September 20, 2011

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A boy blowing bubbles.

Homemade Bubbles RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade bubbles. Blowing bubbles is a longstanding childhood pastime. Of course adults love to get involved too. You can save money and also have bubble solution any time, if you make your own.


A clown dressed in red balancing cups on their head.

Making a Circus Performers CostumeThis is a page about making a circus performer costume. Circus performers are unique and colorful characters. They include muscle men, jugglers, clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, and bearded ladies. The possibilities are endless when making a circus performer costume.


Dish of homemade carrot baby food. It is surrounded by fresh carrots and a ceramic bunny.

Homemade Baby Food RecipesThis page contains homemade baby food recipes. Making your own baby food can be a rewarding experience for you and your baby. Not only can you save money by doing so, you can also control the ingredients, including using only organic fruits and vegetables.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Beatles CostumeThis is a page about making a Beatles costume. The Beatles went through a number of style changes over the years. Whether you are doing it as a group costume or dressing up as your favorite Beatle this is a great costume for parties or Trick-or-Treating.


Pieces of beef jerky spilling out of a plastic storage bag.

Beef Jerky RecipesThis page contains recipes for beef jerky. Beef jerky is a nutritious snack for the kid's lunchbox, camping, hiking, or any occasion. The variations are endless, especially if you make your own.


Little boy dressed up as a construction worker.

Making a Construction Worker CostumeThis is a page about making a construction worker costume. For the little builder in your family try turning them into a construction worker for Halloween. You may have many of the props in your garage.


Little Girl in Bumblebee Costume

Making a Bumblebee CostumeThis is a page about making a bumblebee costume. The bumblebee costume is a popular halloween costume idea every year. With it's simple design and numerous variations, it's a great thrifty option.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Carrot CostumeThis is a page about making a carrot costume. Veggies aren't just for eating anymore. If you are looking for a humorous costume this Halloween, why not make a carrot costume.


Japanese beetle eating a leaf.

Getting Rid of Japanese BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of Japanese beetles. Japanese beetles can wreak havoc in your yard by devouring flowers and stripping the leaves off of plants. The grubs will also destroy grass by eating the roots.


Little girl in a bride costume.

Making a Bride CostumeThis is a page about making a bride costume. Many little girls love to think about being a bride, with a beautiful dress and flowers. A bride costume is an easy costume to make yourself.


Young girl in a pink bunny costume.

Making a Bunny Rabbit CostumeThis is a page about making a bunny rabbit costume. Making a bunny rabbit costume is simple and cute. Many times you can even add onto clothes that you already own.


Child in a brightly colored clown costume.

Making a Clown CostumeThis is a page about making a clown costume. Many parts of a clown costume can be made at home. You can purchase a colorful clown wig to complete the look.


Red tabby laying on lawn that has a lot of moss

Getting Rid of Moss in Your LawnYour lawn's appearance and health can be compromised by an intrusion of moss. The fuzzy green plant can begin to replace your grass. There are methods you can use for successfully removing moss from your lawn. This is a page about getting rid of moss in your lawn.


Girl with her has face painted like a black cat.

Making a Cat CostumeThis is a page about making a cat costume. Making a cat costume is easy. You may even have items at home that you can use.


Man in a Christmas tree costume.

Making a Christmas Tree CostumeThis is a page about making a Christmas tree costume. Bring the spirit of Christmas to Halloween this year. Try making your own Christmas tree costume. You can also reuse it for a Christmas party or holiday play.


Rendering of a dust mite on a white background.

Getting Rid of Dust MitesThis is a page about getting rid of dust mites. Dust mites are a leading cause of allergies and asthma. Literally hundreds of thousands of these tiny insects can make their home in your mattress. There are a number of ways to control and get rid of dust mites.


Stack of caramel candies.

Homemade Caramel RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade caramels. Whether you like them soft and gooey or in firm chewy squares, caramels are delicious. Rather than buying commercial candies or expensive gourmet varieties you can make these confections at home.



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Pumpkin DessertGreat dessert, especially for this season, but I like it any time!


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Cream Puffs (1920)This is from a Jan. 15, 1920 newspaper clipping. A simply delicious scratch recipe.


