July 10, 2014

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crochet carnations in vase with silk flowers

Making Crocheted CarnationsThis is a page about making crocheted carnations. If you crochet, try making these pretty crochet carnations to add to a silk arrangement.


items outside a second hand store

Investing in AntiquesThis is a page about investing in antiques. Understanding what kind of vintage items will gain in value for you is important, when considering this kind of investment.


grilled potatoes and onions in foil package

Grilled Potato RecipesYou can prepare many delicious grilled potato side dishes while cooking that steak on the barbecue. This page contains grilled potato recipes.


Overdue Bill

Changing Bill Due DatesThis is a page about changing bill due dates. Sometimes the default due date for some of our bills does not work well with the family budget. Try contacting the company and see if you can choose a different due date.


transparent container of liquid laundry detergent

Other Uses for Laundry Detergent?This is a page about other uses for laundry detergent. Laundry detergent can be put to other uses around the house.


paper plate painted different colors and cut into puzzle

Paper Plate PuzzlesThis is a page about paper plate puzzles. Making paper plate puzzles for your young children is quick, easy, and fun. Plus they will love matching up these large easy to connect pieces.


rock salt next to grinder and pile of coarsely ground salt

Getting Rid of Weeds with Salt?This is a page about getting rid of weeds with salt. Before you use salt to get rid of weeds do some research to make sure that it is the best solution for your situation.


hot coffee pot placed on counter by waitress

Removing Heat Stains and Burn Marks on Formica?This is a page about removing heat stains and burn marks on Formica. Formica is a popular and relatively durable countertop material. However, you can sometimes leave a stain or burn mark on Formica if a hot pot is placed on it.


Collecting Rent Money

Collecting Rent from Former Tenant?This is a page about collecting rent from former tenant. Collecting rent owed by a former tenant can be difficult if not impossible.



Gardening AdviceThis is a page about gardening advice. If something is repeated long and often enough it becomes a "fact". This is also true of beliefs about gardening practices.


clothespin cookie

Lady Lock or Clothespin Bar Cookie Recipes?This page contains lady lock or clothespin bar cookie recipes. Back in the day, these filled cookies were prepared by wrapping the dough around a clothespin and baking, forming the flaky, melt in your mouth dough tube.


Eastern Garter Snake

The Benefits of Garden SnakesThis is a page about the benefits of garden snakes. Despite their less than positive reputation, snakes can be very beneficial tenants in your garden and around your home. They are very good at helping to reduce the insect and rodent population.


woman wearing an ornate hat sitting at a  small tea table

Crazy Hat Tea PartyThis is a page about crazy hat tea party. Having a tea party is a great way to make new friends or maintain existing friendships. Adding a theme like homemade hats can add to the fun.


Controlling Hypertension

Controlling HypertensionThis is a page about controlling hypertension. By making considered diet and lifestyle changes you can help to control your hypertension, high blood pressure.


Announcing Graduation with Megaphone

Making Your Own Graduation AnnouncementsThis is a page about making your own graduation announcements. You can save money while creating a uniquely personal message by making your own graduation announcements.


Urine Smell on Linens

Urine Smell on Linens?This is a page about urine smell on linens. Some odors can be really persistent despite laundering.


dark liquid spilled on laptop keyboard

Cleaning Up Keyboard and Electronic Device SpillsThis is a page about cleaning up keyboard and electronic device spills. An liquid accident on a keyboard does not have to mean it's ruined. There are a few ways you can dry it out.


zipper flower

Making a Zipper Flower PinThis is a page about making a zipper flower pin. If you are looking for a fun, creative jewelry project, look into making these pretty zipper pins.


Kids Playing in Winter

Getting Ready for WinterThis is a page about getting ready for winter. Winter presents its own challenges, from preparing your car for hazardous driving conditions to potential power outages.



Rhinoceros PhotosThis is a page about rhinoceros photos. The rhinoceros is often photographed at preserves, zoos, and if you are lucky in the wild.


Watermelon Shark Fruit Bowl

Making a Watermelon Shark Fruit BowlThis is a page about making a shark fruit bowl. A fun themed serving container can be fashioned with a watermelon.


cheerleaders holding up pons

Cheerleader Banquet Decoration IdeasThis is a page about cheerleader banquet decoration ideas. Decorating for a banquet can be fun and sometimes challenging, depending on the group being honored.


two people shaking hands and exchanging business cards

Saving Money on Business CardsThis is a page about saving money on business cards. Making your own cards and online ordering can both save you money on business card creating and printing.


