June 3, 2012

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Uses for Rope LightsThis page is about uses for rope lights. Besides Christmas decorating, there are a number of ways that rope lights can provide indirect lighting and save energy.


Grilling Vegetables

Grilling VegetablesAll kinds of vegetables are delicious and nutritious when grilled on their own or with meats. This page is about grilling vegetables.


Removing Graphite (or Pencil) Stains from Clothing

Removing Graphite (or Pencil) Stains from...This is a page about removing graphite (or pencil) stains from clothing. Kids and adults both can accidentally get pencil marks on their clothing.


Preserving Fresh Chives

Preserving Fresh ChivesThis page is about preserving fresh chives. Finding the best way to keep fresh chives will allow you to use them in meals year round.


A bowl of oatmeal.

Saving Money On OatmealOatmeal is an inexpensive, wholesome grain that keeps well. This page is about saving money on oatmeal.


Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls

Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls This is a page about painting over smoke stained walls. Painting walls stained with nicotine from smoking can be frustrating because it tends to bleed through the paint.


Natural Repellents for Lizards

Natural Repellents for LizardsLizards are harmless creatures, but can be unsettling in your home or garden. This page contains natural repellents for lizards.


Growing Chives

Growing ChivesThis page is about growing chives. Chives are simple to grow and come back year after year.


Soft Bristled Brush

Cleaning Window ScreensThis page is about cleaning window screens. It's great to be able to open your windows and let the fresh air in, but those screens can get very dirty.


Drying Chives

Drying ChivesThis page is about drying chives. Making your own dried chives from the market or your garden is thrifty and delicious.


Freezing Hot Peppers

Freezing Hot PeppersThis page is about freezing hot peppers. Whether freezing jalapenos, chili, Habanero, cayenne, or Thai peppers, they are great for those spicy dishes year round.


Uses for Leftover Hotdog and Hamburger Buns

Uses for Leftover Hotdog and Hamburger BunsThis page contains uses for leftover hotdog and hamburger buns. There are a number of creative ways to use up leftover buns.


High Protein Bread Recipes

High Protein Bread RecipesThis page contains high protein bread recipes. There are a some tasty ways to add protein to your bread baking.


Photo of a pet carrier made from a plastic tub.

Homemade Pet Carrier IdeasThis is a page about homemade pet carrier ideas. Buying one or more pet carriers can get quite expensive.


Holding a rope with bare hands.

Remedies for Rope Burn?This page is about remedies for rope burns. A friction abrasion can be very painful, and a challenge to heal quickly.


Getting Rid Of Lizards

Getting Rid Of LizardsThis is a page about getting rid of lizards. Lizards, while harmless, can become a nuisance when they move into your home.



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Lemon SaladThis is one of the salads that my sister most loves.


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Ham MeatballsThese are great ham balls! A friend of mine gave me the recipe for these several years ago and they quickly became a family favorite. This makes a large amount.


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Shortcut LasagnaThis is a great recipe the whole family will love!


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4 Bean CasseroleThis was a favorite of my dad.


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Spanish Stuffed RoastThis roast recipe is very good and nice for a change if you are tired of the more traditional roast recipes.



Examining a child's eyes.

Eye See You (Grand Caymans)This photo was taken at a elementary school in the Cayman Islands during a medical day assembly with the "Do Something Event".


Double rainbows over Mission Bay

Somewhere Over the Rainbows! (Mission...Photo of a double rainbow over Mission Bay in California!


Lupine and Scotch broom in the mountains.

Wildflowers (Maple Falls, WA)Wild flowers are like special moments in our lives. Just when things begin to feel average, a new season offers gifts of joy can that brighten even the most ordinary day. I took this picture while hiking with my family.


Bright skies at Lakewood Park

Bright Skies (Lakewood Park, Lakewood Ohio)We were at Lake Erie and I was looking at the clouds and it was so pretty I decided to take a picture.


Red and white button flowers in salt shaker.

Button Flowers in Salt Shaker VaseUse your button collection to make these funky flowers. Add a vintage salt shaker to hold your bouquet.


Chain Link Fence with Flowers

How to Dress Up a Chain Link FenceA chain link fence is durable and long lasting. It is a great choice for defining property boundaries and keeping your children and pets safe. Here are some ideas for adding some charm to your chain link fence that will help it blend more seamlessly into your landscape.



Water White Ring on Oak Table?I did try to remove the white ring made by a glass of ice water left overnight on my new oak table with mayo and baking soda paste. It turned out darker. Then I tried the white vinegar with olive oil still and it still hasn't improved. Please help


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Value of 1888 Chambers Encyclopedia Set?I have a set of Chambers Encyclopedias, New Edition 1888, in good condition. How do I find its value?


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Canning Field Peas?I am a beginner at canning vegetables and started with field peas (conch). My first batch came out good, but my second batch, 6/2/12, I think I might not have enough water in the peas. I did everything right, but maybe I put too many peas in the jars to start with.


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Other Uses for Liquid Dishwasher Soap?Are there other uses for liquid dishwasher soap?


Inexpensive Meal Ideas?Anyone have any meal ideas that could stretch my £6.00 for 4 days please?


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Freezing Cooked Lobster?How is the best way to freeze a lobster after it is cooked? I have company coming in a month or so and want to keep it as fresh as possible.


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Curtain Color Advice?I just bought brown sofas, more like a chocolate color cushion and dark brown leather. I have a black entertainment center and coffee table. What color curtains will go besides blue, yellow, and orange?


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Marigold Plants Turning Brown?My marigold plants start turning brown after a couple of weeks then just continue to turn brown till they are dead.


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Refinishing a Table with a Water Mark?I stripped the varnish and stain from the wood and I am left with a large (12 inch) water ring. How can I get the whole top to mimic the stain?


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Using a Refrigerator With the Freezer Turned Off?Can I keep my garage fridge's freezer off while just using the fridge part only?


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Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants and Wasps?I have problems with carpenter ants and my wood outside walls. I have problems with wasps settling in outside areas and they also go between where the slider frames are set on the wood base. Where do I put coffee grounds?


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Making a Hanging Planter Stand from a Ladder?Does anyone have instructions on how to take a ladder and make it a hanging planter stand for outside? I would love to see how to do this. Thanks.


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Feeding a Rabbit?My kids have just got two rabbits and I have no idea what to feed them. Please help.


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Child Won't Go to School After Being Bullied?I have my daughter home from school today. She isn't sick, but can't go because she has a black eye, a very bruised arm, and sore ribs; she can hardly move. She got these injuries from school, she got pushed down the stairs by a 6th grader.


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Increasing Water Flow to Ice Maker?Which way do I turn the water ajj. screw to increase water flow to make bigger cubes?


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Cigarette Stains on Walls and Woodwork?How do I clean cigarette stain off walls and woodwork?


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Keeping Cut Lilacs Fresh?I cut a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from my hedge and it only lasted one day in the house. My mother always had bouquets that stayed fresh for days. I put them in the pure lake water with no additives. Please advise, many thanks. A true Canadian lover of lilacs!


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Grilling Celery Root/Celeriac?Has anyone tried to grill celeriac ? Should I peel and slice it or cut off top and bottom and cook whole and for how long? Any suggestions?


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