February 25, 2015

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Terrazzo Floor

Cleaning and Restoring Terrazzo Floors?This is a page about cleaning and restoring terrazzo floors. Terrazzo floors are a beautiful and extremely durable flooring option. Unless it is very badly damaged, a terrazzo floor can usually be cleaned and refinished to look like new again.


Italian Dip

Italian Dip RecipesItalian dip is a perfect addition to a tapas platter. It can be spread on crackers or used as a dip with pita or tortilla chips. This is a page about Italian dip recipes.


Cat in Litter Box

Cat Not Using the Litter BoxThis is a page about cat not using the litter box. There are a number of reason why a cat might stop using it's litter box. It could be as simple as the box needs to be cleaned more often, to being a potential warning sign of a serious health issue. Knowing the habits and preferences of your cat can help narrow the list of possible problems and help get them using the litter box again.


Painting on Canvas

Frugal Canvases For PaintingThis is a page about frugal canvases for painting. If you enjoy painting as a hobby, the cost of new, quality canvas can really add up. Use these thrifty ideas to help save money getting canvases to paint on.


Excess Adhesive on Floor Tiles

Removing Excess Adhesive From Floor...This is a page about removing excess adhesive from floor tiles. Floor tile adhesive is necessarily very sticky and difficult to remove. Using the right solvent is the key to removing any adhesive.


New York T-Shirt

Preserving Special T-ShirtsThis is a page about preserving special t-shirts. Beloved souvenir t-shirts from special events, concerts or trips can be hard to let go of. Repurposing or displaying a t-shirt, is a great way to preserve your momento.


Friendship Gift Package

Making a Friendship Gift PackageThis is a page about making a friendship gift package. When you are separated from a close friend, sending a gift is a wonderful way to show you care and are thinking of them. Whether it's for a special occasion, or just because, gift care packages are always a special thing to receive.


Woman Making Soup

Soup Making Tips and TricksThere are ways to make consistently exceptional soups with great nutrition and a few special ingredients. This is a page about making soup tips and tricks.


Household Bug

Identifying Household Bugs?This is a page about identifying household bugs. It can be challenge to combat bugs in your home, when you don't know what kind they are.


Homemade Wedding Gift

Homemade Wedding GiftsThis is a page about homemade wedding gifts. Making a unique gift for the new couple can be a special present.



Easy Newborn Crocheted Booties

Easy Newborn Crocheted BootiesThis video shows you how to make these cute crocheted booties, step by step.


Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Textured Half Shell CowlLearn how to make this crocheted cowl with this short step by step video.


Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Felt Christmas Tree With OrnamentsA felt Christmas tree is a cute decoration and perfect for the little ones in your life. Learn how to make your own in this step by step video.


A pair of super easy fingerless gloves.

Super Easy Fingerless GlovesThis step by step video shows you how to make simple fingerless gloves. Simple to make and cute to boot!



finished bunny

Fabric Bunny DoorstopThis adorable bunny makes a great doorstop or can even be used as a tabletop decoration.


Veggie Seedlings

Veggie SeedlingsIn addition to serving as "food" in a few months, these plantings are helping me to "Think Spring" and avoid the winter blues! Some of the planters have just one seed-type, others have a variety.


Oven Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Oven Roasted Herbed PotatoesLooking for a super easy, super yummy side dish for dinner? These hardly take any more time to prepare than instant mashed potatoes, but they are much better! So savory and delicious.


sprouting onions

Free Plants by Dividing BulbsOne year, my mother was given a potted Easter lily. After the blooms were spent and shriveled, she gave me the plant, to do with as I liked.



Wall Décor and Curtain Color Advice?Our new house has white walls in all rooms. In the hall room - our L shaped sofa will occupy the corner of the hall and face the wall that has a TV on it. The other corner would contain the glass topped dining table with 6 black chairs.


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Changing Stitch Length on Singer Zig Zag Model 413?I have been looking all over the internet trying to figure out how to change the stitch length on this machine. All I see are options for stitch width and stitch control. Please help!


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Finding the Value of 17th Century Love Seat?We need to sell a 17th century, upholstered love seat with a pecan wooden carved frame in excellent condition. It is a family heirloom of a good friend from Canada.


