October 4, 2016

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Close up of a sewing machine foot sewing white chiffon fabric

Sewing ChiffonThis is a page about use tissue paper when sewing chiffon. Very lightweight fabrics such as chiffon can be a challenge to sew on your machine.


Row of washing machines in a store

Kenmore Washing Machine ComplaintsThis is a page about Kenmore washing machine complaints. When your appliance does not work properly or last as long as you expect before needing repairs, you can wonder whether it was a defective design.


Concerned looking woman checking clean laundry for stains

Keeping Well Water from Staining Clothing?This is a page about keeping well water from staining clothing. Well water can contain a variety of minerals that can leave stains on your laundry.


Diet chocolate pudding topped with blueberries in a glass serving cup

Low Calorie Chocolate Pudding RecipeHaving a yummy chocolate dessert does not have to include lots of calories. This page contains a low calorie chocolate pudding recipe.


Man tasting from a pot of soup.  There are a variety of vegetables and peppers on the counter

Thickening Soups Without Gluten or DairyAvoiding wheat flour and milk products when making a creamy soup can be easier than you think. This is a page about thickening soups without gluten or dairy.


Miniature of a house, which is being covered and surrounded by cockroaches

Moving and Leaving The Cockroaches Behind?When leaving a home or apartment that had a cockroach infestation, you will need to be careful not to take them with you to your new residence. This is a page about moving and leaving the cockroaches behind.


Woman making shocked face as she squats down next to open dishwasher

Removing Odors from a DishwasherThis is a page about removing odors from a dishwasher. Dishwashers can develop unpleasant odors for a variety of reasons, including bits of food trapped near the drain.


Cat inside a cat carrier on a wooden floor inside a home

Cat Left Behind FleasThis is a page about cat left behind fleas. Even if you don't have your pet any longer or have recently had a visiting pet, the fleas can remain after the cat leaves.


Old brick wall being pushed down by trees on the other side

Neighbor's Tree Damaging a Brick Wall?This is a page about neighbor's tree damaging a brick wall. Getting along with neighbors has its challenges. Even where we choose to plant trees can be the basis for concern.


Pug Mix dog's face

Pug Mix PhotosThis is a page about Pug mix photos. breed dogs are always a surprise. Their appearance and personality are unique and often a blend of the different breeds in their heritage.


Woman smiling as she looks at a glass while she empties dishwasher

Dishwasher Detergent for Hard WaterThis is a page about dishwasher detergent for hard water. Hard water can reduce the effectiveness of many cleaning products. It can also leave deposits on your dishes when using the dishwasher.


Several kiddie pools being used to grow plants

Using a Child's Swimming Pool as a GardenThis is a page about using a child's swimming pool as a garden. Whether you use an old damaged one or purchase a new one, a child's pool can be used as a container garden or a place to start seedlings.


Toddler pressing up against the front of a dishwasher

Cleaning Crayon Stains in a DishwasherThis is a page about cleaning crayon stains in a dishwasher. Crayons that accidentally end up in your dishwasher can create a melted crayon mess.


Sausage Soup

Sausage Soup RecipesAdding your favorite sausage to homemade soup makes for an even heartier main dish meal. This page contains sausage soup recipes.


Abandoned empty outdoor swimming pool filled with leaves

Turning a Swimming Pool Into a GardenThis is a page about turning a swimming pool into a garden. Old or unused in-ground pools can be filled and used as garden space.


Closeup of someone cutting craft foam

Cutting Craft FoamThis is a page about cutting craft foam. Depending on its composition and thickness different methods may be needed to cut craft foam accurately.


Family posed on sofa in front of wall with wood paneling

Temporary Wall Covering IdeasThis is a page about temporary wall covering ideas. There are a number of reasons you may want to temporarily cover the walls in your home or a rental.


A slice of chocolate meringue pie with a very thin crust being served on a white plate

Gluten Free Chocolate Meringue PieWhen you need to avoid wheat and gluten, you can still enjoy rich chocolate pie. This is a page about gluten free chocolate meringue pie.


Young boy in diapers drawing on the inside of a box with a crayon

Frugal Toy IdeasThis is a page about frugal toy ideas. You don't have to spend a fortune on toys for your children. Many inexpensive, recycled, and household items make excellent one time and continued use toys.



