November 7, 2011

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A family eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Planning a Thanksgiving DinnerThis is a page about planning a Thanksgiving dinner. There is a lot of planning when hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. Beyond the food you may be looking for decoration ideas and activities for kids.


Freshly baked white dinner rolls.

Dinner Rolls RecipesThis page contains recipes for dinner rolls. With the holidays coming many of us are looking for tasty dinner roll recipes. There are many options whether you enjoy the traditional white rolls, wheat, or a more whole grain variation.


Recipes Using Leftover Ham, Spiral sliced ham.

Recipes Using Leftover HamThis page contains recipes using leftover ham. The next time you have leftover ham, start thinking about the other dishes you can make with it. Ham is full of flavor and is a great ingredient in casseroles, soups, and other recipes.


Cooking a Turkey in Your Oven, A turkey in the oven.

Cooking Ham and Turkey in the Same OvenThis is a page about cooking ham and turkey in the same oven. Many people like to serve both turkey and ham at Thanksgiving. Cooking them together can save time.


A carved turkey breast.

Freezing Leftover TurkeyThis is a page about freezing leftover turkey. Many of us full up on turkey at Thanksgiving and would [refer to wait a little while to eat more of it. Freezing your leftover turkey is a great way to preserve it for use at a later time.


A plate of turkey dinner with turkey, cranberries and mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving Dinner Without Much MoneyThis is a page about having a Thanksgiving dinner without much money. Not having a lot of money during the holidays can be tough. However, you can still have a nice Thanksgiving dinner when you are short on money.


Grooming Your Dog, Cocker puppy in a tub with a rubber duckie.

Grooming Your DogThis is a page about grooming your dog. Grooming your dog can save you money and keep your dog looking great.


A girl helping make rolls on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Family TraditionsThis is a page about Thanksgiving family traditions. Many people already have Thanksgiving traditions or are looking to start some for their family. Thanksgiving traditions can bring families together for generations to come.


Turkey dumpling soup with carrots.

Leftover Turkey Soup RecipesA great way to use leftover turkey it to make soup. Start with a tasty stock and create. Whether it is turkey noodle, turkey gumbo, or your own personal favorite, holiday turkey soup is a tradition in itself. This page contains recipes for leftover turkey soup.


A carved turkey breast.

Cooking a Turkey Breast in the MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking a turkey breast in the microwave. Instead of heating up your oven the next time you make a turkey breast, consider using your microwave. Keep in mind that When cooking a turkey breast in the microwave it is important to keep the meat form drying out.


Wood plank headboard.

Making a HeadboardThis is a page about making a headboard. Making your headboard can be fun and creative. There are so many possibilities depending on the materials you choose. Try repurposing and recycling other items into a one of a kind headboard.


Senior eating alone.

Dealing With Being Alone on ThanksgivingThis is a page about dealing with being alone on Thanksgiving. Being alone on Thanksgiving can be difficult. Volunteering or going out to eat are some of the ways you can still enjoy the holiday.


Recipes Using Leftover Ham, Spiral sliced ham.

Freezing Leftover HamThis is a page about freezing leftover ham. Don't let any leftover ham go to waste. Freezing ham is a great way to preserve it to use in casserole, soups, and other dishes.


A woman preparing a Thanksgiving meal.

Cooking a Large Thanksgiving DinnerIf you are fortunate to have a large group of family and friends over for Thanksgiving, then you know that cooking a large dinner can take some planning. Avoiding chaos and making a delicious dinner for a lot of people is possible though.


Cooking a Turkey in Your Oven, A turkey in the oven.

Cooking a Turkey in Your OvenThis is a page about cooking a turkey in your oven. Cooking a turkey can be quite intimidating if it's your first time. It is not as hard as it may seem to cook a turkey yourself.


Turkey gravy in a gravy boat.

Making Turkey GravyThis is a page about making turkey gravy. Turkey gravy is easy to make yourself. This flavorful gravy is great option for your Thanksgiving dinner.


Thanksgiving leftovers on a plate.

Leftover Turkey Casserole RecipesThis page contains leftover turkey casserole recipes. One delicious option for some of your Thanksgiving leftovers is to combine them into a casserole. Many of your holiday favorites taste delicious together and it is a great way to use up leftovers.


Frozen turkey in packaging.

Saving Money on a TurkeyThis is a page about saving money on a turkey. Turkey is a holiday favorite. If you are looking for ways to save money on your turkey purchase, read on.


Driving on Snowy Roads, Cars driving on a snowy road.

Driving on Snowy RoadsThis is a page about driving on snowy roads. With winter weather fast approaching, it is important that you are prepared for driving on snowy roads. Cautious driving combined with items such as snow tires, will allow you to safely drive on snow covered roads.



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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce In A PinchAfter starting the pasta, I realized I didn't have any seasoning packets or jars of sauce, so I decided to try making one of my own. We liked it so well I decided to share it.


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Sunburst ChickenThe orange juice in this give this a great flavor!


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Meat LoafSuper easy and tasty!


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Lazy Daisy CakeAs a young mother, I loved it when my daughter's school had bake sales. I would take in a New York style cheesecake, which always made a lot of money and, usually, a double pan of this cake.


