July 13, 2017

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Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked Pots

Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked PotsBubble wrap can be used to protect pots and pan from scratching each other while stored. This is a page about use bubble wrap to protect stacked pots.


A clean stainless steel toaster.

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Toaster?Stainless steel toasters can easily get stains and fingerprints on them. This is a page about cleaning a stainless steel toaster.


old dictionary

Value of a Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary 1891?Old dictionaries are often not worth much because so many were printed. However, if your dictionary is a rare printing it may have some value to a collector. This is a page about value of a Webster's encyclopedic dictionary 1891.


Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Carburetor Not Getting GasIf your lawn mower carburetor is not getting gas the fuel line may be clogged. This is a page about lawn mower carburetor not getting gas.


A cute gerbil.

Can Mice and Gerbils Live Together?While it is possible to keep mice and gerbils together, it is usually not recommended as they will become territorial in such a small enclosure. This is a page about can mice and gerbils live together?


essential oils

Making Oil for Diffuser LampsMaking your own oil for your diffuser can save you some money. This is a page about making oil for diffuser lamps.


A plumber user a plunger in a bathroom sink.

How Do I Clear Standing Water in Bathroom Sink Drain?If your sink is not draining you may need to call a plumber but a good plunging may do the trick. This is a page about how do I clear standing water in bathroom sink drain?


Crocheted Turtle - make ey

How to Make a Crocheted TurtleYou can use your crochet skills to make lots of cute animals; this turtle is especially adorable. This is a page about how to make a crocheted turtle.


Replacement Tire for Zephyr Reel Mower

Finding Replacement Tires for a Zephyr Reel Mower?The tires on a reel mower are an integral part of the mower and should be replaced of they are damaged. This is a page about finding replacement tires for a Zephyr reel mower.


Soft Silky Play Dough

Soft Silky Play DoughMaking your own play dough at home is easy. Use this recipe to make your play dough extra soft and silky. This is a page about soft silky play dough.


A laundry basket full of clothing.

How to Remove Body Oil Stains on ClothingIf you use body oil regularly, it may stain your clothing a little. This is a page about how to remove body oil stains on clothing.


crispy onion rings

Airfryer Reviews?Airfryers can be a great way to make crispy foods without as much oil. This page contains airfryer reviews.


A cord plugged into an outlet.

Replacement Power Supply and Control for a Perfect Fit Electric Blanket?If you have lost the power supply and control for your electric blanket, you may need to contact the manufacturer to acquire a replacement. This is a page about replacement power supply and control for a perfect fit electric blanket.



Ahi Tuna Wrap fillings

Ahi Tuna WrapThis is a very light, quick and healthy lunch or dinner.


Use a Paper Clip for Missing Zipper Pull Tab - small paper clip used in place of original pull tab

Use a Paper Clip for Missing Zipper Pull TabThe pull tab breaking off is one of the most common problems we encounter on our zippers. I was at the office for the whole day and accidentally lost the pull tab on my wallet. It's the only way you can open and close the wallet. I just grabbed a small paper clip and inserted it as my pull tab.


Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand Cream

Use Expired Suntan Lotion as Hand CreamIf your suntan lotion has expired, you can still use it as hand lotion or hand cream. Just keep in mind that it is not suitable for sun protection anymore. I use mine before bedtime or after washing my hands.


Drinking Straw Statement Necklace - artist wearing the finished necklace

Drinking Straw Statement NecklaceI save straws for two reasons: to save the earth and to make beautiful jewelry. I love this necklace because it's super easy to make and makes any plain outfit incredibly bold. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it out and no one knows they're upcycled scraps of plastic. Give it a try!


Crochet Covered Bangle

Crochet Covered BangleThis is a super fast and easy stitch; then you simply add buttons and sew it on!



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Using Modge Podge on Glass?When using Mod Podge to glue glitter on the stem of a glass I used the paper type. Will that be OK or should I scrap it and go out and buy the dishwasher safe kind?


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Finding Free Pet Shots in Westchester New York?I live in Westchester County, NY. I always see the mobile truck for free/shots in NYC. Does Westchester offer anything like this to their residents? I have two Pit puppies that need their shots and sorry Petland is too costly to do on my fixed income.


