February 10, 2017

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A plate of waffles with syrup and butter.

Copycat Waffle House Waffle RecipeMake your favorite waffles at home using a copycat recipe. This is a page about copycat Waffle House waffle recipe.


Balloon LED Shamrock

Easy LED Shamrock Balloon DecorationThis easy to assemble St. Patrick's Day wall decoration is so quick and easy you may want to make several. This is a page about easy LED shamrock balloon decoration.


Colorful painted glass blocks.

Painting Glass Blocks?Using the wrong paint on your glass block project can be disastrous. This is a page about painting glass blocks.


Four very new seedlings growing out of the ground.

Testing Seeds for ViabilitySome gardeners save seeds from year to year and for years at a time. Prior to planting season it is a good idea to do a bit of testing to check their viability. This is a page about testing seeds for viability.


A homemade Twister game.

Homemade Outdoor Twister GameTake this fun game outside for parties or camping trips by making one from a tarp. This is a page about homemade outdoor twister game.


An online coupon on a smartphone.

Finding Sunday Newspaper Coupons OnlineAs more and more advertising is moving online, even weekly store coupons are often readily available there as well. This is a page about finding Sunday newspaper coupons online.


Hands using a sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Stuck in Buttonhole Mode?It is frustrating to have your machine get stuck in a stitch mode and be unable to set it to another. This is a page about sewing machine stuck in buttonhole mode.


Silver Necklaces

Cleaning a Silver NecklaceThis is a page about cleaning a silver necklace. Special polish and cloths are available to clean tarnish from silver or you can use a few common household items.


Pink Taffy

Cleaning Melted Taffy From Clothing?When candy is forgotten in a pocket it can make a sticky mess to remove. This is a page about cleaning melted taffy from clothing.


A kitchen with oak cabinets.

Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Oak CabinetsThe finish on your kitchen cabinets plays a role in the choice of wall paint colors. This is a page about paint color advice for a kitchen with oak cabinets.


Ornate dry clean only drapes hanging in a window.

Can I Machine Wash Dry Clean Only Draperies?Dry cleaning drapes can be quite expensive tempting you to consider machine washing them. This is a page about, "Can I machine wash dry clean only draperies?".


A bowl of leftover turkey meat.

Replacing Turkey for Chicken in RecipesThere are so many delicious chicken recipes that can be made using another popular poultry turkey. This is a page about replacing turkey with chicken in recipes.


Food For Large Meal

Organizing and Cooking a Large Meal SuccessfullyWhen preparing a large meal, timing is critical so that everything is done in the proper order for serving. This is a page about organizing and cooking a large meal successfully.


A family using a laptop computer on a couch.

Organizing a Shared Family ComputerSetting up a computer so that everyone can find their own files and games, as well as adding parental controls makes a family computer a workable option. This is a page about organizing a shared family computer.


A worried woman in the kitchen.

Sharing Cooking DisastersPaying close attention when cooking is not always easy. Please share your mistakes with us, so maybe others can avoid them. This is a page about sharing cooking disasters.


Potatoes stored in bins for spring planting.

Storing Potatoes for Planting in Spring?Saving potatoes for the next growing season is one alternative to buying seed potatoes. This is a page about storing potatoes for planting in spring.


A plasma screen TV set with no picture.

No Picture on a Plasma TV?If it isn't the cable connection you may need a professional to determine why your TV screen is no longer visible. This is a page about no picture on a plasma TV.


A teenager coming home too late.

Setting a Curfew Time for TeensParents of teens typically define a curfew time for their children based on age, day of the week, and type of event. This is a page about setting a curfew time for teens.


A basket of sweet potatoes.

Storing Sweet Potatoes?Deciding how to best store your sweet potatoes depends on how many you are storing. A garden harvest may require a different method than a few purchased at the market. This is a page about storing sweet potatoes.


A pile of bacon slices.

Keeping Bacon FreshDespite the preservatives used in processing bacon, exposure to air can cause it to turn an unappetizing color. This is a page about keeping bacon fresh.


A sewing machine on a white background.

Sewing Machine Has No Power When Plugged In?Troubleshooting the electrical problems with your sewing machine may be something you can do yourself, depending on your skills. This is a page about sewing machine has no power when plugged in.


A row of tomato plants with ripe tomatoes.

Making Soil Acidic for Tomato Plants?Some plants prefer a soil pH on the more acidic end of the spectrum. There are additives that can be used to increase the acidity of your garden soil. This is a page about making soil acidic for tomato plants.


A boy holding a heart shaped Valentine card.

Valentine's Day Crafts for 3rd Grade Boys?There are many Valentine's Day kid crafts that will appeal to both boys and girls. This is a page about Valentine's day crafts for 3rd grade boys.


A towel rack with a green towel hanging on it.

Keeping Kids From Hanging on Towel RacksFor young children bathroom towel racks seem to scream that they are a perfect place to dangle from. This is a page about keeping kids from hanging on towel racks.


Balloon Bean Bags

Crafts Using BalloonsBalloons are used in a large number of craft projects. Sometimes they are a part of the finished craft and other times they are used as a mold. This is a page about crafts using balloons.



Loretta (Angus/Shorthorn Mix) - Loretta and mom

Loretta (Angus/Shorthorn Mix)Meet Loretta. This little gal was born early this morning. I took this picture when she was about an hour old. Her momma is a Shorthorn, and her daddy is a Black Angus.


Several bottles of prescriptions on a counter.

Save Money on PrescriptionsI work in a pharmacy and find there are several ways to save money on prescriptions that many of our patients are not aware of.


A pasta measuring stick with holes, with a kale leaf inserted into one of the holes.