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Breakfast SandwichThis is my version of the fast food breakfast biscuit. It is very easy and costs about $.60 per sandwich with no waiting in line. I make 2 dozen at a time and put them in the freezer so they are ready to go.


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Meat Balls SupremeThese easy meatballs have a great sauce!


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Cranberry ChickenI love chicken cooked with fruit. This is a recipe I came up with years ago when I was craving a savory, tangy, pretty dish for dinner.


Up close photo of oatmeal jam bars.

Oatmeal Jam BarsOatmeal jam bars are simple to make using your favorite jam. They are not too sweet and can be enjoyed as a dessert or eaten for breakfast.


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Southwestern Bean SaladI am not usually fond of bean salads, but I do love the 'southwestern' flavor of this one.



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Homemade Seed TapesI've made seed tapes by mixing a little flour and water together, painting it onto paper towels, and sprinkling the seeds on. They stick to the flour and water and the paper towel rots away in the ground.


Beach Sunset at Whiskey Run Beach Oregon

Scenery: Blue Sunset (Whiskey Run Beach, OR)Taken at my favorite beach, Whiskey Run, on the gorgeous Oregon Coast, I loved the blues that evening! I took TONS of photos, but I liked the way this one pretty much naturally framed itself using the contrast of sunshine and shadows.


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Bring Food When You TravelI have food allergies, so even when I am not traveling, I must be careful with what I eat. I like to take some food with me, because I may not be able to find anything I can eat in an airport or bus station.


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Wipe Zester ImmediatelyThe easiest way to clean a zester is to immediately wipe off the excess zest with your finger tips from the handle side out towards the zesting edge on both sides. Rinse right away with water.


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WD-40 To Fix Squeaky Office ChairIf the location of the squeak is more inside the mechanism, get some WD-40 with the long red tube on it and spray up in there. If it's not way in there, then you can use WD-40 without the sprayer tube, or even use spray vegetable oil.


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Breath RX For Bad BreathBesides using good dental hygiene, a quality product called Breath RX has solved my bad breath problem. I got it at Walgreen's; it is a bottle of non alcohol spray for the tongue and a scraper.


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Preparing Potatoes for Potato SaladMy husband loves potato salad, but I seldom made it because for me, it took a lot of preparation time. Not any more though since I discovered this trick.


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Cutting Back Ground IvyI know there are different kinds of ground ivy, but here is how I cope with it. It seems to come up every year in the same places and nothing I do can get rid of it completely.


Closeup of Pink and White Lily Bloom

Garden: Pink Lily (Waverley, Pretoria)These beautiful lilies are finally in bloom! All around our garden I can see the changing of the seasons. Everything is so colorful and I am surrounded by the most pleasant smells.


Young girl in a Christmas tree costume.

Homemade Christmas Tree CostumeStand out in the crowd and make a Christmas tree costume this Halloween. Don't forget to decorate yourself with ornaments, garland, and tinsel.


Boy in No-sew Bumblebee Costume

Making a No-Sew Bumblebee CostumeHere is a site with a "No-sew" bumblebee costume that looks fantastic. It's easy to put together and is a great thrifty option.


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Using Round-UpIf there is a plant you really want to get rid of, I always recommend Round-Up. It is not organic but gets the job done and it kills all the roots. Spray it directly on the plant(s) you are wanting to get rid of, it will kill what it lands on so don't use on a windy day.


Young girl in a carrot costume.

Homemade Carrot CostumesYour child will love their veggies this year in this adorable carrot costume. This homemade carrot costume is a warm and fun idea for Halloween.


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Couples Costume: DiceThis is a costume for two people. You need two large cube shaped boxes. Cut off the flaps. This will be the bottom. Paint the boxes white and paint black dots on the sides as in a dice cube.


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Getting Rid of GophersThis was a simple solution for me, anyway. I tried everything for 5 months to eradicate gophers in the yard. They were dining on all my newly planted trees, plants, shrubs, etc. and the yard was filled with fresh mounds.


