my website at TheArbonne (swiss formulated) ABC baby line is great for healing eczema. All of Arbonne's products are pure botanical product. no mineral oil, not tested on animals either.
If you would like for me to email you testimonials from a dermatologist and a pediatrician in regards to this email me at
NO MORE SUFFERING...Best of luck (07/12/2006)


Help For Severe Eczema

My friend Piper has a son Brody that suffered with severe eczema. She didn't even want to have him take his one year pictures. I could send you a free sample of the lotion she used. I will list my name and address: Linda Tully 8371 W. Maya Drive Peoria, AZ 85383. My phone number is 623-362-3982. Email me at tstully AT or drop me a line and I will try to help.

Linda (08/09/2006)

By Linda Tully

Help For Severe Eczema

I have very sensitive skin--it runs in my family. Sarnol lotion from the doctor works well and even smells good. I have to take great care when bathing--hot water makes me break out, so warm is as hot as I can go. Aveeno unscented bath liquid with colloidal oatmeal is all I can use on my body. Baby shampoo works best. Only pat skin dry or dry naturally without towels. Miracle rash repair cream works well, too.
Drink tons of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out.
Good luck to everyone.
I haven't been diagnosed with exczema. I have been told all they can figure out is that I must be allergic to my own blood.
Strange thing is my hubby's leg looks like mine now since he's had a blood clot and an infection.
I'm in remission right now, but reading all this is getting me itchy. (08/09/2006)

By Sandy from WI

Help For Severe Eczema

I know how you feel. I know how it is to stay at home, hardly ever meeting anyone and be in constant pain. I have had eczema my whole life. In my teens it got terrible in my face which really affected my confidence. I was depressed almost every day for at least five years. I tried oral and topical steriods, protopic, phototheraphy, homeopathy... I kept asking the doctors if there was something that could be triggering my exzema. In the end I had a contact allergy test done. It turned out I was allergic to nail varnish that I was wearing quite a lot at the time. Once I stopped wearing it my eczema got so much better. I still get terrible break-outs sometimes but it is often associated with a new schampoo or washing detergent. If you haven't got a test done already make sure you get one. Bring all the creams, schampoos etc that you are using and test them as well. Also get a thorough test for food allergies done. Nothing might come up on the tests but it is still worth it. Finally I think you need counselling. Severe eczema is a serious condition. The social aspect is as much of concern as the medical one. You need to get your life back! (08/25/2006)

By ella

Help For Severe Eczema

My son is 4 months and has very bad ezcema to the point that his skin is lighter in spots, we are looking for something that works, he seems to be allergic to everything. It breaks our hearts to see him go through this, he can't sleep well at night because his skin bothers him.We have not taken many pictures because of his ezcema. The doctors are't much help, we get most of our soutions from the internet. So if anyone has any tips we are very willing to hear and consider them. (08/25/2006)

By B. Freeman

Help For Severe Eczema

I'ev had ezcema for 28 years now. I had the same problem as Kori (the one that started this thread)... nothing seems to work permanently for me. Elidel was terrible, anything that had the mention of steriod would jus make my skin thin out and turn black. But thankfully I can keep it under control. I have ezcema all over my entire body, but its worst at my joints. So, I started to do some research and lot of tests of stuff on my own skin.

You might be eating something thats causing your ezcema to react, maybe cutting something out of your diet may help ease the problem, for me it was Apples (which I love). Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about this. They can let you know what foods have high acid contents and such that causes ezcema irratations.


Clothing makes all the difference. Try to go for smooth, non texture cotton clothing, wash clothes, towels. Textured fabrics causes irritation and itching, such as well and certain linens. Cotton is very breathable and thats one thing your skin needs the most.

Drink PLENTY of water. Keeping yourself hydrated internally means your skin will have somewhere to draw some moisture from. Oh yeah, NO HOT showers, baths... they just evaporate water right off your skin. Luke-warm water is the best way to go.

Washing is the hardest part , cause alot of the cleaning products out there cause SEVERE skin irritation or tears through your natural protective barrier on your skin in order to clean your skin. CeraVe and Cetaphil make a non-pore clogging hypo allergenic body wash and bar soap. Also there is a orange tranparent soap called Pears thats pretty good. But I would recommend CeraVe and Cetaphil over any other soaps and body washes any day. They don't produce suds and are free of alot of chemicals that other cleansing agents have. You can pick them up at any Rite-Aid, Eckerd, Wal-greens for reasonable pricing. There are a couple online soaps that sell the Pears soap, but they are REALLY expensive for some reason.

Inbetween your regular showers, you might want to think about taking an oatmeal and epsom salt bath once or twice a month. Oatmeal and epsom salt are both natural cleansers that draw toxins out of the skin and help regulate alot of the enzymes in your body. True the epsom salt might make your skin dry, but the skin will be free of some of the pollutants, creams, lotions, etc, that attaches to the skin on a daily basis. Normally I take one about once every three weeks.

