July 14, 2013

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Ice Machine

Ice Machine is Making Thin IceThis is a page about ice machine is making thin ice. Troubleshooting an ice maker malfunction can be difficult.


boy with autism

Autism Financial Advice for ParentsThis is a page about autism financial advice for parents. Caring for an autistic child can be a drain on the family's finances.


Old couch that smells like mothballs.

Removing Mothball Smell from FurnitureThis is a page about removing mothball smell from furniture. Removing the strong odor of mothballs from drawers, trunks, and other furniture can be frustrating.


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Making a Plastic Canvas Doll HouseThis is a page about making a plastic canvas doll house. Plastic canvas is quite easy to work with and is a good medium for creating one of a kind doll houses.



Preventing Rodents From Chewing on Your Car's...This is a page about preventing rodents from chewing on your car's fuel line. Mice and other rodents can be responsible for considerable damage to your car. They can get under the hood and gnaw on wiring and build nests.


Disinfecting Wipes

Reusing Disinfecting WipesThis is a page about reusing disinfecting wipes. Even after their initial use, disinfecting wipes can still be used for quick cleanup jobs around the house.


White Alpaca

Alpaca Information and PhotosThis is a page about alpaca information and photos. Smaller than the llama, the alpaca, a native of the highlands of western South America are raised for their fleece.


Baking Ingredients

Substitution for Cream of Tartar When BakingThis is a page about substitution for cream of tartar when baking. Not all of us keep cream of tartar in with our baking supplies. Depending on what you are baking there are some substitutes that you might have on hand.


old oak tree

Oak Tree is Losing BarkThis is a page about oak tree is losing bark. Determining the cause of your oak tree shedding its bark is important to providing proper treatment to improve your tree's health.


Decorating a Mirror

Decorating a MirrorThis is a page about decorating a mirror. You can dress up an old or plain mirror to improve its appearance or incorporate it into your room's decor.


Insulated Drinking Glass

Using Insulated Drinking GlassesThis is a page about using insulated drinking glasses. Insulated drinking glasses are very useful for keeping drinks hot or cold.


Two women scrapbooking.

Sports Themed Scrapbook IdeasThis is a page about sports themed scrapbook ideas. Scrapbooks that are made for special occasions can have a specific theme focus.


Pet Hedgehog being held.

Pet Hedgehog Information and PhotosThis is a page about pet hedgehog information and photos. Hedgehogs are a good choice for a family pet if you are looking for an exotic pet that is small, relatively easy to care for, and quite friendly.


Marinated Tomatoes

Marinated Tomatoes RecipesThis page contains marinated tomatoes recipes. Marinated tomatoes are an easy to make side dish that will be an instant hit at your next meal.



Removing a Refrigerator Drain PanThis is a page about removing a refrigerator drain pan. Cleaning the drain pan under your fridge is part of the periodic maintenance for your appliance.


wool yarn

Making a Scarf on a Round LoomThis is a page about making a scarf on a round loom. Knitting is much easier, especially for the novice, when using a loom. However, the process for making some projects may not seem as straight forward as when knitting in the more traditional way.


A plate full of supplements.

Using Supplements for Weight LossThis is a page about using supplements for weight loss. There are many weight loss supplements on the market offering extraordinary results.


Shopping Online

Advertising an Online StoreThis is a page about advertising an online store. Finding the best strategy for advertising your online shop is obviously very important to the success of your business venture.



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Cleaning Around Handles on Oak Veneer CabinetsI've read the many questions and responses. My question is a little different. I have 1960s light stained oak veneer cupboards in my kitchen, all original. I have kept them clean, but there are some cupboards that have stains around the handles from many years of cooking hands prior to us.


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Florida Gator Cross Stitch PatternI am looking for a small Florida gator head cross stitch pattern to stitch on a towel. The height can be no more than 35 stitches. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


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Older Cat Growls at Younger OneAlmost 2 years ago we got a female kitten and have been following the introduction steps up to the eating insight of each other part. Our now almost 7 year old female still won"t eat insight of the almost 2 year old female and still walks around growling!


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Discontinued WallpaperI am looking for discontinued Ronald Redding Mikado Pattern # DV 3720.


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Venting a Gas Dyer Inside the HomeI have a gas dyer and I need to vent it inside the house. I am aware of the heat and lint issue and extra humidity in the room. How do I vent it?


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Shopping for Octagon SoapDoes anyone know where I can find octagon soap in Charlotte, North Carolina?


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Removing Tarmac or Asphalt from ClothingHow do you get tarmac of shorts?


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Easy Way to Identify Different Size Bed SheetsWhat's a clever and easy way to identify my full size from king size sheets? They are all white in color.


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Keeping Flies Off DogsHow do I keep flies off my dog?


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Getting Rid of Cigarette Smell on ClothesMy mom smokes cigarettes and she a heavy smoker, and when I go out in public my clothes smells horrible. I'm fifteen years old. Can anybody tell what I should do?


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Styling Puffy Hair for SchoolI need to know how to do nice easy hairstyles for my puffy hair before school.


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Maytag Bravo Washer Error Code F51What does code F51 mean? The washer won't run. It's been fine for several years. It is a model MVWD75OW from 2005.


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Removing Odor After Basement FloodedMy basement flooded. After the water drained it left a terrible odor. What can be used to remove the odor?


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Getting Cash Back at StoresWhat is the least amount of cash back Walgreens will give?


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Manual for WelBilt Bread MachineI need to get a manual for a Welbilt abm 4900 bread machine.


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Preventing a Blister on FootI have a blister forming on the sole of my foot, how can I harden the skin and so prevent the blister from forming?


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Living Room Curtain ColorI have a dark brown sofa set, very light gray walls, beige ceiling and ivory flooring. What is the best color curtain? Also, what color would be good for throw pillows?


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Ideas for Daughter's 12th BirthdayHelp me please. My daughter is turning 12 and I don't know what games should they play. I think maybe a sleep over party, watching movies play games! Any ideas?


House on stilts.

Ants Climbing Up Posts Into the HouseI have a wooden house here in Thailand and it is above the ground on wood posts. The ants climb up the posts and enter the house. I have put ant power around the posts, but when it rains it is all gone and in come the ants.


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14th Birthday Party IdeasMy 14th birthday is August 27th and I would like to have a get together with my friends. Last year I invited 12 friends and we went out on the lake on my grandparents' big houseboat. I don't know what I could do to top last year.


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