July 11, 2017

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Baby Powder

Will Baby Powder Clog a Drain?Baby powder is very fine and most likely will not clog you drain but too much of anything can cause a clog. This is a page about will baby powder clog a drain?


Close up of the inside of a patio umbrella.

Making Patio Umbrella into a Half UmbrellaIf you need only part of an umbrella for a tight space, you can cut down a full size patio umbrella to fit. This is a page about making patio umbrella into a half umbrella.


Vincent doll in old fashioned sailor suit

Finding the Value of Ashley Belle DollsMany dolls are collectible and depending on their rarity and quality, may be valuable to a collector. This is a page about finding the value of Ashley Belle dolls.


A hanging planter with red flowers.

Discouraging Birds from Nesting in Hanging Planters?Birds can easily build a nest in hanging planters and may become a nuisance. This is a page about discouraging birds from nesting in hanging planters.


A Pop-up Camper at a camp area.

Cleaning a Pop-up CamperPop-up campers can get dirty if they are left open for weeks or months at at time. This is a page about cleaning a pop-up camper.


A woman using a plunger in a sink with a garbage disposal.

Unclogging a Sink With a Garbage DisposalA garbage disposal will usually breathing sup enough to not clog your sink but it can happen from time to time. This is a page about unclogging a sink with a garbage disposal.


$10 Dinners: Soft Tacos - An assembled soft taco ready to be rolled

$10 Soft Tacos Dinner RecipeTacos are a dinner option that is easy to make inexpensively. This is a page about $10 soft tacos dinner recipe.



A paper rocket shot from a regular drinking straw.

4th of July Straw RocketThis human powered straw rocket is a great way to celebrate Independence Day without fireworks. Learn how to make them in this short video.


The end of a bunch of celery, being used as a rose shaped stamp.

Celery Rose StampDon't throw away the end of your celery bunch, use it to create these beautiful painted roses. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A multicolored crocheted dishcloth.

Lacy Crocheted DishclothThese delicate crocheted dishcloths look too pretty to be used for cleaning, but work great for scrubbing dishes. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Peanut and Taylor (Tabby Cats) - gray and and orange and white tabby cats

Peanut and Taylor (Tabby Cats)My grandson's dad bought these two as kittens about two years ago.


Sun Rays Flicker on Rose Blossom - sunlight on red rose

Sun Rays Flicker on Rose BlossomThe morning sun rays flicker through the rose blossoms and the red roses were like flames of rose color kissed by the sunlight shining through the petals.


Pouch with Easy Tap Phone Case - finished

Pouch with Easy Tap Phone CaseI have always thought of having a money pouch with a built-in phone case where I don't need to pull it out every time I need to use a phone.


A frayed electronic charging cord, with a spring and a roll of electrical tape.

Repairing A Frayed Electronic CordElectronic cables like phone and laptop chargers get very hot and bent out of shape easily. This cable in particular is $29 from the manufacturer. With the help of a spring from a pen, you can get many more years out of your cables.


Rose water in a small spray bottle.

Many Uses For Rose WaterRose water costs very little and I have found a few useful ways to use it. Mainly I was using it as a natural air freshener. I bought some empty spray bottles in the Pound Shop and filled a bottle with pure Rose Water. Because I dislike to spray chemicals around myself and my cat.


Hungry Baby Robins In Their Nest - babies with mouths open

Hungry Baby Robins In Their NestThese hungry little baby robins are awaiting their meal. The 2nd photo is of the newborns napping. They were taken atop our weeping cherry tree by the porch. The parents didn't mind us taking the photos.


A roll of masking tape.

Masking Tape for Eyebrow ShapingI needed to trim my eyebrows, and I dislike tweezers. I tried some of this extra wide masking tape from the Dollar General, because it is stickier than the thin size, and it worked really well for me.


Four plastic wine glasses held by a pool noodle.

Pool Noodle to Organize Wine GlassesTake a pool noodle and cut to your size, depending on how many glasses you want to store. Cut slits according to how many you need. Attach it securely to a wall, then go ahead and hang your glasses.


