September 19, 2011

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Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Batgirl CostumeThis is a page about making a batgirl costume. Batgirl is a popular costume every Halloween. Making your own batgirl costume is a great way to save money on you or your daughters costume.


March of the Sugar Ants

Getting Rid of Sugar AntsThis is a page about getting rid of sugar ants. Sugar ants can take over an area in a very short amount of time. They are an annoyance to have in the house.


Baked beans in a white bowl.

Homemade Baked Beans RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade baked beans. Baked beans are a barbecue, picnic, or anytime favorite. This tasty dish can be easily made from scratch, allowing you vary the spices from traditional sweet, to tangy, or even spicy hot.


Clump of sod with dirt in the background.

Getting Rid of LawnThis is a page about getting rid of lawn. Removing a grass lawn can be a challenge, especially form a large area.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a "Nacho Libre" CostumeThis is a page about making a "Nacho Libre" costume. Whether you you love lucha libre or are just a fan of the movie, dressing up as Nacho Libre can be a lot of fun.


Candle wax dripping down side of container onto wood table.

Cleaning Candle Wax from Wood FurnitureRemoving wax from tables, shelves, and bookcases can be difficult and costly, but must be done correctly to avoid damaging wood surfaces. This is a page about cleaning candle wax from wood furniture.


Darth Vader Walking with Storm Trooper

Making a Darth Vader CostumeThis is a page about making a Darth Vader costume. Darth Vader is perennial favorite with both children and adults for cosplay or Halloween. There are always options in the stores for buying a costume. However, making your own can be a lot of fun.


Homemade Air Freshener Recipes

Homemade Air FreshenersMake homemade air fresheners to help mask or neutralize household odors. This page contains homemade air fresheners.


Two earwigs on a yellow flower.

Getting Rid of EarwigsThis is a page about getting rid of earwigs. Earwigs are nocturnal omnivorous insects. They will eat both plants and other insects. It is their enjoyment of our flowers and vegetables that prompts the desire to rid ourselves of these hungry pests.


Metal sink drain.

Getting Rid of Drain FliesThis is a page about getting rid of drain flies. Drain flies can reside both indoors and outdoors. They like moist places where they can feed on organic matter. Drains clogged with hair, food or other organic materials provide a good place for them to breed.


Old television set.

Getting Rid of Old TVsThis is a page about getting rid of old TVs. TVs contain materials that are harmful to the environment and need to be disposed of properly. It can be difficult and expensive to get rid of them.


Man on the Street in Charlie Chaplin Costume

Making a Charlie Chaplin CostumeThis is a page about making a Charlie Chaplin costume. Charlie Chaplin had a very distinctive way of dressing, making him one of the most recognizable characters in movie history. The Charlie Chaplin costume only needs a few key accessories to be well on it's way.


Fettuccine Alfredo on a blue and white plate.

Homemade Alfredo Sauce RecipesAlfredo sauce is a favorite non tomato based sauce for pasta. It's rich creamy texture and flavor make it a excellent Italian style sauce when served alone or with additions such as chicken, seafood, or vegetables. This page contains recipes for homemade Alfredo sauce.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Centaur CostumeThis is a page about making a centaur costume. A centaur is a difficult costume to do right but is very impressive if done well. The easiest thing to do is set it up as a two person costume but it can be done with one person.


Poison ivy growing up a tree trunk.

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy PlantsThis is a page to getting rid of poison ivy plants. Poison ivy can be very prolific in your yard and garden. The oily resin is toxic and can cause a severe rash and even lung problems if you try to burn it. There are safe ways to get rid of this unwanted plant.



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Apricot SaladLove the crushed pineapple!


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Cream of Cauliflower SoupLove the cauliflower and cheese!


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Orange and Cilantro EdamameWhat can I say? Three wonderfully refreshing flavors combined in one dish.


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Pineapple Angel Food CakeSuper easy and only 2 ingredients!


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Pizza CasseroleThis is a good, kid friendly recipe.



