January 30, 2017

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Pure Love Valentine's Day Magnetic Frame - add magnetic strips to back and cut desired photo to size and place in heart shaped area

Pure Love Valentine's Day Magnetic FrameAdd a touch of Valentine's Day sentiment to your kitchen or office with this attractive magnetic frames. This is a page about pure love Valentine's Day magnetic frame.


adding rows 2

Yo Yo Christmas TreeCovering a Styrofoam or paper cone with seasonal fabric yo yos is a fun way to make a Christmas tree decoration to grace your table or to brighten up a room for the holidays. This is a page about yo yo Christmas tree.


A cat emerging from his pet carrier at home.

Helping a Cat Settle Into a New Home?Pets can become distressed after a move or change of owner. Patience and an understanding of their need for a sense of security, and even territory, can help them transition. This is a page about helping a cat settle into a new home.


Hair sticking up because of egg whites.

Use Egg White for Hair GelIf you are looking for a chemical free hair gel, try egg whites. This is a page about use egg white for hair gel.


Pink silk roses.

Using Silk Wedding FlowersArtificial flowers can look as good or better than fresh flowers and will continue look fresh for years to come. Silk flowers are a great alternative to fresh for wedding bouquets, boutineers and center pieces. Get tips on using silk wedding flowers in this page.


Banana Peel

Using Banana Peels for Shining ShoesBananas are not only a quick snack, they can also clean your shoes in a second. Learn how to use banana peels for cleaning shoes in this page.


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Making Market Bags from Plastic BagsReusable market bags made with plarn are cute and sturdy. This pageis about making market bags from plastic bags.


Young teen boy washing the car.

10 Ways for Kids to Earn MoneyThere are a variety of jobs that children can do to make money. The options depend on their age and experience. This is a page about 10 ways for kids to earn money.


Spoon Flower - competed flower

How to Make a Recycled Spoon FlowerThis decorative flower is made from used flatware spoons. This is a page about how to make a recycled spoon flower.


Gift tags made out of gift cards.

Reusing Christmas Cards as Gift TagsCutting down old Christmas cards into gift tags is a fun recycling project that supplies you with unique tags and saves money. This is a page about reusing Christmas cards as gift tags.


Hair Dryer to Remove Price Tags Easily

Hair Dryer to Remove Price Tags EasilyUse your hair dryer to soften the adhesive on price tags making it much easier to remove them from items that can take heat safely. This is a page about hair dryer to remove price tags easily.


A person wearing rubber gloves, cleaning an oven.

Using Ammonia as an Oven CleanerAmmonia is useful in cleaning the burned on food and grease off of your oven walls and racks. This is a page about using ammonia as an oven cleaner.


Leather Boots

Repairing Scratches on Leather BootsLeather shoes can get scratched during normal wear. There are a number of products that can be used to cover the scratches and keep your boots looking good. This is a page about repairing scratches on leather boots.


White Leather Shoes

Scuff Marks on White Leather ShoesCleaning white shoes can be quick and easy when you know what products to use. Learn how to remove scuff marks on white leather shoes in this page.


A judge's gavel on top of hundred dollar bills.

Collecting Back Child Support?Collecting back child support from the noncustodial parent can many times be a challenge. This is a page about collecting back child support.


A tan colored ceramic tile floor.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile FloorsCeramic tile floors have their own cleaning issues, such as streaking and stickiness if not rinsed well. This is a page about cleaning ceramic tile floors.


12 year old mowing a lawn.

Job Ideas for 12 Year Olds?12 year olds are not old enough to work a regular part-time job. There are many jobs they can do for family, friends or neighbors. Get job ideas for a 12 year old in this page.


A man cleaning his leather work boots with a cloth.

Caring for Leather BootsProper care of leather shoes helps ensure that they not only look good, but that you get years of wear out of them. This is a page about caring for leather boots.



cut potatoes and milk in the pot

Stovetop Simmered PotatoesHere I used Idaho potatoes without their skins, for a quick creamy potato dish. I am going to top mine with ranch dressing as well.


Dinner on plate.

Crockpot Honey Garlic Sesame ChickenA super, easy crockpot recipe that makes moist and delicious chicken that tastes great!



A K-cup with the foil lid removed.

Use K-Cups to Make Pot of CoffeeI don't have a Keurig coffee maker but they are wonderful. I found three little generic K-cups in a box at Walmart for only one dollar. I opened the foil top and poured the contents into my filter in the coffee maker I have. It turned out wonderful.


Valentine Bookmark - front of book with bookmark sticking up

Valentine BookmarkThis project is about making a heart shaped Valentine bookmark for your favorite books. It's easy and affordable!


Love and Arrow Finger Paintings - both finished paintings

Love and Arrow Finger PaintingsPainting is a popular activity with many children. They can create something unique and enjoy getting a little messy in the process. These love and arrow paintings would be a fun project for kids and adults.


Use Baking Soda in the Dishwasher - dishwasher dispenser and box of baking soda

Use Baking Soda in the DishwasherI like to use a lot of natural cleaners. One I use fairly often is baking soda. I use it in my dishwasher. I add about 3 tablespoons to the dispenser. It helps prevent hard water lime and calcium buildup inside the dishwasher and keeps it fresh smelling. It also helps to clean the dishes.


