February 24, 2016

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Felt Santa Hat Ornament

Making a Felt Santa Hat OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt Santa hat ornament. Looks like Santa left his hat hanging on your tree before heading on to his next stop.


Felt Mouse and Cheese Ornament

Making a Felt Mouse and Cheese OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt mouse and cheese ornament. This little guy found his gift early and is taking a moment to enjoy it.


Felt Snowman Ornament

Making a Felt Snowman OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt snowman ornament. This little snowman won't melt as he adorns your tree.


Balloon Snowball Fight

Having a Balloon Snowball FightThis is a page about having a balloon snowball fight. You don't need snow to have a "snowball" fight.


Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Making a Felt Candy Cane OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt candy cane ornament. These red and white felt candy cane ornaments are fun to make.


palm near window

Growing Palms IndoorsThis is a page about growing palms indoors. With the proper care including attention to things like lighting, temperature, and humidity you can successfully grow palms indoors.


felt xmas tree

Making a Felt Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt Christmas tree ornament. This cute little felt tree will look nice on your tree, as part of a garland, or as a gift tag.


Felt Candy Ornament

Making a Felt Candy OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt candy ornament. Sweet enough to eat, these felt candy ornaments will look nice on your tree or as part of a garland.


earrings attached to record

Making a Vinyl Record Earrings DisplayThis is a page about making a vinyl record earrings display. Old vinyl too damaged to listen to, is a great medium for crafting.


Dump Truck and Mountain Cake

Making a Dump Truck and Mountain CakeThis is a page about making a dump truck and mountain cake. Your little truck enthusiast will be delighted with the birthday cake.


Felt Pickle Ornament

Making a Felt Pickle OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt pickle ornament. According to some, finding the pickle ornament results in a special gift from St. Nick. Here is an easy to make felt version.


Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament

Making a Felt Christmas Stocking OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt Christmas stocking ornament. Add this mini stocking ornament to your collection of felt Christmas tree decorations.



DIY Sharpie MugThis is a page about DIY Sharpie mug. Use oil based Sharpie pens to create a personalized, unique coffee mug.


finished reindeer 1

Making a Wine Cork ReindeerThis is a page about making a wine cork reindeer. A recycled wine bottle cork is perfect for making this diminutive reindeer.


Felt Holly Ornament

Making Felt Holly OrnamentsThis is a page about making felt holly ornaments. These holly leaves won't prick your fingers.


Felt Antique Christmas Baubles

Making Felt Antique Christmas BaublesThis is a page about making felt antique Christmas baubles. Reminiscent of antique glass ornaments these felt reproductions lend an air of times gone by to your Christmas tree.



Almost Zuppa Toscana

Almost Zuppa ToscanaA "copycat" to the popular Olive Garden recipe, using simple pantry ingredients.


Frugal Hearty Meatloaf Soup

Frugal Hearty Meatloaf SoupThe weather is very cold, and I love making homemade soups. When I can make them frugal, that's even better. This one is made from a half of a stuffed meatloaf I froze, from a recipe I posted recently. Lots of great flavors went into the meatloaf and this soup, but you can still make this soup with any meats you have in the freezer.


Cinnamon Apple Fruit Roll-Ups

Cinnamon Apple Fruit Roll-UpsMaking homemade fruit roll ups is one of the ways I like to use up apples that have gotten a bit soft. Making this cinnamon apple takes only a few ingredients, but technically, you could just use just apples for a super healthy plain one.



Monchi in the sand

Monchi (Chihuahua/Terrier...My dog likes to play tug of war with chew toy, socialize with people and pets, cuddle, jump, hop, and dig.


Nugget in wheel

Nugget (Roborovoski Dwarf Hamster)I got it because I am really responsible and I have been asking my parents for a long time for a hamster.


mini hangers

Paper Clip Mini Hangers for Barbie ClothesMake cute little Barbie, or other similarly sized, doll clothes mini hangers using paper clips!



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Craftsman Riding Mower Stalling?I have a Craftsman garden tractor with a 54 inch mower deck - model 917.28749. The engine runs fine, but it stalls whenever I engage the drive (all speeds) or engage the mower. If I release the brake quickly I can get it to lurch forward a foot or two, but it still stalls. What should I look for?


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Homemade Bird Suet That Doesn't Melt?I had been making suet with just lard, cornmeal, and various nuts and seeds. The birds loved it! But, as soon as it warmed up, the suet melted. So I tried adding flour and peanut butter to give it more body. It holds together better, but the birds won't have much to do with it.


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Value of Popular Educator's Library?I have the 10 volume set in its plastic case of 'The Popular Educator Library', 1940 revised edition of the 1939 publication. Lon looking both on eBay and Amazon I cannot find a value of the complete set, as it seems no one has one.


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Catchy Slogan for Childcare Business?I am planning on starting a daycare in my home. The potential name is "Bizzi Kidz Daycare"? I can't come up with a slogan for the name.


white edged green leaves

What Is This Houseplant?Is it some kind of succulent? The leaves are thick and leathery, the edges of new leaves are pink, and it grows in a prostate fashion.


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Working With a Nervous Frightened Dog?I have a 6 month old Jack Russell. He is very nervous and growls at people when they come into my house. He is coming around to me and my husband, but not my daughters and son. When they try to stroke him he wees a large amount and cowers on the floor or if we are sittting down he will jump onto our knee.


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Donating Cotton Christmas Print Fabric?Where can I donate several boxes of brand new Christmas yardage? They are cotton prints great for making Christmas quilts, aprons, etc.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I adopted this plant after my mother-in-law died. There are three of them in this pot. They stand about 18" tall and appear to still be growing. The leaves are grayish-green and fuzzy.


black and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?He is a 4-6 month old puppy we adopted from a rehoming centre. They classed him as a Border Collie cross. He's very energetic and intelligent, but also very timid. Anyone have a rough idea what he might be crossed with? Thanks!


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Organization and Interior Decorating Business Name?I'm starting a home organization and interior decorating business, as a free lancer. I am struggling with a catchy name that represents: order, less is more, simple lines, open space, and simplify your life.


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Singer 6110 Sewing Machine Won't Run?I bought an old Singer 6110 from a yardsale. It plugs in, and the light turns on, but when I press the foot pedal, it doesn't run. The cords and foot pedal seem to be in good shape.


What Kind of Snake Is This?

What Kind of Snake Is This?What kind of snake is this? I can't find it anywhere I looked.


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Slogan for Preschool?Can you suggest a tagline for my preschool name ''Leo Tots"?


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Swiffer WetJet Peplacement parts?The plastic piece that holds the batteries is broken. Where can I get a replacement part?


highly decorated bowl

Porsgrund Norge Finger or Nut Bowl?I just found this in our Salvation Army for $1.99. I can't find anything on this specific piece online, although the company makes beautiful china and pottery. Does anyone know anything about this? It is about 3 inches in diameter.


Divorcing and Dog Peeing Inside

Divorcing and Dog Peeing and Pooping...My dog is 16 months old and has been trained for outside duties. However, the atmosphere in our homestead has changed. My husband and I are going through a divorce. Just the last few days Bodine has been peeing by the chair my husband sits in and poops near the computer area.


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Finding Free Furniture?I need advice for where  to go to receive (non-bugged furniture). As of 2015 we where homeless for several years. We where blessed with a one bedroom apartment 11 months ago (a family if four).


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