Child in Nacho Libre Costume

Making a Homemade "Nacho Libre" CostumeHere is a site with great instructions for putting together a homemade Nacho Libre costume for your child. The costume could easily be modified for a larger child or adult.


Thunder Clouds Over the Beach

Scenery: Thunder Rolls (Florida Coast)Visiting the beach, late afternoon summer thunderstorms and dodging them are all part of living on the coast of Florida! I was with my partner fishing on the pier and caught this glorious storm rolling in as we packed our gear and headed for shelter.


Man Standing in Kitchen in Darth Vader Costume

Making a Homemade Darth Vader CostumeThis Australian site has amazingly detailed instructions on how to make your own homemade Darth Vader costume for cosplay or Halloween.


Hand-Painted Ladybug Onesie

Ladybug Baby-GrowCreate a fun clothing item to welcome a new baby to the world, by drawing a ladybug on an ordinary pink baby-grow.


Man and Little Girl Eating String of Spaghetti

Lady and the Tramp Photo RecreationThis is a pic of my son and his daughter. My granddaughter loves anything Disney and wanted to play pretend "Lady and the Tramp" while they were eating Chinese takeout.


Tasha the Kitten on Top of Tissue Box

Tasha (Kitten)Tasha is an 8 week old kitten. Tasha is one of our cat's litter. She loves to play kitten soccer with a ball. She is a very curious cat.


Green Frog Being Held in Hand

Wildlife: Frog In Palm (Coquille, OR)While taking our dogs under a nearby bridge for some much-needed play time. My husband and I made a new friend; a little green frog! Who ever said it ain't easy being green.


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Banks Can Help You SaveI am currently banking with Wachovia, soon to be Wells Fargo. Every time I use my debit card, $1.00 of my money in my checking account gets transferred to a Way-to-Save account.


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Starting Your Toddler On The Right FootMark your toddler's right shoe with a special mark like a star or heart. You will be able to teach right from left while you teach how to put shoes on the correct feet.


Jemma Bleue the Bulldog Sitting in Grass

Jemma Bleue (Pit Bull)Jemma Bleue is a 5 month old pit bull. She's the typical puppy. She likes to bring sticks in the house and then chew them up, drag around things she shouldn't have, finds things I never knew we had, terrorize the cats and harass the older dogs!


Centaur Costume Instructions

Making a Homemade Centaur CostumeThis site has a wonderful design for a homemade centaur or other four hoofed animal costume. The instructions are easy to understand but this is not a beginners costume.


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Keeping Front Load Washers Smelling GreatI have a front load washer and after each wash I dry the door and inside the rubber gasket around the door. I cut a piece of window screening (the soft kind) that fits over the hole and use 3 magnets to attach it to the washer.


Black and White Photo of Charlie Chaplin

Making a Homemade Charlie Chaplin CostumeThis site a simple to follow instructions for putting together your homemade Charlie Chaplin costume.


Woman Holding up Pattern For batgirl Costume

Making a Homemade Batgirl CostumeThis site has an excellent step-by-step video that walks you through making your own homemade batgirl costume.


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Dry Out Paint Before Adding To TrashI open the cans and let the paint dry out and dispose of in the trash. I haven't needed to do this in Ocean City, so I am not sure of their legal disposal rules, which is probably the best place to start.


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Keeping a JournalMy solution for sanity, organizing, and shuffling through the many thoughts that go on in my mind is using my journal. I have very close friends who journal all the time. Until last year, I had never really given it a chance.


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Keep Receipts on FileI keep receipts in a file according to purchase. I can easily find the right receipt if I need to make a return or ask for a price adjustment. I recently got a $38 refund on a baby swing two months after purchase when it went on sale.



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Using Pine-Sol in a Hoover Steamvac?I have a Hoover Steamvac and would love to use my Pine-Sol cleaner solution in it. Would this damage the cleaner?


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Removing Ink from Tracing Paper?How do I erase ink from tracing paper?


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Getting Rid of Mushrooms in Houseplant Pots?I have a very tall Norfolk Island pine tree, houseplant, which has yellow mushrooms sprouting up in the potting soil. How can I permanently get rid of them?