Florida pine snake

Identifying Florida Snakes?This is a page about identifying Florida snakes. Being able to identify the snakes you see in your garden and around your area can help you distinguish between beneficial non venomous species and poisonous varieties that you will want to avoid or remove.


Apple Brown Betty

Apple Brown Betty RecipesThis simple, yet delicious dessert is easily made with ingredients you probably already have. This page contains apple brown Betty recipes.


Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch LocationsThis is a page about pumpkin patch locations. A trip to a local pumpkin patch is a great way to spend the day and pick out just the right pumpkin for the holidays.


sheep grazing in mountains

Sheep PhotosThis is a page about sheep photos. Many of us truly enjoy seeing farm animals in their natural habitat when we are out driving or walking.


ripening rose hips

Health Benefits of Rose HipsThis is a page about health benefits of rose hips. In addition to culinary and beauty uses, rose hips have long been sought after for their potential health benefits. You can buy products made from the hips at health food stores or prepare your own.


crochet strap for Crock Pot lid

Making a Crochet Crock Pot StrapIf you prepare dishes in your Crock Pot or slow cooker to share at pot luck gatherings or other events you will want to make one of these straps. They will help keep the lid in place and advert accidental spills. This is a page about making a crochet crock pot strap.


common male pheasant

Pheasant PhotosThis is a page about pheasant photos. Pheasants are often seen walking across open fields or along the shoulder of country roads. This is a page about pheasant photos.


Ergonomic Workspace

Making Your Workspace More ErgonomicThis is a page about making your workspace more ergonomic. An ergonomic workspace can help prevent workplace related health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back problems.



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Tuna "Salmon" PattiesSubstitute tuna for salmon when making patties.


Chicken and Dumplings Surprise

Chicken and Dumplings SurpriseThis recipe is for chicken and dumplings, with a surprise for the grand kids when you are finished.


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Buffalo Chicken BitesI love a good Buffalo Wing, but having food sensitivities dampens dining out. So I've developed an easy, gluten free and tasty alternative.



Opal Pool

Hiking Opal Creek (Oregon)Last weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to hike in the Opal Creek Scenic Area and Wilderness. It is located east of Salem, in the Willamette National Forest. Opal Creek runs through thousands of acres of protected old growth forest, crisscrossed with over 30 miles of hiking trails.


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Keeping Cool in the HeatWear a wet piece of cloth under your bike helmet and a wet bandanna around your neck. I had doubts about biking when it was too warm, but these two pieces helped.


Fuzzy Softbottom

Fuzzy Softbottom (Domestic Longhair)Fuzzy was born here along with her 4 siblings from an abandoned momma cat, who we named Little Orphan Annie and kept as well.


New Tenants in the Birdhouse

New Tenants in the BirdhouseThis is a deck garden with an ornamental birdhouse on the railing. Last summer it was claimed by a couple who used it to start their family! The close proximity to humans didn't bother them at all.



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Selling Trees for Telephone Poles?I have about 15 pine trees that could be used for telephone poles and about 4 other pines and one cedar that need to be removed.


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Joint Birthday for Daughter and Husband?I am planning a joint birthday party for my little princess and my hubby; he is turning 24. I don't know what to do. I want to go along with the princess theme, but am so confused. Help!


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Proving Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My daughter's father died just before she turned 2, but when I got pregnant and had her he was married. He was married when he passed. The family knows about her, his parents know about her. Now she's 3, but he didn't sign the birth certificate ....


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Ideas for a Family Reunion?I am looking for ideas for a family reunion. This will be the first reunion we have had in over twenty years. The age range will be mostly from twenty to seventy years old with a few younger ones attending. I am looking for some clever ideas on simple decorations and door prizes.


Border Collie mix

Cleaning a Stinky Dog?I adopted a Border Collie mix a couple weeks ago, and this morning she got out of our yard and came back from the woods smelling like a dead fish. I tried washing her with regular dog shampoo from the pet store, but she still smells just as bad. Anyone have a solution?


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Keeping Glitter on a Dress?I have a dress that has glitter on the waist up and on a jacket. What can I do to keep the glitter from falling off? I do not have a photo of the dress.


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House Trained Dog Started Peeing In House?I have a six year old German Shepherd who started peeing in my house and when I take him to my daughter's and mother-in-law's. Mack has been to these houses often and never went to the bathroom. I am wondering should I take him to the vet?


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