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Grandma's Apple TorteGreat fall dessert!


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Yakutat French Fried Seafood SandwichesThese sandwiches are just heavenly. I use a mixture of good whitefish like cod or swai, and small shrimp and/or canned crab.


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Spiral Macaroni SaladThis is one I grew up on. Love the pasta!



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Space Bags For StorageWe live in a camper all summer and one of the best things we have come up with is to use space storage bags that deflate with a vacuum. We can store our heavier clothes that we use at the beginning and very end of the season under the bed.


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Store Quilts in a Cedar ChestI keep quilts in a close-lidded cedar chest, taking after my grandmother who did the same.


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Use Mr. Clean EraserMr. Clean Eraser cleans dashboards and doors with ease!


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Go Through Junk Mail OnceGo through what might be junk mail only one time; shredding or recycling the junk and saving what might be useful.


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My Frugal Life: Following My FatherMy author father liked to use examples from third-world countries to teach personal money management. He pointed out that the savings could grow enough to buy a boat for fishing and traveling, or become an investment in a local business.


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Cleaning a ComputerUse eyeglass cleaner to dust of the monitor and use a damp Q-tip between the keys. Use a feather duster to give it a dust, lightly over all. This works for me. You can't use anything strong on the monitor.


Bedspring Santa

Bed Spring SantaMake inexpensive Santa heads using an old chenille bedspread and a recycled bed spring. The Santa head sits on top of the bed spring, giving you a jolly decoration that stands 11 inches tall.


Snowy Railroad Tracks Winding Through Woods

Scenery: Railroad Tracks Peeking Through Snow...While walking the dogs with my husband one day, I stopped at the top of the hill at the base of our driveway before going down into the snow. I couldn't stop staring at all of the trees looking so white!


Girl Pirate with Gun Pointing at Camera

Halloween: Girl PirateThis is a girl pirate costume. I used nearly all things I had in my closet or Halloween trunk, except for the striped tights (new) and the off white blouse (Goodwill). It's more fun to make a costume instead of buying one


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6 Month Rule For ClutterI hate clutter; probably because I dislike dirt. Clutter makes it far harder to just keep up, and to find things. I have even read that it can cause stress. For me, clutter means I can't find what I'm looking for, or hiding something I forgot I have.


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The End of the Incandescent BulbYou may or may not have heard on the news about the end of the light bulb as we know it. Normal bulbs are being phased out. The production of incandescent bulbs will end, and they will be replaced with fluorescent bulbs which are supposed to be more energy efficient and environmentally safe.


Bumblebee on Large Orange and Yellow Flower

Bumble BeeShore Acres State Park is always buzzing with life. While strolling along with my husband, he led me to a long flower bed with gorgeous blossoms. I loved these bright red and yellow flowers.


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Store Sewing Supplies In Plastic BagsMy threads, zippers, elastic, lace, ribbon, and tools are endless, but are stored in groups. So I have zip plastic bags for each of these supplies. I write the name on the bag.



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Shopping for Top Job CleanerWhat happened to Top Job cleaner?


Black Shih tzu pup.

House Training an Older PuppyI have had him one week, but he is 8 months old. He is a purebred Shih tzu and I have him crate trained already after several sleepless nights. He prefers the kitchen floor to outside. He has gone outside in the back 80% of the time and used the kitchen floor 20% of the time.


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Removing Paint from a JacketHow do I get dry latex paint off a cotton jacket?


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Reviews of Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator for BabiesWould you recommend this product which is $20 to clear up a baby's stuffy nose?


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Removing Odors from ClothesI can't seem to get odors out of my husband's clothes. I've tried different soaps, etc. Has anyone found a good solution? I used vinegar, baking soda, etc.


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Ikea Swedish Meatball RecipeI am looking for a copycat recipe for making the Ikea style Swedish meatballs.Can anyone help me?


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Garbage Disposal Won't ChopWhich way is a garbage disposal suppose to spin clockwise or counter clockwise?


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Selling AntiquesWhen I was working, I began collecting antique clothes, antique jewelry, and antique baby items. I have been retired and don't want these items anymore. However, many of them were expensive.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't StartI have a 42 inch, DLT3000 Craftsman that won't start. The motor turns of and all I get is a back fire? I tried jumping the safety switch under the seat and it still does the same thing.


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Responding to an Invitation to Winter FormalHow do I answer back to a girl that asked me to go to winter formal?


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Threading Diagram or Manual for New Home 950I have a New Home 950 sewing machine and need a threading diagram. Does anyone know where I can find one?


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Removing a Urine Stain from Microfiber Futon CoverI have a futon couch that a grandchild had an accident during the night. The cover cannot be removed to wash and it is a microfiber material. What can I use to remove the stain?


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Sheets Are Making My Skin BurnI bought new sheets from Target and washed them before putting them on our bed. I could not even sleep on them, because my skin felt like it was burning when it was in contact with the fabric. I had the same problem with my last set of sheets from Target, too.


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Knifty Knitter Scarves UnravelingI have made a terrible mistake in binding off two scarves from my round loom Knifty Knitter, and they are starting to unravel! I have a craft show on Nov. 15, 2011, and I am sick about this. Is there anyone that I could send these scarves to and pay to correct this?


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