Pasta Measure to Strip Kale LeavesAfter cutting the tougher stem off from my kale for salads and some recipes I decided to try to use my pasta measuring stick instead. Just pull the kale (or other tough leaves like collards I bet!) through one of the wholes and the stem is removed from the leaves!


Decorate Food Cans For Office/ or Craft Storage - can decorated with scrapbook paper and wide ribbon holding pencils and a note half on with a clip

Decorate Food Cans For Office or Craft StorageThis project is super easy! With recycled cans, craft paper, fabric, and ribbon you can create something decorative and functional for your home, office, and craft room.


A black and white heard with flowers inside, ready for coloring.

True Love Adult Coloring PageBlue violets symbolize love and faithfulness, and red hearts symbolize true love. This adult coloring page combines the two for a romantic coloring experience, just in time for Valentine's Day. Print a copy of this page and color it, while sitting down and thinking about how much you love your significant other.


A orange and yellow flowered wallet with money sticking out the top.

When Frugal is Not!After watching some TV shows tout frugality that aren't really in our best interest, I wanted to express what I think is not frugal.


Egg white in a plate with a cracked egg and yolk next to it.

Egg White Mask for WrinklesOne of the common problem for us women is wrinkles! I want to share this tip to you mommies, because I have applied this many times. My mom and my sister also do this. Grab one egg, separate the egg white from the yolk, and apply the egg white to your face.


Simple Beach Centerpiece - wide shallow dish with shell collection

Simple Beach CenterpieceRecently our family went on a rare vacation to the beach. I collected a lot of shells during that trip and wanted to keep them where I could see them. This is what I came up with.


bowl of healthy bean soup

Healthy Bean SoupWe were snowed in today, so I made this soup to warm us up after shoveling. The original recipe required soaking the dried beans, and adding ingredients partway through the cooking. The slow cooker allowed me to put all the ingredients in, and go about my day. The soup is delicious, and the house smells divine! Leftovers freeze well for future busy days.



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Longarm Quilting Machine Jammed?My longarm quilting machine jammed, and I disgorged a lot of thread, but the shaft doesn't turn and the motor grinds when I turn it on. I know it isn't a thread birdnest anymore, causing my machine to freeze. Could it be that the motor belt was torqued? The handwheel is just as tight as the shaft.


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Donation for Quilting Material to Sew for Charity?I am looking for any quilting material donations. I am sewing quilts for sick kids that have cancer or autism and lap blankets for the vets and elderly as well. Where can I get donations? Any suggestions?


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Removing Urine Odor from Skin?I am a woman who suffers from urine odor almost everyday. The only relief I can get is to wash with vinegar. If there are any other suggestions you have I would be greatly appreciative.


What Is Cornstarch (USA) Called In England?

What Is Cornstarch (USA) Called In England?I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I would like to hear the answer from someone who knows for sure. I'm assuming what is called cornflour in UK is what we in the USA call corn starch.


Orchid Leaves Turning Brown - orchid in pot

Orchid Leaves Turning Brown?Is my orchid lost? I recently brought it to my house from my mom's. It now has more light and the right amount of water, but the leaves are all turning brown except the green one on top that came in the last 3 months. That leaf is still firm and standing up nice. What can I do or is a lost cause?


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Shopping for Walmart Masterchef Coffee?Has Walmart stopped selling Masterchef Coffee? I cannot find it at any of the Walmart stores in Wichita Kansas.


Value of Pastime Rotary Mower - top down view

Value of Pastime Rotary Mower?I have a very rare, all original mower from the Pastime Lawn Mower Co. Detroit, MI? 1890's 14" cut double rotary lawn mower with gearbox/drive shaft and rare cast Pastime letter wheels. It is in working condition. There is no damage seen and the handle is good and original. I've owned this for 40 years.


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Sewing Pet Food Bags on Sewing Machine?I have a problem with sewing the pet food bags on a machine because the material slides around or doesn't want to move at all, it is so slippery. Does anyone have that problem and how do you solve it?


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Hair Looks Green After Re-dyeing It?I recently dyed my hair blonde and the lady that did it messed it up so I just ended up going back to brown. Now I've noticed that my hair is turning green. Is there anything I can do without damaging it more?


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Preventing Inappropriate Cat Urination?I have 3 indoor cats. They are all female and all spayed. Two of them are almost 4 and the youngest is almost 2. It is the youngest cat that I am having the issue with, although I suspect the second oldest of the 3 is also peeing outside her litter tray. This includes both full-on peeing and marking.


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Singer 99K Runs on Its Own?I have a Singer 99K (knee controlled) which runs on its own continuously. How do I fix this?


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Removing a Stain from a Magnalite Pot?I boiled a large amount of water in my Magnalite pot. When I poured the water out there was a horrible "water level" black stain. What happened? How do I get the stain off? Is it safe to cook in this pot after removing the stain?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - black puppy with white on chest

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I just got her a couple of days ago and I'm not sure if she is a full blooded Pit or what kind she is.


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Caring for a Puppy Recovering from Parvo?My puppy is on her 6th day of parvo. I've been feeding her baby cereal. Is that what she needs to eat? How long until she can eat hard food? Any tips for recovering pups?


Ex-bait Dog Attacked My Other Dog - brown dog with blankets

Ex-bait Dog Attacked My Other Dog?Wilbur is the sweetest most loving dog. Recently he attacked 2 separate dogs and then last night, he attacked my Cocker Spaniel, Grace. They've always gotten along. She's doing OK after a trip to the ER, but I can't let this happen. Is there anything I can do or should I find him a home with no pets?


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