August 23, 2017

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Colorful Birthday Card Coloring Page - colored page

Colorful Birthday Card Coloring PageMake a birthday card for someone special in your life. This colorful birthday card coloring page will be a gift, cherished by the recipient.


Pork Yakisoba on plate

Pork Yakisoba RecipeYakisoba noodles are quick and easy to make. Add your favorite meat, like pork, and you have a delicious quick meal. This page contains a pork yakisoba recipe.


coloring page attached to gift bag

Christmas Wreath Coloring PageMake a lovely wreath decoration to hang in your home during the holidays with this Christmas wreath coloring page. You can use colored pencils or crayons to customize your Christmas wreath coloring page to match any decor.


Mosaic Tile Mandala Adult -
Coloring Page - black and white drawing of the mosaic

Mosaic Tile Mandala Adult Coloring PageColoring your own mandala is a fun and relaxing activity. Use this mosaic tile mandala adult coloring page to color with your own design and style.


Painting a Faux Granite Counter Top

Painting a Faux Granite Counter TopMake your counter tops look like they are granite by painting them with a natural stone looking pattern. Painting a faux granite counter top can be an easy way to improve the look of your counters.


A Boston Terrier sitting on a couch.

Dog Peeing on CouchDog pee can be very difficult to clean from a couch, especially the odor. The best thing to do is take preventative measures to stop your dog peeing on couch.


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake - slice of cake 2

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake RecipeWhether it's for a birthday party or other celebration, a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake is sure to get gobbled up by your guests. This cake is easy to make and can be decorated and customized for any occasion.


A sign reading free stuff.

Contacting Companies for Coupons and PerksMany companies will send you free samples or coupons if you request them or are willing to review their products. Contacting companies for coupons and perks can be a great way to receive free products and services.


Golden retriever with puppies.

Dog Not Eating or Drinking After Having PuppiesHaving a litter of puppies can be a tough on a dog. Your dog not eating or drinking after having puppies is mostly normal, but keeping her food and water nearby will make it easier to get to when she is ready.


A man touching his eye lid.

Treating a Bug Bite on Your Eye LidBug bites can be a nuisance anywhere on your body, but the eyelid is a particularly annoying place to have one. Treating a bug bite on your eye lid isn't as easy as on other places, but it should still be kept clean and not irritated by touching or rubbing it.


Hose Wreath for Your Deck or Balcony

How to Make a Hose WreathOld hoses can be recycled in a variety of creative ways. This page shows you how to make a hose wreath.


A piece of raw beef sitting on a piece of aluminum foil.

Use Foil to Prevent Meat Freezer BurnFreezer burned meat is not as delicious as meat that has been frozen properly. If you would like to avoid getting freezer burn on your meat you can use foil to prevent meat freezer burn.


Purse shaped wallhanging.

Crocheted Purse Wallhanging PatternAn adorable purse wall hanging can make a great decoration for your home. It is also a nice handcrafted gift. Learn how to make a nice decoration with this crocheted purse wallhanging pattern.


Spilled baby powder.

Cleaning Up Baby Powder Residue on Floors?Baby powder is very fine and can easily get on surfaces other than what was intended. If you need to be cleaning up baby powder residue on floors use these handy ideas.


Using a carpet cleaner to remove odors from carpet.

How to Remove Human Urine Odors from Carpet?If your carpet has been urinated upon, it may be difficult to remove the smell. Here are some ideas for how to remove human urine odors from carpet.


Green cutting mat with a ruler and two cutting tools.

Refreshing a Cutting Mat?Cutting mats develop scratches and rough spots over time as they are used. Refreshing a cutting mat surface may be possible with some light sanding.


Picture Tile Coasters - butterfly tiles

Decoupage Picture Tile CoastersMaking a decoupage coaster is a fun, easy project. You can use these personalized coasters at home or give them as gifts. This page shows you how to make personalized picture tile coasters.


Photo of someone's foot on a car's gas pedal.

Car Has No Power When Accelerating?A clogged air filter or fuel injector can be issues that will affect your vehicle's acceleration. If your car has no power when accelerating it may be best to have a mechanic troubleshoot the issue.



Parasitic Wasps Help Control -
Hornworms - hornworm covered in wasp cocoons

Parasitic Wasps Help Control HornwormsIn the spring, we planted one tomato plant in a large container beside our deck. Now it is enormous and has grown above the deck rail. I have babied this plant and in return, we have been enjoying delicious tomatoes, much better than the ones from the garden which have suffered from the hot, dry weather.


Frozen Small Tomatoes on cookie sheet

Freeze Small Tomatoes WholeWith the abundance of produce coming out of our garden I was thrilled to read that you may freeze small tomatoes whole to use in recipes through out the year!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Using Lemon For CleaningI clean a lot with vinegar because bleach is harsh on your family and pets. I wanted something more so I added lemon to the vinegar in a spray bottle. I use it on almost everything including walls and furniture. I put lemon, vinegar, and fabric softener into a spray bottle for my couches and furniture.


Geometric Paper Heart Decor - finished geometric heart shaped piece of decor

Geometric Paper Heart DecorGeometric shapes are trendy right now! You can make your own out of paper.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Air Conditioner Making Travel Trailer Roof Bow?We have an older 80s model Palomino and the weight of the a/c is making the roof bow because of earlier leaks which are now fixed. We have used pieces of channel steel with lag bolts on top around the a/c to try to suck it up, but it still seems to be bowing, not to mention the roof is leaking now.


What Is This Houseplant? - tall dracaena like plant

What Is This Houseplant?We've had this plant for awhile, but I'm still not sure how to take care of it. I was wondering if anyone knew what plant this is and has some advice on how to care for it?


Value of Murphy Cedar Chest - front

Value of Murphy Cedar Chest?I have a Murphy cedar chest that has the number 6042 on the back. It has two hearts carved into the front of the chest. I am wondering if you can tell me what the value is.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Cheese and Fruit for 150 People?How much cheese and fruit do I need for 150 people at an evening reception for an art retrospective.


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Activities for Someone Who Suffered a Stroke?I work for a 56-year-old lady who doesn't walk or use her hands too much because of a stroke. Could you please give me some ideas of what kind of activities I can do with her for her to enjoy?


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Keeping Couch Cushions From Sliding?The cushions at the base of my sofa keep sliding out.


Smelly Black "Tar" in a Dog's Ears

Smelly Black "Tar" in a Dog's Ears?I have a Pom Chi (Pomeranian Chihuahua mix) That has black smelly tar stuff in both ears and I cannot afford the vet. Now before the judging starts, I would just like to say I wasn't looking to get a dog I know I can't afford one but I found this poor tiny puppy in a trash can. No, I wasn't digging in a trash can, I was walking by and heard it crying, there was no way was I going to just keep walking.


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