June 20, 2012

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Hard Water Spots on Windows

Removing Hard Water Spots on WindowsSometimes the water from the sink or a sprinkler can make stubborn water spots on your windows. This page is about removing hard water spots.


Bowl of red pepper dip

Red Pepper Dip RecipesFor those who love spicy, a wonderful dip can be made with red peppers. This page contains red pepper dip recipes.


Canned Apricots

Tips for Canning FruitThis page contains tips for canning fruit. Serving fruits that you have canned yourself is very satisfying and delicious.


A woman talking on the phone.

Tips for Avoiding GossipThis page contains tips to avoid gossip. Besides wasting time, talk of other people can convey information that is often exaggerated and none of your business.


Tin Can Frog

Tin Can Animal CraftsThis is a page about making tin can animal crafts. For many households, tin cans are in abundance. Their size and shape is perfect for creating animals, using felt, paint, etc.


Closeup of green and yellow tie dye paper.

Making Tie Dyed PaperTie dying is not just a fabric craft; paper can also be colored in a unique way. This page is about making tie dyed paper.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasting Pumpkin SeedsA delicious healthy snack can be made with the insides of your Halloween Jack o'lantern. This page contains tips and recipes for roasting pumpkin seeds.


Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie RecipesThis page contains cream cheese pumpkin pie recipes. A rich addition to making a special pie is cream cheese.


Large Stuffed Mushroom

Stuffed Mushroom RecipesThis page contains stuffed mushroom recipes. A delicious appetizer for a special day can be created with mushrooms.


Zucchini Brownies

Zucchini Brownie RecipesThis page contains zucchini brownie recipes. Zucchini can be used to make some wonderful healthy treats with chocolate.


Feeding a Puppy

Feeding a PuppyThis page is about feeding a puppy. Making sure that your new puppy gets proper nutrition is important.


young woman wearing a headband

Making HeadbandsUnique headbands can be made from all kinds of new and used fabrics. This page is about making headbands.



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Squash CasseroleI like this because you can use most any type of squash in this recipe. Very good!


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Broccoli-Raisin SaladThis is another one of my stepmother's recipes.


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Crockpot Camper's BeansThis is a great recipe for any time. Great in the summer for around the campfire and also good and hearty in the colder weather months.


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Strawberry LimeadeThis is great for when you have guests or are just wanting a drink. It tastes great.


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Fruity Spaghetti SaladThis salad is very good! I like the combination of fruit as well as the Cool Whip in this.


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Bacon Deviled EggsThis is the run of the mill deviled eggs until you add the bacon. Mmmmm. It really adds flavor.



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Giving Medication to PetsI take hot dogs or sausage and cut them into bite sizes for my Wirehair Terrier. When she was a puppy, I gave her those as treats when she was learning new tricks.


Variety of Berries on White Background

Get Started Growing BerriesFor the amount of effort it requires, growing fruits can sometimes be disappointing. That isn't usually the case with berries. Compared to tree fruits, berries are quick to bear, naturally resistant to pests and disease, and they require relatively little growing space.


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Arnica Gel for SunburnsI really like the Arnica Gel that you get from your health food stores. I find it works really well right after coming in from outside! Awhile back I had burned my cheek with a curling iron and I put Arnica on it right away.


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Pippy Longstocking WigI had to laugh when I saw this category. Years ago I dressed like Pippy Longstockings for Halloween. I took a mop head and colored it red with food coloring and used a bent coat hanger to braid the hair around so it would stick out straight.


Tin Can Lid

Can Lid Drink CoverKeep those bugs and moths out of your drinks. I have a great can opener that leaves no sharp edges so these lids make great drink covers.


Leftovers in Cool Whip Bowl

Cool Whip Bowls for LeftoversMaking meals for my family usually leaves me with leftovers. I use my stock pile of Cool Whip bowls to keep the leftovers in the fridge. I can also write what's inside on the lid or the side.


Cat in a flower pot.

Dinky (Cat)Dinky is a 2 year old cat. I got her one year ago, she showed up at my door step. She likes to run in circles, purring, and licking you when you're sad to make you feel better.


Finished Tin Can Frog

Tin Can Frog ContainerThis big mouthed little frog is a great place to store your eyeglasses, iPod, or phone. It is a fun craft for kids to make or as a silly gift for a friend. He is sure to make you smile wherever he is.


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Using Cold Black Tea for Skin IrritationWhen I have allergic rashes and all else fails for relief, I use cold black tea compresses! This is especially good for around the eyes where most other remedies are too harsh!


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Developing a Budget During RetirementUntil I recently retired I had never worked to a strict budget and although I was well paid I was often caught short of money.



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Using Peel and Stick Tiles Around a Fireplace?I have a gas indoor fireplace in my house. Can I use peel and stick brick look tile and what would I need because of the heat from fireplace? This is a metal fireplace.


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Older Dog Started Pooping in the House?My friend's Staff of 8 years old has started to poo at night in the lounge. She does not know why and what she can do.


Poodle near water and food dishes.

House Trained Dog Peeing Inside?I have an 11 year old miniature Poodle, sometime last month, or the month before last the dog started peeing in front of the front door and in the formal living room. The front foyer is stone, the formal living room is wood.


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Cleaning Gas Stove Burners and Grates?Can you use "no fume" oven spray cleaners on gas stove top grates? Any other suggestions to remove black burnt on areas on porcelain (grey) grates and burner tops?


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Combined Father/Son Birthday Party?I need ideas for combining a party for my husband who will be turning 40 and his father who will be turning 60, two weeks apart July/August.


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Uses for Old Electric Kettles?I have two stainless electric jugs. I dont like to throw them away. Any idea what I can do with them? Thanks.


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Homemade Pickle Recipe?I am looking for a recipe to make homemade pickles.


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Dog Won't Eat Dog Food?Whenever I feed my dog, a Chocolate Lab, he is trying to bury his bowl. He pushes it with his head around the floor. I had a small rug under his bowl and he tried to pull it up and bury his bowl with it. Most of the time he won't eat either.


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Best Graphics and Gaming Monitor?I need a replacement for my old monitor and I need monitor that is perfect for graphics and gaming. I saw one at genuinebatteries.com, what do you think? Any opinion please.


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Freezing Corn on the Cob?What is the best way to freeze corn on the cob?


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Determining Encyclopedia Values?Anyone know how I can find out if my set of Popular Mechanics Do it Yourself encyclopedias from the 1900s are worth anything?


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Icemaker Doesn't Make Cubed Ice?My Kenmore ice maker no longer makes small cubed ice. It hangs up on piano type wires and becomes long and thin ice.


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Using Club Soda in Baking?What is the trick for using club soda in baking cakes in place of oils or fats?


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Uses for Old Refrigerator Shelves?What could I do with old glass refrigerator shelves? I have lots of ideas for the bins.


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Removing Ink from Leather Furniture?How do I remove ink from a leather sofa?


Lots of potted plants.

Growing Herbs Together in One Container?If you grow a variety of herbs in one pot together, will it affect the taste of certian herbs?


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