November 4, 2011

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Cleaning an Artificial Christmas Tree, Decorated artificial tree.

Cleaning an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about cleaning an artificial Christmas tree. Many families use an artificial tree to safe money or because they believe it is better for the environment. Because these trees can be used year after year they will need to be cleaned periodically to retain their fresh appearance.


A young child counting coins.

Teaching Your Kids About Frugal LivingThis is a page about teaching your kids about frugal living. Living a frugal lifestyle is much easier if you actively teach your children to be frugal too. Teaching them about frugal living will also help them when they are older.


A woman preparing a Thanksgiving meal.

Organizing Your Thanksgiving Cooking...This is a page about organizing your Thanksgiving Cooking day. Cooking your Thanksgiving meal can be very time consuming. Organizing and planning out your meal will not only save time but can help keep the kitchen chaos to a minimum.


Cranberry Sauce Recipes, Stemmed bowl of cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Sauce RecipesThis page contains cranberry sauce recipes. Looking for an alternative to canned cranberry sauce? There are many recipes for variations on this holiday favorite.


A bone-in ham on a platter.

Recipes Using a Ham BoneThis page contains recipes using a ham bone. Once you have enjoyed your ham, don't throw that ham bone out. The ham bone contains a ton of flavor and can be used to flavor other dishes.


Removing Ice from Your Windshield, Gloved hand scraping icy windshield.

Removing Ice from Your WindshieldThis is a page about removing ice from your windshield. A ritual of winter is removing ice from from your windshield. In addition to the obvious purchased ice scraper there are other ways of removing ice from your windshield.


White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window

Homemade Upholstery Cleaner RecipesThis page contains homemade upholstery cleaner recipes. A well used piece of furniture will need to be cleaned on occasion. Making your own upholstery cleaner can reduce the amount of toxins you come in contact with while cleaning and using your furniture.


Thanksgiving Stuffing Being Made in a Large Saucepan

Stuffing RecipesNo Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without stuffing. Whether you are making the stuffing inside the bird or on the stovetop, this side dish is always a favorite.


Boy With a Pet Turtle

Caring for a Pet TurtleThis is a page about caring for a pet turtle. Turtles are a fun and unique pet that many people enjoy. Turtles require a certain amount of special attention to be cared for properly.


Antique Wood Furniture with Sticky Film

Cleaning Wood Furniture With a Sticky FilmThis is a page about cleaning wood furniture with a sticky film. A sticky film can build up on your wood furniture from a variety of sources: smoke, cooking grease, furniture polish, little sticky fingers, etc. The break down of older finishes can also result in a sticky surface.


Dog digging at the beach.

Training a Dog to Stop DiggingThis is a page about training a dog to stop digging. Did you just discover the hole where your flowers used to be? There are many reasons a dog likes to dig including breed, exploration, attention seeking, or wildlife in your garden.


Green Bean Casserole Tips and Recipes, Green bean casserole.

Green Bean Casserole RecipesThis page contains green bean casserole recipes. Green bean casserole is a delicious dish that many families serve at Thanksgiving. It is a simply dish to make and there are a number of ways to enhance the traditional recipe too.


Okra Plant with Blue Sky in Background

Growing OkraThis is a page about growing okra. Okra is a great addition to many homemade dishes. Grow your own okra at home and you have it available to use, fresh as can be.


Grooming Your Cat, Tabby Cat Being Groomed

Grooming Your CatThis is a page about grooming your cat. Pet grooming can get expensive very quickly. If your cat is in need of a trip to the groomer, you can save some money by doing it yourself.


Giving a Cat a Pill, Vet Giving Spoonfull of Pills to Cat

Giving a Cat a PillThis is a page about giving a cat a pill. Most cats do not take their medication without fuss. Getting your cat to take a pill can be a very difficult process but one that you will need to go though to ensure it gets the proper medication.


Wasp sitting on a glas

Homemade Wasp RepellentKeeping wasps away from your outdoor activities can be a challenge. For those who are allergic to their sting, they can be life threatening. This is a page about Homemade Wasp Repellent.


Repairing a Burn Hole in Carpet, Upclose photo of carpet.

Repairing a Burn Hole in CarpetBurn holes in your carpet can be really unsightly. Depending on the size of the hole, there are options to repair the hole without replacing the carpet. This is a page about repairing a burn hole in carpet.


Unseasoned Dutch Oven

Removing Rust from Cast IronThis is a page about removing rust from cast iron. If your cast iron cookware is not properly seasoned or cleaned it can get rusty very quickly. getting rid of the rust will allow you to start over seasoning and cooking with your cast iron.


Photo of lots of potatoes.

