April 28, 2017

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A proud hen strutting outside.

Hen Not Laying Eggs?Hens do not lay eggs year around, there are breaks during the colder months. Older girls also eventually stop laying. If none of these apply, you may want to check with a vet to make sure your hen is not ill or egg bound. This is a page about hen not laying eggs.


A bunch of foxtails in lawn.

Getting Rid of Foxtails in My Lawn?The most effective way to get rid of foxtails in a lawn is to pull by hand. This is a page about getting rid of foxtails in my lawn.


Square Foot Raised Garden Beds - Two Completed Garden Beds

How to Make Square Raised Garden BedsThere are many advantages to gardening in raised beds. Making your own can not only save you money, but allow you to tailor their size to suit your needs and available space. This is a page about how to make square raised garden beds.


Growing Tree Form Honeysuckle

Growing a Honeysuckle as TreeSeveral vining plants, such as honeysuckle and wisteria, are often trained to grow more like a small tree. This is a page about growing honeysuckle as tree.


A chicken pen with a rooster inside.

Cleaning a Chicken Pen?Removing waste, old straw, nesting materials, and bedding are some of the things to attend to when cleaning your chicken coop or pen. Use caution if you choose to use cleaning or disinfecting products as they can harm the birds. This is a page about cleaning a chicken pen.


A children's baseball team with red tops and white pants.

Washing White Uniform PantsJobs and sports the require uniforms are also some of the very ones that leave you with some tough clothing stains. White clothing has its own unique laundering requirements. This is a page about washing white uniform pants.


Felt Carrot Scissors Holder

Making a Felt Carrot Scissors HolderFelt is such fun to craft with. Make this nifty carrot scissors holder for your sewing or kitchen shears. This is a page about making a felt carrot scissors holder.


An empty cardboard paper towel roll next to a full roll of paper towels.

Craft Uses for Paper Towel RollsThere are numerous crafts that can be make using the pasteboard tube from the middle of your roll of paper towels. This is a page about craft uses for paper towel rolls.


An amaryllis with green leaves growing.

Amaryllis Leaves Stopped Growing?If your amaryllis leaf growth comes to a halt, you might need to confirm that the plant is getting the right amount of sunlight, warmth, water, and fertilizer. This is a page about amaryllis leaves stopped growing.


Dry Erase Markers

Removing Dry Erase Marker from a RefrigeratorWhether the marker got on the fridge due to a slip of the hand when writing on a whiteboard, or as the result of your little artist, it can be removed. This is a page about removing dry erase marker from a refrigerator.


jelly bean prayer magnet

Jelly Bean Prayer CraftCreate an Easter decoration using the jelly bean prayer mounted to cardstock and surrounded with colored jelly beans. Or you can make a smaller copy and attach to a container of jelly beans. This is a page about jelly bean prayer craft.


Easter Egger - 7 Weeks - closeup of chick's head

Easter Egger Photos and InformationEaster egger chickens are not a true breed, but belong to a group of chickens that lay colored eggs including blue, green, and even pinkish. The chickens vary in color and form and are quite friendly and hardy. This is a page about Easter egger photos and information.



A salvage store called "Hopey and Co."

Shop at Salvage StoresSalvage stores are a great way to save some money, while having terrific stuff. A salvage store is a local establishment that buys out of date and possibly shelf-damaged stuff from local supermarkets or grocery stores.


Recycled Bumblebee Can - yellow painted can with bumblebee motif

Recycled Bumblebee CanHere is a way to make a bumblebee using a food can. You can use it to store art supplies, etc.


A white car parked in a parking lot.

How to Safely Sell Your Used CarThere are several ways you can sell or get rid of your used car.


A stopper that fits the pour spout of a water kettle.

Stopper for Missing Cap to KettleThis might never apply to you but it sure has helped me. I found a free tea kettle in our donation station. But, it's handle was damaged and the stopper with the little hole in it was missing. You think that is why they gave it away?


A bottle of roach and ant killer and a mousetrap to keep rodents away.

Keeping Mice And Rats AwayFor many years now, I've had an annual visitor. Never the same one, but always arriving at the same time and always choosing to set up housekeeping in the same area of my home.


A child holding a glass bottle of juice.

