March 13, 2017

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Cranberry Apple Crisp

Cranberry Apple CrispCranberries are a great addition to add to apple crisp. This sweet and tart cran-apple crisp goes perfectly with a scoop of ice cream. Get cranberry apple crisp recipes in this page.


Apple Crisp

Easy Apple Crisp RecipesApple Crisp is a delicious dessert with a crisp, buttery oat topping, which is best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Get easy apple crisp recipes in this page.


A glass of red wine spilled on a light colored carpet.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Carpet StainsRubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to get stains out of carpet. It can remove pet stains, rust stains and coffee stains. This page contains DIY carpet cleaning tips and shows you how to get stains out of carpet using rubbing alcohol.


Chili Cheddar Nachos on a plate

Chili Cheddar Nachos RecipeIf you are looking for a quick and easy meal or snack, try out this chili cheddar nachos recipe. Delicious and hearty and sure to please.



Sautéed Shrimp with Garlic and Onions in bowl

Sautéed Shrimp with Garlic and OnionsHealthy and easy to make shrimp to serve with rice.


Honey Balsamic Chicken and veggies on plate

Honey Balsamic Sheet Pan ChickenA delicious sauce covers this chicken and vegetable dish. It's very easy to adapt this to the vegetables you have in your pantry. There is only one pan to wash at the end of the meal, too.



Crocus the Herald Of Spring - yellow flower

Crocus the Herald Of SpringI mentioned earlier I had gotten several bags of crocus corms for about a fourth the original price. Not a bad deal, especially considering each bulb is already making three or four more clones of itself.


A rose bush with dark pink roses.

Rose Start Up TonicI got this from my Jerry Baker gardening book. I have used this tonic with great results. Here is his unique tonic:


A reusable plastic container with a sandwich stored inside.

Reusable Container Instead of Sandwich BaggiesI take my lunch to work and have been buying tubs of Hillshire Farms lunch meat. Once the tub was emptied, I had a bright idea that it could store a sandwich instead of using a baggie. The sandwich fits perfectly and does not get crushed or moist from other contents in my lunch bucket.


A bunch of warranty documents on a clear case.

Keep your Warranty Documents in a FolderMany products we buy nowadays have some sort of warranty. I store all of my warranty documents along with the receipts in a clear folder in a spot I will remember. By putting these documents and receipts safe in a folder, the ink will not fade and they are all organized in one spot.


Magnetic Discovery Bottles - magnet against a bottle of paper clips

Magnetic Discovery BottlesMagnets are very popular in a pre-k classroom. They can be incorporated into many areas, especially the discovery center. I've found that kids really enjoy trying to move anything and everything with magnetic wands. A fun and simple way to explore moving different objects with magnets is to make discovery bottles.


A plastic hook and measuring cup attached to a container of rice.

Hang Measuring Cup on Storage ContainersI found a way to keep my measuring cups attached to my storage bins. This really works out well so I am going to do a lot more bins this way.


Yarn Wrap Letters and Hanger  - wrapped letters

Yarn Wrap Letters and HangerJazz up the simple cardboard letters with yarn! Make perfect yarn letters for your office, baby nursery, engagement party, wedding, birthday, gender reveal, etc. You can also wrap warn around a hanger to make it a jewelry necklace holder.


A garlic root before being peeled.

Ginger for Sore ThroatGinger is one of the best ways to relieve your sore throat. Just peel a small marble size ginger, wash it, and put it in your mouth. Suck on it just like a candy, but don't swallow it. It really helps to minimize your sore throat.


DIY Weekly Meal Planner -finished blank planner

DIY Weekly Meal PlannerI have struggled with being overweight all of my life. For me, the hardest part of dieting and eating healthy has been meal planning. My brother and I recently started working together to become healthy and lose those pounds.


Spring Greenery (Oakleaf Hydrangea) - new foliage

Spring Greenery (Oakleaf Hydrangea)My oakleaf hydrangea still in the winter season with beautiful wood standing like a soldier at attention looking toward the sky. A few days ago the leaves of this beautiful stunning bush begin to sprout, it indicates that spring is on the way.


The public gardens in Boston.

The Beauty of BostonI am fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the city of Boston. It is one of our country's most beautiful and historic cities. I encourage anyone who travels to take a trip to Boston, you will love it!


