April 28, 2014

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Birds As A Bad Weather PredictorThis is a page about birds as a bad weather predictor. Before and during harsh weather, wild bird behavior can help you predict the weather.


Sifting dirt by a compost pile.

Ideas for Sifting Rocks Out Of Garden SoilThis is a page about ideas for sifting rocks out of garden soil. Rocky soil is not a very good growing medium for many plants.


Mexican Salad Dressing

Mexican Salad Dressing RecipesThis page contains Mexican salad dressing recipes. Your choice of ingredients will help you create a delicious Mexican spice inspired salad dressing.



Finding Replacement Parts for a Gott Thermos?This is a page about replacement parts for a Gott thermos. Sometimes it can be difficult finding replacement parts for many of the products we buy.


Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam Recipes?This page contains tomato jam recipes. Whether you think of them as a fruit or vegetable, tomatoes are a great choice for making delicious jam for the family and friends.


Duck Weathervane

Using a Weathervane in Your GardenThis is a page about using a weathervane in your garden. A weathervane can have either a decorative and/or functional role in your garden. You will want to choose one based on function, garden placement, and style.


A man fishing.

Fishing for Sustainable SeafoodThis is a page about fishing for sustainable seafood. You want to make sure the seafood you eat is both safe and remains productive.


house window

Keeping Birds from Striking WindowsThis is a page about keeping birds from striking windows. There are several strategies you can use to eliminate a confusing reflection in a window without blocking out sunlight or compromising your view.


Dining Room Table

Protecting Your Dining Room TableThis is a page about protecting dining room table. Your dining room table probably needs some protection from heat, spills, and the like.


A female gardener wearing a green apron.

Gardening Tips and TricksThis is a page about gardening tips and tricks. Even the most experienced gardener, in addition to being able to offer advice, can be open to new ideas and tips from fellow gardening enthusiasts.


Garden Weather Station

Creating a Garden Weather StationThis is a page about creating a garden weather station. A garden weather station is a fun and useful tool to add to your garden. The weather plays an important role in your gardening success.


Woman suffering from Fibromyalgia.

Living With FibromyalgiaThis is a page about living with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can be very debilitating, but there are some ways to cope with the pain and other symptoms of this ailment and carry on with your life.


a dark bedroom

Making Blackout Window CurtainsThis is a page about making blackout windows with black plastic. If you work nights or the full moon keeps you awake, you may want an inexpensive way to completely block out the light from a window.


A bowl of blackberries.

Removing Blackberry Stains from ClothingThis is a page about removing blackberry stains from clothing. Berry stains can be difficult to remove from clothing.


Fish Collage

Making a Fish CollageThis is a page about making a fish collage. Using any of a wide variety of materials, including recycled ones, you can make an attractive collage.



Javelina PhotosThis page contains javelina photos. These pig-like member of the peccary family can become pests in the yard by gaining access to garbage, pet food, some flowering plants, bird seed, and fruit from trees.


Crochet Pot Scrubber

Making a Crochet Pot ScrubberThis is a page about making a crochet pot scrubber. In addition to making pot scrubbers from nylon mesh you can also crochet them using other materials.


A mother and daughter picking cherries.

Removing Cherry Stains from ClothingThis is a page about removing cherry stains from clothing. The natural dye in this fruit can be a challenge to get out of clothes.


store-bought charcoal chimney

Making Your Own Charcoal StarterStarting the charcoal for your grill is easy even without starter fluid or special briquettes. This is a page about making your own charcoal starter.



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Leo's Raisin CookiesMy grandson Leo loves raisins, I searched through cookbooks for a recipe that did not call for chocolate, etc. This recipe makes a lot of cookies; I got tired. Leo wanted his cookies, so for that last batch I used a mini cupcake pan, it worked great!


Craft supplies in pasteboard packing material.

Organizing Craft SuppliesYou know those egg carton-type protectors that come with new items like paper shredders or small kitchen appliances? I had the idea that they could make great crafting supplies organizers.


Lying in an armchair.

Kafka (German Shepherd)I got him from a rescue mission, 2 years ago.


Dusting down low with cloth on foot.

Easy Dusting for the ElderlyI am pretty diligent in dusting my top surfaces, but there are some of my "low down" areas I just can't reach any more. This morning I was scampering around, dust cloth in hand, doing our desks and decided today is the day the under portion of DH's desk gets dusted.



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Getting Rid of Worms on Driveway?These worms seem to come out after it rains, they are white, 1 to 3 inches long and creep along the cement area by the house (driveway). How do I get rid of them and keep them from coming back?


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Reviews of Laser Treatment for Large Varicose Veins?Have you used Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) for varicose veins? What was the outcome? Was it extremely painful?


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Identifying and Getting Rid of an Invasive Plant?This plant at first glance looks like a rosemary bush, but on closer examination you can tell the leaves are more pine needle like and the branches of the bush are thinner. The weight of the leaves causes it to grow almost like a fern hanging over other plants.


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Low Cost Vet Services?My Pekinese, Mojo it seems has to have 3 teeth pulled. Went to a new vet and was told this procedure was about $650. I can't afford this since I'm on medical disability, was laid-off as director 6 yrs ago. My two dogs are the only precious creatures that keep my physical pain in check.


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Shih Tzu Only Wants Table Scraps?If I put dry food or canned food in the feeding dish, my Shih Tzu will go 3 days without eating, but she begs at the table constantly. We do not feed her from the table!


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Ironing Polyester Fabric?How do I iron a triacetate/polyester blend fabric?


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Water Stain on Oak Table?I over watered a plant for some time and have a 6 inch water stain imbedded in my oak table. What's the best way to remove?


Brown dog looking up at photographer.

What Breed is My Dog?I got it from a rescue. They said he was a Lab Shepherd, but it definitely has some Pit Bull in him too.


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Remedy for Curly Hair That Tangles?My hair is naturally curly and long. After shampooing and conditioning, it is still very tangled. What can I use to help with the tangles? I have tried several different kinds of detangler and they do not help at all.


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House Trained Dog Peeing Inside?I have 2 Jack Russells, a bitch and a male dog. He's the younger of the 2. They are both house trained, but I noticed he's started cocking his leg around the home, even straight after being out. He's done in on my daughter's doll pram, safety gates, anything really.


White terrier

What Breed is My Dog Crossed With?This is Mr Pickle, our Bedlington Terrier cross. He is one year old and from a rescue kennel. We know he is Bedlington, but don't know what he is crossed with! Any clues?


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Canning Tomato Sauce with Nutribullet Extractor?Could I use the Nutribullet Extractor instead of a food grinder on whole tomatoes (minus stem and leaves, of course) and then pour them into sterilized glass Mason canning jars and pressure cook for canning as tomato sauce?


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Sealing Driveway Pavers?How can I find out if the previously coated pavers in my driveway were coated with an oil base sealer. I want to re-coat them with a clear water based sealer.


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Using Wax on New Laminate Floors?My husband and I just put in brand new laminate flooring (it looks like wood, and is grey colored). My mom came to visit and tried to help by waxing our floor and "surprising" us. She used a lot of wax. The stuff she bought was meant for wood flooring.


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Getting Rid of Squirrels?Does anyone know how to rid the garden of squirrels? They keep digging up my grass, hiding and then retrieving food.


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