What I do is get the Aveeno oatmeal baths and dissolve that into a tub of luke warm water. Have handy about 3 cups of epsom salt (its REALLY inexpensive, so dont worry). I get into the oatmeal bath and take small handfuls of the epsom salt and dissolve it into the water. I do that until i feel the water get slightly salty and tingly. You dont need alot, but take your time and soak and rinse down with the water. Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel while you're in the bath. Use your hands to splash water on your body if your can or massage the water with gentle circles around your body. Rinse, PAT yourself dry and lotion down. Its very refreshing and you'd be surprised at the dirt that comes off your skin.

As far as lotions go, Eucerin and Dermasil are FANTASTIC lotions to use when the weather is normal. You know, not to cold or too hot and humid. They tend to be heavy creams and clog the heck out of your pores, which causes irritation. CeraVe and Cetaphil both make non-pore clogging and water based lotions and creams. The down side is that since its a water based item you might have to use it more than once.

As far as lotions go, the ones that cause the least amount of irritation for me are the ones that are water based and non pore clogging. Oil based ones tend to work better for me in the winter time.

There's a gel made by DermaRest for Psoriasis control.
If you want, once you are done your bath or shower, you can put on the DermaRest on your REALLY bad areas and then use the lotion to cover over your ENTIRE body. This has helped me on days when the winter winds are REALLY strong, the gel helps hold on to some of the moisture and keeps my skin from flaking off.

Aveeno lotions and creams dont seem to do much to my skin, they just seem to sit on top of my skin, but i still feel really dry.

One thing i forgot to mention... avoid ANY foods that have MSG in it. Your entire body will thank you for that one.

This last tip is for people who want a skin "reset". Coal Tar baths. You can only get it by prescription or being admitted into a hospital. You have to avoid being in the sun or any strong UV light for about three to four days, but it will pretty much "RESET" the top layer of your skin. It may even cause it to PEEL off, as was the case with me. Ask your doctor or dematologist if thats ok for you. I've only done it once in my 28 years of being on this earth. I dont think i want to do it again unless I NO other recourse.

Lastly, keep on hand two or three different items from each category that you know works for you. If your skin "stop" respondin to the one treatment, use the other and cycle through them... 1 then 2 and then 3.. and 1 again. Sometimes seasonal, food, pollution, and just plain ol' tolerance to the treatment. But dont worry, switch it up and then try switching back.

I hope some of the suggestions help. Cheers and enjoy (09/12/2006)

By Marcus J.

Help For Severe Eczema

i tried aderma emollient cream ... i never had a rash again ... but i keep putting without stopping ... it's very expensive but it works. (09/15/2006)

By luiz miguel

Help For Severe Eczema

I've had ezcema all my life and my son has a mild case now. I use to think Eucerin was the best till I found " BABY ECZEMA CREAM" works great you can find it in walmart or anywhere. It has bathing products and many lotions. Also what I found works like everyone else said was tanning and I'm mixed black and native american and I go 1 or twice a week for about 10 minutes. I have it on my face, hands, arms. They need to come up with a cure, this is huge problem many people don't take serious. (09/30/2006)

By Katie

Feel sorry for the itch

wow! i can't beleive how many people suffer from this horrible thing! my son is 2 and he has had severe eczema since he was born, i have tried everything and feel aweful for him, he digs and sratches everywhere on his body, people have even asked me if he has lice! he makes big sores all over his body ecspecially his arms, i feel so bad for him and i hope he doesn't have to live with this for his whole life. I wish there was a miracle cream! (10/10/2006)

By Leah

Help For Severe Eczema

Dear Kori,
I have been plagued with eczema at various times in my life. The latest was a total body coverage at age 62. The itching was terrible. I soon realized that I was trying to scratch someone else who was causing me problems. so as I scratched myself a lot. I was under a lot of stress at the time.

I had hypnosis and learned to take myself to a safe place while using Elidel and finally Protopic. I can understand your feeling depressed about your condition. I was also.

I looked at all the stuff I was using and stopped using anything that had petroleum in it.

I switched to Burt's Bees Baby Apricot Oil to keep my skin moisturized. I cut back on showers. You will find this greasy but can find ways to compensate for it. Baby will love the Apricot Oil on her skin. I no longer use Elidel or Protopic.

I started using the mantra "I Approve of Myself" and said it hundreds of times a day. Finally I began sleeping again and began feeling better.
I've eliminated milk, oranges, and tomato from my diet. I've switched to soy / rice milk.

I buy organic chicken and beef and never eat bacon or sausage or anything that has Splenda or Sweet 'n Low in it, red dye or nitrates. I avoid anyplace hot. I limit my use of chocolate and drink green tea.
It has cleared up mostly - but my legs are still a challenge and as the weather cools I find my skin drying and the need to use more Apricot Oil.

I also exercise as I think that helps eliminate toxins by sweating.
Hope this helps.