Saving Money on PotatoesThis is a page about saving money on potatoes. Potatoes are a staple for many households. While they may not seem too pricey on a per pound basis, if you have a large family and go through many potatoes the cost can really add up.


A child eating a brown bag lunch.

Saving Money on Packed LunchesPacking your own lunch can save a lot of money over buying lunch. However, if you aren't careful even a packed lunch can be expensive. This is a page about saving money on packed lunches.



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Hot Chicken SandwichesLove that this uses canned chicken! So easy and good!


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Apple Snicker SaladAnother one of my favorites!


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Western Bean SoupThis is a cool recipe. Very yummy because it gives a little bite to the flavor of the soup with the picante sauce in it.


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Un-Fried Fried Apple PiesI love fried apple pies. My health and my waist line do not, however. I tried something today and wanted to share with others who love the pies but not the end results.


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Asian Veggie Stir FryWhat's nice about a veggie stir fry is that you can choose your own favorite combination of veggies.


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Dutch Harbor Shrimp-Stuffed Baked PotatoesEasy and delicious. Drain shrimp. Bake potatoes in a hot oven, 425 degrees F, for 45 to 60 minutes or until soft. Cut a slice off top of each potato; scoop out insides.


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Versatile Meat SauceHere is a recipe for meat sauce for when you come home late and have to cook. Once a week, I make a meat sauce that can be used for many different meals.



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Homemade Curtains From PillowcasesWe use my old homestead (the house in which I was born - it is well over 100 years old), as our summer home. I found it very easy and inexpensive to make curtains for my old home by using pillow cases.


Large White Rise Blossom

Garden: Snow White Rose (Shore Acres State Park,...I've always believed that white roses are beautiful, but nothing could beat the way God's sun touched this blossom with its rays and made it glow.


Closeup of Panther the Cat

Panther (Black Cat)Panther is a 6 year old cat. We adopted him from a family who had too many cats. He likes to sleep, play with his neighbor cat, and cuddle. He had leukemia for awhile, but luckily, he survived, and is now very happy and healthy.


Blue Indian Motorcycle

47 Indian Chief MotorcycleIt's a tribute to my dad. He died of cancer on May 1st this year. When he first learned the news about the cancer, he purchased the frame and set out on a journey to rebuild it from scratch.


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Add Tortilla Chip Crumbs To SoupThe DH was making himself a can of Juanitas Chicken Pozole and decided to add the broken tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag. He added a loose 1.5 - 2 cups and heated the soup on low for 45 minutes to one hour.


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My Frugal Life: Planning AheadI used to be proud of being spontaneous, of living on a whim. Now that I can no longer afford to have anything I want at the moment that I want it, I have come to savor the far deeper pleasure of expectation, of waiting for something and looking forward to it.


Avalanche the Cat Sleeping

Avalanche (Cat)Avalanche is a 6 year old cat. We got Avalanche from the shelter around 8 months ago. I had seen his photo on the local Humane Society webpage. I fell in love with him because he looked so huge and mean. Turns out, he's the sweetest!


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Homemade Tartar SauceWhen I make tartar sauce, I use mayonaise, pickle relish (I use sweet, you can use dill also), one finely diced boiled egg, and a dash of lemon or lime, if you have it. Just mix these ingredients to taste.


Boy Dressed as Doom Shroom

Halloween Costume: Doom Shroom (Plants...At the last minute, my son decided he wanted to change costume ideas and be a Doom Shroom from the game Plants vs Zombies. So with some quick thinking between my wife and I, we were able to put together a pretty decent costume.


A toddler with a cowboy hat and a toy hobby horse.

Halloween Costume: CowgirlMy grandaughter wanted to be a cowgirl for her first Halloween


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Organize Thread By ColorI have my thread organized by color in antique thread drawers from an old dry goods store. Before this, however, I had them in clear plastic shoe box containers, also organized by color.


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Pizza Boxes For Storing Scrapbook SuppliesSmall pizza boxes are a great way to store scrapbooking paper (clean ones can be purchased and sometimes you can get them for free by asking for a couple when you go in to pick up your pizza order!).


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Vaseline To Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird FeedersThis works great. Put Vaseline on the hook, pole, string, or whatever the feeder is hanging from. The ants get stuck while walking to the food. Just make sure that they have no access without having to walk through the goo.


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Toilet Brush For Scrubbing TubI bought a brand new long handled toilet bowl brush and any old detergent. My arthritis hurts too bad to get on my knees and bend over for long periods. I wipe when I get out the tub. It's done in a minute or two.


Three Teacher Pencil Box ideas

Teacher Pencil BoxTeachers are special and it's nice to show them they are appreciated by giving them a little gift for Christmas. Here is a cute and inexpensive project that any teacher would enjoy.


