September 30, 2016

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Chocolate pudding with tapioca and nut topping in a white heart shaped dish

Chocolate Tapioca PuddingThis is a page about chocolate tapioca pudding. For chocolate lovers, you can easily turn plain tapioca pudding into a chocolate delight.


Assorted dahlia blossoms

Dahlia PhotosThis is a page about dahlia photos. Dahlia blooms come in numerous colors and configurations.


Folded blue cloth napkin on white background

Crafts Using Cloth Napkins?This is a page about crafts using cloth napkins. Cloth napkins can find an alternative use in one of your crafting projects.


Close up of a woman's eye with thick mascara on the lashes

Preventing Clumping MascaraThis is a page about preventing clumping mascara. Having your mascara appear clumpy on your lashes ruins the look of your makeup.


Painting Light Bulbs

Painting Light BulbsThis is a page about painting light bulbs. Create a colorful lighted decorative atmosphere or your deck, patio, or in the garden by painting a string of light bulbs.


Close up of a tulip tree flower and leaves

Starting Tulip Trees from Seed?This is a page about starting tulip trees from seed. Many gardeners like to start their new plants from seeds they have collected. You can even propagate some trees this way.


display with potted plants inside the pumpkins and other decorations

Making Faux Stone Plastic PumpkinsThis is a page about making faux stone plastic pumpkins. You can give inexpensive plastic pumpkins a unique stone look with some paint and sponges.


Turning a Cupboard Door Into a Tray

Turning a Cupboard Door Into a TrayThis is a page about turning a cupboard door into a tray. Repurpose an old discarded cupboard door by making it into a useful tray, for years more of use.


Peeled banana partially cut into slices

Preventing Banana Slices From Turning BrownLike apples and some other types of fresh fruit exposure to air turns bananas brown. This is a page about preventing banana slices from turning brown.


colorful clothespin beetle

Making a Clothespin Click BeetleThis is a page about making a clothespin click beetle. Your children will not only enjoy playing with these colorful toys, but they can help make them too.


Tulip Tree

Aphids on a Tulip Tree?This is a page about aphids on a tulip tree. These beautiful street trees with their green and orange flowers are notorious for aphid infestations.


Two birds splashing in a home made bird bath

Birdbath Tips and IdeasThis is a page about birdbath tips and ideas. Adding a birdbath to your garden not only provides our feathered friends with a nice place for a drink and a dip, but it also can be a focal point in your landscape.


Green Tree Frog

Frog Repellents?This is a page about frog repellents. For many homeowners frogs are a good thing to have in their yard or garden, as they eat many pesky insects. However, if you need to discourage them around your home you may want to use a repellent.


Basket of fabric wrapped foam eggs.

Making Fabric Covered Easter EggsYou can create unique fabric covered eggs to decorate your home for Easter, staring with some plain foam eggs and fabric of your choice. This is a page about making fabric covered Easter eggs.


Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding RecipeThis page contains a chocolate avocado pudding recipe. Try this homemade pudding recipe with its unusual addition of avocado.


Two Tulip Tree blossoms in a tulip tree

Tulip Tree PhotosThis is a page about tulip tree photos. Several different varieties of trees are commonly referred to as tulip trees.


DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

DIY Plastic Bag DispenserKeeping your plastic bags organized for reuse can be done in a variety of ways. This is a page about DIY plastic bag dispenser.


Tubes and bottles of makeup standing upright against a white background

Mysteries of Makeup Science ProjectThis is a page about mysteries of makeup science project. An interesting project for a school science fair can be created focusing on makeup, its science, a bit of history, safety standards, and more.


red air mattress

Finding Replacement Caps for Your Air Mattress?This is a page about finding replacement caps for your air mattress. An air mattress without its valve cap is not very useful.


Mole with head up out of a mole mound

What Do Moles Eat?Some homeowners may wonder what those little moles that are burrowing through their yard are eating down in their dark tunnels. This is a page about "What do moles eat?".


