October 15, 2011

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Photo of homemade hummus.

Homemade Hummus RecipesHummus is a healthy recipe that can be used as a dip or a spread. It's fairly expensive to buy and relatively easy to make yourself. This page contains homemade hummus recipes.


Fresh tomatoes surrounding three bottles of homemade ketchup.

Homemade Ketchup RecipesThis page contains homemade ketchup recipes. Ketchup is easier to make at home than you would think. Making your own allows you to adjust the flavor from sweet and vinegary to spicy, or even sugar free, depending on the ingredients you use in each batch.


Photo of a hamburger with a homemade bun.

Homemade Hamburger Bun RecipesThis page contains homemade hamburger bun recipes. Enhance the flavor of any burger with a fresh, homemade hamburger bun. It's worth the extra effort.


Photo of a diamond ring set.

Homemade Jewelry CleanerThis is a page about making homemade jewelery cleaners. Homemade jewelry cleaners are a great way to keep your jewelry looking like new, without using expensive professional cleaning solutions.


Photo of homemade granola.

Homemade Granola RecipesThis is a page about making your own granola. Granola is great to eat with milk or yogurt for breakfast. Making your own granola is easy to do.


Photo of homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches RecipesThis page contains homemade ice cream sandwiches recipes. Ice cream sandwiches are a wonderful treat for the whole family. Making your own ice cream sandwiches is easy and a lot of fun.


Broccoli and Ham Pockets

Homemade Hot Pockets RecipesOne of the great things about hot pockets is their convenience. Making your own allows you to control the ingredients you family eats and you can freeze them to use later. This page contains homemade hot pocket recipes.


Mayonnaise in dish with fresh basil leaves.

Homemade Mayonnaise RecipesThis page contains homemade mayonnaise recipes. Mayonnaise is not just a sandwich spread but is used in numerous recipes. Making your own fresh mayonnaise is easy and allows you to experiment with specialty flavors.


A plate of homemade French fries.

Homemade French FriesThere is nothing better than hot, homemade french fries, fresh out of your oven or fryer. Normally made from potatoes, other vegetables can be used.


A plate of Jo Jo potato wedges.

Homemade Jo Jo Potato RecipesJo Jos are a type of seasoned potato wedge that many of us learned to love at school or the deli counter. Save money by learning to make them at home. This page contains homemade Jo Jo potato recipes.


Dog sleeping on a couch.

Removing Pet Hair from FurniturePet hair can be quite a nuisance and can be difficult to remove from fabric or microfiber couches, chairs, and other furniture. This is a page about removing pet hair from furniture.


Photo of homemade orange jello.

Homemade Jello (Gelatin) RecipesYou don't have to buy Jello in little boxes at the grocery store. Making homemade "jello" is fun and can taste even better. This page contains homemade Jello recipes.


Naan in wooden bowl.

Naan Bread RecipesThis page contains naan bread recipes. Naan is a tasty Indian flat bread. It makes a delicious complement to many traditional Indian dishes such as curry, makhani chicken, and others. Try making your own; the variations are fun to experiment with.


Photo of a cup of iced coffee.

Homemade Iced Coffee RecipesThis page contains homemade iced coffee recipes. Ice coffee is a refreshing drink and a nice change of pace for coffee drinkers. Rather than spending the money at Starbucks, try making it yourself.


Photo of homemade jalapeno poppers.

Jalapeno Popper RecipesJalapeno poppers are a great dish to serve at a party. You don't have to buy them frozen from the grocery store, you can make wonderful homemade jalapeno poppers. This page contains jalapeno popper recipes.


Graham cracker on a red background.

Homemade Graham Cracker RecipesThis page contains homemade graham cracker recipes. Graham crackers are great for s'mores, pie crusts, and just for snacking. Making your own graham crackers allows you to make crackers that are superior to store bought ones.


Photo of brown gravy on a turkey sandwich.

Homemade Brown Gravy RecipesHomemade brown gravy provides a superior flavor to store bought gravy or gravy made from a mix. It's easy and quick to make. This is a page about making your own brown gravy.


Homemade Father's Day Gifts, A child holding a homemade card that says "I love Daddy".

Homemade Father's Day GiftsThis is a page for homemade Father's Day gifts. Every parent appreciates a thoughtful homemade gift for Father's Day. Homemade crafts are a great way to show Dad you care.


A bottle of homemade salad dressing.

Italian Dressing RecipesYou don't need to buy Italian dressing from the grocery store. There are fabulous recipes for Italian dressing that you can make yourself. This page contains Italian dressing recipes.


Photo of eggs, toast and hash browns.

Hash Browns RecipesHash browns are a great breakfast side dish and a wonderful way to use extra or leftover potatoes. This page contains homemade hash browns recipes.



Spanish Style Rice-A-RoniDo you like Rice-A-Roni? Try my family recipe for it, "Spanish style" with ground beef. I like it, because it's inexpensive to make, and, simply, because it tastes good.


