March 7, 2017

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cookies and milk

Disappearing Oatmeal Cookies RecipeThese oatmeal cookies are so delicious, they will disappear right before your eyes. This page contains disappearing oatmeal cookies recipe.


A lit jar candle.

Removing Soot From Candle JarsSometimes candles can burn quite sooty. The black soot sticks to the inside of the candle jar, looking unattractive. This page contains ideas for removing soot from candle jars.


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture - small chest of drawers with bottle of oil soap, furniture pen, and rag on top

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood furniture can get damaged in a number of ways. This is a page about how to fix damaged surfaces of wood furniture.


A fire ant biting a person on the hand.

Treating a Fire Ant StingFire ant stings can be very painful. This is a page about treating a fire ant sting.


A hand holding a cockroach.

Identifying and Eliminating Pantry PestsPantry pests can be a disgusting problem in your home. This article looks at some of the most common pantry pests and how to eliminate them.


A grilled panini sandwich.

How to Make a Panini Without a Panini MakerEven without a panini grill, you can still make a delicious grilled panini sandwich. This is a page about using bacon press as a panini weight.


A pair of bath bombs in front of other toiletries.

Making Bath Bombs at HomeBath bombs are a fun craft to make for yourself or as a gift. This is a page about making bath bombs at home.


Hanging Copper Bottom Pans

Removing Burnt Grease from Copper Bottom Pans?Grease can easily get burnt to the bottom of a copper pan. Burn stains like this can be very difficult to get out. This is a page about removing burnt grease from copper bottom pans.


A fireplace with soot on the bricks.

Removing SootSoot from a fireplace or candle can be difficult to clean off. This is a page about removing soot.


A candle that has been lit for awhile.

Cleaning CandlesIf your candles have sat around for a while without use, they can get dusty. This is a page about cleaning candles.


A student working on a hairstyle on a mannequin head.

Saving Money at Cosmetology SchoolsUsing a cosmetology school for spa and beauty treatments can be a great way to get yourself pampered inexpensively. This is a page about visit cosmetology schools for pampering.


Dark Laundry

Removing White Lint From Dark LaundryWhite lint spots can easily make freshly washed dark clothes look unwashed. This is a page about white lint all over dark laundry.


A person wearing a plaid shirt and green gardening gloves.

Our Little Trailer on the PrairieIn the early days of our marriage, Jim and I had six teenagers and a weekly food budget of $35.00. I am grateful that Jim is such a fine gardener, and that he thoughtfully included the children in that hobby; however, those who have fed a growing teenager, especially a boy, know how very much they can eat!


A wood burning stove with a glass window in the door.

Using Bon Ami Polishing Paste to Remove SootBon Ami can be a great cleaning an polishing agent, even on tough stains like soot. This is a page about bon ami polishing paste to remove soot.


A little girl wearing a pioneer bonnet.

Finding a Pioneer Bonnet PatternSchool skits, harvest festivals, and Halloween are times when you might want to make a pioneer style bonnet for yourself or your child. They are also very good sun bonnets. This is a page about finding a pioneer bonnet pattern.


Sturdy Chipboard Bookmarks - tie a ribbon through the top  and your are finished bookmarks

Sturdy Chipboard BookmarksHaving a good mark is very helpful when reading a book. Chipboard is a great material to make bookmarks from. This is a page about sturdy chipboard bookmarks.


Four different candlesticks with white taper candles.

Making Candles Fit into Candle HoldersIf your candle is too large to fit in the candle holder, you can shave it down to make the end smaller. This is a page about making candles fit into candle holders.


A wood stove with blackened windows.

Removing Black Soot from a Wood Stove WindowSoot can collect on the door glass of your wood stove. This page contains several suggestions for removing black soot from a wood stove window.


A pine branch on a white background.

Uses for Pine NeedlesFrom crafts to household uses, pine needles can be very useful. This is a page about uses for pine needles.


An empty trunk of a car.

