May 2, 2014

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Stale Tea Bags

Uses for Stale TeaThis is a page about uses for stale tea. When tea no longer tastes fresh it can be useful for other things.


Cutting dryer sheets in half.

Saving Money on Dryer SheetsThis is a page about saving money on dryer sheets. If you use dryer sheets there are some things you can do to save money on this laundry product.


Drawing with markers.

Decorating Windows with Washable Markers?This is a page about decorating windows with washable markers. There are many products to choose from for use in decorating your windows for holidays and special occasions.


Lamb Costume

Making a Lamb CostumeThis is a page about making a lamb costume. A cute, simple homemade costume for a child or adult is a lamb.


nail polish bottles

Keeping Bottle Tops From StickingThis is a page about keeping bottle tops from sticking. Often the substance in a bottle can get on the cap, and seal the bottle. There are ways to prevent this from happening.


Driveway Pavers

Sealing Driveway Pavers?This is a page about sealing driveway pavers. Although you don't need to seal your driveway pavers, this treatment may help extend the life of the paving material by resisting moisture absorption and erosion.


Flower Press

Making a Flower PressThis is a page about making a flower press. There are so many things you can do with dried flowers you can produce like decoupage them to any flat surface.


A grumpy girl at school.

Child Doesn't Like New School?This is a page about child doesn't like new school. Attending a new school can be a challenge when everyone is a stranger and you aren't familiar with all the rules.


Maize Meal or Corn Meal

Maize and Mince Balls RecipesThis is a page about maize and mince balls with tomato sauce. This delicious blend of minced or ground meat, cornmeal, and spices makes an "ask for seconds" main course.



Reviving Dried Pencil ErasersThis is a page about reviving dried pencil erasers. Frequently the eraser on a pencil dries out long before the pencil is used up.


A woman holding her nose because of a bad smell.

Removing Stagnant Air Smell from a Room?This is a page about removing stagnant air smell from a room. A closed up room can begin to have a stagnant, stale, musty odor.


Grinder Sandwich

Grinder Sandwich RecipesThese delicious, hot sandwiches are a popular choice when eating out, but you can make your own variations at home. This is a page about grinder sandwich recipes.


Mushroom Steak

Mushroom Steak RecipesOne popular way to serve a steak is covered with sauteed mushrooms. This page contains mushroom steak recipes.


Mount Rainier reflected in a lake.

Washington State Frugal Travel GuideThis is a page about Washington state frugal travel guide. A wide variety of city life, mountain wildernesses, deserts, Puget Sound, and ocean beaches await travelers to this incredible western state.


Plastic Spoon

Uses for Plastic SpoonsThis is a page about uses for plastic spoons. Plastic spoons are useful tools, not only for their obvious use in eating, but they can also be used in crafts and to make delicious chocolate spoons.


Water trough for livestock.

Keeping Fowl From Drowning in Water...This is a page about board to let fowl escape from water container. Non-water fowl, such as chickens, can get trapped in stock tanks and other outdoor water collection containers.


Using a plastic tablecloth as a picnic blanket.

Uses for Plastic TableclothsThis is a page about uses for plastic tablecloths. Plastic tablecloths have a wide variety of uses in addition to their intended one. These range from craft projects, to decorations, to use in the garden.


Japanese Snow Monkey

Japanese Snow Monkey Photos and InformationThis is a page about Japanese snow monkey photos and information. The Japanese macaque or snow monkey is the most northern dwelling monkey species, living in areas with heavy snowfall.


Varicose Veins

Varicose Vein Remedies?This is a page about varicose vein remedies. Although generally not painful, varicose veins are unsightly. There are some therapies you can use at home if you do experience mild discomfort. A doctor's advice is the answer for more serious concerns.


Photo of stars in the sky.

Stargazer Party IdeasThis is a page about stargazer party ideas. Planning a stargazer party is a lot of fun. Depending on the age of the attendees, there are many ways to plan a party with a stargazing theme.


Lighter Fluid

Other Uses for Lighter FluidThis is a page about other uses for lighter fluid. Always be careful when using this fluid as it is very flammable.


Celebrity Photo

Finding Celebrity Photos?This is a page about finding celebrity photos. Decorating your room or dorm room with photos of your favorite celebrity is a great way to express your tastes in music, drama, film, etcetra.


