June 8, 2017

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Capri Pants

Shrinking CaprisWhile you may be able to shrink capris that are too large, your best bet might be to take them in. This is a page about shrinking capris.


Dog Playing in Mud

Keeping Dogs from Tracking Mud Inside?Dogs that have access to your yard can frequently track in mud. Other than wiping their feet every time they come in, this page offers some other solutions. This is a page about keeping dogs from tracking mud inside.


Kitchen with many Small Kitchen Appliances

Storage Ideas For Small Kitchen AppliancesSmall kitchen appliances can be a challenge to store. They take up a lot of space on your countertop and can be bulky and require too much space in your cabinets. This is a page about storage ideas for small kitchen appliances.


Recycled Noodle Cup Lamp - lit lamp in dark room

How to Make a Recycled Noodle Cup LampDecorate a recycled instant noodle cup and invert it over a recycled and decorated bottle to create a unique lamp. This is a page about how to make a recycled noodle cup lamp.


Cleaning Toilet Bowl

Dirt in Toilet Bowl?If you have what appears to be dirt in the bottom of your toilet bowl, there are a number of possibilities for you to check. This is a page about dirt in toilet bowl.


Finished art piece.

Shaving Cream ArtShaving cream, latex paint, and white cardstock are the main supplies needed for creating beautiful abstract artwork. The kids will love this project and so will you. This is a page about shaving cream art.


Home Handyman Working on Outdoor Faucet

Becoming Your Own HandymanLearning how to do your own basic home repairs can save money and allow you to make the fix quickly and efficiently. This is a page about becoming your own handyman.


Value of 1896 Webster's Dictionary

Value of a 1896 Webster's Dictionary?The value of old reference books, such as dictionaries is sometimes difficult to determine. Much depends on whether there is a consumer demand for your book. This is a page about value of a 1896 Webster's dictionary.


Closeup of green bell pepper on vine

How to Grow Gorgeous Bell PeppersBell peppers are surprisingly easy to grow and don't require a lot of space to produce a good harvest. This is a page about how to grow gorgeous bell peppers.


Roll of Bubble-Wrap

Insulating Windows With Bubble-WrapOlder windows might need to be insulated to save energy. Rather than purchase expensive insulation kits try using bubble wrap. This is a page about insulate windows with bubble-wrap.


My Homemade Butter Pound Cake

Homemade Butter Pound Cake RecipeUsing real butter in your homemade pound cake is the key to this delicious dessert. This page contains a homemade butter pound cake recipe.


Soda Bottle Bird Feeder - finished bottle with more decorative painting and ready to hang

How to Make a Soda Bottle Bird FeederStart with a 2 liter soda bottle and some paint and you too can make a cute feeder for your yard. This is a page about how to make a soda bottle bird feeder.


Denture Tablets

Using Denture Tablets for Toilet CleaningThe cleaning ingredients in denture tablets that remove stains from dentures also work to clean your toilet bowl. This is a page about using denture tablets for toilet cleaning.


Squirrels in Flowerbed

Keeping Small Wildlife Out of Flower BedsSmall animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and possums can wreak havoc on a flower bed. This is a page about keeping small wildlife out flower beds.


Old Smelly Cast Iron Pot

Cleaning a Smelly Cast Iron Pot?Cast iron pots can pick up odors from the food you cook in them. This is a page about cleaning a smelly cast iron pot.


An organized box with hanging file folders.

How to Organize a Cardboard File BoxAdding some drop in files to a cardboard box allows you to effectively use it to store your important papers, projects, and more. This is a page about how to organize a cardboard file box.


Tomato Blossoms

Blossoms Falling Off Tomato Plants?If your tomato plant is not setting fruit and the blossoms are falling off, there are several possible causes you will need to investigate, including temperature, pests, and soil deficiencies. This is a page about blossoms falling off tomato plants.


Mother's Day Table Decoration - LED battery lights added to inside of the film cylinder

Lighted Stenciled Rose Table DecorationThis pretty lighted table decoration is perfect for many occasions such as Mother's Day, and anniversary, or even a quiet dinner for two. This is a page about lighted stenciled rose table decoration.



A bottle of essential oil near collectible glass bottles.