Jacket for Elvis Golden records.

Value of an Elvis Presley Golden Record?I have a 1958 golden Elvis record I'm selling to an Elvis collector for $800 to 1,000. Is this the right price?


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Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?My ice maker is making ice, it is in the tray, but is not dumping it.


Gray marks on white dinner plate.

Removing Gray Marring on White Ceramic Dishes?How do I remove ceramic marring, black-gray marks, on light-colored surfaces, usually plates?


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Freezing Onions?Is cutting up onion and keeping it frozen carcinogenic or safe?


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Beeping Smoke Detector?I know this sounds strange. We have electric smoke detectors. Are there batteries in them also? We have one that has started beeping and we can't stop it. Is there a battery in it or do we simply have to replace it?


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Pet Friendly Products?I am looking for a recipe for a spot cleaner that will eliminate odors and stains left from dog accidents (feces and urine). I need the product to be made of natural ingredients, no chemicals or toxic ingredients.


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Craft Ideas for Used Laminate Wood Flooring?My son gave me a lot of used laminate wood planks that he thought I may want for either putting down in a small room or to make some craft project out of. They are a blond wood color.


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Drilling Sea Glass?Does anyone know how to drill a hole in sea glass without it breaking?


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Dehydrating Herbs and Spices?What kind of dehydrating equipment is good for drying herbs or spices?


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Best Fabric Softener Sheet?What's the best brand of fabric softener sheet? I want to know which one has the best fabric softening and static control.Thanks!


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Rebates for Energy Saving Appliances?I just purchased a new chest freezer. Are they still offering rebates for energy saving appliances? How can I find out? Thanks.


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Removing Gum from the Dryer?A pack of gum is stuck in my dryer. How do I take it off?


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Fingernail White Pencil?Where can I buy a white pencil for the fingernails?


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Problems Making Yogurt?Twice now I have made flavoured yoghurt and it has gone like slimy and one plain didn't set after leaving it all night. Please help.


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Removing Wallboard Over Drywall?I have 1980s board paneling it looks like tile. It's in the bathroom. It looks like it is glued to the drywall. It covers all the walls with full coverage. I want to paint the bathroom. What do I do to get the paneling off, without destroying the drywall, so I can paint the walls?


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Washer Washes But Doesn't Drain or Spin?My washer washes fine, but it won't drain the water out or spin on any cycle. The guy who owned it before me said it did that to him and it was a bushing under the tub and he put a used one on. Should I buy a new one and put it on?


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Kenmore Washer Fills But Does Not Agitate or Spin?My washer fills, but then it does nothing. It won't wash and it won't spin the water out; all it does is fill. Can someone help please? Thank you.


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Cleaning a Thermal Coffee Pot?I have an electric coffee maker with a thermal pitcher. The lining, I think it's glass, of the pitcher never gets clean regardless of the product I use. Can you suggest a cleaner that will work?


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Getting Rid of Ants on Sunflowers?While the bees work hard on the front of the sunflowers, I have been working to battle the ants on the back. The black ants jump off the plant when I attempt to catch them. (I can direct the flower toward our concrete driveway and stomp on the critters as they fall to the concrete.)


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Tips For Canning Green Beans?How do I can green beans?


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Merchandise Sale Notification Link?A week or so ago a link was included at the end of a Thrifty Fun newsletter. It was a link to a site where you can register and check items you're interested in knowing about when they're on sale, ie., cars, refrigerators, ranges, riding lawn mowers, etc.


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Murphy's Oil Soap Left Furniture Streaky and Dull?I used Murphy's on my piano, dining room table, and 3 dressers. Now they are all a mess, streaked and dull. I called Murphy's and they said that probably the product was old and to get a new bottle and use that and it would get rid of the streaking. It didn't.


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Peeling a Banana?What part is the top of the banana?


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Removing a Grease Spot from Light Carpet?One of the castors on my computer chair broke. My hubby removed all of them and made it a stationery chair until we could get to another town to buy one. It left a round grease spot which we cannot get out with every kind of carpet cleaner we can find.


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