Gas Smell in a Car's TrunkIf you have spilled some gas in your car's trunk, it can be difficult to eliminate the odor. This is a page about gas smell in car's trunk.



asparagus salad with peanut dressing on plate

Asparagus Salad with Peanut DressingThis asparagus salad is so easy to make using items you probably already have in your kitchen. Give it a try!


hard boiled egg cut into halves on plate

Pressure Cooker Hard Boiled EggsYou don't have to have an Instant Pot to make these. However, I'm really enjoying my Instant Pot because I can leave the kitchen if I need to.


assembled mini burger sliders on plate

Mini Burger Sliders on George Foreman GrillGeorge Foreman Grill makes cooking healthier, fast and easy!


filling on taco shells

Easy Soft TacosSimple lunch or dinner with the main protein being rotisserie chicken, with ingredients you may already have at home!



A dish of fresh coconut and a glass of water.

Coconut Water for UTII am suffering urinary tract infection (UTI) for four days. My aunt who frequently suffers the same suggested that I should drink coconut water or what we call fresh buko juice. The water is taken from the inside of a young coconut or "buko" (in our dialect).


An expiration date on the bottom of a container.

Check Expiration Dates before PurchasingBe sure to check the expiration dates on everything you buy! A tip is to grab from the back, those are the longer expiration dates rather than the front! And not only food has expiration dates, but car seats and make up too!


Shamrock Suncatcher

Shamrock SuncatcherTry this simple to make, but fun, project for kids or adults!


A broken light bulb inside a cut potato.

Potato to Remove Broken Light BulbI'm sharing this because it seems like an old tip that many people have forgotten about, and especially because I just helped my neighbour with this problem! When one of your light bulbs break and you need it removed from the socket, use half a raw potato.


A pet gate with a small cat door.

Pet Gate to Keep Dog out of Cat AreaWay too many times, my Pomeranian would sneak into the room where my 3 cats' litter boxes and food are stored. She loved finding and consuming the "tootsie rolls" out of the litter boxes. We found the perfect pet gate that fits in the doorway and has a smaller opening at the bottom. The cats can fit through but not the dog.


Sea-Loving Adult Coloring Birthday Card - drawing colored with colored pencils and blended for lovely effect

Sea-Loving Adult Coloring Birthday CardThis card is perfect for a sea lover celebrating a birthday. By using watercolor pencils and working wet on dry, and adding some detail with a Pilot extra fine white pen, this project can be turned into a stunning card that will score you a lot of brownie points with the recipient.


The long pier at Huntington Beach, CA.

Huntington Beach PierThis is a must visit spot if you are in the Huntington Beach area! Nice spot to take a stroll at the beach, watching surfers, people fishing, swimming and visit nearby shops and restaurants!


Decorate Greeting Cards with Pencil Erasers as Stamps  - decorated card

Decorate Greeting Cards with Pencil Erasers as StampsI love to decorate every greeting card I hand out. My go-to items are stickers, markers, Google images, and stencils. I've also made a few pop-up cards. I'm always looking for new materials to use. Using pencil erasers worked really well. Newer ink is darker and requires fewer applications. You can add colorful polka dots, flowers, or anything else you can think of. Everything dries within seconds and becomes beautiful pastel colors.


An egg yolk in a hand, with the egg white is caught in a bowl underneath.

Separating Egg Whites from the YolkMy recipe for Angel Food Cake calls for 12 egg whites which takes a dozen or more eggs for me, depending on how many yolks I break. After breaking a yolk on the sharp edge of an egg shell, I found it easier to pour the yolk in my hand and let the remainder of the white slip through my fingers.


A ballpoint pen being heated in the flame of a pocket lighter.

Start Ballpoint Pen Ink Flowing with LighterDon't you noticed that sometimes when you write your pen and still have plenty of ink and it won't write?


Recreated Candle Holders

Recreated Candle HoldersWhy throw away those old candle holders and sconces? Why not recreate them into something new and unique? I had some decorative tea cups and also some inexpensive small flower pots with flowers from the Dollar Store and decided that it looked pretty in there.


A small magnetic tray for metal sewing supplies.

