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Saving Money on Hand Soap

Tips for saving money on hand soap. Post your ideas below!


Saving Money on Hand Soap

I found a way to keep the soap in the bathroom longer. First I take the bar soap out of


the wrapper and place it in the linen closet to "dry" out a little. That will help it

last longer.

Then in the shower or other places where you place your bar soap use this technique.

Get one of those smaller sponges that has the scrubby side on one side and sponge on the

other. Place these with the scrubby side face down in your dish or bar soap container.

Keep the bar of soap on the sponge in between uses. This allows the soap to air dry

between uses.

Also when you want to clean something in the bathroom you can use the sponge and

scrub with. You don't even need to add soap, it's soaked into it the sponge! This helps

soap last a lot longer and also has dual purpose cleaning.
Let me know if this works for you.


By profile=ver1000140">Memixer

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I had a plastic dish in the shower that would fill up with water and create soap soup in

the dish. So I just drilled a few holes in the plastic dish and now the soap dries off

in between uses. (06/16/2004)

By Anne H.

Saving Money on Hand Soap

There are several companies that you can buy a soap pump from. You add a few drops of

liquid soap and add water and it comes out of the pump as a foam like the new public

restrooms use. Pampered Chef is one of the companies and I am not certain who the

others are. (06/16/2004)

By Tawnda

Hand Soap Mix

I use an empty handsoap foamer bottle to put 2 parts Palmolive Ultra Aroma Therapy

Lavender and Yllang Ylang liquid dish soap with 1 part water (or more water as

preferred). Shake it to mix well. I use it for handwashing in the bathroom; it's

gentle on the hands, smells great, nobody knows the difference, and it lasts at least 4


to 5 times as long as the pricey stuff! Also, the foamer is more economical than a pump

bottle by far.


By tiny


Less expensive hand soap

Someone else mentioned that you could get a less expensive antibacterial hand soap by

buying antibacterial dishwashing liquid. I buy Palmolive antibacterial dishwashing

liquid and then add an equal amount of water and gently mix it with a wire whisk. This

gives you twice as much for the low cost of the dishwashing liquid and it works very



By profile=ver1000140">Geraldine

Make Your Own Liquid Soap

Make Your Own Liquid Soap

  • 1 bar (3.5 oz.) soap with moisturizing cream
  • 3 cups water

Makes 3 cups


Shred bar of soap. Place in large bowl. Add water. Microwave at high 5 to 6

minutes, or until soap is dissolved, stirring every 2 minutes. Let stand until cool.

Fill soap dispensers.


By Lori

Saving Money on Hand Soap

The tip re: antibacterial soap/dish soap is a waste of money. Antibacterial products in

the home are unnecessary and dangerous, aiding in the breeding of 'super bugs' with

multi resistances. I work in a hospital and antibacterial soap went out years ago. What

is important is the thoroughness and duration of the handwash, especially after using

the toilet, handling meat, etc. Any cheap soap/detergent, or even shampoo, will do. The

antibacterial thing is a marketing ploy.



By Jo

Saving Money on Hand Soap

If your pump dispenses too much soap in one go, secure a cable tie round the stem part

that plunges into the bottle, thereby stopping it part way and giving out less soap each

time. (07/21/2004)

By profile=thr179454">chickybiker

Get the Soap Fragrances You Like for Less

I like the antibacterial soap that Bath & Body Works have. I purchased about 20

bottles last year at a cost of $1.74 (including tax) and I dilute them. 1 bottle of

soap to 3 bottles of water which comes to about 43.5 cents a bottle. Once or twice a

year they have a fantastic sale so I stock up. When it next comes around I will only

replace the amount of full bottles to keep my supply at 20 so I have the fragrances I


By sshep

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I discovered a foaming soap dispenser at Wal-mart for slightly less than two dollars.

It is Dial brand Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash in the 7.5 ounce dispenser.

On the back of the package it says "refill only with Dial Complete Refill. Other liquid

hand soap refills will not work or foam." However, I found this to be untrue as long as

you dilute your brand of liquid soap with water.

The pink liquid inside the bottle appears to be diluted liquid soap, and when I used

that all up, I diluted any brand of liquid soap with water, added it to the bottle, and

it works just like the original Dial soap did.

Since the bottle is clear, I didn't like how my mix looked from the outside since it

kind of separates, so I took some Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic that I already

had, and sprayed the bottom part of the bottle where the top meets the foaming

mechanism. Now I can't see through the bottle, and it matches my kitchen and bathroom

decor! (08/22/2004)

By Tori

Refilling Hand Soap Dispenser

Next time you need to refill your hand soap dispenser, use inexpensive bubble bath. I

purchase a 32 ounce bottle for about a $1.99 or less. And they come in various colors

and scents!

