September 13, 2016

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Plate of potato pancakes

Making Potato PancakesThis is a page about making potato pancakes. Use grated, ground, or leftover mashed potatoes to make these delicious savory pan fried cakes, also known as latkes.


Glass of chocolate beverage with shaved chocolate and chocolate bar in the background

Homemade Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink RecipeThis page contains homemade yoo-hoo chocolate drink recipe. Making your favorite chocolate beverage at home can save you money and may be healthier for you.


Chihuahua and skunk touching noses

Is Skunk Spray Harmful To Dogs?In addition to the obvious awful smell, pet owners sometimes wonder if skunk spray is otherwise harmful to their dog. This is a page about "Is skunk spray harmful to dogs?".


Open jar of lemon curd with spoon surrounded by lemons and lemon peel

Recipes Using Lemon CurdThis is a page about recipes using lemon curd. Lemon curd is a sweet/tart dessert spread.


Close up of a roof being installed

Finding Roof Repair Assistance for Seniors?Many senior citizens are living on fixed incomes that often are insufficient to meet the maintenance needs of their homes. This is a page about finding roof repair assistance for seniors.


Recycling a Vinyl Pool

Recycling a Vinyl Pool?This is a page about recycling a vinyl pool. Before you throw out that leaky vinyl pool consider other things it can be used for.


Basic blue pens spread on a white background

Uses for Used Up Ink PensThis is a page about uses for used up ink pens. You might be surprised by the number of ways you can reuse ink pens.


Fixing Salsa That is Too Vinegary

Fixing Salsa That is Too VinegaryWhen recipes come out wrong, there are often ways to fix the problems. This is a page about fixing salsa that is too vinegary.


Child dressed as a "biker" with a temporary tattoo

Removing Temporary TattoosThis is a page about removing temporary tattoos. Although they will eventually wear off, you may wish to remove a temporary tattoo sooner.


Flat chocolate chip cookies on a plate

Why Are My Cookies Flat?This is a page about, "Why are my cookies flat?". It can be frustrating to watch your lovely cookies bake up flat rather than lightly puffy.


Sugar free macaroons on a plate

Sugar Free Cookies RecipesMany of us need to reduce our intake of sugar either for weight or health reasons. That does not mean you can't indulge in a cookie made without added sugar. This page is about sugar free cookies recipes.


Removing Burnt Rings on Stovetop

Removing Burnt Rings on StovetopThis is a page about removing burnt rings on stovetop. Excessive heat can cause burn marks to appear on your stovetop.


Pavlova with berries

Pavlova RecipesThis elegant dessert consists of a meringue layer or ring filled with whipped cream and fruit. This page contains pavlova recipes.


Man sitting on couch looking through phone book in flooded room with water up past his ankles

Finding Plumbing Repair Assistance for...This is a page about finding plumbing repair assistance for low income homeowners. Having working plumbing is a necessity. However, some families can not afford the cost of hiring a tradesperson to make the necessary repairs.


Loaf of bread with rolling pin on white background

Amish Friendship Bread StarterThis is a page about Amish friendship bread starter. This pass along sweet bread is very popular. You may have received a bag of the starter yourself, but don't know how is it made to begin with.


Bottle of brewers yeast with yeast pills spilling out

Where Can I Buy Brewer's Yeast?Brewer's yeast has long been used as a dietary supplement. It is rich in certain minerals including selenium, B-complex and chromium. There are reported benefits for pets as well. This is a page about, "Where can I buy brewers yeast?".


Close-up of dog's nose sniffing a toad

Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?This is a page about are toads harmful to dogs? Knowing what to do if your dog engages one of these amphibians, is important.


Musty Smell on Clean Towels

Musty Smell on Clean TowelsThis is a page about musty smell on clean towels. It is completely baffling and frustrating to find that your clean towels have a musty odor.


A cut up grapefruit and a whole grapefruit.

Grapefruit Pie RecipesThis is a page about grapefruit pie recipes. Whether you go for a chiffon or meringue style pie, your family or guests will love pies made using tangy grapefruit.



Post Shave Balm as Makeup Primer

Post Shave Balm as Makeup PrimerNivea Post Shave Balm works perfectly as a makeup primer. Use it as you would a regular primer. Pour a pea-sized amount in your hand and evenly pat onto your face. Let dry and apply your makeup normally. Your makeup will last all day long!


Behr deck stain

Staining an Old Deck To Match The NewWe wanted to extend our deck to make it bigger. The old deck just needed cleaning. The new extension was built. We found this great product called Behr Deck Over Textured Stain, from Home Depot. Because of the old and the new deck, this blended all of the deck to look like it was all built at the same time.


Sugarbush (Protea) image as adult coloring page element

Sugarbush (Protea) Adult Coloring PageThe protea is one of South Africa's most famous flowers. It is also called a sugarbush. The protea flower, which represents change and hope, is a local favorite in wedding bouquets. It is definitely one of my personal best-loved flowers.


Cornelius Memorial Planter

Cornelius Memorial PlanterIn 2014, I posted and won for my recycled Tupperware pet food and water dish. I unearthed it the other day and I just couldn't make myself give it away. So I made it into a colorful planter!


fish sculpture

Finding Your Own Frugal BusinessI learned when I was very young that toys and new clothes did not take a priority in our family. My mom bought me the least expensive little cotton dresses and then she would purchase and applique of a sheep or a bear that I liked and put it on the pocket, and I felt pretty special. It wasn't her fault, at all. I grew much faster than my older step siblings. It's the truth that if she bought me some Sunday shoes on Monday, they would be too small by church time. She also grew up in the Depression, and she was extremely creative. Some nights, I would hear the sewing machine going all night while she created the outfit of my silly dreams, complete with hidden pockets everywhere.


Berry Slab Pie

Berry Slab PieThis delicious and easy berry pie showcases summer fruit. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Homemade Eye Makeup RemoverI was tired of trying to find an eye makeup remover that was affordable, didn't have a lot of chemicals, and didn't burn my eyes.


Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek YogurtGreek yogurt is a delicous, healthy treat and is so easy to make. You really don't need any special appliances to make it, all you need is a pan, whisk, thermometer, strainer and some cheesecloth.


closeup of band holding button

Ponytail Band for Tight WaistbandIf your trouser or skirt waistband is a bit too tight, tie a pony tail band to the button hole and loop it onto the button to fasten.



closeup of dog's face

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Do you think my Pit Bull is full blooded? His mom had papers and dad was a rescue with no papers. My sister and I think he might be mixed with Boxer. What do you think?


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Clothing Dye Transferred in the Wash?My light golden bed sheet was washed with blue trousers, now the bed sheet has turned a blue colour. Hw can I remove this colour?


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Puppy Won't Lap Up Water?My 6 week old puppy will eat, but won't lap.


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Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?This house was built in the 1960s, by my grandfather. The electrical system keeps cutting off in winter when I am trying to keep warm. The oil furnace also isn't working. I am disabled and low income. Where can I find help with these repairs?


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Cleaning and Deodorizing RV Cushions?How do I clean and deodorize cushions from bench seats in an RV?


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Deluxe Precision Sewing Machine Parts?My thread take up spring got completely mangled by the take up lever. I have been unable to find anyone to get me a replacement as it is so badly mangled you can't tell what it is supposed to look like! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Toning Down Glam Highlights?Will Oops restore my old shade after I applied too much Glam highlights from L O'real?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I got him from a shelter and am not sure of his breed. He seems like a bit of portugueso pp.


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