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Mix Your Own Paint ColorsI make my own paint colours by buying sample pots (at about $2 each) of colours in a darker shade than I want. Then I mix them in a large pot of cheap white paint. Use as many pots as you need.


Baby the Yorkie by Pink Stuffed Animal

Baby Girl (Yorkie)Baby Girl is a 1 and a half year old Yorkie. I was searching the internet for a Teacup Yorkie one day, and I saw her picture and knew I had to have her. The very next day, I bought her.


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Baby Oil For A Squeaky DoorI have used baby oil before when I didn't have a can of WD 40 laying around. The baby oil only works for a short time, but it smells good and it works.


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Dusting Powder for Greasy HairInstead of baby powder I use scented dusting powder as I don't really like the smell of baby powder! You can also combine using powder to de-grease hair with the modern dry shampoo sprays.


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Removing Old Candle Wax from a Glass VotiveI used to put the glass votive candle holders in the freezer to 'pop' out the old candle wax and that works, but I have found a much easier way.


CPurple and White Columbine Flower in Alaska

Scenery: Columbine (Kenai, Alaska)While vacationing in Alaska this July, I ran across this gorgeous columbine growing wild in the edge of a friend's garden.


John's Sgt. Pepper Costume

Making a Homemade Beatles CostumeHere is an excellent homemade Sgt. Pepper's costume. This site has well written instructions and explains the process well enough that it could be adapted to all four Beatles costumes.


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Any Oil To Quiet A Squeaky DoorAny kind of oil will fix a squeaky door. I was visiting my young daughter a few years ago and one of her doors was really squeaky. I went to her pantry and picked up a can of Pam cooking spray and sprayed the door hinges.


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Peanut Butter For Garlic BreathEat a peanut butter cookie or anything with peanut butter, even peanut butter on a spoon. This will take care of garlic breath!


Beautiful fuschia colored orchid in pot against white background

Tropical Orchid CareTropical orchids have a reputation for being delicate and demanding, but home gardeners can grow many of these exotic beauties just as easy as any other houseplant.


Young girl in a bride costume with red roses.

Homemade Bride CostumeA few simple items can transform any little girl into a bride for Halloween. Once Halloween is over you can add it to their dress up box to be used again.


Pink Bromeliad Flower

Garden: Late Summer FlowersNot Summer, not Fall yet. But here is what is blooming in our yard today.


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Orvus to Clean Vintage LinensSome professionals use Orvus. You can order online or visit a feed store.


Three Baby Mud Swallows in Nest

Wildlife: Baby Mud SwallowsEvery year mud swallows come wanting to build nests under my sister's covered patio. If she let them, there would be a nest in each corner. Because her back door opens onto the patio, she only allows one nest to be built each summer.


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Fixing a Squeaky Office ChairEverybody in your office will be annoyed at a squeaky office chair, if it's yours at home you will be annoyed. Either way let's fix it. It's easier than you would think.


Closeup of Pink and White Christmas Cactus Flower

Fall Christmas CactusThe Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) are not real Cactus plants. They are in the succulent family. These two are currently blooming on my North facing patio in partial shade.


Shaggy the Dog Being Held Up by Owner

Shaggy (Dog)Shaggy is a 10 year old dog. We got him 3 years ago. When his owners moved out, we took him in. He loves to run and play with our other dog.


Child in a blue clown wig and face paint.

Homemade Clown CostumeWith a simple tulle ruffle and some baggy clothes from home you can turn your child into a clown. A curly wig completes the look.


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Shop Multiple Grocery Stores in One TripI always place a large portable ice chest in my car when I shop. No ice is necessary if it has a good seal on it. I am able to go to multiple stores and pick up their loss leaders on one driving trip.


Little girl in a circus acrobat costume.

Homemade Circus Acrobat CostumeEveryone loves to watch the acrobats at the circus. As they fly through the air or perform in the ring, they are sure to amaze you with their costumes and skills. This acrobat costume is sure to get the same attention


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Present Costume Using a Cardboard BoxDecorate the box like a present! Use wrapping paper and bows of your choice birthday, Christmas, etc. This is easy and adorable.


Young boy dressed up as a construction worker.