By Wendy41

Help For Severe Eczema

i have read so many different stories on what different people use on their eczema.
i have had eczema my whole life.
not overly bad.
i used to only get it on the back of my legs from sweating on the school seats (i live in Australia and it gets pretty bloody hot!)!
my mum read in the newspaper of a girl who suffered terribly from it on her arms and legs and her mother put on the typical steroid ointment, wrapped her arms and legs in bandages and then covered with clingwrap (not sure what you yankees would call it - the stretchy, plastic stuff you wrap sandwiches in) and left it over night.
we tried it and i had to sit on a lambskin on plastic seats.
it worked wonders!
i was fine until i got a bit older and used to get it under my rings when i washed my hands and didn't dry them properly.
when i got married and had to wash dishes and kids etc all the time and then i started getting it all over my hands.
i use Dove products (don't know if it is available in the US) as they have 1/4 moisturiser in them. its great as it doesn't dry my skin out and it doesn't irritate my skin at all.
now my son gets it quite bad in his groin and arms and legs. tried heaps of stuff but not much seems to work.
i have been told to cut out chicken (because of the stuff used to clean them with - in other words grow your own!), wheat, milk, tomatoes, citrus, anything with gluten. didn't work.
i have used oatmeal bath washes and creams, steroid ointments, organic creams, hemp creams, aloe vera creams, petroleum jelly and loads of other stuff. some work for a while then lose their effectiveness.
next week we are off to have blood tests run to see what he is allergic to.
to all the other eczema sufferers, good luck and i hope all these overpaid and underworked 'doctors' find a bloody cure soon!

By katherine

Help For Severe Eczema

When my itchy skin gets bad here's what I do:
Avoid petroleum-based products.
Avoid perfumes and products with added fragrances -- shampoos, conditioners, mousses, facial and body soaps, creams, lotions, antiperspirants, etc. If you can't find fragrance-free products at your local stores, shop online -- it's worth it.
Wash clothes, towels and bedding with fragrance-free detergent and fragrance-free fabric softener.
Wear 100% cotton clothing.
Avoid scrubbing the skin.
Take cool showers.
Use Sarna Sensitive lotion, which is fragrance-free and contains a soothing ingredient which acts sort of like aspirin, helping to quell the itch.
Eat more fiber and/or take a laxative: regulating the digestion helps. Some food allergies cause itching skin, so you might consider an allergy test.
Ocean water does seem to help. You could try a tepid bath with sea salt if you can't get to the sea.
Stress reduction techniques are a must. Exercise helps.
Avoid scratching the skin. Wear cotton gloves at night so that if you scratch during sleep you won't break the skin.
Nothing has ever completely "cured" my itching skin. But the above steps have kept me relatively sane during periods of intense itchiness.

By ShellR

Help For Severe Eczema

Receiving UV Light in a controlled environment such as a tanning bed is an excellent way to relieve the symptoms of Eczema. We have several dermatologist referring patients to us for their eczema. Tanning beds allow you to get a controled amount of UV. Unlike how you became severly sunburnned? I have rhemetoid arthritis and find the tanning beds give me great relief, and as we all know eczema is a form of arthritis. (10/30/2006)

By 98 Degrees Tanning

Help For Severe Eczema

I have excema so friggin bad, I stay at home sometimes becuase my skin is so nasty and red and flaky. Now, in the winter it is horriffic! I too have tried all of those steroroids like elidel and protopic and they don't work. The absolute only thing I have found to be an immediate cure is salt water. I used to live in Florida and used to swim in the Gulf two or three times a week and it is almost an instant relief. While the hot weather was bad I counteracted it with the salt water. I am reading posts on the tanning beds, and I think I am going to try that like tomorrow. As for the itching I have been taking a benadryl allergy pill to suffice it. Hope that helps. If ou hear anything else or if sometning works for you please let me know. (11/15/2006)

By purplraver

Help For Severe Eczema

Fascinating reading all this advice. I'm 33 and have always suffered, but luckily only ever in small areas at any one time. I have tried so many of the same paths as the above, but hope that repeating some of the advice may help strengthen readers resolve. Epsom salts/sea salt and natural sunlight (NOT sunbeds - this only harms your skin!) definitely helps - my feet were cured never to reoccur after 6 weeks swimming in the Caribbean Sea as a teenager. It is probably the Vitamin D and mineral (magnesium mainly) combination. Work out what you need to avoid - for me it's the common: stress (hmm, very hard), dustmites, bleach, soap, biological washing powder, eggs, dairy, wheat, yeast. Eat organic wholefoods as much as poss, I find the best are lots of veg, nuts, beans/lentils/legumes, seeds (linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc), brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa (maybe oats, corn and rye, depends on your tolerance) some fruit (particularly soft fruit like mangoes, papayas, kiwis) and honey. I have heard great things about Mangosteens but that's only really useful when/if you are in SE Asia, or can afford to spend a fortune on pyramid sellers Xango juice! Avoid anything with a long list of ingredients, particularly E numbers. Exercise regularly - it will keep your body fighting fit even if the sweat plays havoc. If you have a sit down job, a minimum of 4 sessions of 45mins proper cardio a week- running, dance, team sport etc, PLUS walk, take, stairs etc whenever possible AND don't forget your relaxation: yoga, mediatation, tai chi, and lots of laughing - or whatever works for you. Don't use the "no time" excuse, your health is ALWAYS more important than the TV! Avoid/Don't bother with GPs and most dermatologists - modern science/medicine has no cures yet. Chinese herbal doctors are far more likely to succeed than steroid creams that thin your skin. Anti-bacterial soaps/washes may help, Carex certainly worked for a couple of years for me when it first came out. Either I became immune or they changed their recipe after that! Old fashioned traditional Nivea in the Blue tin is the ONLY moisturiser I can use on any eczema skin, no e45, vaseline, or other emolients, so may be worth a try for you too. Evening Primrose capsules made no difference to me but have been reported to help some people. Make sure your B Vits and Zinc levels are good - take supplements if white spots on your nails. If you eat a good veg and fruit rich diet Vit A and C should not be a problem. Never use cheap eye make-up - eczema on your eyelids is THE most painful thing. Cotton gloves - Body Shop are great, I cut the fingers off - if you suffer on your palms are really good when at the gym, in bed, when coating your hands in oil (tea-tree and almond/olive/castor)and salt (epsom/dead sea/sea) (ow!, stings but helps if you can stand it) Oats are also great but you have to be able to immobilise the area if you are going to slop porridge on it! GOOD LUCK ALL! Keep sharing anything that works for you and maybe this pooled knowledge will one day help us all to eb eczema free! (11/29/2006)