A Beautiful Assortment of Pansies

A Beautiful Assortment of PansiesThese flowers are in a bed in front of my doctors' offices. There are several varieties and colors of pansies, along with a few begonias. In spite of the heat, these were so pretty that I just had to take a photo!


Perfect Model (Fawn)

Perfect Model (Fawn)I was riding around in the area where I am considering purchasing a house, and I came upon this fawn. The fawn did not seem to be afraid of the car, so I stopped, and it obliged me by posing for a few pictures!


bowl of Chilled Yogurt Soup

Chilled Yogurt SoupPacked with fresh vegetables, nuts, raisins and yogurt, this is one of my all time favourite summertime soups. It's so refreshing in the hot weather, and cheap and easy to make. It's originally a Persian recipe called "Ab Doogh Khiar" but it's easier to just say "Chilled Yogurt Soup." ;) Enjoy!


Drinking Straw Geometric Earrings - woman wearing the finished earring

Drinking Straw Geometric EarringsThese earrings are so cute and super cheap to make as the main jewels are folded up drinking straws. I like to make them when I need earrings for an outfit in a certain colour. Enjoy!


New Life for Child's Bookcase - plastic  bookcase for picnic items

New Life for Child's BookcaseSomeone put a Little Tykes bookcase at the curb. I used it to organize my hall closet. Previously, all my paper plates and plastic cutlery were in bags on the floor. Now everything is organized and because the bookcase is child-sized, I still have room for my vacuum, mops, and stepstool.


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Money TrackerSaving money truly is a struggle, for all of us. When we spend money, whether it be on food, clothing, accessories, entertainment, etc., we don't realize how much we actually spend each day. Writing what you purchased and how much you spent on it is an easy, FREE way to visualize your purchases daily.



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Value of Consolidated Encyclopaedias?I inherited a set of 10 encyclopedias, and I'm wondering what their value is. They were printed in the Union of South Africa by Cape Town Ltd., during the apartheid era. I am not sure of the date as I cannot find one. The publisher is the Consolidated World Research Society Ltd. London.


Dog Is Aggressive When Trying to Put on His Lead -Jack Russell

Dog Aggressive When Putting on His Lead?My dog is a Jack Russell. He has always been an amazing dog with a few anxiety problems from being with us too young from his mum. He's now nine years old and has started to attack me and my mum when I put him on the lead. He seems terrified of it and now we are too scared to take him out.


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Finch Not Sitting on Nest?I have a zebra finch that laid an egg. Two days later at 12 midnight I was refilling the food pot and the finch left the nest when it saw me. It never returned until 5 in the morning. Is there a problem?


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Family Reunion Award Gag Gifts?I would like some suggestions for gag gifts to be given along with awards for: family that has the most grandchildren family that has the most great grandchildren family that has the most great great grandchildren the largest family


Mark on Oven Finish

Mark on Oven Finish?How do I get rid of the mark on the outside of the oven?


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Value of Wurlitzer Jukebox?How much is a 1983 Wurlitzer model 40304 juke box worth? It is in fair condition.


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Selling Trees?I need about 29 large pine trees and two cedar trees cut on my 2.5 acres to get more sunlight. I want to sell them. I live in Port Orchard, Washington. What do I need to do?


Cleaning Stains Off Vinyl Siding - tan stain on siding

Cleaning Stains Off Vinyl Siding?I power washed my deck and I got some paint chips (that were adhered to the wood) on my vinyl siding. When I peeled them off they left a residue, blotchy stains on the siding.


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13th Birthday Ideas?I'm a girl and I'm turning 13 on July 21. I'm inviting about 5 people. I have an idea for the sleepover portion - I just bought a 5 person tent so I'm thinking of having a backyard sleepover! I just need ideas on activities throughout the day. :/


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Finding Fabric for Charity Project?I am looking for donations of black velvet fabric to make award pillows for MN Special Olympics. Any suggestions?


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Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Secondary Insurance?I just got Medicare Parts A & B and it will be starting soon. My secondary insurance is BCBS Federal PPO. My question is should I keep standard coverage or get basic coverage?


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