Hedgehog Cupcakes

Hedgehog CupcakesThese cute hedgehog cupcakes are perfect for a party or school event. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Pill bottle pumpkin

Pill Bottle PumpkinsTurn leftover orange colored prescription bottles into cute Halloween Treats. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Cinderblock Mailbox Support

Cinderblock Mailbox SupportOur mailbox came out of the ground one summer evening. Instead of putting it back, I decided to put it within two cinder blocks. It has worked out really well. There is room for packages on the side or a pretty potted flower.


young tree butterfly bush

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) Grown As TreeMany people grow standards for the sake of variety in form. Many others choose to grow standards because they are more vertical than horizontal in habit and take up much less space. Standards can be suitable for small patios when grown in containers.


Soap Scented Perfume Basket

Soap Scented Perfume BasketThis project is called "perfume basket" simply because of its fragrance. The scent doesn't come from any expensive perfume, but from a bar of soap. This will cost you less than a dollar and since it looks gorgeous and elegant it can best be used as a party giveaway, especially for weddings.


empty jars used to support a temporary cupboard shelf

Household Items to Support a Kitchen ShelfI live in a complex that is 36 years old and just like we humans, things sag from time to time. The second shelf was bowing in the middle, and the flimsy little pegs that hold it up don't really help. So...


Curry Beef with Rice

Curry Beef with RiceEnjoy this curried beef with your favorite rice.


hand shaped paper fan

Literally a Hand FanThere was a sudden power interruption and life went boring. It was a hot afternoon so I went looking for something that I could use as fan. Then I saw a piece of an old folder. It looked plain and lonely. And that's why I came up with the idea of making a literal hand fan.


finished example of card showing a gardenscape

Enchanted Garden Birthday CardUse watercolor pencils to color a design of an enchanted garden. Afterwards, turn the colored design into a birthday card for a special family member or friend, and wow the recipient with your creativity.


BackBone State Park Trail (Iowa)

BackBone State Park Trail (Iowa)This photo was taken while traveling on a path. It was a beautiful day, and the trees were full and lush. The path wasn't smooth and even, but it was out there, where everything wasn't meant to be perfect.



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Choosing a Vet?Anyone in Fort Rangort Kentucky know of a good vet?


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Will Swimming Pool Water Harm Duck Eggs?Can ducks sitting on eggs swim or bath in a pool? Can that damage the eggs?


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Dishwasher Won't Turn On?My dishwasher started tripping the breaker soon after it was turned on. It is on it own breaker so I replaced the breaker, but it continued to trip it. I then replaced the receptacle that it plugs into. The receptacle works fine, but now the dishwasher will not turn on at all.


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Crochet Projects for Beginners?I am looking for easy beginner's crochet items. Any suggestions?



Value of Old Reel Mower?I have a vintage manually operated reel mower. It has five blades with a blade width of 16". On the handle shaft is engraved "The Rex Ball Bearing, genuine patented self adjusting ball bearings, manufactured by the Henley Lawn Mower Co., Richmond, IND USA".


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Paint Color Advice for Dining and Living Rooms?My kitchen is gray and white. The dining and living rooms are open. What color should I paint these two rooms?


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Social Security Survivor Benifits?I have recently gotten guardianship of my nephew who receives survivor benefits from his dad passing. The mother said that she would just send me the benefits when she received them, but it has been 3 months and nothing. I am not looking for the benefits to benefit me, but they should go to the child.


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Fruit Flies in Cat Litter Box?I have two cats, both are females and they have their own litter boxes. I clean each litter box once a week with bleach. I recently started doing this because fruit flies have been coming out of only one litter box, and it's the white cat's litter box. They both eat the same type of food.


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Removing Hard As Nails from Wood?I thought I was clever when I stuck a door bell on a wooden door frame with Hard As Nails. Can anyone tell me how to remove it?


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Wallpaper Didn't Stick?We repapered a bathroom. We took down the old paper. The vinyl layer came down fine, but the paper part stayed there. The new paper went up fine, but it looks like it only stuck well in the parts where there was no old 'paper' under.


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Remedy for Hair Loss on Dog?My dog's hair has shed due to chemicals used while cleaning the floor. Please help me to grow my dog's hair back.


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