November 3, 2011

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Bored Kid at a Restaurant

Keep Children Entertained When Eating Out This is a page about keeping children entertained when eating out. As many parents know, eating out with children can be a challenge. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your meal use these tips for keeping kids entertained.


Vanilla cake with filling and vanilla frosting.

Vanilla Cake RecipesThis page contains vanilla cake recipes. Vanilla cake is delicious and goes well with many different flavors of frosting and fillings. Making vanilla cake from scratch is easy.


Vegetable pizza.

Vegetable Pizza RecipesThis page contains vegetable pizza recipes. Vegetable pizzas are a great option for vegetarians or as a healthy alternative to more fattening pizzas. Many of your favorite vegetables taste great on a pizza.


Asparagus in a Bamboo Steamer

Selecting Good AsparagusThis is a page about selecting good asparagus. Asparagus is low in calories and full of nutrients. Knowing which stocks are the best will ensure that you will have a delicious dish.


Patchy unhealthy lawn.

Homemade Lawn Fertilizer RecipesThis page contains homemade lawn fertilizer recipes. Do you have an unhealthy patchy lawn? Making your own lawn fertilizer provides you with the opportunity to go as organic as you like. There are a myriad of fertilizer recipes to choose from many containing household products.


Man Fixing a Lawn Mower

Removing Rust from a Lawn Mower?This is a page about removing rust from a lawn mower. Lawn Mowers can easily develop rust. It is important to maintain your lawn mower and keep the rust at bay.


Frozen raspberries.

Freezing RaspberriesThis is a page about freezing raspberries. Raspberries are delicious on their own or in countless recipes. If you aren't going to use all of your raspberries right away, freezing them is a good way to preserve them for later.


Vanilla frosting on a lemon layer cake.

Vanilla Frosting RecipesThis page contains vanilla frosting recipes. Vanilla frosting is a delicious choice when making a cake. It is easy to make vanilla frosting yourself the next time you have a cake to frost.


Four chickens on the rotisserie.

Rotisserie Chicken RecipesThis page contains rotisserie chicken recipes. Rotisserie chicken is a healthy easy to prepare meal the family will love. You can change up the flavorings each time you prepare one this way.


Removing Moss from a Roof, Cleaning Moss off Roof

Removing Moss from a RoofCleaning moss off your roof not only improves it's appearance but also increases the life span of your roof. It is important to not only remove moss but to prevent further growth. This is a page about removing moss from a roof.


Veggie burger patty.

Veggie Burger RecipesThis page contains veggie burger recipes. Veggie burgers are a great alternative to a beef burger patty. Making your own allows you to try a wide variety of vegetables when making them.


Man using Homemade Softscrub in the kitchen

Homemade Softscrub Cleaner RecipeSoftscrub is a great cleaner to cut through grime in the bathroom. A homemade Softscrub can be just as effective and can save you money. This page contains homemade Softscrub cleaner recipes.


Grape juice that is splashing out of the cup.

Removing Grape Juice Stains from a Tablecloth?This is a page about removing grape juice stains from a tablecloth. Kids love grape juice, so stains from spills are inevitable. Unfortunately grape juice stains can be tough to remove.


2 jars of yogurt

Low Fat Yogurt RecipesThis page contains low fat yogurt recipes. If you love yogurt but are looking for ways to reduce the calories, try making your own low fat yogurt. By making your own yogurt you can also vary the flavors to suit your taste.


Homemade Waffle Recipes, Homemade waffles topped with apples.

Homemade Waffle RecipesWaffles are a delicious breakfast food. The flavor possibilities are endless when making waffles at home. This page contains homemade waffle recipes.


Squirrel eating a flower.

Protecting Bulbs from WildlifeThis is a page about protecting bulbs from wildlife. Often the flower bulbs we plant with great anticipation become dinner for our friendly wildlife. Whether they dig up the bulbs or nibble the buds squirrels and other wildlife can decimate your bulb garden.


Homemade spaghetti sauce.

Spaghetti Sauce RecipesThis page contains spaghetti sauce recipes. Spaghetti is a dish that is loved by both adults and kids. You can enjoy fresh spaghetti sauce any time you want by making it at home.


Canned green beans with other vegetables in background.

Canning Green BeansThis is a page about canning green beans. Canning fresh green beans from your garden or those you purchased on sale at the grocery is easy and inexpensive to do. Follow a few easy steps and you can become an expert at canning.



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Orange Julius CookiesA nice clean hint of orange makes this cookie taste like the Orange Julius drinks you get in the mall.


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Alaska Gambler's Salmon Casserole with Cornbread ToppingI collect old recipe booklets that I find at thrift shops and yard sales. I enjoy looking through them and seeing how cooking has changed over the years. Some of the recipes are really good, real comfort foods.


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Homemade Cheddar CrackersThis recipe makes about 24 crackers. If you would like to make more, simply adjust ingredients accordingly and bake in batches. Depending on how many crackers I want to make, I double or triple the ingredients and roll and wrap separate 6 inch logs.


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Pizza Hot DishThis is very yummy and kid-friendly!



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Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom SinkThis works perfectly! After searching web sites to find out how to remove hair dye from the bathroom sink, I finally found the perfect solution on my own! Take pure liquid bleach.


Patches and Mary on a Car

Patches and Mary (Goats)Meet Patches and Mary, two of three of my grandparents' goats. Patches and Mary are both a few years old. Mary's been in the competition before, but this is Patches' first time.