Table displaying several plates of single serving desserts

Dessert Exchange Recipe Ideas?This is a page about dessert exchange recipe ideas. A dessert exchange get together is a great place to try new desserts and get the recipe.


Strawberry Chiffon Pie

Strawberry Chiffon Pie RecipesCool, creamy chiffon pies can be made in a variety of flavors. Strawberry is a favorite but any fresh fruit could be used.


Lego Pen Stand

Making a Lego Pen HolderThis is a page about making a Lego pen holder. Make a cute Lego head pen holder using recycled jars.


Baked pie on a plate leaking lemon filling.

Mini Lemon Meringue PiesMake mini, one serving, lemon meringue pies in a muffin pan. This is a page about mini lemon meringue pies.


Single Serve Dark Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding for OneIndulge your chocolate pudding craving simply and quickly by making a serving for one. This is a page about chocolate pudding for one.


Glass dish of chocolate pudding with spoon surrounded by cocoa powder and pieces of chocolate bar

Chocolate Pudding RecipesCool, creamy, chocolate pudding is a favorite dessert for many people. This page contains chocolate pudding recipes.


Orange Tapioca and Jello layered desert in a glass dish displayed on a white plate

Orange Tapioca RecipesThis page contains orange tapioca recipes. Combine the texture and taste of tapioca pudding with orange to create several delicious desserts.


The sun as viewed through the pinhole viewer.

Making a Pinhole Solar Eclipse ViewerThis is a page about making a pinhole solar eclipse viewer. There are several ways to safely view a solar eclipse, one is the pinhole viewer.


Dishwasher Cubes

Making Dishwasher CubesThis is a page about making dishwasher cubes. There are many household cleaners that are easy to make yourself.


Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

Making Liquid Dishwasher DetergentThis is a page about making liquid dishwasher detergent. Liquid dishwasher detergent users may prefer this easy to make, inexpensive alternative to store bought products.


Peanut Butter Banana Puffed Rice Squares

Peanut Butter Banana Puffed Rice SquaresThis is a page about peanut butter banana puffed rice squares. Try this tasty variation on Rice Krispie squares that combines the scrumptious flavors of chocolate and peanut butter.



Remembering Email Addresses

Remembering Email AddressesMy DH is a wonderful guy in most respects but he absolutely refuses to learn some things. I get so tired of a grown up Korean War vet hollering at me; "What's our email address?"


spiderweb with rainbow effect

Spiderweb RainbowOn a beautiful day in my back yard I captured this beautiful work of nature!



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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problem?In two rooms that share a wall, each light switch will not turn on ceiling lights and the outlet on the shared wall does not work. What could be the problem?


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Receiving Survivor Benefits While Attending College?I'm currently 17. In August I will be 18 and will be a senior in high school and I receive surviors benefits and I'm going to college. I want to know if I attend college will I still get my benefits?


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Making the Connected Loops Crochet Scarf?The scarf with the loops, I am wondering how to end the part without fringe. Can you use it as wash cloth if made shorter?


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Cocker Peeing in His Bed at Night?My 4yr old male Cocker has started going to the toilet in his bed at night. He can't be trusted to roam free in a room for the same reason so we have him in a soft crate while his brother can be trusted so roams free (laundry). Lately he has started going to the toilet (pee and poop) every night.


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Water Viability Test On Seeds?I just collected a few thousand seeds off of a dried up aster type flower in a pot from a nursery. Can I test the seeds now (Sep 29) so I know which ones to keep. Will it hurt to test them now if I thoroughly dry them again before storing the viable ones? Or do I have to wait till spring?


plant with thin stems and oval dark green leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this plant at a greenhouse without a label. The stems are tiny and delicate with "hairs" on them.


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Value of Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia?I have a set of Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia. There are 27 books A through Z, copywrite 1986. Are these worth anything? They are in excellent condition.


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Marinating Vegetables?Can you marinate vegetables in a metal pan?


fuzzy pink flower

Identifying a Houseplant?I have a plant with pink furry blooms. Can someone give me a name?


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