Banana Peel Tooth Whitener - woman rubbing the inside of a banana peel on her teeth

Banana Peel Tooth WhitenerDon't throw away your banana peels. Use the fleshy part on the inside of the peel to gently rub away dinginess on your teeth. The potassium, magnesium, and natural acid help break down stains on teeth. The grittiness of its fiber also helps polish your enamel.


Cardboard Tube Gift Box - finished gift box

Cardboard Tube Gift BoxI love making these cute little gift boxes because they use things you'd otherwise throw away, cardboard tubes and leftover gift wrap.


Tuft Pillows To Help Keep Their Shape

Tuft Pillows To Help Keep Their ShapeDue to allergies, I wash my pillows often. I don't buy nice pillows for this reason. I'm not so sure eider down would hold up to frequent laundering, anyway.


Nail Polish for Shiny Jewelry - applying clear nail polish to a watchband

Nail Polish for Shiny JewelryDo you have a colorless nail polish? It can be used for your jewelry. The nail polish can make your jewelry shine and the color of the jewelry will be preserved. If you have fake gold jewelry, if you put a nail polish on it, the color will last longer and it doesn't fade as easily.


A Different Perspective on Removing Warts - wart

A Different Perspective On Wart RemovalI just read an archived post on homemade wart remedies. A lot of suggestions were offered. Surgery, plant extracts, duct tape, even rubbing a penny on the wart. Rubbing a penny on the wart? Get outta here! Let me tell you about Mr. Anderson.


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Buying The Right Seed for Corkscrew VineThis flower is beautiful. It has a delicious fragrance somewhat like the lilac, though much heavier and sweeter. A light breeze will bring a concentration of perfume from this flower to the nose. So, what is the name of this pretty and sweetly scented flower?


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Remove Mod Podge (and Glue) from Paintbrush with AcetoneWhen it comes to decoupaging or crafting with Mod Podge or white PVA glue, I like to use a paintbrush. I found that getting the paintbrush completely clean afterwards wasn't the easiest thing. The best one for getting out all the Mod Podge or glue is acetone (or nail polish remover).



Understanding Crochet Instructions - circular crochet projects

Understanding Crochet Instructions?This is what my instructions say: ch 3 *skip next dc. Dcfp around post of next dc, then dcfp around post of skipped dc- Cr dcfp made. 1 dc in sp between last dc and the next dc (inc made). I understand everything up to 1 dc in sp between.


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Finding Free Yarn for Personal Use?I'm on limited a income and wanted to know where can I get free yarn. I find crochet helps with my anxiety disorders. I would gladly accept any yarn given to me; I live in Woodlandpark, Colorado.


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Handling Financial Transactions for Incarcerated Parent?My mother is incarcerated. I have POA over my sisters. I am staying at mom's house to keep my sisters lives normal. She asked me to go get her purse from her possessions and do what I have to do to take care of everything. I have been transferring her money into my account for her rent and all other bills.


Identifying Houseplants - top down view of the tall plant

Identifying Houseplants?Could you please tell me what these plants are?


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Eating Out of Teak Wood Bowls?I want to use the teak wood bowls I bought at a frontier sale as soup bowls. Wood bowls are one of the types of excepted utensils for juried frontier reenactments. Are they safe to eat out of? Is there special care for wood teak bowls?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?Ok I am turning 13 in April, and I never know what to do for my birthday. I'm not really girly, and I have already done the skating rink and sleepover at my house thing. I want to take friends to a water park or amusement park like Six Flags, but I don't want to spend too much money.


Uses For Orange Zest - small dark bowl with orange zest in bottom

Uses For Orange Zest?OK, I'm more than frugal, I'm stingy. I admit it. I don't like to throw away anything, especially food. I bought a bag of Florida navel oranges. They were very good. Well, I bought another bag. This time, it occurred to me I should save the zest from the peels.


What Breed Is My Dog? black and tan puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I am adopting this puppy and she is absolutely beautiful. She is a cross breed and we are unaware of her breed/breeds. I am just wondering if anyone was to guess what would you say she could be?


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Manual for Brother Festival 451 Sewing Machine?Where can I find a manual for my sewing machine?


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Getting Rid of Roaches Before a Move?I am allergic to most chemicals. What can I do to ensure I don't move these roaches with me to my new place? I have a TV, microwave, radio, and antiques. I also have pets, etc. I can't bomb, I can't spray, I can't hurt the animals, or leave any residue on anything. Is there a solution to this problem?


What Is This Houseplant? - looks like Wandering Jew

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this from a flea market in Florida. It is a hanging plant with green and purple leaves.


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - small dark brown puppy in person's lap

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?I received this puppy as a present and was told she is a Pit. It doesn't matter really, but I would like to know so in the future I can breed her with only Pits.


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Castle Garden Mower Won't Start?I was cutting my lawn and when opening the box to let out the grass my lawn mower went dead. Nothing worked, I changed the fuse. It has a new battery. The starter fell out of position when it stopped. Could the starter be gone?


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Parts and Repair Help for Food Saver Professional II?I am looking for parts and repair help for my Food Saver Professional II?


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