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Use Liquid Comet And Car Wax For A Clean BathtubI used a liquid Comet cleaner with bleach and a SOS pad. After a good clean, wax it with car wax. No more rings and easy weekly cleaning. I wax every 3 - 4 months.


Cement piece with name painted on.

Yard Rock NamesMake a quick house warming gift that will last for years.


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Easy Homemade PopsiclesThese are made from juice you've already paid for, and fairly healthy popsicles. I freeze the juice from canned fruit in popsicle molds. I also use the liquid that forms in a bowl of cut watermelon.


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Sewing Curtains From SheetsMost of my curtains I've made from sheets. I simply measure the length then fold the top down and stitch two lines across leaving enough room at the top for the ruffle, and enough between each line for the rod to go through.


Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas SignI took a picture of this sign while visiting Las Vegas. It was so pretty and the lighting was wonderful.


A plate of hot dogs that look like severed fingers for a Halloween party.

Halloween: Severed FingersHere is a platter of hot dog "fingers" that my friend Lisa made for a Halloween party. I love how they are in a circle with the ketchup and eyeballs in the middle. Very creepy.


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Planning A Party On The CheapI was asked to help with a party and then I was told to make a party for some one on my own. There were no supplies or an idea, just a date and time and a person.


Small Pink Flowers

Pretty Pink FlowersThese are some flowers that are growing in our garden. I snapped a quick shot.


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Small Garbage Container for KitchenNow that there are only two of us in our household, we have downsized our kitchen garbage container for the kitchen. We have a medium-size plastic bucket that fits perfect under the kitchen sink; out of sight and out of way.


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Acknowledging the Anniversary of a Loved One's PassingIt seems like I've attended a few too many funerals lately and by that I mean too many people I know have passed away. After all is said and done and the loved one is buried, the relatives are still left hurting.


Bee in Large Orange Flower

Bee in an Orange Flower (Shore Acres...This tiny little honey bee looked like he should be burning up in this flower, in my opinion. I know they're just colors, but the oranges and reds of this blossom reminded me of roasting marshmallows over a campfire.


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Store Measured Servings Of Frozen FoodsMy husband and I were preparing to cook a bag of frozen peas, and decided we didn't want to use the whole 1 pound bag. My husband pulled out a 1 quart freezer bag to put the original bag of peas in before using any.


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Store Coffee In Fridge And Grind DailyMy best advice on storing coffee was shared, years ago, by someone employed with a coffee company. I grew up in north west Washington, if that gives you any idea of the fanatic I am about coffee.


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Liquid Bandage For Covering PimplesI get pimples quite often. I noticed a while back that my liquid makeup and foundations would cover everything except my pimples, and that would make them stand out even more.


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Bath Gel To Clean Tub RingsI use bath gel to clean bathtub rings. I get a cheap one or use one I have but don't like. This works much better than gritty cleansers, etc.


A homemade Wolverine (X-Men) costume with yellow eyes and long metal claws.

Halloween Costume: Wolverine (X-Men)This is a costume of Wolverine from X-Men. This is the Hugh Jackman version, not the comic book blue/yellow version. Total materials cost about $36.


Cupcakes with bloody glass shards as decoration, for a Halloween party.

Halloween: Broken Glass CupcakesHere is an idea for making some creepy cupcakes topped with sugar "glass" shards and covered in red "blood".


Little Girl Dressed in Flower Petal Costume

Halloween Costume: Flower PetalMy great neice Brooke turned 1 a few days before Halloween. She loved dressing up in her petal costume. She is so cute!


A green J-Popper kitchen tool for opening ring top cans.

Product Review: J-Popper Ring Top Can OpenerDD gave me this a few years ago. I have used it so much that it is second nature to use it every day. I don't know if anyone else has posted this great product, but it never hurts to remind people that have never used it.



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Dye Transferred in the Wash?I usually do this one item by hand, but this particular day it got washed with delicates. It's a sheer blouse with a crocheted vest in front, it's off-white in color, at least it was.


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Removing Odor from Vinyl Fabric?Does anyone know how to get rid of the odor from vinyl fabric? I'm recovering chair seats with it, but need to clean up the smell first.


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Dust Accumulation on Dark Furniture?I live way in the country on a dirt road surrounded by trees (pollen). Along with the dust from the road and in the winter from our wood burning stove, I need help with all the dust that I can not remove from my dark finished furniture.


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Crochet Pattern for Adult Leg Warmers?I want to make leg warmers for an average size woman. I have no measurements, and since it is a gift, I can't ask for them. Thanks.


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Rings Are Too Big?I have lost weight and have quite a few rings that are now too big for me. Is there any way to make them tighter besides having them cut down?


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Cleaning Heirloom Painted Furniture?I have a family heirloom trunk that my grandfather painted in a style similar to tole painting. It has a heavy brown patina of dirt and probably smoke all over it. I would like to clean the yellow background but on a trial section.


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Removing Hair Dye from Wood?How do I remove dark hair dye off a light colored wood with out removing the paint?


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Getting a Small Equity-secured Loan with Bad Credit?I am in dire need of a loan, but my credit is horrible after a divorce. I am trying to sell/trade/refinance my car for a much cheaper car because I cannot afford the payment anymore.


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Refilled Printer Ink Volume?How can I tell how much ink is in the compatible cartridges as compared to the originals?


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