Reusing Wine Carafes as PitchersWine bottles have different shapes and sizes. The bottle itself looks elegant, and it's not that easy to put it in the trash. So I came up with the idea to reuse it as a pitcher, not just for water but also juices or any drinks you like.


Snow Pea (Melting Sugar) - closeup of white pea blossom

Snow Pea (Melting Sugar)Pictured is the bloom of the snow pea, 'Melting Sugar'. I've grown it for several years. No more. The vines grow at a fast rate and produce an abundance of peas. I just don't find them very palatable, except maybe in stir fry.


A gold and gemstone ring on a woman's finger.

Inventory Your JewelryMake a jewelry inventory photo album in order to identify your jewelry in case of loss or theft. Place the photographs in an album and store it with your documents your home office. In case of loss or theft of your jewelry, you can use your jewelry inventory album to assist you in recovering jewelry items.


A tube of toothpaste and one of hydrocortisone cream.

Dangers of a Disorganized BathroomWe have built in drawers in our master bathroom. I keep everything in its specific spot. One of my daughters, while home for the weekend, used some hydrocortisone cream out of my bathroom. Needless to say, she did not return it to where she got it from.


All Flowers Deserve A Hard And Digital File - peach and bronze iris flowers

All Flowers Deserve A Hard And Digital FileI preach keeping records of all your flowers, and I am the one guilty of not doing so. Not having truly permanent markers nor a camera or computer, I did tend to get sloppy with my record keeping. Now I have all three. There's no excuse.


Folded Paper Box - box filled with colored paper clips

Folded Paper BoxAll you need is paper, but if you want to make it neatly, you can use glue. You can make the paper box as your storage box for light materials such as paper clips, bobby pins, safety pins, etc.


Dirty dishes in a kitchen sink.

An Ounce of PreventionBy definition, the word "frugal" means to not waste. And I have always believed it meant more then to not waste money, but also work and time, energy and resources.



Buying Crochet Doilies - doily with center medallion and multiple connected smaller ones around the center

Buying Crochet Doilies?Where can I find this doily already made (not just the pattern)? I have looked online and in all the anqitue, thrift, and consignment stores in my area.


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House Trained Dog Started Peeing Inside?I have a Dachshund male who has been neutered. He is house broken, but tonight he peed on our new couch and next to my son's bed just 40 min after my husband took him out. What should I do to correct his behavior? I am working on finding a trainer, but didn't have time before the move.


Value of Plaster Knitting Figurine - what appears to be a walnut grandma knitting while sitting in a wingback chair

Value of Plaster Knitting Figurine?I haven't a clue if this piece is worth any thing.


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Catch Phrase for My Cleaning Business?My new business is Quinny's Quintessential Cleaning. Any thoughts?


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Value of Goldenvale Doll?I'm trying to find out the value for a Goldenvale porcelain doll named Asia.


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Slogan for Cleaning Service Company?I need a slogan for my cleaning company can you help? The name is Miracle Cleaning Services.


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Best Glue for Sticking Rocks to Glass Aquarium?I need to glue lava rocks to glass for a small shrimp aquarium. What's the best thing to use? It has to be non toxic for the shrimp and also waterproof.


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Hair Turned Orange After Dyeing?I have recently dyed my hair blonde from light brown. I've noticed that the day after dyeing it the more it looked orange. What should I do to get the orange tone out of my hair?


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Help for Homeless House Fire Victim?I am a house fire victim in Massachusetts and currently homeless in Connecticut. Do either of these states offer any help?


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Washing Machine Not Spinning at Right Speed?My washing machine is spinning, but not at the speed it should. What's the problem?


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Starting a Red Hat Society?I work at a nursing home and was wondering how do you start a Red Hat Society?


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Removing a Flea from Kitten's Eye?How do I remove a flea from my kitty's eye? It's gotten deep into her pupil and I was hoping for some home remedy? I can not afford to go to the vet. So far it hasn't caused an infection; it is just watering a lot. She could use the help.


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Repurposing 50 Gallon Plastic Barrels?What are some uses for 50 gallon blue plastic barrels?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?My Craftsman riding mower won't start. I turned the key on and heard a small pop. It won't start. The solenoid won't click.


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