August 15, 2017

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A community garden.

Ideas To Revitalize a Garden ClubThe enthusiasm among members of a gardening club can wax and wane over time. This page may help you in coming up with new activities and programs to rejuvenate the group and attract new members. This page contains ideas to revitalize a garden club.


Lilac blooms.

Lilac PhotosThe beauty of purple or white lilac blooms, in conjunction with their luscious fragrance, make them a perfect choice for many gardens. They are also an excellent subject for a photo. This page contains lilac photos.


Healthy carrots growing in the ground.

How to Plant CarrotsCarrots are a relatively easy to grow garden veggie. Planting and thinning are important steps in ensuring a good crop. This is a page about how to plant carrots.


A group of friends knitting projects for charity.

Finding Free Yarn for Charity ProjectsIn order to make scarves, hats, mittens, blankets, and other items for a variety of charities, donations of supplies are a necessity. This is a page about finding free yarn for charity projects.


Two forks connected with a rubber band to use as tongs.

Use Forks to Make Kitchen TongsIf you forget your tongs when picnicking or simply don't own any this easy to assemble, temporary, set will work just fine. This is a page about how to use forks to make kitchen tongs.


A rubber band to hold a pair of jeans closed.

Use a Rubber Band to Secure Tight JeansIt is not easy to adjust the waist size on a pair of jeans that are getting too tight. But there is a simple solution. This is a page about using a rubber band to secure tight jeans.


A squirrel sitting outside a window.

Squirrels Chewing Through Window ScreensSquirrels that have been previously fed by the homeowner or ones that notice some tasty food on the other side of that pesky screen will have no trouble tearing through for a snack. This is a page about squirrels chewing through window screens.


red impatiens in front of house

Photos of My GardenThe beauty of a garden provides joy, wonder, and often a sense of peace and serenity to the gardener. Taking photos allows you to share the beauty and reminisce through the seasons and years. This page contains photos of my garden.


A yellow lab laying on a cement floor.

Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement FloorCleaning the stains and odor of pet urine off of concrete requires the right product and often some serious scrubbing. This is a page about cleaning dog pee off a cement floor.


Summer Squash

Freezing Summer SquashSummer squash is plentiful when in season. Whether you have a home garden, buy your squash at the market, or farmer's market, freezing is an easy way to preserve some for later. This is a page about freezing summer squash.


Deodorant build-up on a t-shirt.

How to Remove Deodorant Build-upDeodorant can leave an unsightly residue on clothing that can be difficult to remove. This is a page about how to remove deodorant build-up.


Supplies for making your own homemade cleaning solutions.

Make Your Own Cleaning ProductsUsing simple household products you can make your own cleaners with fewer ingredients and often at a lower cost than buying commercial products. This is a page about making your own cleaning products.


Spiral Yarn Photo Frames - finished green photo frame hanging

How to Make Spiral Yarn Photo FramesUsing a simple crochet stitch you can make these interesting photo frames for hanging on the wall. This is a page about how to make spiral yarn photo frames.


A dog sitting on a rug.

Dog Pees on RugsWhen your house trained dog begins to pee inside, determining the cause and retraining are in order. It is a good idea to rule out any medical causes. This page information for when a dog pees on rugs.



Sweet and Savory Chicken Thighs

Sweet and Savory Chicken ThighsThis is a delicious balance of sweet and savory marinated chicken thighs. Pairs perfectly with rice and side of vegetables. I love this method of marinating because it is so quick, easy and healthier than eating out.


Skillet Carne Asada on plate with peppers lime and cabbage

Skillet Carne AsadaIf you don't have access to a grill during the hot months, or you want to take a summer flavour into the colder months, try making this delicious carne asada indoors on your skillet. The marinade and meat cutting technique used for this recipe will blow you away. Give it a try!


decorated blue & white cupcakes

Colorful Lemon Buttercream FrostingVanilla buttercream is always delicious when it comes to cupcakes. This time I'm using lemon extract instead of vanilla. Pure lemon is expensive here where I live. So I'm using the lemon extract, since it has an inviting aroma to me.



Nails painted in Tiffany blue on a Tiffany jewelry box.

Inexpensive Nail DateAre you on a budget? You and your best friend, sister, mom, friend or cousin can do each other nails and catch up for only $1.99.


Friendship Bracelet with Simple Sliding Knot - finished bracelet

Friendship Bracelet with Simple Sliding KnotThis is the easiest of friendship bracelets to make, consisting of just a single plait. But with the addition of a sliding knot, which is easier to do than you would think, it can also be taken on and off. Add a couple of pretty beads too if you like.


A Misnamed Rose (Playboy) - yellow rose with orangy pink edges on petals

A Misnamed Rose (Playboy)This beautiful 'single' rose is named 'Playboy'. If I were naming the rose, I think I would call it 'Glowing Embers'.


Pristine Rose At Dusk - pretty pink rose

Pristine Rose At DuskI did an article on the advantages of using early morning light when photographing your garden. There is also a brief period of time just before dusk when there are the same advantages. Get out your camera and take advantage of those advantages!


Fixing a Window Mount AC Leaking Inside the House - leak

Fixing a Window Mount AC Leaking Inside the HouseWalking across the room to find puddles on the floor is never fun. But the good news for me was that I didn't have to run out in the heat of August to buy a new air conditioner. Who wants to deal with putting in a new one of those when it's 95 degrees out, right?


Sweet Lavender Jar Party Light - finished jar with light inside and raffia tied around the neck

Sweet Lavender Jar Party LightUpcycle an empty glass jar into a beautiful jar light for a garden party or wedding. Decorate the jar with a lavender flower, and tie a few strings of raffia around the jar's neck to finish it off.


A Jack Russell terrier in the bathtub.

Russell (Jack Russell Terrier)In 2002 a neighbor's dog had several Jack Russell puppies, and the moment this little dog's eyes met mine, I knew it was true love forever. Russell loves to watch TV with me and when he sees a dog on a commercial, he'll run behind and all around the TV to try and find the dog.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Removing Ball Point Pen Ink from Paper?I have this journal which has very thin papers and I did a mistake while writing the sentence. So how do I remove the ink? I used a ball point pen. I don't want the page to get dirty since it's a school assignment.


An old steamer trunk.

Finding the Value of an Old Trunk?Anyone know any information about this trunk and what it might be worth?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of a Betty Jane Carter Doll?I have a Betty Jane Carter doll, named Becky. It is musical and plays - A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody. It is a limited edition 72/600 - #912720. She is in the original box (never used).


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