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Organize 60 Things A MonthTo make organizing simpler so you don't feel so overwhelmed, you can plan to organize two things a day. Maybe two drawers or a closet, or whatever you need to get done. By the end of the month, I have 60 things done!


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Treating Dog's Ear ProblemsMy dog had an ear infection and an associate at our pet clinic prescribed the very expensive Otomax. Well on another occasion when we visited for yet another ear infection, the vet, owner of the clinic, recommended 1/2 alcohol to 1/2 vinegar.


Bottle of Castile soap.

Natural Cleaners For Bathtub RingsTo keep bathtubs sparkling clean, use an all natural paste made from baking soda and liquid Castile soap. The baking soda is a mild abrasive, Castile soap dissolves soap scum and it's safe for all surfaces.


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Homemade Tartar SauceMix 2 Tbsp. of mayonnaise, 2 Tbsp. of dill relish and 1 - 1/4 tsp. of mustard together.



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Hard Water Leaving Laundry Dingy and Gray?Our laundry is suffering as a result of hard water. The whites are gray, and the colors are dingy/faded. The hard water softeners are really expensive. Any thrifty advice?


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Preserving Herbs in Olive Oil?I once saw a post of how to process basil, cilantro, and parsley in a food processor with olive oil, but I forgot what else. I did it once and it lasted me a while in the fridge. I loved the idea, but I have since lost the instructions for how to do it.


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Replacement Controls for Sealy Electric Blanket?How do I get a replacement control for a Sealy electric blanket that is 3 years old?


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Keeping Toaster Oven Cleaner?My toaster oven always has crumbs in the bottom of it and crumbs also get in the bottom of the glass door. Not to mention that the glass door always looks stained by brown marks. I put foil on my grill pan, but not on the racks themselves.


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Parade Float Ideas: Theme is " All I want For Christmas"?I am looking for float ideas for a veterinary practice, the theme is " All I want For Christmas". Thank you.


A white chihuahua looking back at the camera.

House Training a One Year Old Dog?We recently took in a year old Chihuahua whose last owner died, and has had a total of 3 owners in his first year of life. I am having a problem getting him to stop peeing in the house! He came with pee pads, but I really want him to learn to go outside.


Making the Dryel Pen to Go Solution?Does anyone have the recipe for making the Dryel solution? I am trying to clean the hem of my daughter's hand-made wedding dress, and Dryel seems to be the only thing that does not leave a ring and evaporates completely. It's going to take a lot, but I am determined to get it clean!


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Repairing a Mobile Home Cheaply?I have so much to do to my mobile I don't know where to start. The walls need repair and the roof leaks even though I had it sealed. I am a single parent and I don't know where to start or how to do much of the repair. I can't afford to pay someone else to do it.


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Making a Cake Stand?How can I make a cake stand using two glass plates?


Beaded bookmark.

Making Beaded Bookmarks?What size of waxed linen string is best for beaded bookmarks?


Grey kitty sitting on lap.

Trimming a Cat's Claws?I have a kitty, he is approximately two, that hates having his claws trimmed. You would think someone was inflicting great pain on him to listen to the howling that accompanies this task. It takes at least two people to do the job and even then he puts up a good fight.


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Windshield Washer Solution for Winter?When I used the windshield washer system on my car last winter (ice condition weather), the water on the windshield became ice very soon. Now what kind of alcohol can I mix with water and at what percent?


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Choosing Bedding to Coordinate with Heart of Palm and Hazel?I'm looking for bedding to match the colors heart of palm and hazel. Any suggestions for complementary colors?


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Craft Ideas for Recycling Mismatched Pillowcases?Does any one have any ideas or crafts using pillowcases?


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Recipes Using Tofu?How do you use tofu? Does anyone have some recipes to share or suggestions?


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Smelly New Athletic Shoes?I bought my son a pair of leather Jordon's at the Finish Line 2 months ago. They smell like cat urine and we have no cats! I have washed them, let them dry, and stuffed them with newspaper. I also bought a new shoe deodorizer and the shoes still smell like cat urine.....


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 1944?How do I find the estimated value of a complete set of a 1994 edition and four year books from 1943-47?


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Using Homemade Detergent in Front Load Washer?Are the homemade washing detergent recipes OK for front loader washing machines?


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Ford Ranger Heater Not Working?My 1996 Ford Ranger heater will not blow hot air. Any suggestions?


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Winterizing an Inground Pool?I just bought a place and I have a big pool in my back yard. Do I need to keep water in my inground pool for the winter. I emptied it to clean it and will be doing some work on it in the spring.


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