Hide Clutter in Plain Sight

Decorative Containers Hide Clutter in Plain SightAs some of you know I am an avid collector. I collect snails, tins, moose and teddies. I also have an apartment that is less than 500 square feet. It hit me that I could use some of the boxes, baskets, hat boxes, and tins to store some of my little things.


Grow Microgreens at Home - growing micro greens

Grow Microgreens at HomeGrow your own fresh salad greens at home easily. Simply plant your microgreen seeds into potting soil in an empty container and cover with a wet paper towel and lightly water. Close and wait for 5 days. After your seeds sprout remove the paper towel and leave in the sun! Snip greens to add to sandwichs or as a salad!


A bottle of mustard from the Dollar Store.

Dollar Store for Food ItemsWhenever you are in the dollar store, make sure you go down the food aisle. Many times, you get lucky and find items that are much more expensive in the supermarket. You may even find gourmet items.


DIY Backsplash - finished area with decorations on wall above backsplash

DIY BacksplashThis project is about making a thrifty, inexpensive backslash. It is made with placemats purchased from the Dollar Store. It's just right for a smaller sized kitchen, such as an apartment sized kitchen.



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Cleaning a Vinyl Laminate Floor?I have used the vinegar and water on my floors. It looks great at first, then it dries and my dogs will walk on them and I now have footprints. What can I do? I have washed with plain water and put a fan on it to dry, still foot prints. I am at my wit's end.


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Value of People and Places A to Z Encyclopedia?I have encyclopedias from 1993 that are People and Places from A to Z and was wondering how much they are worth. They are 23 years old so I was wondering how much I should sell them for.


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11th Birthday Ideas?My son is turning 11 years old in 6 days and I don't know what to do with him on his birthday. He loves Harry Potter and he also loves DC superheroes. He loves Harry Potter more than superheroes, though.


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Age of Helix Pennsylvania Mower?I have a Helix Pennsylvania mower, model number 4018d. How old would it be?


Weeping Willow Twigs Sprouting - twigs in with peace lily

Weeping Willow Twigs Sprouting?These twigs were in a arrangement I received. They are now budding out -growing. Do I need to repot them? How do I care for them?


Binder For Corned Beef Hash - bowl of corned beef hash

Binder For Corned Beef Hash?I haven't eaten corned beef hash in many years. I saw a large (24 oz.) can, greatly reduced. I bought it with the intention of making patties of some sort and then frying and freezing most of them.


Value of Tea Set - white squarish teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl

Value of Tea Set?I've been giving away some of my nan's old things, as she has passed. Is there any value?


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Using Mod Podge on Styrofoam?This is my first time using modge podge. I painted the mod podge onto my Stryofoam ball and sprinkled glitter on it. The whole color of the ball changed. Does the mod podge dry clear and the color that I had sprayed on the ball come thru?


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Washer Will Not Work on Cotton Setting?Why does my clothes washer work perfectly fine on delicates, but not on cottons. It will not spin or agitate on that side. I replaced the timer. but to no avail. It is a model number WJRR4170E1WW GE.


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Bread Machine Bread Hard and Dense?How can I make my bread softer and less dense in my bread maker?


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Protective Coating for a Styrofoam Handicapped Ramp?I am making a small lightweight ramp for a wheel chair. I would like it to be Styrofoam covered with a hard coating. It needs to be outside waterproof, lightweight, and able to take a beating in and out of the car. Coating suggestion needed.


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Looking for Production Work at Home?Does anyone know of production or assembly work at home that you can make good money. I just lost my job on Monday I have 3 kids and I'm single. Due to my learning disability I've noticed a pattern of the same problems at every job I get. I am a hard worker, but I am not fast.


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Dog Won't Use New Dog House?My female German Shepherd just had her first set of puppies. Her dog house got really small so we got her a bigger one. But now she refuses to go in to the new dog house so the puppies won't go in there either. The weather has been cold so I really worried about the puppies being out in the cold.


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Sewing Breaking Thread?I have a New Home Janome machine and since the needle hit a pin and broke it, the top thread now breaks. I have changed the needle and I am using good quality thread. Could it be that the feed plate teeth could be slightly damaged? It was working fine till this happened.


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Value of 1884 German Encyclopedias?How much would a set of 1884 German encyclopedias be worth?


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Treating a Pimple on Dog's Rectum?My dog has a bloody pimple over his rectum and it bleeds from time to time.


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Singer 5528 Won't Sew Zig-Zag Stitch?I have just received an old Singer 5528 machine that I have cleaned and oiled, but when I turn the stitch knob to say zig-zag nothing happens. It just sews straight. Can I fix this myself or do I need a professional?