Essential Oil Air FreshenerIf you want a room to smell super duper fresh but don't want a big ugly air freshener hanging from your wall, just add a few drops of an essential oil into the bottom of a bottle or jar around your house.


Handmade Pinwheel Mobile - closeup of finished hanging mobile

Handmade Pinwheel MobileThis style handmade pinwheel mobile is going for $55+ and I was able to make this for only $10 with supplies I already had at home. It does take a couple of hours. I would recommend fun patterns and colors for baby to enjoy looking up at for diaper changes.


Select Plants for Best Value

Select Plants for Best ValueIf you are purchasing plants or flowers, sometimes if you look carefully you may find more than one plant in a pot. Take your time and find the plant that will best work for you! For a better value, I was able to buy one low priced pot and be able to plant four plants compared to purchasing the plants individually.


Reusing Can Pull Tabs for Expanding Hangers - two dresses hanging the space of one hanger on closet rod

Reusing Can Pull Tabs for Expanding HangersI have a small cabinet for my dresses. Hanging my dresses was very tight. They were all comprised and it caused them to become wrinkled. Because I needed more space, I used the pull tab on cans, like on soft drink and juice cans.


A gas pump before pumping gas.

Snap a Photo of the Gas Pump Instead of a ReceiptFor as long as I have been driving, I would always get a receipt just in case there is a bill discrepancy. Instead, now I snap a photo as my proof and it'll be on my phone just in case, plus the time and location on the photo.


A window covered with a privacy window film.

Frosted Privacy Window FilmFrosted privacy window film is fairly inexpensive. This film is ideal if you are living in a rental home, do not want to damage the windows or close the curtains. With the film, you are still receiving natural sunlight.


A plastic bottle top placed over the speaker on a phone.

Plastic Bottle SpeakerAre you bored and just want to chill out with music, but you lost your headset? Try cutting off the head of a plastic bottle. It should look like a funnel when you cut it. Place it upside down over your phone speaker and you'll enjoy louder music.


Homemade #1 Dad Card - finished card

Homemade #1 Dad CardThis Father's Day, show your dad that he is the Number 1 Dad, and that his shares in your heart are continuing to rise! The provided cartoon makes it an easy card for young and old to make.


Picking The Ripest Blackberries

Picking The Ripest BlackberriesThere are several fairly new thornless blackberry varieties to be had. Among the biggest and sweetest are those introduced by Arkansas State. The two I have from this collection are Apache and Arapaho. Both are erect and do not 'spread', making them ideal for growing in containers.


Kabocha Spinach Soup in bowl

Kabocha Spinach SoupThis is a very healthy and quick soup to make. Kabocha has many health benefits, and is low in carbohydrates.


A line of graduation announcement and invites, hanging from a mantle.

Display Graduation AnnouncementsWhen you get a bunch of announcements or invitations to graduation parties, use a thick string and clothespins to nicely organize all your cards. It works best if it's hanging straight down or on a fireplace mantle.


A pair of pliers being used to remove the seal from a container of food.

Pliers for Opening Food ContainersA pair of pliers is a tool to have handy in the kitchen, especially for us old folks. Sometimes, I can't open a bottle or in this case, pull the seal off of a container. When that happens, I reach for the pliers in the kitchen drawer and I'll have it off in a jiffy.


A wrinkled bill from the Philippines, being ironed.

Ironing MoneyWrinkled money problems? Let's make it easy to look clean, smooth and flat. I just grab my flat iron, put it in a low heat and iron my money. I do this every time I get home. My sister used to do this also. Try it!


A bag of marshmallows stored in the freezer to be used as an ice pack.

Boo-Boo Marshmallow BagIce is great for boo-boos, but marshmallows are even better because there are no pointy edges. I have a package in the freezer, still in it's original bag, to use for headaches, bruises or other boo-boos.



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Singer Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Not Working?I had an old Singer sewing machine Model 6233 (1986). It gets used once a year. It worked well until today. It has no response from the air foot pedal. Is it something wrong with the air pump inside or the problem of the foot pedal?


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Collecting Back Child Support?My daughter's father has not yet paid back the child support he was order to pay 13 years ago; his family has been hiding. My daughter will be 18 next month and she receives SSI. I was told from someone that he receives SS. What should I do?