By Samantha

Help For Severe Eczema

Hiya, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and she has recently developed what has been described as mild eczema, unfortunatly it is getting worse the tops of her legs are now red raw they feel boiling hot to touch , she has spots all the way down , they are now starting to cover the whole of her body and her face, I feel so bad for her she is such a beatiful girl and always will be to me but I know how cruel the big wide world is. She is now unable to sleep at night and scratching her legs whilst she does manage to, everyday that goes by I just pray that it will get better but it just isnt, Iam reading everyones advice and am going to try everything I can. There definatly needs to be more awareness of this subject alot of people just dont know the agony of having eczema. (12/01/2006)

By Rachel

Help For Severe Eczema

Hi All,

I have had bad eczema all over my body since I was born 28 years ago - here are the things I have experienced:

Gets worse when:
In winter
After swimming in chlorine pools
If use soap on my skin
If I shower too often espeially in winter
After having an allergic reaction it can be bad for weeks
If I get lazy and dont moisturise regularly

Gets better when:
I am in the sun or use a sun bed (although I recognise that there is a risk of skin cancer, wrinkles other skin damage with this treatment)

I sailed dingeys up until a few years ago and found that the sea water made it much much better (even in the winter and without tanning) - found that need a bucket of salt in a bath to replicate the saltiness levels of the sea in a bath so salt in bath not very practical. Some gyms/spas have salt water pools so ask around if you dont live near the sea or it is winter.

I am also a keen swimmer (in chlorine pools) and have discovered that if I cover my body - head to toe- in emulsifying ointment or vaseline before swimming and have shower afterwards making sure to get all chlorine off then my skin feels fine. I think the thick greasy ointment prevents the chlorine from making contact with the skin

Regular exfoliation and moisurising is of course a must - Baking soda is a great exfoliator. Emusifying ointment, silcox base, sunflower oil, plain unscented/uncoloured lotion is good. I never use the same moisturiser 2 days in a row.

Dont shave your legs when your skin is bad. My skin gets bad in the winter when I would not be showing my legs anyway so I just go au naturale. In the summer I make sure I use a good lubricant when I shave or get legs waxed.

I have also found that a weekly cling film wrap can be great when I am particularly bad (usually winter) - cover my body in sunflower oil or olive oil and then pour salt over me and wrap in cling film before going to bed. Looks nuts but does give relief.

Hydrocortisone - The over the counter stuff is brilliant! but dont use it on the face unless absolutely necessary as with use for extended periods it causes thinning of the skin and thread veins.

Other tips:

You would be amazed at the lies on moisturizer/lotion bottles - lots of moisturisers even those which say that they are for dry/sensitive skin are full of things which are really bad for dry skin and irritate it. As a rule never buy anything that smells nice (perfumes are irritants) and dont believe the marketing. Paula Begoun ( a website/books which reviews all kinds of cosmetics including moisturisers and says which contain irritants. Dont waste your money on any expensive moisturisers until you sure you understand the ingredients.

NEVER use SOAP especially BAR SOAP - even if it says that it is 1/4 moisturiser (Dove) this is a marketing ploy and makes no sense. Do you think that you could use other soap if you mixed it with moisturiser? NO!

I use very gentle liquid wash (shampoo for dry hair) but only "down there" and under arms.

Always wear washing up gloves.

Use thick moisturiser after washing hands

Dont wear a watch - things get caught under it and cause irritation around the wrist

Find out what you are allergic to and stay away from it. But bear in mind that this can change over time and so you need to get tested regularly (I do so every couple of years and am amazed how many times my list has changed. (12/01/2006)

By toriT

Help For Severe Eczema

I developed eczema at age 8. I am now 21 and believe I have found my cure. I used to eat much meat and little fiber. As a kid, I always got enemas because my colon was clogged. However, they never worked so I stoped doing them. Now, 13 years later, I went back to the doctors to see if my colon was still compacted just for the hell of it. The X-ray revealed that my entire colon wall was full of impacted feces! Since then, I have gotten 6 colonics, and my skin has gotten 80% better! Plus, I am taking pancreatin along with lactibacillus acidophilus, which seems to be helping. Still, my colon isn't even close to as clean as it should be and my eczema is close to gone! I just bought oxy powder and am going to start taking it along with a few more colonics. In my case, I found the cause of my horrible dis-ease... I hope this will help you along your journey. Don't let anyone tell you that eczema can't be cured, modern doctors just jump to conclusions for things they don't fully understand. Also, check out . The dude on this website suffered the same thing as me, a toxic colon! All the best to you.
-Steve C.