Magnetic Pin Tray for Needle and ScissorsI was at Walmart and found this magnetic pin tray ln the craft section. I knew I could make some use out of it, even if it wasn't used for pins. I found it works nicely for holding my needle and scissors while I am crocheting or sewing in bed at night ;)


Many brightly colored flowers at Manuel Resort, Philippines

Collision of Colors (Philippines)The plant garden of this resort is amazing. It provides relaxation and calmness if you are having a not so good day. Nature is not just beautiful but also powerful. Appreciate and love nature. It might not be good to all of us all of the time but without it, real beauty will become an outcast.



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Finding Loans for College at 53?I started college at 48. I borrowed money, completed my associates degree, and then started my bachelor degree. The classes got really hard and I failed 2 classes and had to re-take them. This caused me to hit my maximum with my loans.The university asked me to take a leave until I found a way to pay them.


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Cleaning and Maintenance of Feathers on Angel Dolls?How do I clean the feathers on my angel dolls? The feathers are falling out.


What Is This Houseplant? tall plant with spear shaped leaves on thin stems

What Is This Houseplant?I got it at a thrift shop and it had no tag.


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Storing Plastic Bags in a Tissue Box?I love the idea. Is there a secial way to fold them so that they come out of the box easier (like tissue)?


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Paper Plates Left Rings on Dining Table?I used paper plates with hot food on my dining room wood table. The plates stuck to the table and left rings that would not wash off. How can I clean this table and remove these rings?


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Post-Parvo Symptoms?My puppy, a 7 week old Leonberger, has had parvo and stayed at the ER for a week. How long is her recovery from this virus? She still has frequent mucous poops, but is having a good appetite and frequent urination as well. Is this normal? I am concerned of her frequent pooping and urination.


A typewriter with the hammer not working properly.

Typewriter Hammer Not Working?I have a Smith Corona Wordsmith 100 and the type hammer doesn't work on any keys. It just doesn't move at all. What can I do?


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Homemade Food for Overweight Dog?I have an American Bulldog that is overweight. This has only become an issue within the past year, he's now 7 years old. Our vet warned us during our last visit that he won't be with us much longer if we don't get his weight under control. I'm thinking about making his dog food myself.


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Survivor Benefits Eligibility?My son's father passed away at the age of 18 ten years ago this October. He worked for a month maybe 2 before he passed. My question is how come my son isn't entitled to any type of benefit? I have contacted Social Security and they said his father didn't work enough terms to have my son receive survivor benefits.


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Value of a Mersman Table?What is the value of a Mersman occasional table with #7643?


Removing Candle Wax Dye from Fabric

Removing Candle Wax Dye from Fabric?I had a doll's beige sleeve next to a red candle and the sleeve is now pink. Is there any way to remove the absorbed "wax" from the sleeve. This is not really wax, just the red coloring changing the coloring.


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Agencies That Provide Cars to Disabled People?I was jogging and got struck by an uninsured drunk driver. That was 10 years ago and I am recovering and wanted to ask if there is a place that helps people that are disabled get a vehicle to drive? I am not asking for a handout. It would be easier if I had a car.


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New Dog Not Pooping?We just picked up a Lab, Pit, Mastiff, Boxer mix yesterday. The dog will pee just fine, but has not pooped yet and it has been 19 hours. I do have an appointment at the vet to get the dog fixed and an office visit, but that is not for another 4 days counting today. There are no bruises, rashes, or bites of any kind.


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Feeding a Puppy?My Yorkie is 6 months old. Which is best, soaked or dried puppy food? He loves both. He likes a slice of apple, carrot, and frozen peas. He is fit healthy full of energy.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?My dog's mother is full blooded Chihuahua with short hair. I don't know what her daddy is. She doesn't have short hair like her mother.


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My Bullmastiff Is Scared of Husband's Sneezing?Every morning my husband has a sneezing fit and it's really loud and my two year old dog runs and hides and shakes really badly. We have had him since he was three months old and have never been mean to him. I am very worried and don't like it because he's scared.


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