Identifying Small Black Biting Bugs

Identifying Small Black Biting Bugs?We spent a week in an apartment in Paris where I woke up almost every morning with very itchy bites - definitely not bedbugs. I finally found mostly dead little black bugs, no wings, about 1/4 inch in length, on the white tile floor near an outlet.


Progression of the Treatment for Parvo - black dog in vet cage

Progression of the Treatment for Parvo?My new puppy had his shots, on Friday. That evening he seemed lethargic. Saturday afternoon he had some diarrhea. Monday morning he was throwing up clear foam, and had clear diarrhea, but was still eating and drinking. Tuesday night around 3am he had explosive bloody diarrhea and vomiting. He tested positive for parvo.


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Buy Now and Pay Later Home and Garden Sites?Do you know of any pay later home and garden sites?


Value of a Porcelain Doll

Value of a Porcelain Doll?So I got this doll from my great aunt and I am looking to sell it. It has never been opened and the box is a bit damaged, but the doll looks to be in great condition. If anyone can help me figure it out and help me know what info I need I would appeciate it.


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Repairing Sticky Drawers on Painted Dresser?I refurbished a small old dresser of my husband's for our daughter. I sanded it, painted, and redid it all myself. Now the drawers stick. I can't redo it she picked the colors herself and she loves it, but I don't want her to get hurt trying to open it.


Sealing a Damp Concrete Floor to Prevent Stains on Flooring

Sealing a Damp Concrete Floor to Prevent Stains on Flooring?I have mold/mildew under the flooring in my bathroom. I don't know what to do for a new floor, to prevent staining. There is some sort of water coming up in my bathroom, I think from a slight crack in the slab. Could I just lay another layer of sheet vinyl over this to keep the stain from coming through the top layer?


Identifying a Garden Plant

Identifying a Garden Plant?I was given this plant today and need to know if it is a sun or shade plant. It blooms a tubular pink flower, but it is not an angel trumpet.


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Dryer Won't Heat Up?My Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum dryer, model number WED8500BW0 is not drying. It won't heat up period. I can't afford to pay a repair man so I will be doing it myself. I've flipped the breaker, cleaned the lint trap, and that never helped. Can someone help me? I don't believe it's the heating element either.


What Kind of Pit Bull Is My Dog? - black and white dog

What Kind of Pit Bull Is My Dog?My dog is a female. She 11 mouths old. I know she is a Pit, but don't know what kind. I was told ahe was a blue farm and something else. She is really strong and locks her jaw.


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Cats Not Getting Along After Being Spayed?I have 2 Bengals that I got spayed on Wednesday 31st May together at vet. They are sisters and have been together always. They sleep together and play. I have never ever heard them hiss or fight; they are so loving. I am feeling very sad.


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Name for Handmade Crochet Accessories Business?Can I ask for a unique business name for a crochet business, mainly creating purses, bonnets, and some accessories and also baby stuff.


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14th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is in a week. My sister asked what we should do. I don't know what to do. What would a soon to be 14 year old do for her birthday that is a week away?


Dog Suddenly Does Not Want to Be in the House - mixed terrier type dog on seat of a car

Dog Suddenly Does Not Want to Be in the House?We have a 10 yr old female mutt. She was about 3 months old when we got her and has always been an indoor dog. Very suddenly over the last week she doesn't want to be in the house. Now she refuses to come in the house. As I am typing this, the 2 of us are sitting in my car, in the driveway.


Value of Mersman Table Number 8048 - three legged table with scalloped top edge

Value of Mersman Table Number 8048?I have a Mersman table number 8048. I would like to know it's value.


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15 Amp Circuit Breaker Started Tripping?I have had the same appliances, television and computer connected to the same 15amp circuit for at least a year. However last night I connected a lamp to that circuit and it tripped the breaker. When I reset the breaker with the lamp disconnected within a second the breaker tripped again.


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Caring for an Avocado Tree After Transplanting?I bought a Hass avocado tree in a 15 gallon pot that already had tiny avocado fruits on it. I re-planted it in a larger container. A few days later, a majority of my tiny avocados fell off.


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