By Steve.

Help For Severe Eczema

My 3 year old developed eczema while I was in Iraq. The doctor's treated her with steroids only. As a medic, I know that long term use of steroids is horrible. After using Noxema (original formula) for 3 weeks, it's gone. I use Aveeno lotion products to keep her skin moisturized. She hasn't used the steroid cream in 2 months and has yet to have another breakout of the eczema. I'm not sure if my daughter's case was severe or not, but she'd break out in bumps that would itch so bad, she break the skin from scratching so much. Hope that helps you. (12/28/2006)


Help For Severe Eczema

Try Tri-im-cim-ilone I'm not sure how to prononce it but i helps ALOT!

Bad Side Affect- It takes layers off your skin.. (12/29/2006)

By d.

Help For Severe Eczema

Tanning will definitely help. When I dont tan in the winter i break out with severe eczema and itchy scalp. (01/03/2007)

By Bill

Help For Severe Eczema

I also have a child who suffers from really bad eczema. I wanted to find a way to get rid of the red itchy patches without using steroids and a friend of mine recommended a brand named Mustela. I had never heard of the brand so I looked online and found out that they have a complete line of 3 or 4 products for babies with eczema. So, I found a store that carried it and used them and my daughter's red patchy skin is completely clear! I even use the moisturizing cream myself. I recommend you try this stuff, you can't find it everywhere, but you can find a store on their website- I wish I would've found it sooner. (01/10/2007)

By muthao2

Help For Severe Eczema

I also have a child who suffers from really bad eczema. I wanted to find a way to get rid of the red itchy patches without using steroids and a friend of mine recommended a brand named Mustela. I had never heard of the brand so I looked online and found out that they have a complete line of 3 or 4 products for babies with eczema. So, I found a store that carried it and used them and my daughter's red patchy skin is completely clear! I even use the moisturizing cream myself. I recommend you try this stuff, you can't find it everywhere, but you can find a store on their website- I wish I would've found it sooner. (01/10/2007)

By muthao2

Help For Severe Eczema

I suffered from eczema all my life and finally a few years ago read a book by Dr. Perricone. During a vacation I followed his diet recommendations to the letter and used the recommended products. I am totally converted and am told over and over how good my skin looks. Now I am not so strict about the diet though I do generally incorporate more of the foods he recommends such as cantaloupe, salmon, and lots of salads with a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing. I stay away from inflammatory foods such as orange juice and sugar and eat my proteins before my grains to avoid blood sugar spikes. Now my 1 year old son has dry skin patches and my pediatrician scripted Mymix. I started using it last night and already see results. According to her, the fix doesn't last so you have to use it every day. But I'm hoping he will grow out of it eventually. I also plan to try the Mustela bath products and see if they help. I've already changed all his bedding and pjs to cotton and will keep trying to find the root cause. Good luck! (01/11/2007)

By Christine

Help For Severe Eczema

Hello. i have had eczema on my hands and then went to my legs since I moved and got married within three months. On a recent trip to my home province of Alberta I discovered Rocky Mountain Soap Company and they have special body butter for eczema. I figured try it and within days my legs, which were in the midst of a breakout, were cleared and remain clear. Excellent stuff.
Worth it!!!! (01/12/2007)

By Irene

Help For Severe Eczema

i suffer too. i'm going tanning right now because it's the only thing that helps stop the itching and it gives pigment to the white spots. creams don't help me. i think i'll go buy the sayman salve cream today...hopefully this cream will help. (01/14/2007)

By Ana

Help For Severe Eczema

I know how you're feeling. Right now everyday is a struggle for me. I wake up every morning with an insatiable urge to itch my neck and arms. It takes me so long to leave my house in the morning because I cannot get the itching under control. Even bathing and putting my clothes on irritates me. My neck is red, sore, scaling, and so wrinkled and discoloured. I have been so depressed and tearful lately. I haven't found anything that helps but I have taken loads of information from the other messages. I was feeling so alone until I read all of the messages. Thanks everyone (01/15/2007)

By bianca

Help For Severe Eczema

My 3 year old son recently broke out with severe excema. I tried all of the creams aquaphor, eucerin, cetaphil vasoline with no luck. I heard about a cream on the web that was invented in 1905 called Sayman Salve. I had my local target pharmacy order it and it is amazing. It is pretrolium based with zinc in it. It is clearing his excema up by the hour. I have been only using it for 3 days and most of the patches all over his body are clearing up. I use sparingly and on the excema spots. It has seemed to stop his itching too. It is great stuff. (02/05/2007)