Homemade Construction Worker CostumeUsing tools from home and a well worn outfit your child can become a construction worker for Halloween. A little brown face paint makes them look like they have been hard at work.


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Getting Rid of Morning GloryAlthough I can't imagine anyone not loving these beauties, I will admit they can be prolific self-seeders. However you can use the same procedure to get rid of them as you would any other unwanted plant.


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Cinnamon CoffeeSometimes I like to flavor my coffee without buying a can of gourmet coffee. I just use my regular coffee and make my own. Just break up a cinnamon stick in the coffee grounds before brewing.


Cupcake Birthday Cake Card Step 4

Cupcake Birthday Cake CardStep by step process of making a fun birthday card using paper cut-outs.


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Collage Costume With A Cardboard BoxMake a collage costume! Using a large flattish box, paint a border around the edges to look like a picture frame. In a spot where it rests naturally when you put it over your head, cut an oval the size of your face.


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Cleaning Vintage LinensCleaning your vintage linens that have yellowed with age can be tricky. However, it can be done. First, make sure that the material itself is in good shape. If it is already fraying apart through age, then you may need to consult a professional dry cleaner.


Little girl in a black cat costume.

Homemade Cat CostumeThis is a black cat that you won't mind crossing your path. This cute, no-sew costume is the purrrfect costume for Halloween.


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Dig or Poison Ground IvyThere are two solutions that I've found: either dig it up by hand or poison everything in the area infested, and then plant new grass. I forget what the weed killer I used was, but it kills everything, and then loses toxicity after 2 or 3 weeks.



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Eggplant Not Setting Fruit?I have a nice size eggplant bush, it flowers, but they fall off without producing the fruit. I have fed the bush with Miracle Gro liquid fertilizer. What else can I do to get it to produce?


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Planting Morning Glories?I have 2 places where I want to plant morning glories. One is at the foot of my mail box post. The other is in the ditch in front of my house (water does not flow through it due to past neighborhood kids tossing basketballs, etc. in there and now it's plugged up which suits me great).


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Growing a Gardenia?I've tried, unsuccessfully, to keep a gardenia alive. I've read all the tips, etc. and each time I plant a gardenia it lives 3-6 months, then dies. I love gardenias. Please help.


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Watermarking Photos Before Uploading?I was wondering if I should watermark my photo before uploading?


Different colored Bic markers.

Permanent Markers Dried Out?Is there any way to recondition Bic permanent markers? The caps were on tightly. In fact, they were still in the package. When I went to use them, not one of them worked. I have no idea where I bought them, so returning them is out of the question.Thanks.


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Teaching Children to Sew?I am looking for a beginners sewing book for children. My granddaughter has shown an interest and she has been doing some hand sewing. Even though I sew, I would like something to help put things into her perspective. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks


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Cleaning Your House Plants?I read an article about cleaning your house plants leaves with something special awhile back. Would anybody remember? I usually keep all of the articles, but I have lost this one. Thanks for any feedback!


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White Mold on Perennial Plants?Here in zone 4, we have had an unusually wet spring and summer. Several of my plants in raised beds seem to have a white mold growing on the leaves. It doesn't affect blooms and it doesn't seem contagious. There is no bug I can see.


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Water Not Getting into Fridge for Icemaker and Dispenser?I have an Electrolux stainless steel fridge. The water and the ice maker have stopped working. I don't hear the water going into the fridge. The water from the main line does work. This is the second time, before I had a technician come in and he repaired it.


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Making Plum Preserves?I've been given some plums, more than I can eat before they spoil. I would like to make a small amount of plum preserves, without pectin, to keep in the fridge. Is that possible?


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Fruit of the Spirit Speech Ideas?I was asked by a church leader to speak at a Fruit of the Spirit program on "kindness". This would be my first time ever doing a speech. Can someone give me a creative idea on how to present my speech and maybe some input on how to begin?


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Seriously Itchy Dog?In August, my dog started itching like crazy. Her sister was itching, too, but not as badly. She scratched a bald spot on herself. I bathed both of them, could not find any fleas, and then the itching subsided somewhat.


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Inexpensive Pre-drilled Glass Blocks?Reading through your website this morning I saw the following:


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