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Baked Lemon PuddingPerfect way to end a delicious meal. Creamy pudding with a cake topping.



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Thrift Stores and Yard Sales For Baby ClothesCheck out thrift stores, yard sales and eBay for baby clothes. When you find them go ahead and get things in larger sizes as well as the current size.


Two completed stockings, one with lace and one with bandana fabric.

Mini Denim StockingsSmall Christmas stockings made of denim and embellished for small gifts or candy.


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Grass Skirts From Tissue PaperIn the old days when they made pom poms we used a form of tissue paper. Well I thought to be easy and so children can help, use tissue paper of any colors. You can use the same color or different colors.


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Sprinkling Cinnamon Sugar on FoodsFor sprinkling cinnamon sugar on food, I use an empty spice jar. I fill it with the mix and use it also on pancakes, cakes, and rice.


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Record Set Bills In Bank Register Ahead of TimeYears ago when I was in college, I got financial aid, and would pay all the bills for three months ahead, like rent, cable, insurance, etc. Then, my daughter and I would know that "this is our money for a cheap movie or a new jacket for school".


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Cookie Cutter Top Pie CrustInstead of merely cut a venting hole or two in the top crust of your pie, try cookie cutters. For example, I have a cat cookie cutter. I used it on the top crust and placed the cats all around the edge of the pie and then filled in to the top.


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Storage for Glue GunsI took a wall shelf and drilled holes in which to place my glue guns. The size of the hole depends on the size of each glue gun. I used a round door knob bit; they come in different sizes.



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Removing Nail Polish from Floor?Last night a bottle fell off the dresser hit the floor and busted. It was late I didn't know anything to do, so today I tried nail polish remover and glass cleaner. So far I'm having no luck getting out the stain, does anyone have any suggestions?


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Airing Out a Leather Jacket After Dry Cleaning?How would you air out a leather jacket after it has been dry cleaned?


Black dog with a white chest and huge stand up ears.

What Breed is My Puppy?My puppy is 5 1/2 months old. I rescued her from a shelter 2 months ago. I have no history on her. The vet at the shelter thought she was a mix of German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Her ears are huge but so cool. She is the smartest dog I have ever seen!Any thoughts? Thanx.


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Name Ideas for a Crochet Business?I am starting up a small crochet business and am looking for a cute or funny name. I mainly make baby items. Please help!


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Getting Rid of a Skunk?There's a skunk hole near the woodpile. I need to get rid of the skunk so that we can get wood out for use this winter. The smell is still around, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Keeping the Dog Off the Couch?I just got a new couch that is much longer than the last one. On my old couch, I used to place items on it to keep the dog off. That is not so easy with the new couch. Any suggestions to teach an old dog a new trick?


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Paper Backing Stuck to Iron on Transfers?How do you remove paper backing stuck on parts of an iron on transfer? The directions did not have this information.


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Removing Nail Polish from Acrylic Nails?I used non-acetone nail polish remover to soak my fingers to remove polish and burnt my finger tips. I was removing a basecoat, plus 2 coats of polish and a top coat what did I do wrong? For 3 days my tips felt numb. I thought I had problems.


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Making a Crayola Crayon Costume?How do I make a black Crayola costume?


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Craft Uses for Borax?What crafts can you make with borax?


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Cleaning Exterior Brick?How do you rid exterior light colored bricks of dirt and mud stains? We have already tried a power washer and it did not work.


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6 Year Old Daughter Won't Wear Underwear at Home?My 6 year old daughter refuses to wear underwear at home. She will wear underwear if we go out and to school, but as soon as we get home all the clothes come off and she just wears a nightgown.


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Removing Acrylic from Big Toe?I've tried removing acrylic from my big toes with pure acetone, but it does not work. I'm stressing now as I have got a fungus infection under the nail as a result of the acrylic. I really want to get the acrylic off so I can start treating the fungus infection.


Flower with large stamen.

What is This Plant?I have inherited this shrub from someone who called it a flowering maple, but I've never heard of one. Does anyone recognize it?


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Old Time Homemade Wine Recipes?I'm searching for recipes to make homemade wine. My dad made elderberry wine when I was a little kid. I barely remember him making it, but it was in a big crock. Anyone have some old time recipes for homemade wine? I would love to give it a try.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?My kitchen cabinets are cedar. The counter top is a bluish-green with specks of black (granite countertop). The floor is vinyl with bluish green and off white squares. Please help me. I am working on a limited budget. I don't know what to do about the ugly cedar cabinets. It's an eye sore. Help!


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Making a Craft Stick House?Does anyone have information on how to make a homemade house out of craft sticks?


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Removing Cleaning Solvent Odor from Clothing?How do I get the smell of gun cleaning solvent out of my clothes? Thank you in advance for your answers.


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