By Liza from

Ontario, CA

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I use the Alberto VO5 in fragrances when they are on sale, buy one get one free and use

a coupon!

I use the old dollar store hand soap dispensers and refill with the shampoo mix.

Cheap, cheap, cheap and works great too! (11/20/2004)


By Syd

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I always put an elastic (hair elastics work best) on pump soaps. This allows a smaller

amount of soap to be dispensed which is plenty for hand washing.


By profile=ver1000140">Michelle

Saving Money on Hand Soap

The ultimate on saving on hand soap, if your hands aren't 'dirty' or you aren't going to

prepare food then just use water! If my hands are only sticky or just feel like they

need a freshen up I just rub them in water and dry. Better for your skin and better for

the environment.



By Jo


Saving Money on Hand Soap

I have to use an expensive liquid soap from a health food store due to chemical

sensitivities. I dilute it down by 50-75%. It still works wonderfully without the

expense. I just reuse the old bottles. (12/27/2004)

By brizaksmommy

Refilling Softsoap

When I refill the Softsoap, I don't fill the container full. I leave about 2" from the

top and add water and shake well. It is not as thick, but not too runny either. It

makes the soap go further. I tell my family to wash their hands for the 20 seconds so

all the germs wash down the drain!


By Vicki

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I take those small pieces of leftover bar soap that usually gets thrown away and I put

them in an old liquid-soap hand dispenser and add water. Viola! No waste and you can't

get any cheaper than that. (01/15/2005)

By Suzanne


Shampoo Leftovers

I always use more conditioner than shampoo so I end up with a small amount of shampoo

left when the conditioner bottle is empty. I keep a pump bottle by the kitchen sink for

washing hands and I just add that dollop of leftover shampoo to it, with a little bit of

water to thin it down a bit. This way I don't have to buy hand soap and don't have to

waste that leftover shampoo.


By April

Bits of Soap

If you use bar soap and it gets to the point where there's just a teensy little nub

left, instead of throwing it out, add it on to the new bar of soap. You will need to

wet the new bar of soap so that the old soap can stick to it.


By Jamie

Saving Money on Hand Soap

Tie small leftover pieces into the leg of an old pantyhose or onion bag and hang on your

yard spigot or the one at your campsite. It's nice to have a bit of soap handy after yard

work sometimes even if the water is cold. (04/21/2005)

By profile=thr138787">melody_yesterday


hspace="10" vspace="10" alt="RE: Saving Money on Hand Soap">

Saving on Bar Soap

The best way to save on any bar soap is to buy ahead, like a few months worth. Unwrap

all the bars and allow them to dry for at least six to eight weeks. They last so much

longer that way.


By TArdis

Soap Slivers

I save the slivers of soap, shave them into flakes and mix with warm water. I then store

it in an empty detergent squirt bottle and use to wash my hands at the kitchen sink.


By Christy

Saving Money on Hand Soap

I've had the same liquid soap bottle for five years. I keep refilling it with the store

brand liquid soap and dilute it with water and it lasts me a long time.


By Ziggee

Bacterial and Saving Money on Hand Soap

You diluters are playing with fire. In microbiology there is a very important technical

specification used when formulating liquid soap. It is called water of activity. This is

a critical specification because if it is too high, bacteria from the environment can

get into the product post production and cause the soap to become a breeding ground for

potentially harmful bacteria.

Imagine if the liquid soap is used in the bathroom. I should ask all you diluters:

Have you ever seen a sort of milky cloudy substance at the bottom of your diluted soap

over time. Yup, that's contamination. Soap is designed by competent professionals

trained in product design and safety. Do not dilute your liquid soap in a bottle and

store it on the counter to be used over time. Simply use 1/2 or less of a squirt of the

undiluted soap to wash with. Chances are that with your diluted soap you are using a

full piston stroke of the pump or more. Anyway, I love to save money, but not at the

expense of potentially creating what could be a very serious health hazard where you are

trying to reduce one (hand washing). By the way, antibacterial soaps are generally

effective in reducing bacteria, but they also dump millions of gallons of antibacterial

chemicals into the environment. The nurse who posted the fact that antibacterial soap is

not used in the hospital is spot on. What actually matters is that you wash for two full

"Happy Birthday To You's" . Happy Trails:) (06/26/2007)

By Tim

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Saving Money on Hand Soap
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