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Proper Placement of a Shower Curtain Liner?Are all shower curtain liners supposed to be longer than the shower curtain itself? Mine is, and gets really grungy at the bottom. How far off the floor should it be hung? If I hang it so that the liner is off the floor, the shower curtain doesn't look right cause it's shorter. Did I just buy one that's too long?


Value of a Mersman Table - upside table being painted blue

Value of a Mersman Table?I am chalk painting a cool table and it is stamped Mersman 105 then possibly 03? It is a 2 tier glass table. Can you give me any history or value? Thank you. Sorry not best picture. That table is flipped over now without glass in it because I am painting it.


Value of a Mersman 4300 Hall Table  - decorative hall table

Value of a Mersman 4300 Hall Table?I found this Mersman table at the local thrift shop. I was going to paint until I realized the quality. Do you know the value?


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Getting a New Dog After One Died of Parvo?Is it safe for us to get a new pet in a new home after moving from an apartment where a dog just died from parvo?


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Planning a Slumber Party in a Small House?I want a slumber party for my daughter, but I have two reasons to reconsider. One, my house is not that big. Two, she wants to invite boys over too, which is kind of awkward for me, but I don't mind. The real problem is my house is very small and it would not be large enough for 10 kids that are 12 years old.


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Color Advice for Living Room Curtains?I want to purchase curtains for my living room, but am stuck on the color. My walls are off-white/beige, my rug is tan, the couch is gold on gold, and the 2 chairs which are in front of the windows are striped in shades of gold and an olive green. Any ideas?


Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?

Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?When my baby's father bought me this puppy the guy said it was a full bred Chihuahua, but idk. Can anyone tell?


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Difference Between Blue Cross & Medicare?I have Blue Cross Blue Shield. I also have a pre-existing condition. Is Medicare cheaper than continuing with Blue Cross? I am paying $500 a month for this coverage. My blood work is expensive and I have co-pays every time I visit my specialists. I spend around $8K a year in medical expenses.


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Finding a Organization to Help Get a Mattress?My son and I are in desperate need of mattresses, mine more so. I'm currently sleeping on a 27 year old king size that was in the house when we moved here 5 years ago. I have tried loans and credit desperately trying to get some. Does anyone know of any charities or organisations that could help?


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Remedy for Dog's Smelly Infected Ears?What is a home treatment for my dog's ears?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - tan and white dog with a tennis ball

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I was told he was a pure blood fawn blue nose Pit. I've had him since he was about 6 weeks and he is now 6 months old, but his legs haven't gotten very much longer. He is very muscular however and weighs about 45 pounds now. Here are some pix.


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Removing a Pocket Door to Trim to Fit?After installing new floors my pocket doors do not close. Neither do the other interior doors. The original installer will not send anyone to correct this mess.


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Value of Globus Fine China Etienne?I bought a set of this at an estate sale and was curious of the value. The set includes sixteen cups, twelve saucers, twelve dinner plates, twelve salad plates, twelve bowls, a round serving platter, a creamer pitcher and a sugar bowl.


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Using Coffee Grounds on House Plants?Can I use coffee grounds on my house plants? I have a Christmas catus and a climbing plant that I am not sure what it is, other than it has large waxy leaves. I hate to throw them out and I can't compost them because I live in a apartment.


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Talking to Mom About Shaving Legs?I am really afraid to ask my mom about shaving or waxing etc. My legs are really hairy and I hate it! I'm 14 and I asked my mom last summer and she said no. Also, when she got me some new razors for my underarms this year she said ''don't you think about shaving your legs''.


What Kind of Snake Is This? - speckled snake on a branch

What Kind of Snake Is This?I've been told it's either a corn snake or a black racer. I don't think it's a black racer and it seems very nippy for a corn snake.


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Puppy Aggressive Towards Owner?I have a male 5 month old aggressive Boxer puppy. He has bitten me many times, when I get him out of his cage to let him out to go to the bathroom or when I get home from work. He will leave teeth marks along with very bad bruising. What can I do to get him to stop this before he gets to be a adult dog?


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