By Tracy

Loss of pigment in skin

well i am only 16 but i am the lucky child doomed with eczema. its not horrible, but its still a pain to live with. my skin is fine then the next morning i wake up and its not. i dont know if i scratch in my sleep or what.
I am so embarrassed because i have white areas where i've lost the pigment in my skin. I HATE to wear short sleeve shirts because i am so embarrassed of it. Over the summer i got nice and tan, but the spots on my arm didnt. i dont know why, maybe it was because i put cortison on my skin in the sun, but no one warned me of the consequences so i used it. i am planning on going tanning in a tanning bed and i am praying it works. it is really depressing when i think about it everyday waiting for the day when i have to wear a shirt that shows it. I dont know if others notice it but i am sooo self-conscious of it. i feel like i am the only one with the spots because i have never met anyone else with it. i tried self tanner....STUPID idea!!! i put it on and broke out (plus my skin was orange!!). in the end i itched and it eventually flaked off. I feel horrible that i am complaining about having mild eczema when others have it so much worse. Every time i think of my skin, i just think there are others with it ten times worse.
It seems like Doctors dont even care about people with exzema but they dont know how self conscious it makes people feel. i mean i only have it mild but everyone that has it worse i cant even begin to know how you feel. I did see one doctor who acted like i was just another patient, but he had no idea how i felt. its strange whenever i go to the doctor my exzema clears up. Well i just hope someone out there can give me advice because i am so embarassed and i really dont know what to do besides wait for my natural color to come back by itself. (03/15/2007)

By Carole


Hi there,

I suffered from SEVERE eczema (face, legs hands) for 6 years, and I recently found out it was a result of yeast in my body. Another word for yeast is candida bacteria, and since treating the yeast, my eczema is gone. Search google for candida and eczema to find out if it could be the cause of yours. The treatment is fairly simple, I saw results in 2 days. YOu basically just cut out all sugar for 2 weeks, and take supplements such as acidopholus and caprilic acid. I hope this helps someone. (03/16/2007)

By Cheryl

Help For Severe Eczema

Dear Kori,
the fact that your skin looks normal with prednisone but still itches and burns suggests to me that you may have a staphylococcus aureus infection, which the prednisone will not treat - in fact it will be masking the infection and suppressing your immune system at the same time, a double whammy. Go to your dermo and insist s/he takes a swab from behind your ear and has it tested for bugs. A course of antibiotics might help a lot. Bear in mind that as the infection could have been left untreated a long time, it may take several courses of antibiotics to get rid of it. I had the same thing; the first dermo I went to said my eczema wasn't infected (despite the fact that it had flared suddenly and was bright red/weeping/itching much more than was normal for me). He put me on prednisone, and like you, my skin looked better but still felt terrible, dry, itching and burning. The second diagnosed the infection, and a few courses of antibiotics cleared it remarkably. (03/21/2007)

By Stella

Help For Severe Eczema

There are several thing that you just can't eat or drink anymore if you want to try to control your eczema: alcohol, or anything that is fermented, sugar, and coffee have to be eliminated. There is no other choice if you really want to heal your skin you have to stop eating and drinking all of these things. They are hot and will flare up the eczema.

You will also need to consider eliminating dairy but try the first group for three months and see how you react.

Then You need to add a few things; the first is an acidophilus supplement, PB8 is a good one, this aids your digestions which is the one things no one else in traditional medicine will tell you; that eczema is caused by an over active immune system interacting through the digestive tract and acidophilus taken with a small glass Alovera juice three times a day will help counteract what is causing the problem. I predict that in three month you will notice a remarkable change.

Drink lots of water and use a good emollient non lanolin, (lanolin just dries out your skin) body cream. Cetaphill for dry skin is what I have used for the last 15 years and a good sunscreen like Aveeno 50

If you follow this plan your eczema will get better. I still have little flare ups now and then but its much better than it ever was before I started this regimen.


By rhondessa

Help For Severe Eczema

i live in sydney australia and I had eczema in a small way most of my childhood, but it never interferred with my life. a year after i finished school (so 19) it came back very gradually over about 6 months and completely covered my body. it continued to get worse and worse and i moved to the snowy mountains for the ski season and this was the WORST thing i did. the dry air, the partying, the wind and the lack of sleep took its toll and i had to come home earlier than planned because i was physically and emotionally at my limit. i could hardly move at this stage. looking back this was such a dark time for me, where getting out of bed every day was a struggle due to pain and depression. so after seeing doctors, natropaths and dermos which hardly helped, i ended up cleaning up my bedroom and dusting and vacuuming weekly and getting dust mite covers and washing sheets weekly and this helped emmensly. i am lucky i live by the sea because it would help to heal all the cuts i had temperarily and kill the bacteria on my skin. i am now 21 and i this is still a very big problem in my life. i have found that being more relaxed about it (by simply getting used to living with it) has helped and letting my friends know and understand makes me feel less embarassed.

my main problem is dry skin. if my skin isnt dry then i dont have eczema but my skin is ALWAYS ssooo dry and if i go out on saturday night and drink alcohol then i suffer with even worse dry flaking skin for anywhere between 2 -5 days. this is where vitamin B tablets come in handy.