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Recycle Trophies?Does anyone know of a place in southern California that will take used trophies to recycle?


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Tips for Stress Free Shopping?Why does shopping for groceries or, even worse clothing, or household items become so time consuming and overwhelming. What used to be so simple as buying a pair of jeans can now turn into an all day affair. And looking for a healthy ceral or a good laundry detergent can turn into 20 minutes.


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Donating Christmas Wrappings to Charity?I inherited at least 4 shopping bags filled with Christmas ribbon, pre-made bows, gift boxes, all in great condition. I'd like to donate it to an organization with a little budget and a lot of holiday gifts to wrap. Ideas?


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Half of House Power Not Working?I'm an older lady who lives alone and only half my power works in my house. Is it fixable or do I have a way of fixing it myself? What is causing it?


Doll Identification and Value - doll wearing straw hat and plaid dress with bib apron

Doll Identification and Value?I am trying to find out more about this doll, with painted on boots, with number 800 on them. I can't find any other marking. It is really in good shape. I got it at a thrift store because it was so cute. It may not be worth anything, but I wanted to see if I could find out more about it.


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Clearing a Slow Running Toilet?My toilet is running slowly and is resisting all attempts to clear it. I have thus far tried: white vinegar and baking soda with hot water overnight, a plunger designed for toilets, repeatedly, and the one that used to always work for me when I owned a house using a snake (plumber's toilet augur), several times.


Information on Porcelain Doll - closeup of boy doll

Information on Porcelain Doll?I am trying to find out who made a male porcelain doll. It is a toddler, with a red sucker in its left hand, and blonde hair. The back of the neck says #284/2000 1997.


Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting

Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting?My friend's sunflower sprout is in my care for the next two weeks. I got it three days ago and was told to water it every two days, with about a cup of water. I just watered it for the first time and woke up to its bottom leaves curling up. What did I do and how do I save it?


Value of Glass Front Cabinet - glass fronted cabinet with decorations on doors and mirrored back

Value of Glass Front Cabinet?This has been in the family for 50 years that we know of.


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Onetime Cleaning Rate?I'm doing a one time clean on a 2800 sq.ft. home. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. The home was just recently completely remodeled so it will require everything to be cleaned including baseboards, windows, cabinets, etc. I don't want to bid too high or too low.


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Suggestions for Building a Pole Barn Greenhouse?I am planning on building a greenhouse this spring/summer. In my mind's eye, I am seeing it built like a small pole barn or lean too, with galvanized barn panels on the bottom 35 inches, and the clear plastic panels from that point on up, with a ceder trim covering the point where those 2 materials come together...


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Attaching Photos to the Outside of Glass Blocks?I am looking into using the craft glass blocks with the opening, as a memorial to a couple of our pets that we lost. I would love to be able to put a picture of the pet on the outside. I don't want it lit, as I am going to being the pets ashes in the opening. How do I attach the picture?


Identifying Doll Manufacturer - small doll with blond hair and green and white dress

Identifying Doll Manufacturer?Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer of this doll?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I have seen it in Flushing Mainstreet and I'm curious what it is. It's in the blue pot; the one with the huge leaves. I think it's very cool and interesting.


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Feeding a Picky Dog?We have a very fussy year old Fox Terrier/Jack Russell. She will not eat tin food, but loves her dried snacks (dried kangaroo, chicken, and bacon, along with dried liver). It is becoming very expensive buying food that she does not eat. Does anyone have a suggestion? We can't keep feeding her dried snacks.


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Contacting Auntie in Australia?My auntie lives in Australia. I know her name, address, and where she works. She wrote my mum (her sister) a letter and my mum replied only for the letter to be sent back. I've looked on Facebook and other social media outlets and even rung her work, but it's a massive place and would charge my phone mega money.


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Donating Scrap Fabric?I'm clearing up my sewing room and I have some fabric that I like to donate. I live in the Austin, Texas area and would like to find a charitible organization group where I can donate my fabric.


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Cleaning an Area Rug?I have a 8 ft X 10 ft area rug with rubber backing. How do I clean it and how long does it take for the backing to dry? I use it on a hard wood floor.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 13 in April and I want a big party around 30-40 people (boys and girls), but I don't want a disco because all my friends at school are having a disco. I'm a girly girl, but if I have anything girly then the boys might not want to come.


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