August 13, 2016

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Girl holding two handfuls of fresh green beans

Harvesting Green BeansThis is a page about harvesting green beans. After the hours spent planting and tending your garden, it is exciting to begin the harvest.


Young boy making crepes on the stove

Quick and Easy Crepes for KidsThis is a page about quick and easy crepes for kids. Crepes don't just have to be just for a fancy brunch. Kids will love preparing their own crepe snacks for a party or just as a snack between meals at home.


Crepe Myrtle Tree with flowers and leaves

Leaves Falling Off a Crepe Myrtle Tree EarlyThis is a page about leaves falling off a crepe myrtle tree early. Early leaf drop can indicate a number of concerns regarding your tree return to good health. Determining the cause is the first step in helping your tree.


Two cupcakes with candles spelling the word "THIRTY"

30th Birthday Party Theme IdeasThis is a page about 30th birthday party theme ideas. A 30th birthday is one of those milestone events. Planning a memorable party includes choosing a theme.


Room in the middle of being remodeled.

Losing a Bedroom When Renovating?This is a page about losing a bedroom when renovating. One way to increase the size of a room in a small house is to reduce the square footage of an adjoining, less used room.


Several jars of processed soups with lids covered in decorative burlap

Canning Soups Without a Pressure Canner?When canning you will want to determine the safest way to can certain foods, some require a pressure canner others a hot water bath. This is a page about canning soups without a pressure canner.


Silver tea set on tray

How Can I Tell If Something is Made of...When shopping thrift stores and garage sales, it is nice to be able to recognize if an item is made of silver. This is a page about, "How can I tell if something is made of silver?".


Woman standing in front of open refrigerator door holding her nose

Refrigerator Fan Blowing a Bad Smell?This is a page about refrigerator fan blowing bad smell. Odors in your refrigerator drip pan can be blown into your home by the fridge fan.


Man giving two thumbs up in front of clothes dryer

Heating Your Home With Your Clothes DryerThis is a page about heating your home with your clothes dryer. The high cost of heating my have you considering using the exhaust from your dryer to help heat your home.


Two girls in private school uniforms sitting on steps in front of brick building

Private School Name Ideas?This is a page about private school name ideas. When choosing a name for a private school, you may want it to not only reflect the mission of the school but also be one that attracts the attention of prospective students and their families.


Jars being canned in a hot water bath

Canning Bath Not Long Enough?This is a page about canning bath not long enough. Following the proper steps for home canning helps ensure the safety and quality of your canned goods.


Two men working on a home's roof

Roof Repair AdviceThis is a page about roof repair advice. Roof repair can be expensive, however allowing the situation to get worse creates an even larger problem.


Apple cider vinegar, lemongrass, lemons for natural mosquito repellant

Natural Mosquito Repellent RecipesRather than use chemical based commercial insect repellent products try making your own natural ones. This is a page about natural mosquito repellent recipes.


Fast food hamburger and fries

Using Dollar Menus at Fast Food RestaurantsThis is a page about dollar menus at fast food restaurants. One way to save money and actually reduce calories when eating at a fast food restaurant, is to eat from the dollar menu.


Barbecue grill with a variety of meats, shish kabobs, corn and veggies with a family in the background

Keep Cool By Cooking OutsideCooking inside during the heat of the summer not only heats up the kitchen but the entire house. This is a page about keep cool by cooking outside.


Woman receiving change at the grocery store

Advice for Stretching Your Grocery BudgetThis is a page about advice for stretching grocery budget. When living on a budget, you are probably trying to reduce expenses in many areas of your budget.


Man power washing tile roof

Cleaning Black Streaks (Mold) on a RoofThis is a page about cleaning black streaks on roof (mold) on a roof. Mold can grow on a wide variety of surfaces including the shingles on your roof.


Dish rack filled with clean dishes

Dishes Smell Bad After Washing ThemThis is a page about dishes smell bad after washing them. Dishes can retain odors they pick up from the dishwasher.


Spaghetti Squash cut in half with one half shredded

Cooking Spaghetti SquashWhether served alone as a veggie side or used as a substitute for pasta, spaghetti squash is easy to prepare. This is a page about cooking spaghetti squash. This is a page about cooking spaghetti squash.


Jar of soup

Canning Soup Containing Cabbage?This is a page about canning soup containing cabbage. Certain vegetables can well, while others do not.


African American woman with natural hair holding a strand and looking at it with concern

Remedy for Hair Damaged By Relaxer?This is a page about remedy for hair damaged by relaxer. The chemicals in a hair relaxer can sometimes do damage to your hair.


Smart phone with calculator open on top of spread out papers with budget on them

Avoiding Spending More Than You MakeThis is a page about avoiding spending more than you make. With all of the merchandise available on-line and in the stores, coupled with the bombardment we get from ads and email alerts for sales, it is hard not to overspend.


Rhubarb leaves stuffed with meat and topped with a rhubarb sauce

Rhubarbecue SauceTry making this delicious barbecue sauce using rhubarb. This is a page about rhubarbecue sauce.



Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Salt and Vinegar Zucchini ChipsAnother way to take advantage of the abundance of zucchini is this healthy, low-carb alternative to traditional potato or corn chips.


developing butternut squash

Butternut Squash in ProgressI love growing winter squash. Long after the summer vegetables have been harvested, we can still enjoy fresh from the garden produce. It's much too hot to even think about butternut squash soup, but that's where this little guy is headed.



What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?My dog is a Pug mix, but I am just not 100% on the mix? Any ideas?


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Removing a Toilet Bowl Stain?How can I get rid of a blue/grey tint in my toilet bowl? It is not just a ring, but the whole bowl where the water sits. And what's the cause?


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Value of Royal Tettau China?How would I estaimate the value of a set of Rotal Tettau platinum china?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I recently adopted this female puppy. I was told she is a Cane Corso and English Mastiff mix. The vet doubts this, but I saw the parents. A friend says she is part Boxer, I think Bulldog or Bull Mastiff. She weighs only 4 lbs at 7 weeks while she should weigh around 14 if she is what they say she is.


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Cleaning a Microfiber Couch?When cleaning my micro fiber couch, it seems the alcohol is making even more rings/spots. What should I do or try?


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Getting Rid of Unseen Biting Bugs?I have been been getting bit by bugs for about two weeks now. They leave bite marks and itch like crazy, but I haven't seen any bugs. No one else in my house has been bitten. Any information or advice would be helpful. I live in western New York, if that helps with anything.


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Determining Cleaning Fees?I am cleaning new construction and move outs in Chattanooga Tennessee. How much should I be getting paid? They are all 2 or more bedrooms and 1 to 2 baths?


bobbin thread area

Janome Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin...I have the Janome Sewist 521. My machine won't pick up the bobbin thread. I doubt it's the timing! The thread is not moving down at all. The timing is spinning, but can't catch the thread because it is not moving an inch.


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Removing Air Freshener Smell from Car?How do I get the perfume smell out of a vehicle I have just bought that had one of those air fresheners in it? I am sensitive to perfumes and solvents.


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