i have found the sun to make my skin drier and found it very interesting that it helps others.

i try to eat fish and fresh foods but its expensive and i spend a lot of money on moisturiser and vitamins. which is a must. i am looking to increase my omega 3 in my diet via vitamins.

i find that getting a lot of sleep is essential because this is when your skin can repair itself. thats if your not tearing it off.

the sadest part i think of having eczema is the premature aging as im only 21 and my skin is already wrinkling from the dryness especially on my forehead. it does also cause a lot of anxiety and depression and self conciousness.

i really believe that in time i will be back to my normal self and that its probably hormonal. but with time it seems to get less bad as i get wiser and better at treating it. (04/10/2007)

By emma

Help For Severe Eczema

The "Cure" for eczema is simple, as for ALL "Dis-eases". You're body is simply too acidic, you're polluted, literally.

You have been purposely sickened by pharmecutical and food companies in order for them to profit off of your sickness.

How many times have you been sick and the doctor says OK Mr. JD, you've got the flu so the best thing to do is to avoid dairy products and any solids etc, right?

Why? Because Dairy products, MEAT, Yeast and especially corn products are EXTREMLY ACIDIC and they will kill you, all of these foods are like CANCER themselves.

It's a slow death, along with those foods you also need to avoid Coffee, Tea, smokes, alcohol, ALL DRUGS.

In order to maintain proper health you NEED to ALKALIZE YOUR BODY with vegetable drinks - naturally juiced/blended.

If you're experiencing symptoms of any sort of dis-ease, such foods as healthy as apples or bananas can actually hurt you severly if your body is out of balance.

The sugar content is just too high. All sugar content is Acid-Forming even the "good" kind.

symptoms such as eczema, acne, stomach aches, headaches MS symptoms are all minor signs of something serious about to happen in the coming years.

Such as more serious diseases or cancer which will inevitably take your life, if you don't wake up and do something about you're problems now.

your body is talking to you with these dis-ease like symptoms, LISTEN to it, or pay for it, with your life.

Don't use creams or drugs to cover the symptoms, your body is hurt, treat the problem that's causing the symptoms. (04/10/2007)

By Ken

Help For Severe Eczema

Has anyone tried oil pulling for eczema? I have been doing it for about 2 weeks. They say it gets worse before it gets better... mine is definitly worse...


By tobbeadryad

Help For Severe Eczema

I`m 13 years old an i have severe eczema i have had it sence i was 2..Tanning seems like a good idea but it doesnt work 4 me the sun just makes it worse, an it doesnt help that people think that they are gonna get it if im by them, i didnt know people were so mean cause they have no clue how hard it hurts when they make fun of me...On top of that when my mom sees me itching i always get in troble i mean heck she has no idea how bad it itches..I feel like im they only person in the world that has it cause i cant find some1 with it..But reading that all you your friends thre kids or your kids, it makes me feel alot better knowing that some1 knows how bad it hurts an ITCHES...I really need some tips cause nothing works an if something starts to work it ends up it doesnt cause my body get use to it..I get so mad at myself cause i think im so different then everybody else but like how can i not be i have lots of scars all over from itching+ i have wrinkles an my elbows, wrist, knews, and my ankles i cant find anything that helps with that....WELL I GTG P.S. Thank you guys for shareing your info cause i now know that im not the only one suffering from it you all should be very proud of yourselves..Thank you all!!!!! (04/23/2007)

By Catherine

Help For Severe Eczema

NOXZEMA, NOXZEMA, NOXZEMA... It's cheap, safe to use. It has worked for me for the past 35 years. All those other prescriptions and potions are worthless. Just get back to the basics and stay consistent. It truely works! Even when I do have a breakout, it's not as troublesome and clears up quickly. (04/28/2007)

By lab

Help For Severe Eczema

all of these ideas might be very good, but what about people who dont have hundreds of dollars to spend on expensive lotions and cremes and organic foods? I got eczema on my hand right after the birth of my daughter almost 5 months ago and i've literally scratched my skin off. I'm on a tight budget here and i'm not too much for skipping baths...could i maybe just put my hand in the tanning bed, and drink detox drinks? the only thing that even barely helps me is pure shea butter and even that isnt helping anymore. i drink only water now, i get exercise at work b/c im a waitress, i use gloves when im around water or cleaning products...nothing works my skin is so stiff even when i moisturize that i can hardly bend my fingers and my joints ache so bad some days...i need a solution, but i just cant drop all foods but vegtables and not bathe.. (05/04/2007)

By TaylorsMommy

Help For Severe Eczema

Regarding Kori,

I have been through exactly what you are going through. I have had eczema since I was a baby (am 27 now). I had (have) it in all the creases of my body, (i.e. elbows, back of knees, neck, etc.) and still struggle with managing it. At times the eczema would get so bad on my ankles, I would have to soak my socks off because the blood and weeping would cause them to stick. A doctor told my parents that installing a water softener in the house would help us (all my siblings have eczema, too) and so I've grown up with soft water in the house my whole life. When I moved out, to my amazement, my eczema cleared up almost completely. I had to move back to my parents house for while and my eczema returned with a vengance. It seems that soft water makes my eczema worse.