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Real Estate Business Slogan?I want start a real estate business so I want a slogan for my company. My company name is "Ridhi Sidhi Realty".


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Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have 3 dolls I am thinking about letting go, but I need a price. I have a Marcy doll from the Elaine Campbell collection. One that doesn't have anything on it. And one from the William Rung collection.


tan puppy with dark muzzle

What Breed Is My Dog?I just bought this 6 week old puppy and was told it was a full Labrador, but it looks like is Labrador and Boxer mixed. What do you think?


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Real Estate Company Name Ideas?I do premium and luxury real estate sales and marketing. I am also an aspiring builder/developer. I am looking for a company name for the same. Kindly suggest some names.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I would like you to suggest a business name for me. I have a passion for interior design ranging from color combination and arrangement, to advice. Please, I will appreciate it if you can suggest a divine name.


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Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Stopped Working?I have a Singer sewing machine and the foot pedal won't work. How do I get it to work, and will I have to buy a new foot pedal?


Name Ideas for Daycare?Next year I am planning to open my own daycare from my house. Right now I am having a hard time deciding on a name. I was thinking of "A Caring Heart", but I am not too sure. I was also thinking of using my name - Lorena.


toilet room

Bathroom Paint Color Advice?Our toilet is pink and the floor light grey. What colour piant should I choose for walls and ceiling? At the moment I have chosen a faint pink?


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Incubating Zebra Finch Eggs?I had two zebra finches on four eggs and something got to them both and they are dead, but I would love to try and keep the eggs.


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Removing Red Hair Color from White Wooden Cabinets?I got burgundy hair color on white cabinets. I tried white paint, but you can still see the burgundy color. What should I do next?


puppies looking through a fence

What Breed Is My Puppy?We know the mother is a Basset Hound. I'm thinking Boxset, Basset/Boxer mix. Any help? The puppies in the photos are all from the same litter, at 3 months old.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?I had been receiving survivor benefits for my 2 children since their father passed away in June 2014. Our son turned 18 in November, which is when he started to receive his own check.


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Cleaning Tiled Floors?After cleaning my tiled floors with a steamer, I let them dry before walking on them. However they show shoe prints which I hate. What am I doing wrong?


what and tan dog, closeup

What Breed Is My Dog?Please help me find out what breed Abby is.


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Value of The American People's Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of The American People's encyclopedias from 1959 in very good condition. I was wondering if these are worth anything.


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Value of Encyclopedia Americana?How can I find the value of a set of the Encyclopedia Americana in 32 volumes, copyright 1957?


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2004 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Heater Blows Cold Air?When the heater is on and the truck is completely warmed up it blows cold air. The temperature gauge starts getting hot and when I quickly accelerate the temp drops and the heater starts blowing warm air.


three photos of puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I am looking at getting this pup. He is 8 weeks old and the owners said he is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard/Border Collie mix. He is a beautiful chocolate with blue eyes, although they don't stand out as well in the picture. Where does the solid brown come from. Lab?


living room

Curtain Color Advice?I was wondering what color curtains would go good with my living room? I have tan floral couches with brown side tables and white walls.


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Making Popsicle Stick Puppets?How do you make Popsicle stick puppets?


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Value of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias?I have a set of Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, ahc 4 3 2 1. Any value to these?


tan and white dog sitting in car

What Breed Is My Dog?My puppy just turned a year old. Since day one I've been trying to guess what breeds he could be. He was rescued along with his brother, who now lives with my brother. I was told a Shepherd mix when I rescued them. They are extremely smart dogs. They weigh 55 and 60 pounds.


black dog lying on chair

Dog Pooping Inside After Neutering?I have a 15 month old Lab mix. He has only gone #2 one time inside since I got him. He was only 3 months then and had been outside. He picked up quickly on house training. He started peeing on things when he got his "boy parts", however.


machine for sewing fur

Information on R.Oleo and Sons Fur Sewing...I just purchased an old R.Oleo and Sons overseaming machine. I don't know anything about this brand. It looks simular to the Bonis Bros. model. Has anyone ever used one of these machines?


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Sealing Glitter?Is there a spray to seal the glitter after you have used glue and it dries? Sometimes the glitter still wants to come off.


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