Man wearing a white t-shirt.

Repairing a Cotton T-Shirt?This is a page about repairing a cotton t-shirt. Just because a t-shirt has a few tiny holes in the fabric or is stretched out does not mean it is time to get rid of it.


1st prize ribbon

Displaying Award RibbonsThis is a page about displaying award ribbons. Finding a pleasing way to display award ribbons may take a bit of creativity.


A bottle of white vinegar.

Cleaning Products You Already HaveThis is a page about cleaning products you already have. You probably already have many products in your home that are perfect for your cleaning jobs, without having to buy expensive commercial cleaners.


Lab Mix

Lab Mix Photos and InformationThis is a page about lab mix photos and information. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful pets and often are available for adoption.


A burn mark from a clothes iron.

Removing Iron Burn Marks on ClothingThis is a page about removing iron burn marks on clothing. A too hot iron can leave scorch marks on clothing.


mop and bucket

Removing Urine Smell From a Mop?This is a page about removing urine smell from mops. Your mop can retain the odors from your cleaning tasks.


A cup of coffee in a white cup.

Making Single Serve Coffee Bags?If you only drink a cup or two of coffee a day, a single serve bag might be just the thing for you. Rather than buy them you can make some inexpensively at home. This is a page about making single serve coffee bags.


A woman caring for her skin.

Remedies for Sagging SkinThis is a page about remedies for sagging skin. There are many reasons we begin to show signs of sagging skin, including age and weight loss.


Asphalt Roof

Gluing Aluminum to Asphalt Roof?Finding the best adhesive for a home maintenance job can sometimes be difficult. This is a page about gluing aluminum to asphalt roof.



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KetchupI am trying to get files together, I thought I would share what I have collected over many, many moons!



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Washcloth Bunny and Chick?Do you have the directions for the washcloth bunny and chick?


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Finding Low Income Family Home Repair Assistance?My dad is in desperate need of help in repairing his house, it's falling apart. He can't afford to repair it. His ceiling had a small fire due to really old wiring, one bathroom shower is leaking water under the house. The attic is too old to go into, you might fall through.


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Ideas for Girly- Girl 14th Birthday In September?I know my birthday is still in 4 months, but I like to plan ahead. I wanted to have a sleepover, but my mom doesn't like the idea of 7 girls running around at 1 am. Then I thought of going to a hotel with some girls and my dad.


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Female Duck in Swimming Pool?3 weeks ago a male and female mallard duck arrived in my swimming pool. Now the female swims every day and I have seen her under the bushes above the pool. Should I look for a nest with eggs or not bother her area? If there are eggs, when should the chicks show up?


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Remove Dye from Clothing?How do I remove black dye from red clothing?


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Cute Name for My In Home Daycare?I'm opening a in home daycare soon and would like a daycare name that has the word "nana" in it. And is cute.


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Value of The Building Encyclopedia?I've The Building Encyclopedia, volumes 1-5, by the Waverley Book Company Limited. Are they worth money to a collector?


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Cleaning Refrigerator Vegetable Bin?My vegetable bin has some gunk between the front white part and the clear plastic part of the bin that I cannot get to. I am afraid of trying to take the front part off for fear of breaking it.


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Acetone on Oak Table Damaged Finish?I have a oak table that acetone as been dropped on. It has taken the top layer off and it is now rough. Does anyone know how I can repair this?


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Sewing Machine Making a Clicking Sound?When sewing on my Singer Touch n Sew, I hear a clicking sound every time the needle sews. What is causing this?


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House Needs a Lot of Repair?My grandma and I live in the house she owns. When she first bought it no one took the time to tell her it had caught on fire, let alone that there's no foundation to the home. The house is literally caving in on us. It's so bad I have trouble sleeping at night.


Dog doing down dog stance.

What Breed is My Dog?What breed or mixed breed is my dog?


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Removing Nail Varnish from Car Seat?How can I get nail varnish out of my car seat?


Front  cover.

Information on Encyclopedia Britannica Macropaedia 1989?Can you tell me whether my copy of Encyclopedia Britannica macropedia 1989 is leather bound or not, please?


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Cute Name for My In Home Daycare?I'm opening a in home daycare soon and would like a daycare name that has the word "nana" in it. And is cute.


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