I know how you feel about having no pigmentation in the places where your eczema is. But I will tell you're really the only one who notices the lack of pigmentation. I have no pigmentation on my ankles, underneath my kneecaps, behind my knees, on my wrists (both sides), on my elbows (again, both sides) and on the back of my neck. I do go tanning to help manage the breakouts of eczema on my body and they are more noticeable when I tan, but I'm the only one who notices for the most part. If somebody does notice, I explain and that's the end of it.

Kids are cruel and I did have my share of teasing when I was in school. I know it's humiliating, but if you act confident and don't let it hinder you, then it's less likely the kids will continue to bother you. Once I made the decision to act like a normal kid and wear what I wanted regardless of whether it showed my eczema patches, I was much more happy and the teasing wasn't nearly so brutal. The teasing will continue because kids your age are just scared and mean. They do what they can to make themselves feel and look better in the eyes of their peers.

I now manage my eczema pretty well. My body is pretty much under control by only showering every other day and making sure I moisturize every day. I hate to use lotions and creams, but it really does work. For a while, I couldn't find any lotions or creams that worked for me, so I learned how to make my own (yes, it is possible to make your own lotion), that way I knew exactly what was going on my skin. And I could use heavier oils to make the lotions more moisturizing. That worked wonders. The only reason I don't still do that is that I just don't have the time. My saving grace lately is Cetaphil cream. It's thick and gooey, but works like a dream.

While I still struggle to maintain control with my body, at least I've been able to figure out ways to keep the breakouts under control. Now, I just struggle with eczema on my fingers. I'm currently seeing a dermatologist trying to get them under control. We've tried it all, antibiotics, steroids (still using them periodically), protopic (use that daily) and even an allergy patch test. Through a LOT of trial and error, we've figured out a maintenance plan that helps keep the flair-ups on my fingers down to a minimum. If you would like some more information on what worked for me, please feel free to contact me at keribeam @ Obviously without the spaces! :) Hope this helps some of you out there. (05/07/2007)

By Sunshine

Help For Severe Eczema

I accidentally put a posting up for Kori, when I meant to post for Carole, the teenager embarrassed by patches of skin with no pigment in it. Sorry, bad. (05/09/2007)

By sunshineKeri

Help For Severe Eczema

I have also been suffering for almost all my life, about 25 years with eczema. I have stopped going to conventional doctors all together. There are alternative medicines and you should all try to stay away from all those drugs.
It's all because of the toxins in our bodies...thoughts, feelings, negativity, foods, drinks, everything we put into ourselves. You have to find the right way for you to detoxify your whole system.
I go to an Auyrvedic Doctor who gives me natural powders and pills to ease the itching and detox the system inside. I take baths one every other day during the daytime, too early in the morning after getting up and too close to bedtime, both make the skin itchier. You need ample time to give your skin enough moisturizing before and after take a shower, in only luke warm water.
At night time to reduce the itching during sleep I bought some mitten tshirts and it helps so much.
I'm not saying it's completely gone, but it sure helps cause I also feel when I sleep better, my whole body is rejuvenated and heals faster. And remember to drink lots and lots of water to clean your body and moisturize it from the all starts from the inside out. (05/17/2007)

By amina _ bhimla AT yahoo . ca

Help For Severe Eczema

Hi Kori!

I was just researching eczema for a client of mine and came across your story as well as all of the other responses. I have a product that may work for you. E-mail me if you'd like more info. on it.
skgirouard @ I'd love to help you if I could.
:-) (05/21/2007)

By Kim

Eczema around the eyes and on body

I've been suffering with eczema really bad my whol life but it's now all over my face, around my eyes, on my eyelids, neck, torso, forearms, torso, folds of my legs, and groin area. I've tried a lot of different creams, lotions, pills, and other things. The things that have worked are Protopic around my eyes but after using it for a couple months, my eyes are back to leaking white puss (Dermatologist states it's dead skin being discarded from the sides of my eye). To treat the whole body, try two 500mg Vitamin C pills (can be purchased at any grocery store or wal mart) and one Flaxseed oil pill in the morning. Don't forget to pray and ask for healing! (06/24/2007)

By Erik

Help For Severe Eczema

I know for many this may be a hard thing to deal with and I too understand you pain. I myself suffer from this curse.

My mother found out a wonderful way to help me and it was purely by accident. My father was Navy and we had to travel with him. We moved by the ocean. Sea water was the best thing that ever happened to me. I once had it all over my body too but now I only have it on my feet and hands.

We only lived near the ocean for about a year but Mom made the chance for me to swim often. When I get the opportunity I jump to go to the ocean. But I do live far from it. When I do get to go, the sea swims cure me for several months. I wish everyone had the chance to swim in the ocean.

I know there are only temporary solutions for temporary fixes but if you ever have the chance (make it a life goal) GO SWIM IN GOD'S BEAUTIFUL SEA!!! (06/28/2007)

By Rachael

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